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Chris Weitz To Direct New Moon Movie

Entertainment Weekly sent me this earlier today. I have no confirmation yet from Summit, so this is still not final:

Sources tell Entertainment Weekly that Summit Entertainment is about to hire Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass) as the shepherd for New Moon, the second installment of Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling Twilight series

Christ Weitz
Chris Weitz

Weitz is best-known for his work with his brother Paul. The two directed and produced American Pie and then were nominated for an Academy Award for best screenplay for About a Boy, which they also co-directed. Chris’ first solo directing gig, The Golden Compass, didn’t do well stateside but was a hit internationally.

Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, has grossed more than $141 million so far, but Hardwicke had clashed with the studio during production. It was announced early this week that she would not be making New Moon. Weitz has a solid relationship with Summit’s top brass; he’s considered easy to work with and has experience with special effects. “He’s the quality-of-life-choice,” says one source. While Summit insists “we have not yet signed Chris Weitz to do New Moon,” and Weitz’s agency says no deal has been signed, other sources say the deal is imminent, and that Summit has stopped negotiations with other potential Moon directors. Summit had planned to announce this hiring decision on Sunday, Dec. 14, and could have Weitz in Vancouver, B.C. as early as Monday to start pre-production on the film.

Credit to Entertainment Weekly, click here to read the original article.

Question for the comments: any thoughts on this?



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  1. Don’t freak out yet. It hasn’t been confirmed by Summit or anyone. These are all still rumors!

  2. i liked catherine. i’m sure this guy won’t do a bad job but in all honesty even if it stinks i’m sure we’ll all see it a ton of times! i know that i will andi’ll see eclipse and breaking dawn if they make those too. the fans are amazing and so die hard that they will see the movies even if they stink (twilight totally didn’t!) but who ever directs these is lucky because they will make a ton of money regardless of them stinking or not

  3. I will miss Cath….

    because of her most of the cast agreed to do the movie

    PS: Talking about Rumors, I read that they are going to substitute Taylor Lautner, is this true?????????????????

    If it is, Summit will go to my Dark List.

  4. well i really liked cathrine h. and i think she did an AMAZING job with twilight. And im sure that if she would have done New Moon then im sure she would have done very well.

    At 1st, I had LOTs of doubt about there being a new director. But knowing that he directed the Golden Compass, makes me feel a little bit better and more confident about the success about the movie.

    All we can do is stay positive and hope that he puts his best work into the movie. Im sure in the end we will enjoy New Moon as much as we enjoyed Twilight even though there will be a different director. we’ll see, we’ll see.


  5. Well, it’s good that he has experience with special effects, because the Twilight special effects were kinda disappointing(though the rest was good!)

    I just really really hope this isn’t like what happened with the HP movies, where the first director got our expectations high with a very loyal and good movie, then the next one messed up and it went downhill from there.

    Sorry. I’ve just learned to be pessimistic about things like this.

  6. a few days ago i would have been so mad at this guy and summit..but now that ive had a chance to calm down and actually think about the pros and cons of this guy i dont think he will do a bad job…at least i hope so..

    did u hear they might replace taylor lautner!?

  7. I’m really worried. I didn’t like the filming style so much in Twilight, but at least Catherine was truly dedicated and wanted to stick to the book. She had so many ideas already, I can’t believe she won’t get to do them for New Moon. I hope Weitz doesn’t mess it up or the reason for this whole ordeal is just for more money. I will cry if it’s ruined. I hope Weitz or the future director will recognize the true fan base and give us what we want and not his new idea of the story. I guess we just have to wait and see. I won’t judge him just yet and just hope for the best.

  8. I’m really, really worried. I followed the movie from the time it was first announced, and found myself trusting Catherine, because I felt confident that she would do a decent job, and churn out a movie I would most likely enjoy.

    With Chris Weitz, I’m not sure. On the one hand, he’ll probably do well with the werewolf transformations. On the other hand, if he cuts Taylor, it won’t matter how good the transformations will be. I won’t see the movie. In my mind, Taylor is the best and only choice for “our favorite mechanic.”

