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Win Passes to Summer School In Forks!

June 8th, 2009 at 11:08 am by Kaleb Nation


As many of you know, I will be doing a huge presentation at SUMMER SCHOOL IN FORKS, one of the big Twilight conventions happening this year! SSIF will be in Forks, Washington (obviously!) and will feature a ton of special guests like LARRY CARROLL from MTV, MITCH HANSEN, BELLA ROCKS!, and lots of other fansites and Twi-rock bands! If you have ever wanted to visit Forks to see the place where Bella and Edward met, this is certainly the event you’ll want to be at.

Of course, since I love contests, it only follows that I’ll do one for SSIF! Anyone who comments on this post is entered to win a set of TWO passes to Summer School In Forks, where you’ll get to meet me and loads of other fans at the convention (as well as participate in a real Forks Prom!). Also, during my speech at the event, they will be giving away a super-special Robert Pattinson autograph (and perhaps some other surprises I might have in store?).

Summer School In Forks will be held on JUNE 25 – 28. My keynote luncheon (more info on that here) will be on June 27. Hope to see you there!

Note: please only enter this contest if you know you’ll be able to get to Forks! The contest is for two passes into the event.

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216 Responses

  1. Madison

    I soo HAVE to win! (I hope I win)

  2. Mandi

    Sounds like my kind of summer school! I would love to hear your speech!

  3. HunDius

    that's it! 🙂
    i crossed my fingers for you too 🙂

  4. Melanie

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too!!

  5. Melanie

    And I definitely meant there and but not there and bit

  6. Galyna

    I might be late replying, but I'd love to win tickets!!!

  7. Shaddin

    Kaleb' contests are awesome! We love you =D!

  8. Cahd

    Your contests are so awesome!

  9. babybott330

    Did you give the tickets away yet? I would like to know who won. I bet your speech will be fantastic!

  10. Zumi

    Is the contest still going?

  11. Jaimie

    omg i would love to go!!

  12. Jewelle

    I'll be in forks tomorrow!!! Woohoo for me, wish I could attend SSIF

  13. Liberty

    OMG!!! Me and my boyfriend can go!!!!!! Please let me win!!!!!

  14. Liberty

    oh 2009 haha my bad…

  15. Adrianna Hervey

    I honestly would love to go to forks it sounds like fun =}

  16. Adrianna Hervey

    I honestly would love to go to forks it sounds like fun =}

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