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New Song for NEW MOON: “Satellite Heart”

A brand-new song from the upcoming NEW MOON movie soundtrack has just been released! The song Satellite Heart is by Anya Marina, a singer based in California:

I’m loving all this indie music for the movie! The soundtrack releases on October 20.

What do you think of the new song and where do you think it might fit in the NEW MOON movie?



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  1. I love how they are exposing everyone to a different taste of music! I like this song a lot. I could see this music in a shot where Bella is driving or even as time passes between her being without Edward. It's hard to say – it could be used in SO MANY places. Even when she is running in slow motion to Edward in Italy.

  2. Really nice song!!! i agree with Nat cud b used in soo many places in the movie!!! cant wait 2 c where they do put it. not long now!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. This soundtrack is going to be really lyrical, judging by the 2 songs we already heard. Curious to hear the rest and especially the Alexander Desplat's rendition of the meadow piece.

  4. I love it. Love, love, love it.
    I think it's going to be in the part right after Edward leaves and she's in her numb state. Or maybe around the part from the trailer when she's in her bed crying?
    I have the soundtrack already ordered. If this and Equinox by Death Cab is any sign to what the rest of the soundtrack will be like, then I'm going to be a very happy camper. :]

  5. I see this song when Bella is with Jake, maybe when she's fixing the bike with him or about to kiss him. 'I'll be true to you' makes me think so.

  6. I think it's more likely to be about edward, as the song describes how she is so far away from her love (satellite heart) but still stays true to him. But maybe they do use it there, cause even though Jake makes (numerous..)moves on Bella, she still stays (kind of?) true to edward.

  7. Which is why I said that. She stayed true to Edward despite Jake's advances on her. (She was kinda shocked when he leaned in to kiss her, and she was thinking about her choices)

    Of course, they could pull a Decode and place it in the credits.

  8. Ugh, I hate it (I see I'm in the minority, though). Her voice is awful. Ah well, there are plenty of other gifted artists on the soundtrack.

  9. I have to agree with bloodnoir. I don't like her voice at all, though I do like the lyrics…
    Eh. The rest of the soundtrack is pretty amazing, so whatever.

  10. Hmmm… i could see it where billy black is telling the tales around the fire.. or is that in new moon? lol. maybe when bellas driving… or when shes in the water drowning… GOHD! i love these books sooooo much(:<3

  11. Lovely sad love song. But where to put it…hmmm. My first guess is during the time passing after Edward leaves and Bella is “seeing” him everywhere. But then again, it could be the scene with Jacob and Bella in his car after the movie and before he transforms, since it's talking about “calling your friends”.

  12. I, too, am loving all the indie music they've chosen for New Moon…… Probably because I'm an indie musician. =) I have no idea where it would fit, but it would be pretty for when Bella is walking up to the cliff and getting ready to jump. (I don't know. I might get made fun of for that idea! lol)

  13. I love this.
    i'm a Huge fan of her now.
    i could see this in new moon, Emo Bella phase, as the Month's pass…*looks ahead*

    i'm impressed with Chris. very. =) good job Chris!

  14. well.. another song that i'm in love now! XD .. kinda love all this indie in NM<.. i can't wait for november!

  15. it fits. i admit! but Im still waiting for the real magic! there must be something better than that!! linkin park n paramore were freakin awesome in twilight, 'think nothing gonna compare to that ha

  16. I love it!!

    I think it would fit in when Bella says that Edward's disapearance is like a deep whole punched out of her chest, and shes having trouble healing it.


  17. yea, i really like this song- i could see it being in a montage of scenes after Edward leaves Bella, and she becomes kinda lifeless…not caring about anything.

  18. What an awesome song!! I definitely agree – I'm LOVING all this indie music 🙂
    It could be used in a lot of different places… but I think it might be when time is passing and Bella is trying not to think about Edward but also making sure she doesn't forget – maybe the months of Numbness, or when when first starts spending time with Jake.
    I can't wait to see here the put it 🙂

  19. I really like this song. I pre ordered the soundtrack so I can't wait to get it.
    Everything looks good for this movie and I'M HAPPY WITH WHAT CHRIS IS DOING !

  20. I think it'll play when Edward leaves and Sam finds Bella in the woods and when she's laying on the couch with everyone fussing. Or when she sees him walk by his car at school. Probably in a montage of her being miserable.

  21. love it! Very different. I think it's going to be when Jacob is avoiding Bella after the change. Don't know why, but I do.

  22. I like the song in general, it's good but I agree with some of the people that her voice isn't that great. It's kinda creepy. I see it as a song used after Edward leaves, maybe when she wakes up screaming all the time.

  23. Loving this song. I am currently pregnant and the baby loves it too, feels like he sways every time I play it! Like this one sooo much more than the Death Cab song. Have to admit I was really sad not to see Paramore on the CD at all. Thanks for putting it up, hope your tour is going well and that your book is selling like hotcakes!

  24. eh. its alright. i don't like the voice, but i like the background music. i think it would be in one of the places where bella is miserable (eg the months passing by).

    see ya on oct. 12 at your signing!

  25. Reminds me a little of Macy Gray. I like the lyrics. I wasn't a huge fan of the song overall but when the Twilight soundtrack came out I didn't like a few of the songs at first. After I watched the movie, I grew to love them though b/c of what they did to enhance the story.

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  27. I love the song. The mood is perfect. It doesn't matter that she doesn't have a “pretty” voice. That's not the point. The point is that she uses her voice to best express the mood of the song, which she does perfectly. I think we will all find this song spot on in New Moon. I agree with most of you that this will be used in a passing of time montage soon after Edward leaves.

  28. i luv this song!! bloodnoir you are so wrong! she is awesome and her voice is PERFECT for sad songs .you sir, do not appreciate the art of song!!

  29. i luv this song!! bloodnoir you are so wrong! she is awesome and her voice is PERFECT for sad songs .you sir, do not appreciate the art of song!!

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