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Peter Facinelli Shares Funny Moments On The NEW MOON Set

October 6th, 2009 at 7:57 pm by Kaleb Nation


Peter Facinelli just posted the above on his official Twitter page: and the video he links just so happens to be one that I shot while attending Twicon 2009 in Dallas, Texas! Thanks to Peter for the link. Here’s the video he enjoyed:

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20 Responses

  1. xtonks

    Ahaha, this was EPIC. 🙂 You're totes fangirly right now. ADMIT IT!

  2. xtonks

    By the way, I feel so creeperish because I'm usually the first one to reply lately, lol.

  3. ha ha

    AHHHHH yay!!!! So exciting!!!!!!!

  4. reinix

    I'll try and be first next time. Just so you don't feel like such a creeper 😉

  5. xtonks

    Muchas gracias, bebe. Te lo agradezco.

  6. reinix

    Si, claro! I'm responding because I really like this staircase thread look.

  7. reinix

    You're so modest, Kaleb. “the video that he linked JUST SO HAPPENS to be THE ONE THAT I SHOT”
    Okay, maybe you didn't add all those caps in. But I bet that's how you said it in your head. Muahaha.

  8. xtonks

    Yo tambien.. en serio.

  9. Sammy6618

    Admit it Kaleb, on the inside you're squealing like a fangirl 😛 You have officially become a twilighter. Congratulations!

  10. reinix

    Si! Fiesta en el USA!

  11. xtonks

    Manos arriba! Estan jugando mi cancion!

    I srsly fail at Spanish but if I keep this up, I'll eventually learn.

    Kaleb is prolly like “…what is going on in my thread?” lol Just Sam and Rey.. being Sam and Rey. 😛

  12. reinix

    He'll figure out we're signing party in the USA in Spanish…
    if not, he'll realize it if/when he reads this post.

    I would be totally wtfing if Kaleb ever referred to me as Rey.

  13. xtonks

    lol, only I'm allowed to call you Rey! *Defense mode!*

    We still going to put our evil plan into effect during the next BlogTV? ;]

  14. reinix

    Haha. Other people (some of whom are err… skype friends) decided to start calling me that too. Gah.

    and… most definitely! 😀

  15. xtonks

    WUT! NOOOO! I'm going to have to fight to the death with these people!

    People are going to get so mad at us, LOL. Can't wait 🙂

  16. Mar123

    i agree with sammy. You ARE a twilighter.
    anyways, i haven't seen this one yet. It was HILLARIOUS!!! (excuse me if i mispelled that) =P
    i especially love the way you were saying ” it just so happens to be the one that i shot.”
    i bet in your head you were like, “OMG!!!! Peter Facinelli picked MY video to put on his page!!! THIS IS SOOOO EXITING!!! I THINK I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!!!”
    Yup that was so you. =)

  17. anhandfriend

    so amazing!!! that is YOUR video Kaleb, hahaha

  18. american west purses

    yeah, but Kristin Stewart is indeed FULLY GROWN… 😀

  19. american west purses

    yeah, but Kristin Stewart is indeed FULLY GROWN… 😀

  20. Londie123

    ha hah ha hah hah hah ha ha!

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