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Eclipse: The Epilogue

The song for Eclipse is


[audio:https://twilightguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/pressure.mp3|titles=Pressure by Paramore]

And here we are: the final chapter of Eclipse. It seems like so long ago when I started this book, probably because so much happened between its covers; or more likely because of how slow a reader I am! But either way, this chapter in the lives of Bella and Edward has finally come to a close. I found it immensely appropriate that Jacob should get the last word in this book.

As for the song, I will say that the top three songs were all within a mere TWENTY votes of each other: closer than any other voting we’ve done here before! The next three songs would have been:

2. Thinking Of You by Katy Perry

3. Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade

4. Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional

all of which would have fit wonderfully for the book. Admittably, since they were in the movie, Paramore had an obvious advantage that I think help to push their song to the top!

The drill here is the same as with Twilight and New Moon: my final thoughts remain short, so as to not draw away from the book itself. It is the same review that will appear in my library:

I am not the usual reader of the Twilight Saga: not only because I am a guy, but because I take my time reading each book, instead of devouring the entire novel in one sitting. Even in a fast-paced novel like Eclipse, the third in the series, I found myself taking months to read the story, as I tried to understand the motives behind each character: Edward Cullen, who let his girlfriend go out with another guy (no less than his archenemy); Jacob Black, who manipulated Edward’s girlfriend and yet says he loves her; and Bella Swan, who says she loves Edward and yet can’t bring herself to stay with only him. How is it that these three have entered into such a fragile triangle that binds them together, and yet causes each of them so much pain?

The real question raised by Eclipse has to do with love: what is real love, and how does anyone know if they’ve found it? Bella Swan finds herself trapped between loving two people: Jacob, a werewolf, and Edward, a vampire. She says she loves Edward, but can’t stop seeing Jacob. She tells Jacob she loves him, but she can’t leave Edward. What is the right choice when you love two people just as much, but in different ways? How can you force your heart to decide to give one up and keep the other, when you simply can’t bring yourself to make that choice?

Perhaps there really is no easy answer. As Bella said herself in the final chapter:

“…it just got to the point where I had to choose… Sometimes, there isn’t any way to compromise.”

Sometimes there is no best way — no happy ending that works out for everyone. Sometimes, the only thing is to choose one, even when choosing is the hardest part. And though Bella makes mistakes, these make her human. The hardest struggle for Bella was to grow up, and realize that she was to blame, and it was her turn to be strong and make the choice:

“It had not been Edward and Jacob that I’d been trying to force together, it was the two parts of myself, Edward’s Bella and Jacob’s Bella. But they could not exist together, and I never should have tried.”

In the end, she would have to be strong, and love only one. When Bella made the choice, it felt as if she had finally grown up. And though his heart was broken, I feel that this is not the last we will see of Jacob Black.

In a few days, I will continue on to the final book in the  series, Breaking Dawn, with just as many photo-manips and craziness as usual. Be sure to check back very soon for the new design for the next book. I hope everyone will continue to follow me as I slowly come to the conclusion of my journey through the Twilight Saga!



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  1. Congratulations on finishing Eclipse! I can’t wait to read your thoughts on Breaking Dawn…and don’t worry, you don’t have to like it. (Once you get into it, you’ll understand what I mean)

  2. Congrats on finishing Eclipse!! I’m very curious to see what you’ll have to say about some of the things that happen in BD (but I can’t say much without spoiling anything). Sorry to all those BD lovers out there, I hated it. Again, I can’t say why without spoiling anything, so I’ll wait till he actually starts reading BD before I give it all away. 😛

    As someone else said, it will be interesting to see this book from a male perspective. 🙂

  3. you’re so lucky you got to see them in person.
    keep up the awesome posts xD and can’t wait to read your perspective in Breaking Dawn♥

  4. Congratulations. & Yay, Paramore won! And Katy Perry was next! & then Secondhand Serenade! All the ones I voted for :). Great post. Very insightful. Now for BD! It took me only three days to read but it’s one of my favorites [except for the fact that it ended the series :(].

  5. “It had not been Edward and Jacob that I’d been trying to force together, it was the two parts of myself, Edward’s Bella and Jacob’s Bella. But they could not exist together, and I never should have tried.”

