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TwilightGuys Report: He Met Robert and Stephenie



“My story starts at Christmas. All my family was at home and we were discussing books and we got onto the subject of Twilight. My brothers were totally knoocking it hardcore like because it swayed from the traditional vampire myths. They were making a huge deal out of something so small and really at the time insignificant (I stress: AT THE TIME).

Well, it got me interested on why it infuriated my brothers so much. I saw that my mother was reading them but I didn’t think too much on it because she reads quite a bit. I did everything in my power to keep me reading it a secret from everybody. I kept Twilight in my room and hid it whenever somebody came in.

I really wasn’t too sneaky about it, though, because my mother and sister caught on quickly what I was doing. They were thrilled. They made a huge stink out of it.

I have never really been a fanatic about anything in my life but Twilight has completely took over. This past spring break I broke down and drove twenty two hours to Portland, Oregon, to the set hoping to get a glimpse of someone famous. Well my dream came true, because while I was there I was able to get a picture of Robert Pattinson (Some of the TM’s call it THE PICTURE of Edward).

Rob Pattinson

But not only did I have the opportunity to meet Robert Pattinson, I had the awesome and surreal experience of meeting the Queen herself — Stephenie Meyer. That was the highlight of the trip. If all else went under and I saw nobody but her, the trip would have been worth it.

Stephenie Meyer

When I got back home, my mother and sister put up the picture of Rob on the Twilight Moms forum. I had the opportunity to meet many of them as well. Anyway, I have officially been named as an Honorary TM. So in other words LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!”

Submitted by M.

Awesome that he got to meet Stephenie! He gets a free t-shirt from TwilightTeez.com !

Sorry no chapter update today! I was super busy. I will be onto Chapter 15 of Twilight very early tomorrow (Thursday), so check back then for the next update!

Along the same thought of M.’s story, is anyone out there planning to go see Stephenie on her short tour with Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld? Sounds like it’s gonna rock (in more than one meaning of the word). The Lexicon’s got the dates and times.

Also, I’m curious about these whispering rumors of Blue October doing some music for the movie. Think they’d be a good pick?



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  1. Soooo lucky =.=
    I want to go to Portland so bad but my parents won’t take me there because A: Plane Tickets are expensive. B: I’m afraid of heights and flying. And C: Gas prices. Enough said about that.

    But then I find out my cousin is moving to Portland! I’m seriously thinking about sneaking there with her haha

  2. Kaleb do you ever sleep?…… Ok me neither hahaha I always check your up dates in the middle of the night and sure enough here they are.
    By the way LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your site, only wish you’ll post a little bit more and more often. Keep up the good work.


  3. Wow! How lucky. I wish I could go to Portland but I live in a different country, haha. That picture of Rob is amazing. Takes my breath away every time I see it XD

  4. I know that guy! LOL It was honorated yeah at TM boards (I’m very active at that community) hahaha and he took great pictures like that XD

    And I agrre of course, that pic of Edward is TEH pic LOL.

    “Blue October doing some music”
    I know nothing about Blue October…are they good? I think Stephenie wanted Muse for the music of Twilight (that would be SO good.. almost 90% of the fans want Muse for the soundtrack) but that’s just a rumor as well.

  5. Why does Rob’s hair always look like it got caught in a windstorm? It really bugs me! Other then that it’s a great picture.

  6. My friend Amy and I saw that, about the tour with Justin from Blue Ocotber. She’s a Blue October obsessie, and a mild Meyer fan. I’m a Meyer obsessie, and a mild Blue October fan. So there. 😀

    We don’t know where, or how, or when, but we will make it to Chicago. Kentucky never has any interesting tours come through here, so dang it, we must go! >.<

  7. I plan on making the New York trip from Alabama. It should be crazy and interesting. Blue October would not be a bad choice for the movie. I love their song 18th Floor Balcony.

    Awesome that he got to meet Stephenie & Robert!

  8. Wow… awesome!

    About Blue October… I dunno. “Hate Me” (the song Stephenie listened to for New Moon) has the perfect words for New Moon, but I’m not so sure about the music. I guess if it works for Stephenie it works. I just can’t get away from Muse and Linkin Park. The music there is so perfect for the whole feel of the books. “Black Orchid” is also really good for New Moon, and I like the music better in that song than in “Hate Me”.

  9. I know this is not the place, but I am a new girl to the Twilight world and would like to gush over how wonderful you are for a few minutes. I’ve just been reading your past posts and you seem a very intelligent, funny, senisitive guy (in a good way) and if you reveal you can play the piano I will actually believe you are this world’s Edward.

    On a downside you’ve just cost me £6.32 on a Little Richard album after reading the entry on chapter 14, which I hold you entirely responsible for.

