A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 4 (Gesture)

The song for this chapter is (The Symphony Of) Blase’ by Anberlin


And so they are wed: Edward and Bella are together at last, as we always knew they would end up. This wedding is magnificently organized by Alice, and just imagining it causes me to immediately remember this film:

Except, instead of Steve Martin, Charlie Swan; and instead of humans, a strange assortment of very nervous looking vampires and werewolves. What a wedding to remember!

Then, Jacob Black appears. I don’t understand. I really do not understand at all. I am completely baffled and perplexed. At what point does it become appropriate for an old boyfriend to come to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, and then take her for his own private dance whilst kissing her hair the moment the groom (currently her husband) disappears? Where does this equate to Jacob being respectful to Edward and his wife — of all days, on the very evening they were wed? This, in my opinion, is but a less severe example of a groom who sleeps with one of the bridesmaids (I’ve once lived in an old Texas hicktown: this does happen πŸ˜€ ).

Now, understand that it would have been fine for Jacob to show up at the wedding. If I was Edward, I don’t think I would have any trouble with some of my new wife’s old guy friends making an appearance (on the grounds they are appearing just so that I can make them feel incredibly jealous πŸ˜€ ). But Jacob isn’t happy with just being there to wish his friend well. This is perhaps one of the most frustrating things I have read so far. Who does Jacob think he is?

People are going to askΒ  me why I am jumping so harshly upon Jacob Black, especially when I have tried so hard through writing my posts to understand him and to not choose any side. But this is because, as of this chapter, there are no Teams anymore. How can I be Team Jacob, if Team Edward won? It isn’t really a question of who would be better for her, since it is done. To be Switzerland at this point, in my opinion, would be to hang on to the hope that Bella will leave her husband in order to be with her ex-boyfriend. This is Twilight, not some daytime drama.

Sounds like an episode from this show
Sounds like an episode from this show

Still, as usual, it is easy to be against Jacob without looking at things from his point of view. Completely disregarding all courtesy and respect for Edward and Bella, what sort of horrible heartbreak must Jacob be going through right now? This poor guy has tried everything he can to convince Bella she is making a mistake, and even then he can’t give up, when his chance is gone and there is really no more reason to fight for her. I can’t even imagine if I was Jacob Black at that wedding, dancing with the girl I loved more than anything else in the world, and knowing that it is perhaps the last time I’d ever get to, since after that she is someone elses. I know that Jacob probably wishes that time would stop then, because he never wants to leave that last moment.

This type of thing can tear someone apart wondering what might have been if Bella had chosen to remain a human with Jacob. Setting aside all the questions of who is good for Bella, and who shouldn’t have come to the wedding, and all the Teams and Switzerlands: this marriage is going to be hard on everyone. Werewolves and vampires have entirely new treaties to deal with, Jacob must find someone new, and now Edward and Bella must deal with their new life together: and, Bella’s new life as a vampire. Things would have been far simpler had she not fallen in love with Edward. But, things might not have had such a happy ending.

I feel there is a good resolution, however, to Jacob’s feelings for Bella, and that Jacob finally owns up to what he must do:

“Are you happy, Bella?” (Jacob said.)


“Okay.” I felt his shoulders shrug. “That’s the main thing, I guess […] I’m just here to be your friend. Your best friend, one last time.”

Those final words are the reason I chose the song for this chapter: in a way, I think Jacob feels this could be his last goodbye to Bella, or at least the last time he will really get to hold her. After this day, she is all Edward’s. My respect for Jacob, who might finally be maturing, has grown considerably: and even with my criticisms of his choices, I still feel very bad for him as he is dragged away from Bella, once again with a broken heart.

So I shall throw my imaginary bag of rice in the direction of Bella and Edward, bid them best wishes on their honeymoon, and hope that all will soon be well with the broken-hearted Jacob: from whom I doubt I have heard the last.

Question For The Comments: Do you think that Jacob Black went too far at Bella’s wedding? Also, do you think he deserves to feel the way he does now, for hanging on to a girl who wasn’t his: or was it noble for him to try to change her mind up to the last day?