    That is actually my favorite quote from eclipse, I loved this book but I’m glad you’re moving on to BReaking Dawn.

    😀 melissaturkey

  6. it’s a good thing Breaking Dawn is really long. Kaleb i will be sooooo very sad when you finish the series. You should read The Host afterwords its REALLY good too. As always an amazing post. Can’t wait for the next post 🙂

  7. I have mixed feelings on BD.(no spoilers) After I read it the first time, I had to think about the book for a while before I could think of my reaction. What I do know is that I finished the book in a day and a half. I was constantly on edge to find out what happaned next. I’m pretty curious to see if you have mixed feeling or if you will lean toward one feeling.
    Okay. I’m done. =D

  8. Hey Kaleb!
    Just wanted to say I loved your summarization of Eclipse! I totally agree with most of it.
    I just don’t understand how people can say that Jacob is a jerk. I really think that people don’t give him a chance, because they are so enthralled by Edward. Don’t get me wrong. I totally agree and understand that Bella had to pick Edward, he is her soul mate and the one she loved so much, she really couldn’t live without him.
    However, I can totally see why she started to love Jacob. He was bringing light into her darkest days and trying to fill up that awful hole in the middle of her. How can you not love someone who is trying to heal you?
    I don’t feel that Jacob is any worse than Edward. (What Edward did to Bella and Jacob at the camp before the newborns came was very manipulative in my opinion.)Jacob did try to manipulate Bella more, but he was at a disadvantage, because Bella often did not even understand her own feelings, when others could clearly see what she was feeling.
    Also, Jacob’s main fear was that Bella would be turned into a “bloodsucking leech”. He feared that even more than he feared losing her. I can understand that. Even Edward understood that. He didn’t want Bella to give up being a human either! If Jacob was manipulating her, it was mainly so that she could see that she could still find love and remain a human if she chose him. Once she made her final decision, he completely accepted her decision. He only manipulated her, so that she would see the truth about her love for him, and make an informed decision, which in the end she did.
    Jacob Black is actually my favorite character in the series.

    Can’t wait to here what you have to say about Breaking Dawn. It is very different, but also great in it’s own way.

  9. Advice on Breaking Dawn: the first third is AWFUL. it is just PURE CHEESY LOVE.

    the last two-thirds are AWESOME. they totally make up for the lame-ness of the first third. so don’t give up on it during the gag-inducing love part, which i am sure you will abhor 😉

  10. awesome Kaleb! you finally finished Eclipse.

    i can’t wait to read what you have to say for Breaking Dawn.

  11. I totally agree with Tammy.

    “I just don’t understand how people can say that Jacob is a jerk. I really think that people don’t give him a chance, because they are so enthralled by Edward”. –> So true!!!

    And JC is right too. My favourite part of Breaking Dawn was the second book. Hilarious, different (no Bella’s POV, yay!) and full of awesomeness.

    Talk to you soon!

  12. It seems to fit that you started with the magnet analogy, and ended with it. I cannot wait for your take on Breaking Dawn! =D

    love the way you wrote that….
    it would be so hard to choose.

    and honestly, i think that katy perrys song thinking of you shouldve been picked. 🙁 lol

    but i guess pressure is okay

  14. Honestly, Kaleb, when you finish BD, start another book and blog about it. It’s like we’re all in a book club with you. And BD is good, it’s just different than the other three. It has a Jane Eyre quality to it. You probably don’t know what that means either but the way it flows is like Jane Eyre.

  15. EEEEEEEKKK! MY FAVORITE BOOK IS NOW BEING READ! Well Kaleb, all I can say is that I need to remember to tell you something when you finish Breaking Dawn. I absolutely LOVE Breaking Dawn, although, for some reason, other fans I know hated it. It was simply an amazing book, though. Congratulations, and have fun reading this book!

  16. OMG I can not wait to read your thoughts and feelings about the last book and BEST in my view you will have to review another book or books that mostly girls would read as I love to see your guys point of view very insightfull HAPPY READING xx

  17. omg..
    Kaleb, i agree with you so much.
    nothin in life is easy especially when it comes to choosing between two things; no matter if you like it or love it. i think Bella has grown up as a person and i feel for her.
    I love that you take time to read these books carefully because there is so much that one can miss……….

