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May 15th, 2008 at 1:38 am by Kaleb Nation


Stephenie Meyer: Ultimate MomIt’s finally up! Head on over tMF and read my front page guest-article!

Thanks everyone for submitting so many wonderful responses to help with my tribute to Stephenie Meyer! I am very happy with how the article turned out and I hope you’ll visit tMF to read it!

I received so many wonderful notes about the things people loved about Stephenie, I couldn’t possibly fit them all into the article! But besides the great ones I used in the article itself, I picked my favorite 25 fan quotes, and you can see them over on this page, along with some background info on the article itself.

I’m on to the next chapter of Twilight, so if you’re one of those midnight Twilighters check back in a few hours for my take on Chapter 8!

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24 Responses

  1. Trine

    Fabulous article! ^^

  2. Aria

    Amazing article. Definitely one of the best I’ve read written about Stephenie. Probably because you were praising her… Anyways, can’t wait to hear what you think about Chapter 8!

  3. Aurielle

    Great article, I definitely agree with most of those quotes. As a midnight twilighter, I can’t wait for chapter 8, it’s a very memorable chapter, I’d say. :]

  4. Jennifer

    Nice Work! I think you portray Stephenie well. I have enjoyed reading your site immensely! Keep it up..through all three books..(and then 4). Although maybe you could read a little faster?!?!?

  5. Jenny

    Great article, Kaleb.

    It’s linked at BAE.com 🙂

    Oh.. and Chapter 8… one of my favourites! (that and ‘Phenomenon’).

    You’ve got so much to look forward to.. I mean, you probably don’t even OWN ‘Eclipse’ yet! 😉


  6. Ally

    Great article! 🙂

  7. Minh-Thu

    The best article ever! Your are awesome, Kaleb. And I agree with all those quotes!

  8. Tiffany

    Awesome article! Great job.

  9. Elspeth

    excellent article Kaleb! I might have to save one of your lines… just too funny to read and forget 🙂

  10. Angela

    “And because she treats her readers like her family, they defend her like their own. Woe to the blogger who says something against Twilight. The hounds of hell hath no fury like a band of fighting Twilighters.”

    haha. love it. SO TRUE.

  11. Phinecia

    Awesome article! You captured the essence of SM and the fans very well!!!

  12. Sarah

    Kalab, that was AMAZING! You’ve really captured what makes Stephenie SO special.

  13. inmortal

    Woooahhh, your article is great!! Though I don’t think Stephenie as my mom or anything, she’s just a great author for me and that’s all.

  14. Morgan A.

    Great article Kaleb! Thats probably one of the best articles ive read about Stephenie! I liked the part about how we think of her as our mother, especially the bit were you say “the hell hounds hath no fury next to a band of fighting Twilighters” LOL

  15. Angelica

    WONDERFUL article!! Thank you so much for writing it! ^_^
    Gahh, you are such an awesome person!!! and a really good writer too! I’m looking forward for your book in 2009! ^_^

  16. bookgirlluvstwilight

    your article was soooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait till your book comes out, i’ll order a copy. your book website is reeeeaaaaly cool.

  17. Katie

    I think that article was really well written, and so true! You’d think you had already read all the books, you sound like an accomplished fan (not that you have to of read all her books to be a fan… but you just sound like you have)!

    Also, that’s a really cool picture of Stephenie.


  18. Kim

    I loved the article, and I totally agree with what you said about J.K Rowling– not being able to contact her and such. It looks like you put a lot of effort into it, and you have pleased us long term twilighters! Kudos to you!


  19. Andrea

    Oh! I loved this article…probably one of my favorites regarding Stephenie and her ‘Twilight fandom.’ I don’t know how you do it…I truly admire you. It was definately worth the wait!

  20. Steph

    Definitely loved the article.

    It gave me a good start to my vacation with the fam. Haha.

    Does Stephenie not look beautiful in that picture?

  21. Rachel B

    AHH what a great article! And I cannot believe my quote got stuck in there! I love this blog hehe. 🙂

  22. Bethany

    Great article. I love to read articles comparing SM to JK Rowling, but that’s also because I really just don’t like Rowling.

  23. Lauren

    That was a very nice story! Great job 🙂

  24. Kiki

    I made the top 25 quotes! yay!!! Thanks for sharing that article Kaleb- it was awesome!

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