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188 Responses

  1. nah jacob didnt go to far
    i mean i am a complete team edward
    but i just think jacob kind of deserved his last chance
    i mean he has been so good to her for so long

  2. I am so glad that some people who commented here see Jacob's intentions for what they were.
    He had NO intentions of “getting Bella back” or “not giving up” at the wedding. He was just there for Bella. He wanted one last moment with her because he figured she would be turning into a vampire right after the wedding, and most likely not be able to be his friend at all anymore.
    He freaked out about the honeymoon because he didn't want her to DIE, which is exactly what he thought would happen if she had a “real honeymoon” and remained a human.
    I don't understand why a lot of people can't see this. Probably because many of them are young and only think of the “romantic” type of love, when in the Twilight Saga there are so many different kinds of love.
    The love between Jacob and Bella (and yes Bella does love him, he didn't force her to!) is multifaceted.
    That is why it can still exist after the “romantic” side of it is over.
    Jacob and Bella's relationship is complicated, but great.

  3. If you could put a second song on here it should definitely be Congratulations by Blue October. It is perfection for this.

  4. Well, i think that Jacob did go a little bit too far. But if i was in Jacob's shoes, I would have done the exact same thing. I mean, if the love of your life is marrying one of your mortal enemies, then I would go beserk if I found out that she would want to try something so risky. So risky that it could hurt her, maybe even kill her. I think that it's actually really sweet that Jacob is holding on so strong to Bella. It means that he doesn't want anything to happen to her because he thinks that Edward is dangerous. But the thing is that since Jacob is holding on so tight and then to just let go all together once they're married is probably the hardest thing he has to do. I hate seeing him like this. You always desire the very thing you can never have, right? And for all those people who think that Jacob shouldn't have come to the wedding at all (although i don't think that there's very much of you), didn't Jacob deserve that last chance to be real with Bella? Shouldn't he get to feel her warm skin, take in her rosy cheeks, or catch her when she falls (litterally and figuratively) just one last time? Besides, Bella asked Jacob to be her “made of honor” ahaha, so that technically means he has to go. Jacob is Bella's best friend and will always be. Jacob has been so loyal to Bella that she practically OWES him. He's always been there for her and is always there to cheer her up.

    Side Rant: UGHH! Why does Bella get all the perfect guys? Edward is the beautiful bronze haired vampire. He's smart, a true musician (like Robert Pattinson;D ), he's VERY noble and faithful to her, and he has unconditional love for Bella. Jacob is the heart-warming russet-skinned wolf-shifter. He's hilarious, he can always cheer you up because you can't help but smile when your around him (or read about him), and he is the most loyal person anyone could ever dream. I want guys like that in my life. It's SO unfair… End of Rant

    Off Topic Question: What do the words say in the background of your site? I can't read them! lol.

  5. I love your blog!!! πŸ˜€
    And that gossip girl picture is so funny πŸ˜€

    XOXO Sari πŸ˜€

  6. the rest of the book is better but the star is still good i just love the hole thing


    “Because this one IS loads better,”

  8. Well it seems that everyone has very strong mixed views on this chapter. Just before I start getting into my opinion. I would like to say that I love your new comments system. Not that I didnt like the old one. It's just that this one is neater and you can reply which makes it way better.

    Okay firstly answering questions. Do I think Jacob went too far? In a way yes, but in another no. He didnt exactly go too far by going to the wedding, since he was invited by Edward. But he did go too far when he started asking Bella questions about her personal life. There was a part of him that didnt want to know the answers to them, yet he still asked them. He did deserve to feel the way he feels because loving someone that now isnt yours is heart-breaking. But he was noble for trying to change his mind. I dont think I'm making much sense. But I'll just keep going.

    I thought that it was really nice that you tried to put yourself in Jacob's position. It's hard for people that hate Jacob to do that. Not that you hate Jacob, it's just that I know people who have a hard time letting go of Edward and thinking about Jacob's feelings. It really was a sweet moment, until it got ruined by the whole honeymoon thing. Reading this post especially that paragraph where you put yourself in Jacob's position made it more clearer to me that Jacob was hurting more that I thought.

    I love the song that you chose for this chapter. I am going to go download it now. Also, I love the new song you composed for the Bran Hambric site. The Gossip Girls thing made me laugh especially when you said that, this would probably all happen in one episode. lol and the Father of the Bride wedding. I love that movie. So funny!!! Ooo can wait for you to read the next chapter. I agree with one of the girls that you should tape record yourself and maybe you could do you post of that chapter in video form or for another chapter if you get lazy.