    I wish you the best on Breaking Dawn….its my fav

  18. Awesome, Kaleb!

    To me, Eclipse is my favorite of the novels. It seems appropriate, considering I think of myself as a Switzerland fan, and it gives us a little bit of both Jacob and Edward love. ^^

    Just one question, though. Have you heard any rumors of what happens in Breakind Dawn? Even though I had finished it by then, I became so upset when I heard people telling what happened! I hope you havent.

  19. Thank you very much, Kaleb! Again, for writing these great chapter reports!
    I can read in any of them how much thoughts and effort you put into it.
    The same as everybody else, of course, I am looking forward to see how you are doing with Breaking Dawn!

    Oh, and some people wondered how you will go on when you finished that and I thought about a certain fifth book Stephenie had written – The Host! ??

  20. Congrats on finishing! GREAT sum up of the book.

    But I am kind of disappointed about your severe lack of thought on the Epilogue. Honestly, not the first time I read it, but every other time I’ve cried. It’s so, so heartbreaking I don’t understand how someone can just not comment on it. Maybe it’s too sad for words…
    But the whole “leaving Jacob Black behind” part, that’s horribly sad.I just…I don’t know.

    Ah well then, good luck on Breaking Dawn!

  21. Kaleb I can´t believe I finally catched up with you!!! Let me explain: I started reading twilight aprox. a month ago (yes I know..) and discovered your site when I was deciding if I should give the book a chance. I’ve been coming here since the day I started reading the books… it was weird reading the comment knowing that they were almost a year old and BD hadn’t hit the shelves or the movie hadn’t been released so I feel jetlagged but more like if I were a time-traveler. I know I sound insane but when I started you almost had 3 books on me and now we’re on the same page (literally and figuratively).So yay!.

  22. Oh Mi Good!
    What will to do at the ened of the saga?
    when ur done?!
    BD is ahmazing hope u like it:P

  23. So now on the book… when I think of twilight I think of a straight line and when I think of new moon I think of a circle-like figure (the explanation is too long and not very interesting) but when i think of eclipse I can’t think of an actual figure (if anything it would be a lot of curved lines going in all directions), what am I trying to say? my take on eclipse… the books always have ultimately been about feelings and relationships and in this one the infamous love-triangle is the main-character. It’s a very interesting and complicated book for which I can’t really think of more adjectives. I love both Edward and Jacob so keeping in mind the feelings of all the 3 main characters gave for a great but very painful book to read. As discovered in this book there’s no magic formula to have everyone happy, this triangle goes so deep that every and any action causes an incredible amount of pain and the ultimate choice nearly breaks all 3 of them. The fact that I love both Edward and Jacob gave reading the book an extra amount of difficulty because I did my best to get in Edward’s mind and feel his pain so when Jacob came along I was a bit prejudiced and seeing things from his point of view was like stop a car going the speed Edward usually does, hitting the break and turning the opossite direction, it required some effort (the same when I understood Jacob’s pain and Edward came and I had to remember Edward’s pain too). So I was like that for the whole book and sometimes I tought it would’ve been easier if I read all the chapters with Edward and the all the chapters with Jacob so I wouldn’t have to make the 180 degrees turn every half-chapter, so even though the chapter is chronologically in order in my mind sometimes
    feels it is disorganized… so add that with the tension and hurt of the book all over the place and you get an interesting and complicated book. I think that Bella belongs with Edward but I love Jacob prob. as much as the craziest team Jacob members so you can imagine how hard this book was to read. There’s a lot more 2 discuss but this rant is long enough so.. into BD..I can’t believe it’s the last 🙁 and since I’ve already peeked at the er, distribution of the chapters I know that I’m in for another very interesting book

  24. Ah, I can’t wait till you get past half of Breaking Dawn and finally understand the whole love triangle thing and what it really is with Bella and Jacob.

