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TwilightGuys Report: Twilight Brother Sneaks Books From Sister


” So around December my sister got hooked on Twilight. She had explained to me many times it was the best book she has ever read, and that I should read them. When learning it was a love story I snapped it shut and gave it back to her. The Twilight mania did not stop! That’s all she talked about dusk till dawn.

So one day I snuck into her room and grabbed the “best book ever” I took it back to my room, locked the door, and read a chapter then two and then I could not stop. I read till 3:00 in the morning.

The next day my sister wakes up and walks over to her book shelf to make sure all three books are there.When she finds Twilight is missing she starts crying. She goes all around the house asking if any body has seen it.When my door started to open I shoved the book under my pillow and tried to act as normal as possible.She asked me if I had seen it when I said no she started bawling and ran to her room. I locked my door once again and finished Twilight that day. When everyone was asleep I snuck the book back and grabbed New Moon.

It continued like this till I finished Eclipse Now I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn. Her and my mom are both hooked and they still don’t know I have joined the Twilight craze! So does that make me a Twilight Brother? ”

Submitted by Jerome

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  1. That is one of the best ones yet. I would try to persuade my brother to read the books, but he only reads books you can color in. To think, he’s older and thinks he’s smarter. Hah!

  2. Definitely a twilight brother. 🙂 I’m trying to persuade my younger sister to read them, but i guess the prospect of vampires (even ones that are extremely good looking and not evil) isn’t too appealing to an eight year old. 😀

  3. HAHAHA very funny! A twilight brother indeed! ^_^ His sister sounds cute– checking her bookshelf in the morning.

  4. Great story!
    I had to force MY SISTER to read the books. You just read them, though. Good for you!

  5. Haha. Well, I actually can’t even imagine my brother reading the books. I don’t think I’d want him. That would just be creepy. (You’d have to know him to know why I think it’d be creepy.)

  6. Aww! Jerome should tell his mom and sis! Once he gets past the ‘told you so’ period, it’ll be so much fun to have someone in your family to talk to about the books! You can have theories about Breaking Dawn, and all go to the midnight release parties together. Oh, and buy extra copies, since you’ll all want to read it at once!!

  7. I wish my sister could be more like you, then maybe she’d give the books a chance..

  8. He should tell them! He might get a few days of told you so’s, but kit would be easier and his poor sister wouldnt have to cry!

  9. Yeah, little sisters don’t seem to be so crazy about reading Twilight…Mine are both nine years old.
    Nice story! Reading “underground” lolz.

  10. The funniest part is that he never told her, even when she was hysterical, and then snuck the rest of the books the same way. Brothers 🙂

  11. Lol I can’t imagine my bro wanting to read Twilight, he is a computer geek. This reminds me of when we got the last Harry Potter and me and Dad read it at the same time. He would read it while I was asleep and then I would read it during the day and sneak it back to him at night. 😀

  12. aha funny story..u shuld tell them as soon as possible before they find out cuz that wuld be worst =P btw, how old is this guy? =)

  13. O.M.E! Thats awful!If my brother did that I would shank him!
    Funny story though, even if it is cruel to do that to your sister! But I suppose…. thats what brothers are for…….

  14. Haha! I wonder if any of MY male relatives are secretly devoted to Twilight…must investigate.

  15. That was mean of him. He should tell his sister and then buy his own copies! If he tell her he would have someone to talk about it^^

  16. Gee that sounds like my brother. Every time he comes to visit books go missing from my bookshelves. I’m being proactive with Twilight and got him his own copies so he doesn’t have to steal mine. Brothers…what can you say.
    You should definitely tell your mom and sis. All you have to do is tell them to check out this website and they’d figure it out. It’d be fun for you to be able to talk to them about it.

  17. I keep trying to get my guy friend to come to this site! But he doesn’t believe me that Twilight is okay for guys too.

  18. hahaha. this is so funny. he should definitely tell his sister/mom that he read them, though.

  19. I’ve succesfully gotten 5 ppl to read all books, working on some others, but none of them happen to be my sis, and im trying to get her hooked too….no such luck…..so that girl is lucky to have a brother who understands her twilight needs

  20. if they are twilight obsessed they’d go this site. and they probably know by now that you read it! hahah (:

  21. if they are twilight obsessed then they’d go on this site which means they probaably know by now that you read it! hahah (:

    wow ur sister is so funny… checking her bookshelf? *runs to check bookshelf* yep still there!

  23. Good luck sneaking Breaking Dawn if they haven’t found out you’re obsessed yet…

  24. Ha ha, I just like imagined all that in my head and had a good laugh. I find it so funny what lengths guys will go to so they dont look foolish. But I suppose, some girls aren’t any better. I love the idea that there are guys out there who will actually pick up Twilight and get just as hooked as the rest of us girls.

  25. Lol, my brother did the same thing. I caught him after i put my video camera by my bookcase. my copy of twilight disappeared and i was fearing for the life of my new moon, so i put security around it. i caught my brother on film returning twilight and taking new moon.

  26. hahahahahaha my dad did the same… but when i caught him he stopped reading whit the door closed….

  27. My Brother would so do that! he is 23, but we are really close, like best frieds we have always been lol..but sometimes he dont want anyone to know how senitive he is, and he wont want to know im right if i cought him reading twilight. but i asked him to he would! lol..

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