  9. for me its not that i think Jacob is better for bella truthfully bella annoys me it just i prefer Jacobs personality over Edwards i mean i know edward is sweet and hot and hes a vampire but he is to overprotective and overbearing for me. Jacob lets bella live the way he wants and he the type of person that makes you laugh. the whole time ive been team jacob is just because i prefer him. however right now i find a blend of the two who last name just happens to be cullen lol

  10. Okay so maybe you don’t understand Jacob. Remember back about his heritage and his story and the story of his ppl. This all has to do with this. The imprinting. Jacob truly believes that bella is his imprint. He has no choice in will, he can not stop loving her. How does one fight what their heart truly madly deeply feels? Keep this in mind in the upcoming chapters.

  11. I think he meant, “it is a lot better”. I'm not really sure if it really is a typo or not, but whatev.

  12. No offense, Alisha, but Jacob KNOWS Bella is not his imprint. He wishes she was, but knows that she's not. He stares at her to try to make her that, but it doesn't work (I believe in Eclipse). She even asks him if he has imprinted, and he says no, because he has to see the girl, and all he can see is her.

    However, there is a strange bond between them that Jake does not understand, since Bella is now married. This gets completely explained in BD.

    Kaleb, don't be too hard on Jacob, some things are out of his complete control, which you will understand later.

    It is amazing to me that after all the controversy came out after BD, it is now the favorite book of most people. I do love it, but I think Eclipse is my MOST fav.

  13. My feeling is that it was too late and he should have stayed in the shadows…she already said “I do” so too bad for JB. If he had shown up the night before, after Edward left for his “bachelor party” with Jasper and Emmett, then okay, take your best shot. But, he went too far once she was already legally married…looking forward to your next installment, Kaleb!

  14. i do think he went a little tooo far. showing up for her wedding is great, but he went a little to far with all the other stuff.
    jacob makes me mad sometimes… im team edward, but i do feel for jacob.

  15. Well, personally, I love that Jacob keeps trying. It shows he loves her.
    And no, you havn't heard the last of Jacob, believe me!
    And I addmit, its kind of harsh that he just shows up at Bella's and Edward's wedding and starts freaking out at Bella for trying to have sex with her new husband. He already knows she's technically going to be dead, as a vampire, and he said his self that it would probably be better if she WAS dead. But, I still love Jacob, and the book made me love him even more. Keep reading Kaleb, you're gonna get the biggest surprize ever, I know I did.

  16. I always thought Jacob should just have a big “R” tattooed on his forehead, to stand for Rebound. He is the very definition and epitome of being a rebound [guy/girl] and why you should avoid at all costs being that person. It hardly ever works out and the rebound guy/girl just continues to have his/her heart ripped open again and again. You feel so justified in staying involved because you were the person that healed the heartbreak but you just can't and you shouldn't, not when the person has moved on and not if you want to recover yourself. It is so unfair, but that's just the way the dice rolls (sorry for the cliche). To answer your questions, no I didn't think he acted nobly for the reasons you've mentioned as well as other commenters. As Bella tried to move on in New Moon, Jacob should've started that process as soon as Edward was back in the picture. Using all that “best friend” business to try to stay in Bella's life…I understand it but for me, I've only seen heartbreak when you try to stay friends with someone so soon after a breakup of sorts. In my humble opinion, you can't do that until you've both moved on. There are exceptions, but they are rare. At various points in reading New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I kept wandering how much experience Stephenie had with the rebound situation in her past, because for me it was so thoroughly explored. But, enough guessing about Stephenie. I've followed your postings but this is the first time I've ever posted because I liked your questions and especially your distaste of Jacob's actions in this chapter. Good luck with everything.

  17. So this is totally off the subject but dont you all want to know what ever becomes of Jacob and Nessie? Would that not be a killer book? Think about it, we could all find out if Nessie got a chance to grow up and if she did how? Is there a wedding in her future? Did she choose to live on the reservation with Jacob? I feel there was so much between them got left unsaid πŸ™ Dont get me wrong I love the books so much but I want to know Nessies and Jacobs future and love story. What do you all think?

  18. So your answer took me for a moment and I had to go back and look in the books, you are right! I think this strange bond you speak of is Jacobs intuition maybe? He feels the way he does for her not knowing why, well of course until later it becomes apparent, but do you think that’s why he has stuck around for so long, that he just cant seem to help himself? I’m also interested to hear what controversy came after BD?

