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TwilightGuys Report: Twilight Virus Infected Him

May 5th, 2008 at 4:00 am by Kaleb Nation

Added May 5, 2008 11:34AM — Go to the Twilight Lexicon. They have some big news which includes the Movie, MTV, and a bit of code πŸ˜€ .


” I lived 21 years of my life in ignorance. My girlfriend had seen on the internet that Stepenie Meyer was coming to Kansas City for The Host signing. I was immediatly informed that I would be accompaning my fair maiden for the trip up (3 hours) and her speech (even longer) and signing (oh god). No, this wasn’t a question. Her next orders (ain’t she a peach) were for me to read at least one book so I would have some idea of who she was. I reluctantly picked up the first book and now (two weeks later and knee deep in Eclipse), I go to bed actually caring (my girlfriend just edited this note) about Edward, Bella, and Jacob. At work I am consumed with the longing to be a vampire. I eat and wonder if human blood would really taste that bad. I have been sucked in. The book is like herpes, no matter what, there is no cure. Only finishing the books will give you the temporary appeasment you, your friends, and probably your grades need. That being said, I LOVE this series.”

Submitted by Trae

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45 Responses

  1. crissy

    the twilight/herpes analogy is the worst comparison I have ever come across.

  2. Judith

    LOL that is amazing!
    I can’t wait till she comes here to Houston! Buying my copy today!

  3. Rise

    Ha ha. That’s cute.

  4. Natasha

    Rock on, Trae!

  5. Bianxcs

    I’ve read The Host already :]
    I gotta tell you… It’s Awesome! awww…..

  6. Shei

    Awwww!!! thatΒ΄s so cute! lol, yeah, i used the disease analogy once :p coz it really is a disease!!! πŸ˜€ im glad you got “infected”
    Cullenism Rocks!!

  7. Carla

    I’m infected too! Hehe… Keep up the great work!

  8. Tina

    I wouldn’t quite say its a disease….an infection yes. It’s absolutely amazing how easily you can get the bug and it refuses to leave you! the herpes/no cure thing was accurate.
    this guy’s funny, welcome to the wonderful world of twilight!

  9. Chelsea

    “This book is like herpes.” HILARIOUS!

    Have fun at the signing! *wishes desperately she didn’t live on the East Coast*

  10. lil'

    Hahahah, I actually burst out laughing, well quietly since I’m at work. Hehe… I just loved it! This is by far the best. It’s cute how he listens to his girlfriend “maiden” lol and is now addicted to the Twilight Series! Pretty awesome!

  11. Dani

    Ha! OMG, thats hilarious! I’m a carrier of the twilight disease, and I have infected at least five people! Hurray!

  12. Becky

    oh my god. he compared Twilight to herpes. hahahaha. wow.

  13. Paola

    The herpes analogy although disturbing is right on, welcome to the world of twilight.

  14. Elizabeth

    Welcome to Twilight World ! ^_^
    Everyone should get infected with this new virus so spread it on ^^.
    But dont compare it to herpes….

  15. Jo West

    Haha, niiice.

    Twilight: the first textually transmitted disease.


    Flock on.

  16. Amanda

    That’s how I’ve been describing the series except I use “influenza” rather than “herpes”.

  17. mary

    I love these guys!! They are so brave to write in their stories, and I have loved every single one of them. The more guys to read it the better. The can understand what some of us women look for in a man. But you know as I have seen on a site “Who needs prince charming, when you can have Edward Cullen?” lol!!

  18. Fatimeh

    haha this is just awesome.
    more guys need to read twilight.

  19. Kate

    this is so cute πŸ™‚
    I wish more guys would read twilight.

  20. Jude

    Welcome, newborn … ha ha ha

  21. Amber

    Haha very funny!! Your lady is very smart πŸ˜‰ I assume you are going to read The Host now, yes?

  22. Amber

    OMG!! Jo West (#15) That was the funniest comment i’ve ever read!!! LOL
    Hehehe…textually transmitted disease…hehe

  23. Jordan

    hha I loved the herpes/twilight analogy. it actually made me laugh out loud.
    and your right, there is no cure!

  24. maku

    S*** S*** S*** KALEB
    i reallΓ±y have to be leaving my house now to go to my english classes (im from argentina) AND I CANT STOP READING YOUR ARTICLES.

  25. deet-tastic

    That. is. awesome.
    I have the same thing going on with my bf.
    I’m having him read twilight in exchange i will read all of the cirque du freaks. But he doesn’t know that he will be sucked into the twilight series. oh so clever am i.

  26. Kiki


  27. crissy

    dude you guys are missing the point. herpes is an AWFUL disease. D:

  28. Twilighter Fanpire

    I think we should name our “Twilight infection” something like Cullenism ” You have Cullenism now!” muahahaha

  29. Angelica

    crissy– i understand… herpes is an aweful disease and Twilight is beyond amazing!!… not really a disease though, more like an addiction that cannot be intervened! haha.
    Kaleb– having guys write their stories… what a fantastic idea!! Thank you so much for posting these “revelations.” ^_^ This Trae is awesome and sweet sounding: “maiden” how KYOOTE!! (cute)
    and finally, AHAHAHA Jo West: textually transmitted disease. How hilarious!! ^_^

  30. live

    the twilight infection should be called Twilightism.

  31. t

    that is the greatest story! it is like herpes!

  32. lauren

    that is so true! my grades definitely needed me to finish those books.
    haha, i love this

  33. Tara

    Love it!!

  34. naThaLiie:*

    jajaj i reemeber one i started reading it i just couldn’t stoopp i was the whole day in the compuutter it was so addictiivee.. i remeber i receives loots oof shouuts from my mothher to go to sleep..jaja and i drunk a loooot of coffee.. LOVEE it^^! i sweeaarr i was like a zombiiiee.. the three books i reead them in my compuutter.. aww.. thoose tiimessss.. i couldn’t sleep at niight because of the coffeee.. and in school i was really awakee all those days..jajaj the bbest.. but well know i’m ok agaiin.. but i have thiis addiction to coffeee i try too control it obviosuly..<33333!
    awww i thiink guys that reaad twiliightt roooooooocckkk! x33!
    their cooooooooooooooooL:* *thumps uup!*

  35. Jenny

    LOL. Although herpes is a very serious disease, I completely understand where you are coming from and agree! Once you begin reading “Twilight,” you literally begin a new phase of your life! lol. From that moment on you seriously cannot stop thinking about it at all, and grades definately do get affected in a negative way, lol.

  36. Lauren

    haha! how funny πŸ™‚

  37. bea

    The Twilight/Herpes comparison was so funny! hahaha

  38. Mary

    Trae you’re a great boyfriend.

  39. Kaye

    Bahahahaa thats hilarious. I love these stories <3
    And I’ll be at the KC book signing too! So excited.

  40. Carly

    omg that was absolutely hilarious:D this is an awesome site:D

  41. Amanda

    Yess there is a Twilight Disease, and millions are contagious! Including me.

  42. Andrew

    same here THE TWILIGHT DISEASE IS REAL!!!!!!(cant wait for new moon)

  43. Andrew

    opps type-o breaking dawn(damn i always do that :|)

  44. Amanda

    I would switch out the word herpes for heroine πŸ™‚

  45. Jackie

    trae, I love ya man!

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