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The Twilight Youtube Contest Of Awesome

Most people know by now about my fun trip to the Twilight movie premiere. And of course, I did not return without bringing back some cool things.

I thought it only right that some of my spoils should be passed on to my dedicated readers. And thus, I’ve made The Twilight Youtube Contest Of Awesome. Basically, I am giving away autographs of people like Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Christian Serratos, Michael Welch, and Solomon Trimble, on various things like a Twilight logo print, photos and even one jumbo-signed Twilight Movie Companion, courtesy of Twicon 2009.

The video has the info on how to win. Besides, you get to see my best Hank Green impression:

The important thing is you must comment ON THE YOUTUBE VIDEO (click for the link). You do not need to be subscribed to me to enter, nor registered for Twicon (although, you could help with my goal of 5,000 subs before 2009 😀 ). But the entries cannot be made on twilightguy.com.

The cool thing is that you can enter up to 3 times per day, which greatly increases the chances of people who really want an autograph. So, if you’re really into one of the cast, your chances will be greater.

Also, I will be giving away some autographed stuff on my BlogTV, so watch this site and my Youtube channel for info on when that will be. Now start commenting!



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  1. I have a question: so you said we can enter 3 times daily (legal cheating!). So if we do video responses, is that one daily? Or can you do three video responses which would equal 9 entries? *fuzzled*

  2. Wow Adrienne– you’re famous now! At least your bookmark is.

    And since I’m quite questionful today, I have a couple more Qs for Kaleb.

    Firstly, how will the winners be chosen? If you don’t want to tell us the secret formula, it’s fine.

    Secondly, when will the contest end? And will you announce the winners one at a time or all at once? If one at a time, when is each?

  3. Awesome contest, Kaleb! *crosses fingers* *prepares to lurk on BlogTV*

    looking at how fast entries are going in, I’m going to bet entries will be ending soon. ^^

  4. I was wondering the same thing as Rakey. When is it going to end? And I think this contest is so great, Kaleb! Now that the movie’s out, and there’s no way I’ll be able to go to Twicon, I had nothing left to obsess about, but this makes things interesting again!

  5. Peter Facinelli & Jackson Rathbone!!!!!

    I’m in Australia and I have tickets to a preview screening tonight. So if I got any of the awesomeness your giving away, it would constitute as the BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!!!

    p.s 🙂 love your blogs!

  6. LoL. I love the bloopers. How do you pick the winners? How many of the prizes are available? How many prizes per person? …How did the gnome move by itself…? These are the questions that are haunting me. =D

  7. ahhaa. love the bloopers, too. also, juni, he said that the peoples names go into a hat and drawn. idk bout the other q’s.

  8. Is it ok if I comment three times in a row? lol. I guess that just sounds too good to be true………… You are right “Legal Cheating.”

  9. Kaleb you are sooooo awesome for doing this!
    Who doesn’t love signed twilight stuff?!?!?!
    The twilight youtube contest of awesome is an amazing name!
    One question. When are you going to draw the names for this?

  10. im sorry i have no idea where to putt my comment. i just wanted you (Kaleb) to cheack out this song i think it would relate to twilight. i didnt know where to write this put im going to put it here anyway. you should put a video or sum up.. but if you dont then it dont matter i just thought that it would interest you. why idk. well here is the song. better with you – five times august. pce keleb. maybe you can tell me where to write comments like these. x) xP

  11. OMG kaleb they mentioned the twilightguy sight on MuchMusic!!! btw if u didnt know its like MTV but its Canadian… but yeah on the show MuchOnDemand they showed a picture of ur site and stuff 😀

  12. i love peter facinelli! and jackson! my friend loves him, too! who else secretly signed it?! is it robert! please say it’s him. i would totally die if i won something signed by him! I’d add it to my twilight wall. I have a pic if you want to see!

  13. I commented, and I might go for the extra 3 entries and make a vid
    but I’m lazy so… probably not

  14. Hmmm… why arn’t there more people posting? maybe they have all figured out how to make video posts.. hmmmm the things that make you think

  15. @Miranda:

    You cannot enter on this page. It says it up there in the post: you MUST do it on the Youtube video comments by following the link. If you look on the video, there are over 6000 entries already.

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