  25. yay! ^^
    You finished it. So proud of you **pats in the back**

    So Eclipse is now finished. Although I disliked Eclipse, I have to say, it was a touching book especially when Jacob said the ‘Eclipse’ line. The thing I liked about this book, though, was the matter of choice.
    Sometimes I regret finishing Eclipse so early that I wasn’t able to grasp the deeper meaning straight away. I was kinda mad at Bella, so I kind of flipped the Bella and Jacob pages.
    Oh well, off to Breaking Dawn. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it!


  26. Congrats on finishing Eclipse, Kaleb! I can’t wait to see your thoughts on BD. I actually loved the book immensely, because everything comes full circle. And I, too, also first started loving Jacob in BD, when I absolutely loathed him in Eclipse.

    You should most definitely start reading The Host when you finish the Twilight Saga! It’s a good book, too.

  27. Great! You’re going to read Breaking Dawn now! Cannot wait for your insights on that one!

    take care Kaleb! =)

    Much love from the Philippines…

  28. Congrats, just one more book;)

    The end of eclipse sort of reminded me of something bella says in twilight. I can´t get it right but it´s something about how hard it is for her to make decisions, but once she made them, she sticks to them…

  29. I was quite disheartened at the addressing of Bella and Edward;s relationship at the end of Eclipse. Yes, Edward does have a tendency to downplay his pain but that doesn’t mean he’s not vulnerable and given the right circumstance. In NM, Edward basically left Bella thinking that it was the right thing to do…only to have a slap in the face when realizing what happened instead…he now not only feels even more unworthy of Bella…he’s got Jacob, a young werewolf that he believes is very dangerous, constantly hanging around Bella…Bella wants to be a vampire which he thinks is the worst choice possible for her…she wants to have sex with him and he has to constantly decline her because he fears for her life …then he has Bella guilt tripping him constantly…so he stays with her for the fight only to have Bella realize that she sort of loves Jacob to and gives into kissing him. He’s been suppressing all of his feelings for so long…it was only a matter of time for things to blow up. I think one of the reasons this didn’t happen in Eclipse was because Bella had a semi panic attack after her kiss with Jacob and Edward has the tendency to put his feelings aside for Bella. So, he let go of all of that to comfort her. Does that mean he was okay with the kiss? I don’t think so. The fact that Bella spent an entire night crying in his arms without a word only fueled his insecurity….which was painfully obvious the morning after when he asks her if she’s sure she made the right choice. He was taking on wayyyy too much. However, it seemed like they were headed int he right direction.. so let me just say I was quite disappointed with BD.

  30. Lovely post, Kaleb. I feel you always sum up each book the right way. You read things in a way I can relate; the way I read them. Deeper than what you see on the surface. Between the lines. I like that.

    You said at the end that you don’t believe that this is the end of Jacob Black. Very interesting prediction, Kaleb. ^^

  31. Steph takes a decidedly left turn with Breaking Dawn. I’m intrigued with what you’ll make of it.

    For myself, I loved Eclipse. I loved how Steph explored how deep love can really be and how complicated. Love is not black and white and neither is loyalty. Love comes in all forms and I hope we take from this that love is not just sex and not just passion and romance. Love is also friendship, loyalty, heartbreak, understanding, compassion and all the other themes this book explores. All amazing, all complicated and all love. I never really felt that Bella was truely being disloyal to Edward. Only Jacob thought he ever had a chance. To Bella and Edward there was no question of them being together. What complicated things I think is best expressed by Edward. He understood what was going on. Jacob filled the hole Edward created by leaving and Edward was mature enough to let Bella work out what that would mean in her friendship for Jacob. Jacob has always been the little brother Bella never had. He was never a real challenge to Edward for Bella’s heart as lover and future spouse.

  32. Congrats on finishing Eclipse! I love this book even though there are times where I get mad all 3 main characters! And I love how we get more of the Cullens here too.

    The Paramore song “Pressure” is actually really good for this book. When I voted I didn’t vote for it because at the time I didn’t realize what song was the Paramore one. But anyway it actually is really good.

    I can’t wait for you to start Breaking Dawn. I love it and there’s some interesting things that happen, so I can’t wait to read your thoughts on it.

  33. Aw, man, thinking of you and fall for you were soo close! But oh well. Paramore is still great.

    And poor Jacob!

  34. i wouldnt be so sure about the happy-ending thing, it might just work out after all. come on do you really think Steph is that cold hearted?

