A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Kaleb & Annie WRECK THE STORE!? [Vlog 10/7/09]

So we didn’t actually wreck the store. But Annie did nearly destroy one of the shelves. The good news is I now have a new couch!

(Annie plays as Rosalie in the M2 Productions Twilight parody)



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  1. Were you guys on crack? That was awesome. Love those moments when EVERYTHING is funny.

  2. Ohh, oops! I watched it again, and this time I noticed MUSTARD and that you said “I know my Star Trek,” not “I don't like Star Trek,” haha. Samfail! Star Trek<3333

  3. … I've actually never had tuna helper either. *Hides*
    But how can you not like string cheese?? Its easily the best kind 🙂

  4. Kaleb and Annie – you guys cracked me up! As I was doing research on how guys dressed in the 80s I watched this video and laughed almost the whole time….oh Annie – you are a stitch! Kaleb – always a pleasure! What a couple!

  5. I really want those waffles! You don't get anything like that in England. 🙁
    I love Star Trek.

    And that was a hilarious video. Kudos, Kaleb.

  6. Oh dear God. xD
    I used to have that /exact/ same couch. I bought it a Target and all. I know at first you think it's cool with all of it's being able to adjust the sides and back and whatnot, but after sitting/laying on it for a few months, you will be sitting on the floor more than the couch. xD Good luck Mr.Kaleb Nation.


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