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Pick The Song For Eclipse [Round 2]

Thanks everyone for the multiple thousands of songs submitted to help me Pick The Song For Eclipse! I assure you, I had a wonderful time digging through all the suggestions, especially when many pranksters suggested songs like There’s A Tear In My Beer by Hank Williams Jr. or MillionΓ€r by Die Prinzen (I have a feeling I know who sent THAT one in…) πŸ˜€

Anyhow, I added up the top requested songs, and have put them in the voting box below. Please only vote a maximum of 3 times (I know, sometimes it’s hard to pick just one!). There are a few surprises amongst this list, though thankfully no one got too outlandish:

You can talk about what songs you’re voting for in the comments. That reminds me. Like with Round 1, I’m also giving away a prize to someone who comments here: one custom-made T-shirt from TwilightTShirts.com (you’ll even get to pick the design)! Good luck!



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  1. My choices were Muse, Lifehouse, and The Spill Canvas.

    I have to say, though, I’m still very disappointed that no one nominated “Jessie’s Girl”. It’s PERFECT! And it even includes “moot point”. πŸ™‚

  2. Woo! Secondhand Seranade!!!!!!

    Kaleb pleeeeease give me a T-shirt?
    (Yeah I know this is not the most dignified & mature post but I’ve just gotten through a 24 hour day & I’m exhausted…)
    Pick me pleeeease???

  3. When I left comments earlier, I had just read a comment that said that Thinking of You wouldn’t b there choice 4 Eclipse, but it would b 4 New Moon. So um… I left a comment about what song I would choose 4 New Moon. I know. I feel very stupid. But my choice 4 Eclipse would have 2 b Collide. I think it would b a really good choice 4 Eclipse!

  4. I chose Collide as my first choice, I think it just shows how Bella was feeling with her relationships between Jacob and Edward.

    I then voted for Vindicated because Bella finally realises she loves Jacob too.

    And I was going to vote Pressure for the my last one, but even though I love Paramore, this just reminded me more of New Moon than Eclipse.

  5. Of course i am voting for
    ‘ Fall For You’ by SecondHand Serenade it is the most amazing song ever!!!

    love itt <3

  6. Wow. These are all very good songs to choose from! I was having a hard time choosing between Muse, and Secondhand Serenade…
    I ended up choosing Secondhand Serenade, Fall For You really fits the book. πŸ™‚

  7. I have never heard a lot of these songs, but now I just bought them of iTunes:) It was so hard choosing one, but I did it:D

  8. One word: Paramore! I LOVE them! And that song is PERFECT for bellas perspective! (: (:

  9. O jeez, this was a hard choice. You have to love the music gods Muse and Paramore. But there were some other top contenders here as well!


    can’t wait for the 21st by the way!

  11. I voted for Thinking of You and Fall for You. They’re both SO
    perfect!!! Thinking of You
    especially, because of the whole love triangle thing!!!!!

  12. I voted for:
    Pressure-To me, it fits Bella, Edward, and Jacob
    Broken-Fits Jacob
    All Over You-Fits Jacob

    To me, Thinking of You fits New Moon a lot better than Eclipse, but just my two cents. πŸ™‚

  13. Yeah CONTEST!! Twilight shirts are so cool! I already have a twilight logo one, but I could have another one!:)

  14. I <3 voting for songs. Secondhand Serenade!

    I don’t have a twilight tee yet πŸ™ It’d be cool to own one.

  15. okay. I love “thinking of you” by Katy Perry — but only as a New Moon song. It doesn’t really fit for Eclipse.

    I voted for “Fall for You”. It’s sucha sweet and touching song and Eclipse was such a sweet and touching book (my favorite in the series). Edward and Bella are sort of falling in love with each other all over again and learning to trust each other after Edward comes back from leaving her. Now that they know they can’t live without each other, many of their previous reservations and misgivings are gone.

  16. The songs are great,
    and the comments are funny to read πŸ™‚
    I LOVE ECLIPSE πŸ™‚ Really, I lvoe all of the Twilight books. It’s hard to pick just ONE song from the list πŸ™‚

  17. I voted for both Thinking of You and Fall for YOu cause i love both those songs and i think thye both fit the book perfectly in different ways!!!!

    I hope i win a shirt!

  18. I’m a little bummed my song didn’t make it to the lightening round (Total Eclipse of the Heart, which was based off of Wuthering Heights, which Eclipse was based off of… how perfect is that? It even has ECLIPSE in the song!)

    But, alas, voting was still so HARD! All the songs picked were so good! πŸ˜€

    I think they’re all great πŸ™‚

  19. I submitted my 3!
    Although it was hard to pick them, I feel like a let the other songs down and these comments are very pursuasive… *sigh*

  20. Collide — Howie Day…

    submitted it in the first round. It’s just a beautiful song, which belongs with a beautiful book: Eclipse

  21. Collide — Howie Day…

    submitted it in the first round. It’s just a beautiful song, which belongs with a beautiful book: Eclipse

  22. I totally agree with the people who are saying we are voting for ECLIPSE! not New moon, thinking of you goes perfectly with new moon but NOT with eclipse! I always think of fall for you at the end of new moon when edward proposes… im curious why do people think it fits for eclipse? Nobody falls for any one again as far as i can tell…
    I’m voting vindicated i think it captures edwards perspective perfectly ( thinking he is selfish for changing bella) but not only that, a lot of the characters struggle with thinking that they are not ‘worthy’ and this song feels like realizing that yes ‘I am flawed but i am cleaning up so well’ and a song of hope for the future it also ties in the impending wedding well.
    Falling a way with you is Perfect for jake at the end, love it.
    But why fall for you?
    and please not thinking of you! its not right for eclipse at all!

  23. Thinking Of You really doesn’t fit. In that song she’s already lost the person she’s talking to and wishes he’d come back. Bella never let Edward go and never actually dated Jacob. And when she was hanging out with Jacob, she really enjoyed that; she wasn’t thinking of Edward the whole time, or deciding between them would have been easy!

  24. Thinking of You by Katy Perry is PERFECT! (might’ve been better for New Moon, but still..)

  25. I don’t know if this is the perfect song for the whole book, but AT LEAST for the chapter “Monster” the perfect song is “Faking My Own Suicide” by Relient K. πŸ˜€

  26. Fall For You has the exact passion that is represented in every one of Edward’s actions. I also voted for Pressure by Paramore because…it’s Paramore.

  27. I voted for secondhand seranade b/c i just think the song fits perfectly!!! And i am a huge fan of them πŸ™‚

  28. I voted for Paramore, but The best song for Eclipse is totally “Another Heart Calls” by All American Rejects

  29. for me, there was no conflict on which to vote for. I love paramore, and i think that “Pressure” really is sort of about what bella is going through with having to choose between Edward and Jacob.

  30. Well I really liked “hold you in my arms” by Ray LaMontagne and actually it fits with the type of music Robert Pattinson likes to sing. It's an older song but it is great.

  31. Well I really liked “hold you in my arms” by Ray LaMontagne and actually it fits with the type of music Robert Pattinson likes to sing. It's an older song but it is great.

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