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Come See Me At The Twilight DVD Release Party!

As everyone knows, the Twilight DVD will be coming out on March 21, and there are loads of midnight release parties going on all across the country. Bailey is going to the party in New York, so I decided that I’ll head over to the west coast for the midnight release party in LA, California!

I will be at the BORDERS WESTWOOD on MARCH 20 (I’m flying in around 4, so it will be late that evening). Melanie from M2 Productions and Lauren from the Twilight Facebook will be there, along with lots of other fans and fansite people (including Imprint, which will be doing a podcast). If you can make it there, it will be tons of fun!



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  1. Wow, that’s cool. Wish I was still *don’t kill me!* as into twilight so I could go and meet you. I might just go just to meet you =))

  2. cant wait fo the twilight movie to came out i saw the movie in theaters 17 times i almost memorized all the words i read the whole series and i want to read the last book but it doesnt have anything to do about twilight oh well cant wait to own the movie pre order it now at barns and nobel thats what i did

  3. WOO! Update – my wonderful mum (who had a change of heart) is driving me up to the mall tomorrow to preorder Twilight and then on Friday taking me and some friends to the party and thus, giving me the movie at 12:01.
    I love my mum.

  4. haha very funnywith the prop.

    I am so pumped and i WILL be the first person to talk to you at the party!

  5. ummmm if i buy it, it will be to smash it up with a hammer screaming “I HATE YOUR HAIR!!!” or something a little more…colorful. LOL;)

  6. Wish I’ll be close enough to come; sounds like fun.
    I’ve watched this video about 5 times; my 6-yr-old son found it hilarious & kept asking me to replay it. lol

  7. Have a great time at the release party! Twitter away while you’re there, for those of us at home!

  8. hey kaleb!
    Kay i find you relle funny.
    why? Cuz u and Bailey of nomoremarbles are always like fighting over the web of who is the better twilight blogger.
    its relle funny.
    I wish u would come to Canada.
    im getting my edition from HMV cuz its like a 3disk one but there is no dvd party.
    zomg(im saying that now) i wish they where

  9. Ah, Kaleb…every time you go to California I get immensely jealous. Not only do I regret moving from my wonderful home state, but it is the only place you seem to be for Twilight things. Besides Texas, of course… and my college religion professor insists Texas is best…
    You really will have to come to Utah at some point. Sadness.

  10. awww man… i wish I could go to california….oh well…hopefully ill still be able to got to a midnight release party.

    hey i have a question for anybody who has an answer:
    ******QUESTION 4 PPLS******

    Somebody told me that Adriana Lima was going to play leah clearwater for new moon. I searched all over the internet to see if this is true… but i didnt find anything. Does anyone know if this is just a rumor or if this is something that is being condsidered?

    Thanks, just wonderin. bye!


  11. oh, kaleb. you’re so cool. =3
    hokay, i guess what i’m looking foward to the most on the TwiDVD would be the comentary with Kristen Stewert, Kathrine Hardwick and Robert Pattinson. most people hate documentaries, but i don’t. (obviously…)
    …i’ll just invision myself at the Cali. party with you, Kaleb. ='[ ahaha

  12. Hey Kaleb, I don’t wanna sound like a whiner cuz im a huge fan of u but could u please post the next round 4 the eclipse song soon.I’ll be waiting patiently! 😀

  13. I’m looking forward to all the extra scenes and commentary – and the ability to watch the movie over and over again!

    We don’t get it here (Australia) until 22 April but I have already pre-ordered my copy. YAY!

  14. I’m sssoo excited about the DVD release party that I am going to here in Oklahoma!
    I’s going to be so cool! So many Twilight fans all out on the same night… Weird.
    I’m looking forward to watching the movie agian and I’m just excited to get to own it. I love adding to my DVD collection.

  15. lol. You are so funny! You make me laugh. I always love your videos. They are so awesome!

    Well I’m looking forward to everything on the DVD. Especially the deleted scenes and the commentary. I hae a feeling that might be funny! lol. But yeah basically everything. Once I figure out which DVD I will get, I’m going to watch all the special features!!! I’m so excited. (picture me jumping up and down) lol.

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