    Also, I wonder, with a new director, will we get the same dedication to the fans that Catherine provided? Twilight was a movie made for fans of the book. Will this guy take it and turn it into a heartless blockbuster? I really hope not.

  9. this is actually frightening.

    i didn’t really think that golden compass stuck to the books and i don’t know how he’ll do with new moon.

    as for getting rid of taylor, it’s absurd! whatever happened to ‘we’re doing this for the fans’???

  10. … the Golden Compass was good, and it did stay fairly true to the books, so that’s probably a good sign. I don’t know much about him though, hopefully he’s good. I liked Cathrine though 🙁

    as long as they don’t have the directer that did the Eragon movie, I won’t get too angry. (please tell its not him) Because Eragon was the worst book-to-movie movie EVER

    but yeah, I wasn’t sure about Cathrine at first and I liked Twilight, so I’ll just wait and see.

  11. I don’t know why but, to me it seemed that Catherine had our back on making sure that the movie would be as best as it could be while still being true to the book, but now that she’s gone I don’t feel reasurred that the movie will stay true to New Moon. Of course we have Stephenie but I don’t know if this guy will listen or even care to listen to her. I hope this guy has realized by now how important it will be to stay true to the book.

  12. I don’t know what to say. I think Twilight was a great succsess due to having CH. I don’t know how this could be with a new director. I have seen Golden Compass and I sorta liked it. Not much. But It was an okay movie.. . I just don’t know how its going to be without CH. I’m gonna miss her. Twilight was a great movie, due to her. But I’m open to change and I will try and give this director a chance.

  13. Btw if they cut Taylor, I will not see the movie. I will refues because Taylor is the reason I am going to see this movie.

  14. I’m just reallyyy worried. I want New Moon to be the best ever. I am terrified of it screwing up. I dont think Chris is up to the whole Wolf thingy. Its going to be a lot of work. But I dont think Chris is up to it. I will miss Taylor if he cuts taylor too. I will be sad.


  15. I thought that the Golden Compass was a wonderfully done movie, so if they had to go with someone new, I’d say he’s a pretty good choice. I still wish they’d have stuck with Cathrine, though. I really loved Twilight, and she was really in touch with the fan base.

    Then again, we may be able to look at better special effects with this next one, too, which is the one place I’d say the last one was lacking. As long as they stay true to the book, chances are I’ll like it.

  16. Rather upsetting, I would say. But hopefully he’ll do a good job. But, no offense, considering I’m Team Edward, I know I probably won’t like the New Moon movie as much.
    But of course it will still be amazing, yes?
    And Kaleb, I love this site. I found it on Facebook and have been pretty addicted to it the last few weeks. You have a lot of patience, stretching out the series this long. I’m going on my fourth time though once I get Breaking Dawn back from my Aunt and I started reading Twilight the first time in August. Can you believe my BOYFRIEND got ME addicted, and not the other way around? Haha.
    See you soon, and keep writing. =)

  17. You know, I don’t really know of anyone who wouldn’t mind waiting a few months longer for New Moon to come out if it meant we could get a better movie than we did for Twilight. Yes, we have to consider everyone aging, but we’re talking about a few months here. I say screw everyone and have Stephenie Meyer direct the rest of the damn series. (A girl can dream, can’t she???)

  18. Did they really mean Vancouver BC what about all the locations for Twilight in the Portland, OR Vancouver, WA area. It would be pretty rediculous to have completely different locations for everything. Though the Cullen house they used in Twilight wasn’t very good it doesn’t really make much of an impact on New Moon.

    My biggest fear is that the Golden Compass had so many major plot points changed from book to screen is was practically a completely different story other than the main character and the Polar Bear and if He does that to New Moon who knows where Eclipse will go.

  19. I think the real question here isn’t whether or not this guy is a good director, but whether or not he will stay true to the book. That was one of Hardwicke’s biggest compliments to the first movie. Her passion for making sure it was made properly. If the rumors are true that she was difficult to work with, I hope it wasn’t because she was fighting to keep certain elements out of the story (such as sexualizing it) whereas Summit wanted to add those elements in.

