A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

TwilightGuy Reports: Twilight Gave Him The Answers (PART II)

A real, live Twilight Guy success story! We first heard from Greg a few days ago— here are the results of him reading Twilight!


” I e-mailed you earlier, Kaleb, about a girl in my math class who saved me from Twilight-ignorance. She gave me advice on how to cope with Twilight-obsessed friends. Most of all, she sent me to this site.
Well, she came to my soccer game (like the good girl she is 😉 and was sitting out in the bleachers, in the rain, with only one friend. It was an away game, so nobody was there. Also, we … suck. Moving on.

After the game, I ran up to her. She was surprised because I moved so quickly, and dropped her umbrella. Without thinking, I reached down and snatched it off the ground, handing it back to her. She giggled, thanked me…and I think she blushed.
Only later did I realize that I had followed in Edward’s footsteps – he picked up her keys (but with faster reflexes.)

She told me about her experience during the game, which was a lot more interesting, I have to say, than mine. It was really funny, the way she told it – the soccer ball almost hit her in the head, and then a ball from the baseball diamond adjacent to the soccer field. I laughed, until she showed me the scrape on her hand from the sudden movement away from the baseball’s impact. This concerned me; it was clear she had been bleeding. I was about to go get a band-aid or something, but she put a hand on my arm. “No, Greg,” she laughed. “I’m fine.” I teased her about her klutziness, and we went our separate ways.

Only later did I realize – until just recently, I wouldn’t have picked up the umbrella. I wouldn’t have been concerned about her injury (or, what she didn’t know, want to go beat up the guy for almost hitting her.) I’m just not that kind of guy. I’m not protective, or a good listener, or polite, or jealous… At least, I wasn’t.

The weird thing, though, is that I learned this from a fictional vampire. And suddenly…our relationship (pardon my cheesy word choice here) has blossomed. I’ve found it easier to talk to her, when I listen. I’ve found the finite details about her all the more important.

And, I got her to ask me to the Sadie Hawkin’s dance. She claims it was for my ‘chivalrous actions’. So thank you, Edward Cullen and Kaleb. You’ve just won me a night at a dance with a beautiful girl. Hopefully, I can win myself a relationship with a girl I care about.”

Submitted by Greg



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  1. OME (oh my Edward) that is the cutest story ever. I hope I can find a guy like greg if not edward. Well who ever this lucky girl is, I hope you have fun at the dance. And I hope more guys pick up Twilight and really learn from it like greg.

  2. Way to go Greg for having the guts to read the book and for learning from Edward. It should be required reading for all guys. With your new found Edwardness, she’s a very lucky girl and I think she’ll be just as thrilled and excited as you are.

  3. Awwwwww this greg is so sweet xD

    If only more guys could learn from Edward….

  4. AWWW! Merry me, Greg LOL

    No, but seriously, that was so adorable! I wish there were more guys out there following Edward’s steps 🙂

  5. Hey, guys. Er, mostly girls. Thanks for wishing me luck at the dance – let’s just hope I don’t trip. I thought it was only girls that were supposed to be cursed with Bella-moments.

    You know, I didn’t really think about the possibility of her reading this…She’d probably freak out: “Greg, my goodness, you’re on TwilightGuy’s site! How amazing!” Ah, Twilight-obsessed girls. *sigh*
    Sorry, ‘Let!’, but I can’t take you up on the offer of marriage, although that was kind of you. (My mom has always told me to be a good little boy and never connect with anyone over the internet other than just using the internet.)

    No, she’s not a lucky girl. I kind of feel sorry for her – there are so many guys that could be, I don’t know, better than me. I’m the lucky one, however stupid, pathetic, and love-sick-puppy-dog that sounds.

    And wouldn’t it be creepy if everyone started acting like Edward? Fights would break out over who was opening the doors. Oh! Maybe we should have half the guys act like Jacob Black!

    Or not. Thanks again for the encouragement and support –


  6. Greg: I wish the guys I knew were like you.
    Unfortunately, the only guy I know who has read twilight turned out to be more of a Jacob Black type than an Edward. I still have hope for my Edward though!

  7. Okay, it should be required for all guys (mostly the ones at my school) to read Twilight. You will never hear of an abusive relationship again.

  8. Oooooh!!! That is so sweet! Chivalry is so not dead!

    Haha I got a guy at my school to read Twilight! I was very pleased with myself. Though I already have a boyfriend who cringes every time I mention Edward, Jacob, or Twilight.

    He needs a serious thwack over the head with a 498-page bestselling novel… =]

    Oh, and Callie, I agree with you!!! It SHOULD be required that all guys read Twilight!!!

  9. The article made me want to cry. It was so beautiful! I loved it! Thats so cool 😀

  10. Greg, good luck! Your comment was so sweet. But don’t worry, as long as there are Edward Cullens there will be Jacob Blacks. You need opposites to create balance!