  35. Loved Eclipse and all of it’s banter. Couldn’t have said any of this better, you nailed it. Glad you finished it, hope you enjoy Breaking Dawn. 🙂

  36. I’ve been reading your blog for a while but haven’t ever commented. The blog is really funny and insightful. I like your review of Eclipse. It’s my favorite book in the series. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your thoughts on Breaking Dawn. I have somewhat mixed feelings on Breaking Dawn.

  37. Thanks for your insightful (guy) views on the books its always so interesting and entertaining!!

  38. I was so late to catch onto the Twilight phenomenon…but think I’m making up for it by reading the entire series 3 times since 6Feb09 and having seen the movie now so many times I stopped counting.

    I have loved reading your reviews and all the insightful comments of your readers. Well done for prompting all the discussion.

    Eclipse is my favourite book in the series, and the only one that made me cry (each time). I suffer right along with Edward, Jacob & Bella and hate how much they all hurt in their own ways. I don’t remember ever having cared so much about characters in a book before.

    Really looking forward to following your thoughts on BD.

  39. Hey, thanks for your posts… I've really enjoyed reading your humorous view of the book… Eclipse is by far my favorite book of the entire series and I'm thankful to have others to share the experience with.

  40. Hey, thanks for your posts… I've really enjoyed reading your humorous view of the book… Eclipse is by far my favorite book of the entire series and I'm thankful to have others to share the experience with.


    I was really late to catch onto Twilight phenomenon as well. I started reading Twilight in June 2011 and from Sptember to 15th December (2011) I've been reading Eclipse, although I became a Twi-hard in 2008(first film), by watching the films more times that I can count.
    First time i've heard of your blog was in 2010, after i had saw you in 'Twilight in Forks: Saga of the real town'.  So now, after every chapter I read, i go to this blog to see your and other fans' opinions. In a few days, mum and dad are gonig to buy me ' Short second life of Bree Taner' and then glorious Breaking Dawn :))) I' ve already seen the film ( part 1), so I don't understand why lots of fans hate it… I am really looking forward to reading it 🙂

    I' am also taking months to read Twilight books and perhaps it is a bit strange. But it is not that I am a slow reader, I just want to fully enjoy the book. I like the way you are reading it so deeply, between lines, just like I do ( that is advantage of slow reading 😉

    Just like Tracey said: ' I suffer right along with Edward, Bella & Jacob and hate how much
    they all hurt in their own ways. I don't remember ever having cared so
    much about characters in a book before.' – so true. And that's the beauty of this amazing saga. At this moment, books are so much better than the films to me ( I can't believe I am actually saying this!)  But I found Eclipse the worst book in the series cause Bella is so out of her character and SO ANNOYING. She's ruined this book for me. I am honestly hoping there will be more of Edward ( <3 !!!) in the next book.

     Also, TOTALY AGREE with Wendilynn:  'I never really felt that Bella was truely being disloyal to Edward. Only
    Jacob thought he ever had a chance. To Bella and Edward there was no
    question of them being together.' –  she has always loved Edward, but it's painful to watch/read about Edward's pain and suspicion that Bella caused him. Like I said, she is such an annoying jerk in this book!

    P.S. Sorry for my crappy English 🙁

    Much love from Montenegro<3

  42. By the way, I SOOO DISAGREE with the selection of song. To be precise, with first two songs – by Paramore and Katy Perry. They are suposed to represent Bella's opinion, right? It's so wrong! Bella would never, ever say something like that! Don't forget that EDWARD is the meaning of her life ( sounds so strange, but it is true). She agrees to marry EDWARD. She says she can't live without EDWARD. Remember that;)

    But the song by Secondhand Serenade would fit. And I don't really get the last one. Whose point of view  is described there? Edward's, Bella's or Jacob's ? O_o

    Also have to say that those songs remind me how big influence Jacob has in Eclipse. This is completely his book, it even ends with his name. And these things that I've just said remind ME how much I don't like ( I guess that ' hate' is too strong word) that character ( Jacob Black, I mean). Hoping that BD will be more Edward and Bella's story :/

    Once again, sorry for my crappy English 🙂

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