  19. You know what,,,,,,,, I should not have wrote that there! πŸ™ My apologies I forgot for a moment that he is reading this chapter by chapter and I hope I did not ruin anything by me thinking ahead as usual. πŸ™ so sorry.

  20. ok, so basically i think Jacobs intentions were good at first. he did want to show up and be Bellas friend no matter how hard it was for him. he wanted to be her best friend one last time. but then he gets all pissed because of something she told him that wasnt his business anyways. but he wanted to know…and she told him. it comes down to the fact that he shouldnt of even went there. especially at her wedding…but thats Jacob i guess.

  21. I think that jacob went a little too far with the whole “i'll kill you, i'll do it now” thing, but i think that his emotions are justified in the fact that he truly believes that edward will kill bella “in his drive to get some”. i think also that the fact that he didn't tell her that she would be better off with him than a bloodsucker was a step in the right direction, and i find it admirable that he came to add to her happiness, even when it must have been extremely difficult for him to stay friendly or even face the fact that bella's decision is now final and permanent. i do, however, find his comments about her becoming a vampire a bit harsh, rude, and patronizing. He should realize by now that bella has made her decision and will stick to it, it's in her nature. i can understand his wanting her to remain human, but i think that bringing it up on her wedding day is a bit too much.

  22. Hey Alisha,

    I really do think that the reason he couldn't give Bella competely up and move on is this strange bond they have. If Jacob didn't continue to feel that and if Bella didn't keep on insisting on seeing him and needing him in her life so badly, then he wouldn't have been around for the most important event in his life. It was his fate to be there.

    I love Jacob, he is my favorite character in the series, and I hate to see him in such heartbreaking pain, but he had to go through that to get what is his destiny. Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons. I think that is one of Stephenie Meyers' major themes in the series, and an important life lesson to learn.

    The controversy on BD was that many people, especially the younger readers, were upset because they felt the romantic part of Edward's and Bella's love took a back seat to the main conflict of BD. But most of us “older” fans realize that that is just a natural phase of a true love relationship. Your love matures in such a way that it is possible to not have to have that “romantic” feeling constantly at the forefront. You know that your love is always there and will not go away.

    Many people complained awfully about this and really hurt SM feelings.
    However, with time, the book has become the favorite in many people's eyes. I hope SM feels much better about it. I think that she probably does.

  23. I so totally feel you, but you cant say that they were not romantic, I mean cmon now remember back when she had new eyes and yada yada yada the compassion, the romance the long nights LOL talk about romance! I dont feel that their romance took a back seat at all! I think as a mother(spaking for my self) she did what she had to do, like anyone would do! As far as jacob is conserned, I adore him as well I want to see his future now! I am if anything a lil sad that I did not get to see him play his role more and end up w/his happily ever after! Maybe your right, maybe that is life. Ill have to think about the story and life lessons and get back to you. πŸ™‚ I like the way you think. Interesting.

  24. I think he went a little too far at the wedding but I'm not sure about him continuing because otherwise, Bella wouldn't have been and able to change her mind if she wanted to even though it was looking bleak. She also wouldn't have a shoulder to cry on all the time (no affence to people who like Bella).
    (You can diss gossip girl more! it's killing my sister! hehe I'm evil)
    (btw it's not the girl above me!)

  25. I thought Jacob was going a little overboard on the showing up at the wedding thing. A bit too predictable. But, whatever.

  26. I would absolutely LOVE a Jacob and Nessie book! I SOO want to see Jacob happy with his soulmate!!
    Please, SM, please!!!

  27. i think jacob did go too far at the wedding but i did like that he came it was like a wedding present for bella. oh and i think it was ok to fight for her till the end because he really did love her and he would be the one she chose if edward was never there so he had the rite to im my mind anyway,but idk if he deserves to feel the way he feels he cant have her cuz he lost the fight but he still wants her its like enevitable cuz he knew there was a big chance he wouldnt win.

  28. Jacob can not understand the pull he feels towards Bella…he knows that it was already a lost cause but there was something he cant explained why he needs to be there. He just cares too much but doesnt know how to show it and why he feels that way. It seems like the magnetic pull will always be there for Jacob to protect Bella, his reason for this was also unknown to him. He just feels that he needs to do it so the voice in his head will stop telling him to go out there and see Bella for the last time.

  29. i dont think he shouldve kissed her on the head… at another guys wedding… her being the bride… o.o

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