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Off To Forks, Washington!

I am leaving for FORKS, WASHINGTON tomorrow for Summer School In Forks! I have to be up at 4 AM, so if I’m lucky I’ll sleep through the flight.

I will be posting photos and videos and doing BlogTV shows, so if you want to keep up with my Forks trip (and any surprises that come along the way) you should follow me on Twitter. There is a huge chance I will do a live BlogTV show straight from FORKS, so keep an eye out for that!

I’ll be returning on Monday and resume regular posting… until, of course, I fly out again for July 4, again for Chicago the week after, and then Twicon the week after that! July will be crazy but don’t think that will stop me 😀

If you are going to SSIF — see you in Forks!



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  1. AH!! You're going to Forks! Is this your first time? I want to go to Forks one day soo bad. Be sure to take lotss of pictures, and post them when you get back! Have a safe flight and fun trip Kaleb!

  2. I like how you 'forgot' the “t” on “flight” as if to prove how much of a frenzy you are in. 🙂 (I'd never assume it was an actual spelling error, of course…)

    I love your theme song! When it comes on it makes me smile; and it's been a while since you posted a video, so this makes me happy. And I can't wait for all the videos from FORKS!!!

    (Jealous of the gnome, btw. NOT being stuffed in your suitcase, but getting to go to SSIF. 🙂 )

    HAVE A BLAST! And good luck with your speech. I'm sure you'll pwn!

  3. Make a video of LaPush. There's hardly any video of it on the web, and I'd like to cyber-see it, if possible.

  4. “Take me, take me!” Ha, ha. How do you know what will make people grin? Honestly, I'd love to hear your voice like that again.

  5. You're going to Chicago the week after the 4th? You wouldn't happen to be going to the American Library Association annual conference, would you? That would be super awesome 😀

  6. Yay! Your gnome can keep you safe from all the Stephenie-Meyer-invented-monsters roaming around up there.
    (I don't mean Edward or Jacob; I mean Bella because he clutziness could put the entire town of Forks in danger, and you as well, but not while you have your very lucky stowaway!)

  7. Jealous, jealous, jealous. I was supposed to go, dangit. Boo for lame friends who decide to cancel after we had already planned and booked everything. You better have freaking AMAZING coverage.

  8. I'll see you there…don't forget your knee pads for the Volleyball game on friday and saturday!!!!
    The Grizzlies WILL win the tourney!!!!

  9. You will do GREAT on your speech, of course!! This video made me laugh a ton. And I love the music in the background(s). Your stowaway is absolutly adorable, too.

  10. Bwa hahaha! That video would have caused a keyboard explosion if i had been drinking something when that hilariously adorable gnome appeared along with the sound of “Take me! Take me!”. You rock Kaleb and I know you'll do awesome with your speech.

  11. Good luck with the speech!!! Although if you've been planning it for as long as you say, you don't need it. =)

    Love the gnome, btw. “I have a stowaway……” LOL!!! xD

  12. Kaleb, you're sooo lucky!!!!!! I want to go to Forks! But noooooooo, I have to be stuck in Massachusetts! Eventually, it gets to the point where just having Forks-ish weather is not enough anymore. Oh well. In a few (many) years, I'll graduate from high school, go to college in Seattle, and then MOVE to Forks. I already have this planned, and I'm only eleven. : ) Awesome video. Loved the gnome part

  13. I was just there. I can feel the envy. =D

    It's gorgeous and there's tons of forest for Edward to hunt in. I was kissing the ground when I was there…. I would tell you more, but I doubt any one here cares or is even reading this comment! =D

  14. I am so totally jealous, I'm going to forks tomorrow but I can't attend the summer school…you are sooo lucky

  15. I am so totally jealous, I'm going to forks tomorrow but I can't attend the summer school…you are sooo lucky

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