  11. That’s awesome! I wish more guys would learn from Edward. That’s the kind of guy that I want, and a lot of other girls too. Kalab, I hope you’re taking notes, girls will be impressed. 😉

  12. Awwww! That totally just made me lose my breath for a minute, and I’m not usually the type of girl to get all, well, girly about this sort of thing. Hmm… I think I’m going to force all my guy friends to read Twilight now.. 😀

  13. Greg, good luck!!

    It’s sad, the one guy I know who’s already read Twilight is already a total gentleman – he’s actually the closest thing to an Edward that I know. And my boyfriend also cringes when I mention the book. (He’s really only heard the title of the book; I think he’d freak out if I started raving about some mysterious Edward, especially since I have a friend with the same name, lol.)

  14. Well, if the girl was the one who told him about twilightguy.com, wouldn’t she be reading all this? Hmmm…

  15. LMAO
    i’ll join in the chorus of “aww!”
    that’s amazing..wish I had a Greg. 🙁 😛
    but ANYWAYS
    ahaha good for you Kaleb, for getting men to show their weak side 😉

  16. This is so cute! I love it when guys do stuff like this! If only I knew a guy like that… *sigh*

  17. AWWWWWW!!!!! SO CUTE!!!
    i am so glad for this site Kaleb!! I would never hear (or read i guess) cute stories with out it!!
    I think some guys in my school need to pick up that book!

  18. There is alot of AAWWWWW’s and That so sweet’s LOL!!! But It is pretty AWWWWWWWWW That’s SO SWWEEEETTT!!! LOLLLL!! But I’m glad that everything WORK out with you! Just goes to show
    But I think Midnight Sun will be a better guild for guys (can’t wait for that) But CONGATS!!


  19. That’s right, Greg! Eddie Cullen has ALL of your solutions to your girl problems!

  20. cutest. thing. ever.

    this is cuter than the hale twins.

    I wish this happened to more guys. Namely guys I know.

  21. Super cute! Guys should definitely learn from Edward.

    Here’s wishing you the best, Greg. But don’t lose confidence in yourself!! The whole “I’m not good enough for her” mentality can be just as annoying as self-righteousness. You’re a nice guy! Be proud of that and don’t sell yourself too short. ^_~

    Have fun at your dance.

  22. AW! That story is so amazing! Go Greg! More guys should learn from Edward cause all the guys at my school are jerks who let their hormones run rampid. *pouts* I want a Greg/Edward…

  23. That may be the sweetest story that I have heard inn a long time. It is nice to know that there are guys out there that realize that girls really do wants guys that listen and care, like Edward. I hope that I find a guy like that too.

  24. Joanna Maria
    I would be skeptical too, if I wasn’t witness to it with my own teenage son. He’s always been polite, courteous, etc…but he has decided waiting for the girl he really likes, with honest to God, old-fashioned ‘courting’ is better than serial dating. It’s a beautiful thing to watch…and I think this is the sweetest story!! Way to be Greg!

  25. That is so awesome, I am really glad she asked him to the dance, I really hope that they become more than just friends.

  26. OMG….one guy finally got it….all boys take a page from Edawrd’s book (not literally, if anyone ripped a page from Twilight i would smack them silly) and learn how to be a gentleman….if more men were like that…well, all girls might just be happy


    That was the most amazing thing I Have Ever Read.


    Except, of course, for the Twilight books themselves.

    If it means he’ll start acting like this, I’ll force-feed Brandon every page of this…

    Flock on,

  28. AWWWW!

    I can just see it now… “Twilight, a love story for girls….a dating guide for guys.” lol.

    Go Greg.

  29. Awwww that`s the sweetest thing ever!!! Haha Edward Cullen is the Casanova of our time 🙂 and he doesn`t even exits, that`s great. Twilight can be the manual to get any girl and my god can you imagine all the wonderful things a guy can learn by reading Eclipse!!??

  30. Naoz iz mah turn:


    Hawz kyoot n sweeeeet!!!!!

    Good luck Greg :))

  31. AWWW! How cute was that!? Love it. That was a great clip of other twilight guys!! 🙂

  32. O-M-G, I think I just fell in love. Who ever that girl is she is pretty lucky to have found one of the very rare species of guy that is actually not a complete male chauvinist. *applaudes*

    LOL, kidding. xD Congrats to you on actually figuring out what it is most ‘intelligent’ girls want in a guy. Yes, I can think of quite a few guys at my school who would definatly benefit from reading Twilight.

  33. Aww! What girl wouldn’t just fall in love with someone like Edward Cullen?
    That’s so sweet 🙂
    Every guy should read Twilight, they could learn from it.

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