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On My Way To LA Again!

I’m heading off to LA again, four months after my first time there for the Twilight movie premiere! I’ll be sure to post up photos and video as soon as I can. Summit said that there will be celebrity guests appearing at random release parties across the country, too! If I can get my phone to work, I will Twitter happenings as fast as I can get them up, so if you can’t make a party and you’re dying to know the latest, that’ll be the fastest way!

ADDED: Access Hollywood just broke the news on where the Twilight stars will be. Click here for their list of potential stores in each city (thanks to HGE for the news)!

Los Angeles
Borders, 1360 Westwood Blvd.
Borders, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hot Topic, 10800 W. Pico Blvd.
Borders, 14651 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks
Borders, 1501 Vine St.
Hot Topic, 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Borders, 100 S. Brand Blvd., Glendale
Blockbuster, 17945 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills

New York
Borders, 10 Columbus Circle
Borders, 461 Park Ave.
Borders, 1260 Old Country Rd., Westbury
Borders, 2 Penn Plaza
Blockbuster, 780 Broadway
Blockbuster, 312 First Ave.
Blockbuster, 189 8th Ave.
Blockbuster, 829 8th Ave
FYE. 3601 Hempsted Turnpike, Levittown
Hot Topic, 630 Old Country Rd., Garden City

Borders, 755 W. North Avenue
Borders, 830 N. Michigan
Borders, 1539 E. 53rd St.,
Borders, 2210 W. 95th St.
Hot Topic, 551 Chicago Ridge Mall, Chicago Ridge
FYE, 551 Chicago Ridge Mall, Chicago Ridge
Hot Topic, 142 Yorktown, Lombard
FYE, 4 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg
Hot Topic, 4 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg

Blockbuster, 6437 Hillcrest
Borders, 5500 Greenville Ave.
Borders, 3600 McKinney Ave.
Blockbuster, 635 Preston Royal Center
Hot Topic, 13331 Preston Road

Salt Lake City
Hot Topic, 10450 South State St., Sandy
FYE, 7170 S 1000 E, Midvale
Blockbuster, 1852 E. 9400, South, Sandy
Blockbuster, 4918 West 6200, South Kearns
Blockbuster, 4095 South Redwood, West Valley City



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  1. ooo have fun and i hope u can get ur phone to work so u can post some pics etc. Wish i could go but even i think crossing the Atlantic is a bit much for the DVD release party 😛

  2. dang, only second comment. oh well. still, have a good time! once your book is published and you get to travel all over the country, not just the famous places, please stop by indy!!!!

  3. I’m so excited! I can’t wait for tomorrow night, it’ll be amazing! But WHY do these people always forget us up here in PA?

  4. why isnt anyone coming to seattle??!! HELLO such an important place considering its in the book and only four hours away from forks!!

  5. Ah Kimber I’m right there with you in PA.

    Kaleb you’re so lucky! I wish I could go! lol.

    Plus I’m loving the song!

  6. I live about an hour away from Chicago, but I can’t go to any of them. 🙁 Oh well.

    Anyways, have fun in LA. I’ll be glued to Twitter all night long, and then Youtube the next day.

    And the song is awesomeness, by the way.

  7. Oh Kaleb. I really am seriously worried about you. You really need to relax. I could never imagine doing as much work as you do every day. Still, that is exciting news. Sigh. Our Canadian release parties pale in comparison to what yours are going to be like. 🙁

  8. The stars should not be going to those major cities…they should be finding smaller towns or random places to just show up and surprise fans…and no I am not talking about where I live though I certainly wouldn’t complain if they showed up here….I am just saying not every fan lives in those large cities or is able to travel there….

  9. gosh i wish i could go!!! i live like so close to the ones in Salt Lake!! I can’t believe they even included us in where they may be going!! 😀 i thought for sure they’d be in like orlando or something gosh i gotta see if i can get to one!

  10. also don’t you live in Texas? why not go to the DVD release in Dallas? i mean why travel all the way to LA?

  11. I live near a large city that is hardly ever visited. Bother.
    Your song is bouncy! Some of them have been sad, contemplative, smooth, and etc, but this new one definitely has a beat that makes me want to tap my feet (I have two) or my fingers (I have ten). A good start; though, besides lengthening it, I don’t have a good enough musical ear to know how you’re going to improve it.

    Cool new gnome, btw! Glad you like it.

  12. I’m fortunately living near L.A. but I really doubt I’ll be allowed to go to any parties where the stars are gonna be. Dang it. This stinks. Hmmm…. maybe there’s still hope.

  13. I live in Oklahoma, where NO ONE EVER COMES! Yes Chelsea, they always neglect the Southeast >;p
    oh well, I’m still going to a release party at Borders with 2 of my AWESOME twi-hard friends so much fun! &great song Kaleb!

    I only live two hours away from there. And five from stupid Chicago! I’ve begged and begged (whined and complained) on my knees (not really) for hours (fifteen minutes) and still no one will take me!!! I’m so abused.
    But, moving on.
    HAVE FUN KALEB!!!!!!!!!!!
    And ditto to what everyone else has said.

  15. ps
    I IS SOOOOOOOO LOVING YOUR SONG – it’s so pretty and fun and… bouncy??? But it -somehow- reminds me of like, a bubble bath. I don’t know – my head’s really screwed up.

  16. OHIO is such a boring state…… nobody ever comes here!!!!! **cries** i wish jackson (aka jasper) would come to ohio!!!!!!

  17. i think it would only be fair if one of them came to canada 🙂 i mean cmon…we are just as crazy about twilight as they are! rachelle should know 😉

  18. Wait the DVD hasn’t been released yet? Because I was able to watch Twilight on my flight back home.

  19. ahahahahah love the song as always kaleb, i knoee the finished version willl b just as awsome 🙂

  20. I love the song. It’s great. It sounds very, I dont know how to describe it. But it’s great. I love how it makes you feel. Kind of like background music to a movie in a scene, for example someone standing in an airport and everyone around them is walking really fast. Dont know why I thought about that. Maybe because you’re going to LA but thats what I thought of it. It’s great. I will download it once you’ve finished. Make sure you post a link please.

  21. what the fuck is ur problem, kaleb? when u can freakin stay home and read a retarded book, u decide to fly all the way to la for a shitty party! i mean whore house!!!!!!!

  22. I know I'm about 2 months late for the post, but I wanted to say, I really like the song! I've listened to several of the ones you've posted, and this is my fave so far.

  23. I know I'm about 2 months late for the post, but I wanted to say, I really like the song! I've listened to several of the ones you've posted, and this is my fave so far.

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