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New Moon Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

May 31st, 2009 at 9:42 pm by Kaleb Nation

This evening, I was given permission from Summit Entertainment to upload the HIGH-DEFINITION version of the NEW MOON teaser trailer to my YouTube channel! You can see it above, in all its sparkling high definition glory (click here to see it even larger) 😀


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  1. Anneke

    hmmm the only thing is, the colour scheme. ywilight had foggy blues and evergreen greens, but new moon is all about gold and topaz and dead grass…maybe eclipse will be hot pinks!!

    bus yeah edward pwn jasper was sad, but epic

  2. albino peahen

    Hmm… I don't know. It still felt a little awkward to me. What happened to the Cullens' house, and what was with Laurent's bright red eyes? He's supposed to be thirsty, but his eyes are so bright red he looks like a newborn. They should have toned that down a little. Also, what's with the dead grass? Everything is supposed to be green there.
    We didn't see a ton of the Cullens, but they just weren't giving off vampire vibes, IMO. I mean, did you see how tightly Esme hugged Bella?

    Rob Pattinson was Rob Pattinson. I may be the only one who is annoyed by all the facial exercises he's trying, as well as the way he mumbles. I sincerely hope that “you're my only reason to stay…” “…alive” is just because of camera awkwardness and not how that line is actually supposed to sound. And when he says “this is the last time you'll ever see me,” despite the awkward facial contortion, he seems to be saying it so matter-of-factly. Actually, it kind of sounds like he's reciting a line. It's just not quite the way I would expect him to say that line. I do think his American accent is better, though. It doesn't sound like he's being strangled. Oh, and Rob, SMILE 🙂 I know there's not a ton to be happy about in this movie, but when there is, you're allowed to smile. You don't have to look tortured all the time. Yes, Edward probably is tortured all the time, but he doesn't show it. See?

    Anyway, I just like to complain a lot, but the trailer was truly cool. Taylor Lautner looked awesome, and I'm sure all my little issues with it will be fixed by the time the movie actually comes out.

  3. Becka

    Aaaahhhh OMG!!!!!!!!!




    Aaah i'm exciteddddd :]

  4. Blair11

    i thought that's where the other scene came from.

  5. Blair11

    yeah i thought it was a bit much too, but they probably did it for other people to understand that she's bleeding, and that's why jasper attacks her or something like that

  6. abby

    this is the TRAILER, not the entire movie. calm down.

  7. inzaratha

    Good picking up the clothes change – it bothered me before that.

  8. Brandi

    Def has the whole “Holy Sh**” Effect lol
    I was so impressed with the transformation and the apperance of the wolf.
    It was awesome.
    I think the Laurent/Jacob transformation are not actually tied like they were in the trailer… they just made it look that way.
    If you look closer at what Bella is wearing it changes.
    Look at her with Laurent.
    Then look at her running/Jacob jumping over her.
    It changes so I think when Jake jumps over her he is going after Paul who is about to attack Bella!


  9. Nicole

    Chris Weitz did an amazing job at following the book I must say, however I was not impressed with Kristen and Robert or the choreography of the scene where Jasper flips. In the book all of them freak out and had to hold Jasper back, and had to leave the room, also she got thrown into a glass table and ended up getting a huge cut and it was way more dramatic, I guess it's just a clip and we didn't see the entire thing. The scene where he is leaving her….yea Kristen looks confused and lost but I expected more emotion. The meadow part with Laurent is ok……but seeing Taylor….OMG seriously….I feel like I'm team Jacob now….that boy is freakin HOTTT….I feel like such a pedo for saying it but hot damn he looks good. The transformation was awesome, and I could tell it was from the scene when Paul was like “protect her then” and he phased so easily….omg I'm really not going to miss Edward not being there if this is how Rob is acting in it……I wasn't too impressed by him. but it was only a snippet. I give Christ thumbs up for being so accurate though!

  10. Saaba

    OMG OMG OMG im so excited. and when bella gets a paper cut all of them get red eyes!!!! ugh and the laurent scene was SO wrong.

  11. Joni

    No they aren't supposed to be black. Bella says in the book that because he was living in Alaska with the others, that she expected him to look like the cullens but something was off and she realizes that his eyes are still red and not golden. I don't have my book, as I've loaned it to my mom, or else I would quote it.

  12. Saaba

    yea actually thats what i was thinking. because they woudlnt make such an obvious mistake where bella's clothes are completely different!! so i think its two seperate scenes! but the part jasper goes for bella the rest of the vampires stand there akwardly when in the book it says something like “i stared into the eyes of six suddenly ravenous vampires” so they got that part wrong too!

  13. Joni

    I absolutely LOVED the transformation of Jake to wolf. I've watched it over and over again. Chris couldn't have done a better job in my book. I have to admit that I was worried about how they were going to pull that off, and I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised. I loved the whole trailer, because unlike some others, I understand that it's not going to be the same as the book and there are things that will change or get added to it, and that it is just a teaser and scenes are pieced together. You have to take it for what it is, or you will be disappointed, and why do that to yourself when you could be just sitting back and enjoying a great trailer. I can not WAIT for November for this movie to come out. I liked Twilight, but I didn't love it, this one I have a feeling I'm going to absolutely adore. Awesome work Chris, I'm so happy they brought you in to do this movie.

