A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Peter Facinelli Shares Funny Moments On The NEW MOON Set


Peter Facinelli just posted the above on his official Twitter page: and the video he links just so happens to be one that I shot while attending Twicon 2009 in Dallas, Texas! Thanks to Peter for the link. Here’s the video he enjoyed:



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  1. You're so modest, Kaleb. “the video that he linked JUST SO HAPPENS to be THE ONE THAT I SHOT”
    Okay, maybe you didn't add all those caps in. But I bet that's how you said it in your head. Muahaha.

  2. Admit it Kaleb, on the inside you're squealing like a fangirl 😛 You have officially become a twilighter. Congratulations!

  3. Manos arriba! Estan jugando mi cancion!

    I srsly fail at Spanish but if I keep this up, I'll eventually learn.

    Kaleb is prolly like “…what is going on in my thread?” lol Just Sam and Rey.. being Sam and Rey. 😛

  4. He'll figure out we're signing party in the USA in Spanish…
    if not, he'll realize it if/when he reads this post.

    I would be totally wtfing if Kaleb ever referred to me as Rey.

  5. lol, only I'm allowed to call you Rey! *Defense mode!*

    We still going to put our evil plan into effect during the next BlogTV? ;]

  6. Haha. Other people (some of whom are err… skype friends) decided to start calling me that too. Gah.

    and… most definitely! 😀

  7. WUT! NOOOO! I'm going to have to fight to the death with these people!

    People are going to get so mad at us, LOL. Can't wait 🙂

  8. i agree with sammy. You ARE a twilighter.
    anyways, i haven't seen this one yet. It was HILLARIOUS!!! (excuse me if i mispelled that) =P
    i especially love the way you were saying ” it just so happens to be the one that i shot.”
    i bet in your head you were like, “OMG!!!! Peter Facinelli picked MY video to put on his page!!! THIS IS SOOOO EXITING!!! I THINK I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!!!”
    Yup that was so you. =)

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