    So let’s hope that this new guy is wise and will realize that making any changes to the story that are radically different from the book would only harm the series rather than enhance it.

  20. tgc wasn’t too bad. i mean… directing wise. though the movie was very different from the book (like usual) however everything else wasn’t too bad.

    i am worried though. summit is pushing new moon way too fast w/ too much force. i mean… they just axed the original director, hired another one in less then 2 weeks, rushed the script to productions, want the actors working in early spring, finish the acting in less then 3 months and have the movie out by november next year. this is ridiculous. on top of all that, as of today, twilight made 140 mil in box office and summit wants the budget for new moon to be 50 mil. are they nuts? what is up with summit?


    Catherine is such a bad director, I don’t know who was stupid enough to hire her (I guess that was because they had a small subject). Joe Wright would have been such a better choice for Twilight.

    Chris Peitz did a great job with the Golden Compass.

    Now, we should begin now to harass Summit to hire Guillermo del Toro for Eclipse !

  22. World wide Twilight has passed the 170 million mark. Makes me wonder how many of their movies that bombed is Twilight paying the bills for.

    As for Chris, I really liked Golden Compass. I never read the books so I didn’t have to deal with the bad adaptation that everyone complained about. As a stand alone movie, it was really good. Loved the bears. If he did the wolves in a similar vein it would totally work. But he also had 180 million budget. I saw American Pie and didn’t care for it. It had its funny moments, but a movie about guys getting laid is not the additude I want brought to Twilight. Makes me wonder if he could really connect to the real good old fashioned romance of the story and the sensual tension that exists without destroying it. Or trying to psycho analyze it.

    But the big worry is Summits budget and rushed schedule. Although I found one article where Freg (however you spell his name) said that they wanted to bring a good movie and wouldn’t rush it. But then they book a Nov release date… HELLO?!!

    I saw Twilight again for my fourth time. Really liked it this time. But I just can’t get past the ruined “I know what you are” to “Lion and the lamb” love declaration scene progression without wincing. Boy was that butchered. I really don’t think Melissa understands her material and that makes me wonder what she did to New Moon.

  23. Kim.. your wrong about the franchise making a ton of money if they fail with New Moon. Summit is shooting itself in the foot if it thinks he can pass off a rushed and substandard product just to cash in on the Twilight craze. They stand to make some serious money, but they won’t if they don’t use the money we’ve given them already well.

  24. I think that Summit should have just agreed with Catherine. She worked her butt off to get Twilight perfect and she simply asked for more time! Honestly I can wait for New Moon, it just means more build up! Honestly! I refused to watch The Golden Compass (due to the fact that the main character tries to kill God in the last book, (STUPID and AWFUL); and i’ve never even heard of the other movie so for all I know if this guys signed the movie will SUCK! At least Kirstin and Robert will still be in it! 🙂

  25. I think, or more I hope, that he will be able to do New Moon. After all, he’s already made some great films like About a Boy.
    But I really would like Catherine Hardwicke to continue her work. Unfortunately, it’s not in our power to change Summit’s decisions.
    I’d say we wait and see how things go on.

  26. I’m really glad, actually.

    I mean, he has the experience of working with FABULOUS special effects (The Golden Compass had AWESOME special effects); I’m thinking long-term, for werewolf-shape-shifting, burning newborns, etc.

    Go Chris!

  27. i like just an email from summit and its from chris weitz
    he says he is going to direct new moon
    and for those of you who heard that taylor lautner is going to be substituted..
    ITS NOT TRUE!!!!!
    here is what is says in the email:
    “Dear fans of Twilight, New Moon, Bella, Edward and Jacob,

    In the past few days I have been involved in a whirlwind romance with Stephenie Meyers’ extraordinary books.

    And I am very grateful to have received her permission to protect New Moon in its translation from the page to the screen.

    For fans of the books and of the film of Twilight, this may come as an unexpected twist. So I want to write briefly to try to put you at ease, and to give you reason to hope for and expect the best.

