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NEW MOON Soundtrack Song List!


This just in from Summit: the final track listing of the NEW MOON movie soundtrack! Check it out:

1. Death Cab For Cutie – Meet Me On The Equinox

2. Band Of Skulls – Friends

3. Thom Yorke- Hering Damage

4. Lykke Li – Possibility

5. The Killers – A White Demon Love Song

6. Anya Marina – Satellite Heart

7. Muse – I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)

8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent – Rosyln

9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Done All Wrong

10. Hurricane Bells – Monsters

11. Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour

12. Ok Go- Shooting The Moon

13. Grizzly Bear – Slow Life

14. Editors – No Sound But The Wind

15. Alexandre Desplat – New Moon (The Meadow)

What do you think? Any favorites?

[via Summit]



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  1. I love the song Possibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. um yes….all of them!! thjey all fit into my amazing music catagory 🙂

  4. I love Posibility – such a great song, and placed perfectly in the movie.

    Anyone knows what is the song where Jacob is hunting Victoria, Harry gets heart attack, then Bella jumps of the cliff? Can not figure out what song that is..

  5. Ok Go is one of my favorite bands…have you heard Here We Go Again? It is too bad Paramore declined, but there's still some good ole Muse, author's request.

  6. I have the same question Breanna asked. What is that song that's playing when Bella turns off the radio as they begin working on the bikes?

  7. omg awwwsome i luvv all the songs i cant really choose! but i hv 2 admit monsters possibility and friends are really good!!!

  8. The Violet Hour by sea wolf would have to be my fav out of this one but i agree i wish paramore would have gottn in there but atleast muse did

  9. Its so weird. I luv twilight, new moon, etc with all my heart. I have opins, stickers, clothes but i STILL dont have either soundtrack on my ipod. I feel so stupid!!!!!!

  10. I know that this question is probably a bit out of time but i still wanted to know as im so curious, Can someone pls tel me when the songs come in the movie!!!
    i mean, i could figure out just 3 of it, possibility(Bella is sad) , sea wolf(BElla waiting after the blood incident at the cullens) and Ok go(with Jake in garage), Hearing damage(Victoria is getting hunted by the wolves) , other than these 4songs im not able to place where the other songs appear in the movie,
    i get it if u ppl think that my hearing skills suck but pls do help me out

  11. there's a song that's not on the soundtrack or the score. It was playing on the radio when Bella and Jacob were fixing the motorcycles. jacob told bella it was a good song when she turned it off and said she didn't like music any more.do you know who sings it or what the name of the song is. it's driving me crazy !!

  12. COOL!!!! I guess they're gonna have muse song on every soundtrack. They have one on the Eclispe soundtrack. too. Muse is a pretty good band and now i'm gonna go get the new moon and eclispe soundtrack pretty soon 🙂

  13. number 8 for sure i LOVE that song fell inlove with it as soon as i heard it on the movie

  14. number 8 for sure i LOVE that song fell inlove with it as soon as i heard it on the movie

  15. Does anyone know the song that is playing on the radio when bella turns it off and says shes really not into music anymore?

  16. I like that movie it reaaly took most of my thought. Guys what do you talk about it

  17. what song plays inthe background when edward comes to meet bella after parking his car at school…the day of her birthday..??? when he walks, his shirt sways and he gives that shy crooked smile…plz temme frenz!

  18. This was perfect, I was looking for the song that played when Bella sat in her room at her window after Edward left.. and i found it THANKS

  19. i was quite disappionted by this soundtrack. Don't get me wrong, Twilight was the best thing that could've happened to the Earth, but the songs here are'nt that good. I like Possibility cause it really shows how Bella's feeling after he left, and satillite heart is all right, but the others either don't have a rythem, sound are monotone or the words don't make sense.

    Jacob and Quiluette wolves Rule!
    Peace, Love Twilight,

  20. I love this soundtrack and it has helped me threw some tough times and I want to thank each and every one of the artists for their song. Thank you

  21. hey  someone!What is the title of the music, when Bella and Jacob are in the bedroom? someone,please, really should!

  22. love the meadow aaah so beautiful!! next piece i look at for piano will deffinetly be this! 🙂

  23. is that song on the soundtrack….I would buy it just for that song alone….can't find it on napster , or any othe music either 🙁

  24. can any one please tell me wats the soundtrack played at the end of the movie “new moon” when bella says to jacob “dont make me do this… its always bin him”….  som1 plz tell me where to find that soundtrack…

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