  14. Britt

    I think it's just 'cause they're not comfortable with the attention

  15. Cat

    So, in the Edward vs Jacob debate, I'm team edward. HOWEVER, I am absolutly team Taylor in the taylor vs rob debate. I hate to say it but I can't WAIT for edward to take a hike so we can see some more of taylor's amazing acting. The B-day scene could have been better, but it's just a teaser so I'm not complaining. Some of Edwards lines and expressions were…eh. But that last part…OMJ! That was so much better than I expected.

    But are you people seriously complaining about the wolf?!? That was the best part!

    -He was not too small, come on people-watch closly, he's HUGE! You have to pay really close attention to how much bigger he gets DURING the transformation, as well as how far away he is from Bella, in order to get a good idea. But he is easily bigger than a horse.

    -His color was fine. Flat russet is boring so i'm glad they spiced it up a little. looks more real. He's still mostly russet so get over it.

    -Yes he looks a little fake-It's CGI. It will ALWAYS look a little fake. I, however, think it looks excellent. Good fur motion, great detail: it looks as real as CGI can in my book.

    -I loved the transformation. I actually paused, copied, and pased it, scene by scene, so I could see the transformation laid out. It flows really well. I thought it was perfect. Better than I could have hoped.

    -Seriously? You think he looks…cuddly?…cute?…a fluffy puppy?!? Are you kidding? He looks like he's going to tear your head off! HIs lips are pulled back exposing the incisors, the snout is wrinkled, hackles raised (that's not fluff people. That's wolf for “come closer and you die”), tail is out and stiff, ears erect, back arched, he's snarling… the list goes on and on. If you think that looks cute, then I fear for your safety should you ever come across an angry canine. That is definitly fierce.

    Sorry if that sounded rant-ish or rude, I was just a little upsst at how many people are criticizing things that arn't wrong. I go on the record saying he's perfect. Can't wait for more!!!

  16. Britt

    Well my first reaction when I saw this on the MTV Movie Awards was “AHHHHHHHHHH! OMG!” And then after that I whined a little bit about all the things that weren't exactly like the books.. I got over that quickly though, having experienced a TON of that with Harry Potter. (On a side note, I sooooo don't understand when people complain that Twilight was too different from the book…. I mean COME ON, it was really really really close. In fact I feel like they sacrificed some of the quality of the film to shove in lines that were in the book. But really now, they gotta condense stuff so that it flows right.) I'm pretty freaking excited. The trailer didn't flow that well (the constant blackouts are annoying) but I doubt they're done with much of the movie, there's still like six months. I think everything looked pretty great for the time frame we're getting to see it 🙂 The only thing I'm still a kinda disappointed about is that Jake looks a little too cuddly. Oooh I like the warmer color scheme too.

  17. beckysue

    hmm i just know thats how it is in the book, and its a trailer so they cut around (like how bella's shirt is totally different when jake jumps over her as compared to when shes with laurant) so i just figured that it skipped the part where it shows her cutting herself on the glass stuff behind her.

    but either way could be right, im not fighting with you 😀 im just saying thats exactly how it is in the book, thats why chapter two is titled “stitches”.

  18. Gothhic Goddess

    Yeah, I was about to freak about that as well. Thanks for noticing!

  19. juicygreen

    awesome trailer !
    I can't wait to see the movie

  20. Ylva

    I love it! The special effects is much better than twilight, but Bella wasn't supposed to know that Jake was a werewolf when Laurent tried to attack her?

  21. Betty

    Awesome!! I can't wait till November.. But Alice's hair are much worse than in Twillight, what a strange wig 🙁

  22. Melanie

    I was waiting on the edge of my seat for this to finally show and even though the CGI werewolf seems more cute and cuddly than scary and menacing (and not at all what I expected), the trailer still completely delivered and met all my expectations. I cant wait for this to come out it june.

  23. watermelondrea

    Is anyone else surprised that the Cullens don't really flinch at all when Bella first gets her paper cut (slash throws her present on the floor lol)? I can't remember exactly how it happened in the book, and I know the focus is on Jasper, but surely the other Cullens were like “Oh dear. This isn't gonna be good!”


    Other than that I thought it was excellent! I'm glad they changed the inside of the Cullen's house… in Twilight the movie you might say that they took just a tiny bit too much poetic license. Although that house they pull up to at the very beginning is Bella's house? Right? Maybe after Edward took her home? They both look pretty somber, like something serious happened, but Bella is wearing a jacket that covers up what could be her lacerated arm. Hard to tell. Definitely teasing us!