    For the last decade of my career as a director, I have chosen to make adaptations of complex and involved works of literature. This has always begun with the love of a book and its characters, story, and theme; and it has always involved a respect of and responsiveness to the feelings of other people who loved those books.

    When I saw the film of Twilight, I was alternately entranced and left hungry for more. I was also struck by the extraordinary passion for the characters, story and theme that was evident in the people sitting in the seats around me. My job is to live up to that devotion.

    Like many of you, I am a fan of Catherine Hardwicke’s work. I can’t really say much about why she is not doing New Moon because I wasn’t involved in those decisions. But I can say that I will devote myself to making the very best and most faithful version of New Moon that can be brought to the screen. To those who doubt that as a male director I can capture Bella’s experience, I can only say that emotion is universal and that my work has often involved working with some of the most talented actresses in the world.

    For the rest, the proof will have to be in the pudding. But I promise to remain responsive to your hopes and fears.

    I thank you for this opportunity and for your faith.

    Very best,

    Chris Weitz”
    copyright of summit entertainment and chris weitz

  28. I’m one of those die-hard-twilight-catherine hardwicke fans so I pretty much have the same thing to say ..but disappointment can only run so far. =/ They hit the nail-on-the-head with the perfect director for the books and they go on up and give it up. *KAPOOOEY. I firmly STILL believe that they should’ve allowed Cat’s vision to follow through with the saga because her directing is fan-based and she obviously knows how to catch the jist of the books and create! I think I’ll always feel that way but what is one to do. *sigh. I mean these books are like perfect in sooo many fans eyes I feel this movies different and cannot be screwed up with, then again I’m sure fans for other movies that have been made feel the same way.

    Although I’ll never approve of the kick-off of Cat I guess I can say I’m apprehensive and interested in what this “new” director of the next sequel will conjure up.

  29. Um, to you guys that thought the Golden Compass was not changed too much from the book…. uh, really? Who have you been talking to? Were you even paying attention?

  30. Ok everyone is probably going to hate me but…..i have to say i am kind of glad that they got a new director. I think that Catherine is a great person but im not totally thrilled with her directing. I thought the movie was alright but the problems i had with it mostly come from the stuff the director is supposed to take care of……not going to mention what. But I am excited for Chris. He did a fantastic job with the Golden Compass and Im sure he’ll do a good job on New Moon. 🙂

  31. i heard that there is a canadian actress joining the cast and that she is a complete unknown! maybe because they are shooting in canada?? i don’t know but i found a link to her fb page – all i could find. anyone know anything more??? my friend works for a casting office and said she is being considered – http://www.facebook.com/srch.php?nm=charlene+mcanoy

  32. right…. Catherine was let go because she didn’t want to work on Summit’s timeline. They are looking at the dollar flow. Not the fans. So is anyone really surprised that they picked this director, who is friends with a suit at Summit?

  33. he seems like a good guy and director. i think he will do well, but i really hope this movie s slightly funny, just like twilight was… and i cant believe its gonna be shot i italy, that is soooo cool, although robert pattinson, the hottest guy ever is not gonna be in it that much… i’m pessimistic and an optomistic at the same time,he he, lol

  34. It’s so stupid them going on about more special fx and stuff cuz the reason twilight is good is cuz they didn’t focus on that. they focused on the story! which is the most important part… they are just gonna turn this book into another overly special-effects movie. rubbish.

  35. I really hope he stays true to the book. Like everyone else have already said, Chris Witz really messed yp the Golden Compass. If he ruins New Moon, i will truly want to kill him!

  36. I also thought The Golden Compass was a decent film, but I never actually read the book. It was infuriating that it stopped where it did and they aren’t planning to continue it since it did so hideously in sales. It makes me slightly wary, but I think The Golden Compass had a lot of bad publicity from the start which drove a lot of people into forgetting about it before even giving it a chance.

  37. i have loads if rumours saying that chris doesnt want robert pattinson to play edward and that he will wont be in eclipse and breaking dawn. is this true??

    if it is then the movie will go down hill, you cant just change a actor like that, it will ruin all the movies. rob needs to be edward in all of the twilight movies. he was great why doesnt chris want him???

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