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Youtube Contest Almost Over!

Just a reminder that the Twilight Youtube Contest Of Awesome is almost over! The contest ends this Friday at 11:59 PM CST, and all entries must be received by that time. More info in this video if you haven’t seen it already:

The important thing is you must comment ON THE YOUTUBE VIDEO (click for the link). Entries cannot be made on twilightguy.com. You can enter up to 3 times per day.

Also, I will be giving away an autographed photo of Peter Facinelli on my BlogTV, so watch this site and my recently-redesigned Youtube channel for info on when that will be. Also, if you were at my BlogTV party celebrating 5,000 Youtube subscribers this year, you’d know that I’ve started giving away cool stuff (last week it was a t-shirt, so bigger and better prizes will be coming in future shows!).

Added: as a random poll of opinions, do you like the new design of my Youtube channel more or less than the last one?

Added: has anyone noticed that on Youtube, this contest video is the #9 most responded of all time in entertainment (more than the Miss Teen USA South Carolina video?!). Fun times 😀



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  1. i kind of miss edward and bella staring out at me… but i don’t mind having you there instead.
    fyi twilight tickets are finally availible to pre book in the uk!


  2. its not a good idea to have a contest where we have to enter 3 times a day during college finals week…not that i mind taking a break from studying, but it would be kinda nice if i actually had decent grades…lol
    oh and good luck on your finals too!

  3. Like the new design- and congrats on beating Miss SC. 🙂 Also, a quick GOOD LUCK to you for your pesky finals. Trust me, a day will come when you will sit and remember all the good times you spent not studying, and when if you were awake at 6 AM, it meant you were studying, not getting up for work! So lots and lots of good luck to you, I’m sure you’ll rock them all out! And remember- Red Bulls work best when chugged. 🙂

  4. the new design is awesome
    and staying up until 11:30 watching you eat chips and talk about basically nothing was also awesome, lol

    good luck on finals!

  5. and if you were giving away Spunk Ransom signed things, this would easily be the #1 most responded to! or if there wasn’t a 3 comment limit, lol

  6. i see a piano/synthesizer in the background of the video.
    (behing you) i didnt know you played… its awesome!

  7. I’ve never commented before, but I was just thinking about how much I enjoyed TwilightGuys Report, and I haven’t seen any posted in awhile. I went to a book group last month (titled, “I love young adult fiction even though I’m no longer a teen”, and we started with Twilight). To my surprise, 3 guys showed up who had actually read the book, and contributed thoughtfully to the discussion. You are not alone!

  8. HAHA New design is better. Is it just me or does Rob look just a little…funky in the promo shot. In the actual movie he was AMAZING, but there’s just something…odd about his face. His eyes just look strange.

    Oh and congradulations to the entire Twilight nation the word Twilight has been googled 62 MILLION times, it’s in 2nd place beneath Target (for letter T’s). Oh and just FYI Edward Cullen is number 10 (for E duh you get it right?) yeah that was has had 2 million searches. Common girls you know we can do better :-). Robert Pattinson is at 5 with 2 million.

  9. Now when I say common girls, i’m not refearing to the fact that guys CAN’T google Edward but you should spend you’re time I dunno googling Bella…or something. HAHA I have no idea what i’m talking about!

  10. i love the new design! even better than the old one too, haha. i like how it gets dark as you go down the page 🙂

  11. As long as the rot heap guy is still there, the youtube layout is awesome! By the way, is that Sewey?

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