  24. lala

    I really liked this trailer. Its a great montage of what we have to look forward to in New Moon. I am not sure of what I think of the Jacob as a wolf. I was excepting the Wolves in New Moon to look more real. I know they couldnt have used real wolves being as the wolves in New Moon were big as bears. However, there are other movies that have huge wolves that look more real. The only reason i am pointing this out is because the vampires are so believable , I just love it. But this is only a sneak peak of New Moon and we will all love it no matter what !

  25. yenster

    I think i just fell into a Twilight relapse…shoot!!!
    oh and great observances on the poster, like the coming eclipse.
    just genius

  26. Dusk

    As bad as I think the trailer is, after having watched it for the fifth time I've concluded that almost anything can be forgiven -including cuddly werewolves- because at least the Jacob-wolf DOES look like a wolf and not some horrible half-ape and half-giant naked mole rat creature like Lupin was in HP and POA.

  27. Natty

    Awww Jacob-Wolf is so fuzzy and cute looking!!
    This is all wrong, but I guess it can't be helped.
    This was pretty awesome, but I have a fealing the break-up is going to be less than up-to-par… I think in the Movie Edward will be more focused on you're-in-danger than on I-don't-love-you…
    Oh well pretty awesome still!

    And yeah, at first I was mad about the Laurent scene but then I saw her clothes so I was like oohhhh… splice!

  28. IMANI

    yeah me and my mom thought that too, but we watched on this site and saw it was diff. they couldn't change that scene or the whole movie would be different. i want to see how bella reacts when the wolves come!!!!!!! I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!!!!!!!

  29. ancha85

    Really loved it!
    Edward so sad.
    Bella so hurt.
    Jacob so protective and HOT!

    I really appreciate that CH loves the Saga, but some of her ideas are just quirky and weird.
    I understand that she had to cut some parts out of the book, due to budget constraints, but she could have picked better ones to leave out and better ones to include. (the Waylon thing was pretty pointless).

    She would have done much better including more of the Edward/Bella romance growing stuff, especially the Meadow Scene.

    However, Chris Weitz has made nothing but the RIGHT decisions so far!!

    Summit needs to keep him for Breaking Dawn, especially since they need a great CGI guy for Reneesme.

  30. Kristen C



  31. CullenWannabe

    Thanks for posting Kaleb! I LOVE This trailer & have already watched it probably 10 times on your channel. The b-day scene was awesome. Especially Edward throwing Jasper across the room. The snippet we got of the break up scene oh man. And I gotta say I was impressed with Jacob fursploding. I was a little worried how they would do it & just from this I'm liking what I see. And Laurent's eye were RED! This has just pumped up my excitement for November.

  32. vampFAN

    ehh kind of but waay more bad ass XD

  33. Claire

    I originally said, “There is no way in hell am I watching that trailer.” Why? Because, well, after seeing Twilight, I remember thinking, “I sort of already saw all the good parts…” and I thought, if I didn't see any trailers or anything, it would of been more of a thrill and surprise to watch come November. So, i stubbed my toe in attempt to turn the tv off super quick so I wouldn't see it. Then soon afterwards I got frantic excited texts from a friend just freaking out. I clearly said NO. And i was thinking about it that night, how i'm most likely going to see all the stills and everything on Facebook bumper sticker, and I would of went to this site and seen Jacob Black in Wolf form and it wouldn't in action and it's really confusing to explain. So yesterday morning i was in a really bad bad mood because I had a damn math final, so I watched it.
    And thank God I did.
    Just whoa. My main concern for New Moon was that they were gonna make the wolves look like, well plain wolves.
    Just whoa.
    I closed my eyes right before Jacob phased then forced them open because i knew i really really wanted to see it. Whilst I am shaking like there's no tomorrow, my mother walks in and says “Why is that wolf so big? He looks weird.”
    Story of my life. I wish i would of seen your version first, 'cause jeez, your HD kicks ass.

  34. Samantha

    I was disappointed cuz the wolf wasn't as realistic as I thought it was gonna be.
    But it's still awesome

  35. abby

    they better not have destroyed a steinway for that. though it IS twilight… and I thought edward was supposed to have a huge concert grand? not the little baby grand jasper crushed. other than, i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. lucy

    If you look close, in twilight the movie picture has slight blue tint and now in new moon it has a brownish warm tint. The filming quality is a lot better too. And it's also freakin awesome!!! I love the birthday and the woods scenes. I love it all. November can not come fast enough!

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  38. Melissa

    I believe the reason most of the footage in the trailer is with Edward and Bella is because that is what they're is working on. That's the beginning of the movie. It's still early in the editing process so the beginning is all they had to show us. This is not enough to judge the movie on. You can't tell anything from this trailer other than the transformation was freaking amazing. Keep an open mind and enjoy it for what it is…an adaptation.

  39. Rix

    OMG love new moon and spotted a lot of mistakes in this……..LOL!

  40. Rix

    True lucy! so true!

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  43. Natalie

    It was really awesome and all but i dont like that he phases there because in the book she has to figure it out days after she encounters Laurent and then he finally phases in front of her when he's fighting with Paul

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