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Five Easy Signs Of A Fake Taylor Lautner Twitter

This post could be also known as, “Why Do So Many Crazy People Pose As Taylor Lautner?”


There are lists of Taylor Lautner posers on Twitter right now, and it’s beginning to get laughable. Some of these can be somewhat convincing – until, of course, ‘Taylor’ tells you to start following some unknown person’s account who is their ‘friend’, inevitably the poser themselves trying to drive up their followers. I was recently informed of one hilarious poser called @DaRealTLautner.

I find it sad that 85 people were actually hoodwinked by this, when it is so obviously NOT Taylor Lautner. To save my readers from possible embarrassment (and the horrifying possibility that you might be following some other fake celeb accounts) I give you Five Easy Signs Of A Fake Taylor Lautner Twitter, taken straight from the Tweets themselves:

1. im doin gud thk u.im xcited 4 da teen choice cuz im presenting also we r gona start filmin eclipse in august. remember 2c newmoon (here)

What on earth. This murders my little English-major heart.

‘Taylor’ is a successful movie star, and trying his hardest to lost the ‘little kid star’ image in favor of a professional career. Spelling ‘good’ as ‘gud’, ‘the’ as ‘da’ and ’cause’ as ‘cuz’ would instantly make him the laughingstock of the business, not something he wants at this transitional period in his career.

2. @ifyouseekdemi sry, but i heard ur show is awesum, so u must be doin a gud job. wat city u goin 2 nex. (here)

Even I know that Demi Lovato’s Twitter account is @DdLovato. Being friends with Selena Gomez, I’m sure the real Taylor knows this as well.

3. yes its me. lol. sry but its hard to talk 2 my fans wen der r all da fak accounts. (here)


4. @TheAshleyGreene hey ash. is dis ur real account. (here)

Taylor Lautner obviously has no contact with Ashley Greene, so he couldn’t ask her offline.

5. Bio: um. well im frm sharkboy n lava girl. but most no me frm twilight (here)

This has so many mistakes I don’t even no whar 2 start.

I’ve posted this before, but as a guide, I wrote an article about How To Spot A Fake Twitter. These are some simple rules that should help you (and, a list of the REAL and some known FAKES!). If you’re following this fake Taylor, it’s time to click that ‘Unfollow’ button (unless, of course, you are enjoying the lulz)!

For the record, my Twitter is @KalebNation (added: I just passed 10,000 followers today! Thanks everyone :D)



21 Responses

  1. Lmao this is full of win.
    There are so many fake myspaces too which are OBVIOUSLY fake. Yet, even grown people seem to think it's him. One of his fake myspaces has like 6,000 friends! I'm one of them, but that's because I think it's funny.

  2. I laugh when people are following fakers. I mean, how hard is it to check the person's official website?

  3. I think it's pretty sad that so many people just crazily follow the twitters of stars, fake or not. Why would I care if Britney Spears has just sent someone to buy a $50 fat-free milkshake? I mean, come on. Why can't you people who are following fake Taylor Lautners get on with your own lives.

  4. It's sad how many people fall for the fakes! and even more pathetic how many people have no lives and can pretend to be celebrities on the internet all day. lol

    RANDOM— It's good to know I'm not the only one listening to Owl City! =)

  5. oh my gosh! I'm so excited for Owl City! It's so great he's the iTunes single of the week, I hope this pulls him from the depths of undiscovered musicians will get even more people to love his music, I already managed to get a few of my friends hooked.
    my favorite song I think is Hot Air Balloon. I can't listen to that song and not want to dance around with a big smile on my face.

  6. those fake twitters are so pathetic. do those posers honestly think that people are going to fall for twitters tht look lk ths? really.

    Kaleb, I owe you a humongous thanks for introducing me to owl city through your videos. ever since i started listening to his music a few months ago, owl city has been my favorite band. his new album especially is completely and totally awesome. i dont even have a favorite of his songs, they are too amazing for me to pick a favorite.

  7. Thank you so much for introducing Owl City to other people. I love their song fireflies and also really enjoy their The Saltwater Room so I advise you to check it out!!!!

  8. Sometimes is very obvious of those who pretend to be Taylor Lautner by their user names they use to create an account for social sites.

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