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Access Hollywood’s EXCLUSIVE New Moon Trailer!

October 21st, 2009 at 5:44 pm by Kaleb Nation

Yet another AWESOME new trailer for NEW MOON, this time from Access Hollywood! It’s got some familiar stuff but a TON of new scenes (and plenty more fursplosions).

If they keep giving out these teasers, pretty soon there won’t be much movie left to see! I’ve totally been looking forward to seeing some of the wolf vs vampire scenes, so that’ll probably be the thing I’m waiting for the most in New Moon. Can’t wait for November 20!

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22 Responses

  1. shy_butterflie

    i am honestly say i just spazzed!

  2. megster1992

    I'm at a loss for words. Seriously.

    Pulling Laurent down by the dreads? lol. That's awesome! They killing some vampires tonight.

    Loved Bella in Jake's wolf eye. Totally amazing effect.

    Kaleb, you need to review both clips so we know what you think! More in depth than what you already have.

  3. Cherilyn

    I may or may not have just jizzed in my pants a little…… SO EXCITED. lolol

  4. erinsalas

    What-?! That was-! Oh my-!


    …Okay, I'm done fan-girling. That was cool.

  5. TeamJasper2454

    OH. WOW.
    Though I agree with you, Kaleb: If Summit gives us any more clips, we won't have any movie left to watch in November. 😀

  6. NataschaT

    I need to remember to breathe during (and after) these things!!!!! XD

  7. alimcastro

    WOWOWOW!!!! This movie is really beautifully done…the eye effect….the whole thing is gonna be the best film of this year, hands-down

  8. Optimistically Fearful

    Wow! So intense!
    I'm a little scared, though. I don't want the book-to-movie-conversion to be as messed up as Twilight…
    And, it may be out of context, but did I just see Edward and Wolf Jacob in the same vicinity? Not good, not good. That never happens. And what's this about Victoria in the woods?
    (And, from the other clip released today–with Bella punching Paul–did she ever hit him in the book? I don't think so, only Jacob. Please, please, please tell me I'm wrong!)
    Oh buddy. Maybe if I set myself up for disappointment, I'll end up liking it more?
    I think the visual effects are going to be awesome, though. The wolves look great!

  9. SwedishLore15

    According to the team, they added a bit more Victoria in the movie to show her trying to hunt Bella. You hear about this in the book, but never fully see her on the prowl.

  10. Adrienne

    Uh… it's been removed! =( Any other legal links? PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!


  11. Dina

    It's not there anymore! : ((((

  12. Elle

    i think summit is releasing all this new moon promotions so people won't pay attention to the shooting of Eclipse much, which is better, so that when new moon comes out people will totally be in the dark for eclipse and increases the hype come the movie on june. seriously though i think we had enough already.i think a little surprise makes the flavor more unforgettable.

  13. GoTwilightYAY

    I have a link to where you see the new trailer. I've seen it myself; it was AMAZING!! See it here for yourself:

  14. Mar123

    o my god!!
    will jacobb actually jump on bella!?!?!?!?!?
    this is tooooooooooooo much to handle.

    just one more month…

  15. haleyhilbert

    haha, i hope jacob tears E*ward's head off!!!!! team jacob!!!

  16. Lexi

    wow the effects look great! they really improved the wolf! i really hope its better than twilight and that they dont stray to far from the book! kaleb im surprised you did not mention the other new scene. the one where they are confronted by the voturi, edward is thrown through the air trying to protect bella, and alice gets grabbed around the neck! hope you show that vid here! and what is your response to the news online that states rachalle, who plays victoria has been fired for eclipse and someone new is taking her place? some fans are trying to convince summit to bring her back! sorry i dont have the link! 🙁

  17. crepusculo 2 lua nova

    i love twilight and will go see all of the movies more than once forever. i love robert pattionson /Edward cullen peace

  18. Fifth Wheels

    seems fun to me…

  19. Fifth Wheels

    seems fun to me…

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    Access Hollywood’s EXCLUSIVE New Moon Trailer! | Twilight Guy – with Kaleb Nation…

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