A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Unmasking The Impostors

As we all have probably noticed, there have been quite a lot of Stephenie Meyer impostors over the past year. I’ve been very careful so far, but must admit to falling for at least one: the fake Stephenie Meyer on Twitter. Whoever set this profile up has been quite thorough in appearing to be Stephenie, […]

Vote For Stephenie On TIME Magazine!

The time has come for Twilight fans to rally behind Stephenie for 2009! Last year, Stephenie was one of TIME magazine’s Most Influential People of 2008, due to the enormous hype surrounding the release of Breaking Dawn and over the Twilight film. This year, TIME is letting people vote on who should be included in […]

What Was In The Box!!!

Can’t see it? Click here. – Yes, those are real copies of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, hand-signed by Stephenie Meyer herself. I told you it would be worth it 😀 Click here if you want to subscribe and be entered in the contest.

Stephenie Meyer in Vogue

There’s a wonderful, brand-new interview with Stephenie Meyer in Vogue magazine. She talks music, restaurants, driving, writing and more cool stuff. I absolutely love how they made her look like the Queen of Darkness too 😀 That photographer better watch out, before she totally pwns that boulder right into the camera. Read the full interview […]