A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

I’m In Forks, Washington!


Hello everyone, at the moment I am in my motel room in Forks, Washington — sleepy, jetlagged, and quite hungry because I just slept through breakfast! This place is exactly like in the Twilight books: cold, wet, rainy… though I haven’t yet seen any vampires or werewolves. However, I think we are taking a trip to La Push today sometime, so I might get a chance for some of those photos… 😀

Speaking of photos, I won’t get mine processed until I get home but here are a few early video stills I pulled (I know I’ve said this before, but I’ve been posting photos and updates all day on my Twitter, so if you want the updates faster you should check there):



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  1. I just had to have the first comment. Just once.

    Wish I was there too, you lucky duck : )

  2. Seems like you're having a great time, even if you're sleepy. 😀 keep the updates coming!

  3. I'm so jealous…… Great pics, BTW! I wonder if you've heard the news about FF and MJ yet….. 2 icons lost in one day. What a sad day for America. 🙁

  4. wow i can belive you are really there .Im really Jelous.Have you gone to la push.
    La Push Baby. jajajajajja your so lucky

  5. YAY! I watched your interview, Kaleb, and I was excited to learn about the winx and that gnomes can turn to stone and that each book won't cover a whole year. Oh, and that you try to read most of the comments!

  6. I liked the interview, too. It was cool to find out more stuff on Bran Hambric!

    My favorite pic is that with the Dr. Cullen sign. This leads me to ask a question I've been wondering – Does Forks as a city embrace the Twilight/vampire fandom like Roswell has fun with the whole 'aliens' theme? It looks like they do and think that's really cool!

  7. I was just there. =D Feeling the envy.

    It's beautiful, isn't it? The doctor sign was so cool! I loved it. And the people there are way to nice.

  8. omg!(uhh i say that waaaaay to much…)
    i have a veaary serious question!
    what is beter
    A) Vamipres
    B) Wearwolves
    C) Zombies
    D) Gnomes

  9. Kaleb,

    It was great meeting you at SIFF. It was an OUTSTANDING event!!!! What I REALLY enjoyed, other than meeting other Twilight fans, was the fact that I met some VERY talented young adults that aren't letting anything stand in their way; you and the Hillywood group.
    The field trip to First Beach and the stories told to us by Chris was great.
    BTW – I did win the Peter F. autographed photo at the auction.

    Cutter, (aka – Carlise)

    (I'll comment more, but I need sleep to organize my thoughts)

  10. I wish I could have been there! Oh, and in the tiwiiter thing when you mentioned Micheal Jackson, Ferra Faucet, and Billy Mays, (No idea if I spelled those names right, my computer is so slow right now that I don't want to look it up) I was looking into it, and whenever a famous person dies it comes in threes. No kidding.

  11. I live like 40 miles away from forks. I don't even like twilight that much. But the overcast weather and rain is relaxing, that's why I am never moving. -Olympia Kid

  12. I live like 40 miles away from forks. I don't even like twilight that much. But the overcast weather and rain is relaxing, that's why I am never moving. -Olympia Kid

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