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Destination Forks: The Real World Of Twilight

Remember last year when I did an interview for the documentary TWILIGHT IN FORKS? Who can forget my sleepy eyes, my sniffly sniffs, my jetlaggy voice, my plaid-under-a-jacket? I think out of every person in the video about a town full of bloodsuckers, I was the most vampiric. How was I to know that after taking a plane then another plane then a third (tiny-boat-sized) plane, then a bus to get to the real town of Forks, I’d be put on camera and then in DVDs all across the country? I was so jetlagged, all I remember is wanting to seize the producer’s awesome camera and never give it back.

Despite my sleepiness, the Twilight In Forks DVD turned out awesome, and gave fans a wonderful insight into the world that Stephenie Meyer built. Now, the same producers are back with more, in a new DVD titled DESTINATION FORKS: THE REAL WORLD OF TWILIGHT. This time, they are taking a trip through the real town of Forks, showing Twilight fans the true inside of the place that Stephenie Meyer used as a canvas for The Twilight Saga.

The producers told me this morning that I’m in the DVD again — this time, filmed in LA, in the afternoon, after I’d gotten plenty of rest and NO nauseating flights over vast expanses of Washington water. Now, I’ll be able to look at me from last year’s documentary, and this year’s documentary, and see how much moving to California actually changed me 😀

From their press release:

Distributed by Summit Entertainment and available everywhere Eclipse is sold, Destination Forks offers fans a unique look into the real Forks, Washington, as seen through the eyes of the Twilight fan that wants to see the real Forks, and experience the real places made famous by the books and movies that have captivated over 100 million people worldwide. Over 250,000 Twilight fans have made the trek to Forks to see the real town, and to live out the reality on which Stephenie Meyer based the epic saga – this movie allows the rest of the fandom to experience the same pilgrimage virtually.

Destination Forks has three sections in its 85 minutes of running length: Twilight Tour, Fans, and Moods of Twilight. The Tour section is perfect for those that yearn to see the actual place that their favorite character of scene from the books and movies takes place in for real. Since none of the Twilight movies were shot in the real Forks, fans are treated to the real Cullen house, Bella’s house, Jacob’s house, First Beach in La Push, Bella Italia, the Forks rainforest, the Olympic Mountains, and many other sites that every fan has imagined in their mind’s eye. In addition to sites available to fans that visit Forks in person, Destination Forks offers a rare look at places never before seen by fans. See the inside of Bella’s house (a private residence not accessible by the public), tour Jacob’s house (a vacation rental) and explore the mansion that is the Cullen House (a bed-and-breakfast with a spookily Twilight-related history).

The Fans section not only paints a picture of the wonderfully passionate, welcoming and inclusive fan base that makes Twilight unique in the world of media phenomena, but also features interviews and commentary from the Twilight fan site founders that form the backbone of the fandom. Hear from Lori and Laura of Twilight Lexicon, Myriam of MSN TwiSuperfan, Kallie from Twilight Series Theories, Kara from Twilight Moms, and Twilight Guy Kaleb Nation.

Check out the trailer and be sure to get the DVD on December 4 wherever the ECLIPSE movie is sold!



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  1. So is this basically the same documentary, except from a few changes, or is it completely new? :S

    The trailer makes it look like Destination Forks is about the actual places there, whereas the other one was more about the fandom, but you know how trailers can be misleading… Can anyone clarify?

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