A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Stephenie Is Number 1 (Again)

No surprises there– we all knew it would happen.

Stephenie is #1

What makes is sweeter is The Host came out around the same time as a new James Patterson novel. Now I don’t know about you, but Patterson is pretty much one of the reigning kings of fiction, and she just bumped him right down just like she did with Harry Potter. Besides that, this is Stephenie’s first book in a new genre. Now, she has the top Children’s Series Spot AND the top Adult spot. If she were to just write her own encyclopedia, she might nab the top Non-Fiction spot as well 😀 .

Congratulations to Stephenie!



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  1. Thats awesome! She beat James Patterson and J.K Rowling. I havent read the Host yet, sadly, but I have absolutly no money whatsoever and my parents wont give me any either

  2. HHAHAHAHAHAHAH… ok you are so funny LOL. Thanks for your amazing blog posts <3 and congrats to Stephenie. I still have to read that book but I don’t have money haha.

  3. Lol, I bet! The fandom is getting bigger.
    Just yesterday I went to the bookstore trying to find The Host, willing to spend the last money I have in the book. I couldn’t find it anywhere, so, desperate as I was, I asked and they told me it hadn’t come out yet in my country, not even in English and they were waiting for them. Well, and so was I.

  4. Lol!
    Hahaha. I loved the Host (Twilight is tied now with it)–I’m glad that she kicked JP and JK down the list.:D Good for her.

  5. I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one who would love the read “Stephenie Meyers encyclopedia of all things Twilight.”

  6. Hey, if Stephenie Meyer wrote my Math textbook, let’s just say I’d be doing a lot of math…

  7. Agreed 100% Tina!
    Sample Question:
    “If Edward loves Bella 3 times as much as Jacob how much more does Edward love Bella?”
    LOL that would be so radcore!

  8. i would read anything stephenie meyer wrote even if it was about 19th century yarn weaving or something stupid like that! 🙂 as long as stphenie meyer wrote it, im reading it!

  9. It’s about time! I knew it would happen.
    I have yet to read James Patterson’s new book — but I bought it.


  10. JP may have written a lot more than SM, but, as far as I’ve found, he’s only written 3 good ones out of a hundred. All of SM’s are remarkable. So, ha!

  11. You know, I have to agree that if Stephenie Meyer ever wrote a non-fiction book, all of us Twilighters would buy it just to get her to #1 on that list as well.

  12. i would be a non-fiction book, too, just to get her to #1!
    Stephenie is so cool! I wish she would write my math book LoL

  13. whatever Stephenie write will be #1, us fangirls will make sure of that! (and she’s such a great writer, we wouldn’t have to)

  14. if math involoved edward i don’t think i would mind it so much any more…just think of the possibilities…

  15. Wow–I LOVE that she beat Harry Potter, as I am neither a reader nor a fan.

    I’m new to your site and just spent the last hour reading all the entries (backwards, though). This was an awesome idea and a very serious task you’re undertaking.

    Have you finished Twilight yet? Good luck?

  16. I would respectfully like to know why there are only 283 hits logged on your article about Stephenie? Shouldn’t there be about a bajillion more?

  17. tMF’s logging system is way off. That guy probably gets 50000 people a month, so no way is that hit counter correct 🙂

    The Lexicon linked to the article, too. So I’m sure it’s far more than 283 in real life 😉

  18. I am a reader of Harry Potter and The Twilight series, and I’m not going to say which one I like better. Kaleb you’re hilarious, my whole family reads your posts! (6 in the family) 🙂

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