A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)


MTV is promising something big to appear here at 10PM EST Tonight.

And I am promising my next post at midnight 😀



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  1. You need an award, Kaleb. A special mention in the MTV Woman of the Year is clearly not enough. You do WAY too much for us! Perhaps King of Awesome should do it.

    I can’t wait for the post!

  2. ha ha, no I never sleep. I’m like Edward that way 😀

    Just FYI, the news from MTV doesn’t have anything to do with me. I don’t want anyone putting credit where it isn’t due!

  3. sweet, by the way love your youtube videos… i can’t wait to find out what this thing MTv is doing.

  4. let’s hope it’s better than ET’s “big news”. I was so excited and waited for them to show the segment. And then they showed it…The title! That’s it!? I was so bummed! ET=Fail

  5. OOO that would be awesome if they said something about the volturi!

    Kaleb I would be careful about comparing yourself to Edward, people might get weird ideas. You know how we Twilightgirls are.

  6. There`s nothing there and it`s 12 minutes into the thing unless they wrote the wrong time or something but every one is freaking out

  7. Posting here cause I don’t have an MTV account and am too lazy to make one. THAT WAS IT?????!!!!! What a let down. Just had to express that… although, I don’t really know what I was expecting, considering they haven’t filmed yet. But definitely something more epic.

  8. I still can’t see anything on the MTV site…Even though I’m reading that it’s a let down, I still wanna see!

  9. wow that was a let down.
    They tell you it is being called “the twilight saga new moon” instead of just “new moon” and show you the logo. Wow. MTV fails right now…..

  10. that was not good! im seriouse!
    i mean we where told ALOT was that alot?
    Kaleb BTW when will we know i Solmon Trimble will reply to us?
    u are the king o awsomenesss EMAIL US vampire twi-hard

  11. Ya Kaleb is DA BOMB
    i really enjoy his web posts
    but he should sleep

    email us!

  12. well, that was an epic fail on the part of mtv. kaleb, as you are very edward-esque in your complete lack of sleep, i need you to bite me so i can stay awake for your midnight post =) just kidding. tty fellow fans in the morning

  13. Well, I was expecting a cast announcement or something like that. This was epic disappointment.

    But either way, ALL HAIL KING KALEB.

    (otnc ftw)

  14. btw, kaleb you’re awesome!!

    to stay up til midnight or sleep… that is the question??

    hmmm.. i think i’ll stay up! =]


  16. I was expecting an announcement of epicness. Not that I don’t like the logo, I do, but I think MTV over hyped this one.

  17. What a let-down MTV! I was hoping for something exciting. Oh well, can’t wait for the new post but make sure to get some sleep Kaleb!

  18. I think that it’s kind of hillarious how you are SO reluctant to read Twilight- or ECLIPSE now- and yet, you elaborate so much on a single chapter. I think that you’ve fallen for it like all the teenage girls and even sixth-graders. You don’t want to admit that you enjoy reading it, do you? LOL

  19. so is anyone else afraid for the whole new moon production, i mean they have like what nine months to film this thing and they don’t even have the cast yet. I’m just afraid they are going to rush it, and it’s going to be a major disappointment.

  20. Midnight EST? Because if it is then u should have posted already! Well I checked and I think u should have posted already.. But I don’t know for sure since I don’t live in the States. Anyway, eagerly awaiting ur post…

  21. OMG I love it and certainly wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for you Kaleb 🙂
    Thanks oh so much!!
    Love you boy!

  22. K…. So I watched ET to see what this “big” preview of New Moon was going to be… I had my hopes all up that it would be something amazing…. Alas, I now despair because all it was was the new logo for the movie….. I mean yeah it’s cool but I wanted something HUGE!!!!

  23. By the way people…. Kaleb lives in the Central time zone… So if you do not then his time will be different than yours

  24. It’s 12:56, did u fall asleep Kaleb?
    Even if you did you rock anyway. =)

    I can’t believe they call THAT an epic reveal. The title card? THAT’s IT??? Come on, you’ve got to be kidding me. I mean, for a newly revived fanbase’s movie (like for instance the new Muppet movie in the works for next year that news updates are spread 6 months apart with not much in each update) this would be huge and epic, epicly huge, but for us ravenous twiligters its nothing.

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