A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Not Another Twilight Parody: Part 1

The first part of the epic Twilight Movie Parody by M2 Productions is finally up (with my cameo included!). Happy April Fools Day everyone 😀



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  1. BTW, I heard gnomes are the natural sworn enemies of werewolves……

  2. It was great! I especially loved your cameo, Kaleb lol. What’s funny is I watched this video after two hours of sleep (so I was like really over-zealously hysterical with laughter) and when I commented on the video I quoted your whole cameo bit, but spelled “gnomes” as “knomes.”


    Some kind YouTuber alerted me of my stupidity. Unfortunately there is no edit comment button on YouTube, so it will forever be there, mocking my intelligence.

  3. hahahaha…

    ‘how did your ipod earphones stay in?’

    i love that. and u were in it too!!

  4. It was AWESOME =] i loved the whole thing i had to call my sister to watch it too :>
    also i loved how you were “reading eclipse” and thinking of “gnomes” lol i was trying to figure out which part of the book that thought might have crossed your head xD

  5. The Jasper was absolutely awesome! The weird thing he did when he appeared behind Edward.. Epic!

  6. Bizarre!! But funny!! I instantly recognized the gym and hallway of the church!! Round tables for dinners and wedding receptions!! Stage off the gym. Standard Mormon church!!

    I have to say, it is a little distracting that Edward is a female, but you guys have their expressions down!!

  7. Omg this is so funny! i can’t wait 4 the next parts! “gnomes” Kaleb, HILARIOUS!!! Jasper was really funny 2, alnog with “wears gray coat”

  8. So, the only part of that video that I actually enjoyed was, “Don't mind Kaleb. He's from the rez.”

  9. OMG…so damn funny….anybody who loves (or hated) Twilight has to get the parody by Stephen Jenner
    Get it on Amazon. OMG!

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