    Thank you for being very brilliant :-).

  10. I plan on going to the Chicago one, since i live in the suburbs, if my mom will let me. Hopefully she will. 😀

  11. I think blue october is an excellent pick for the movie simply because they are stephenie approved. i remember watching a twilight tuesday and catherine hardwicke said they were talking to my chemical romance and possibly muse as well… all stephenie approved bands. I think it would be a shame to put music in the movie that stephenie wouldn’t like.

    i wish I could go to one of the signings. i live too far away and can’t afford the travel expenses.

  12. oh man! he was the one that took that awesome picture of rob?!
    He’s so lucky and very dedicated to drive 22 hours at that! amazing!!


  13. I’m goin’ road trippin’ to LA for it! And the best part is… I’m getting my bff who’s moving away a signed copy of Twilight! YEEP!!!!!

  14. Wow he rocks, If u were my dad or something I’d totally love you ;D haha I love that picture of Rob and the ones with Stephenie looks awesome!!

    I love Blue October and Stephenie!! Wish i could go…

  15. I like Blue October’s Calling You for the Twilight movie. I think they could write some good original stuff too!

  16. answering your question about Blue October…

    When I first heard them, I just dismissed them as a musical act that would be popular only until something better came along. Right after I heard about the tour, I listened to a couple of their songs again. The music fits perfectly with some of the themes in the series. I actually wanted to cry a couple of times…

    Anyways, yes I do think they would be a good pick. 😀
    Keep up the good work Kaleb!

  17. Even though I live in Texas, I am SERIOUSLY contemplating saving up my money to buy a plane ticket to the Seattle signing. I didn’t get to go to the Frisco signing because I was out-of-town, which ticked me off quite a bit.

    But this time, it’s not only Stephenie. It’s Stephenie PLUS Blue October. Which equals the epitome of awesomeness, in my book.

  18. *YAY* FOR SEAN!!! (our honorary TM)

    Sean and his family are SO amazingly FUN!

    …and Sean’s brother, Mac, is a really good stuff watcher… if you ever need someone to watch your stuff. =D

    Thanks for sharing the article!!!

  19. lucky!!
    i live in Nebraska so i’m too far away from everything to go to this stuff! except for maybe the Chicago one, but my parents would never go for it 🙁 thank goodness for the internet!
    i love that pic of Robert, he looks very Edward-ish

  20. THE PICTURE was taken by a guy?! Wow, that was awesome!! That pic is everywhere. We are soooo grateful for fans like him. It makes it possible for us to just stare at our screen and drool over him…

    I bet your mom and sis are proud!

  21. I love that he is a guy who is an honaray twilight mom! that’s just so cool (and a little bit hilarious)

    I’m 99% sure that i will beg my parents to take me to the one in chicago (i live on the east coast of michigan, so it’s not too far) untill they agree to take me or threaten to ground me or something like that.

  22. Gosh, I think they’ll be a fantastic pick! I love Blue October, and you just can’t beat the passion Justin puts into each and every one of his songs. I live in Indy and I’m hoping I could persuade my dad to drive me up to Chicago or for us to fly out to Seattle when she’s there, since my uncle and my brother want us to come visit them out there any way.

  23. wow that guy is so lucky!! I wish i could have met Robert or Stephenie or BOTH!!! 🙁 too bad the set is soo far away from Louisiana… I dont personally like Blue October but I guess their songs fit…

  24. Also…. i will personally go attack the Studio making the Twilight movie if they put more than 2 songs in the movie that are rap or hip-hop. They will ruin the entire movie if they put them in there as music Edward or Bella listen to.

  25. I’m hoping to go to the show in New York City—I absolutely love Blue October, and I think they’d make some amazing music for Twilight.

  26. I actually love Blue October and have been a fan way before I was a fan of Twilight. I think there music is a perfect backdrop for the story and would be great in the movie.

    When writing and reading I always listen to music and they actually happen to be on my “playlist”. They’ve actually given me quite a bit of inspiration for my current novel.

    So, without a doubt I will be attending the LA event!

  27. What about Muse??? Stephenie loves Muse the best!!! Have you seen her dedications at the end of the book???? MUSE is the biggest musical influence!!! Even the director said they wanted Muse music!! If they don’t get Muse and use Blue October, I’m GONNA BAWL!!!!!!!!!! ;(

  28. I’m hopefully going to see Stephenie in NYC… I’d love it if Blue October did some music for the album!

  29. He got to meet stephenie!?!?!

    And Yes i am ((hopefully!)) going to Chicago for her Blue October signing!

    I think Blue October would be an awesome choice ((next to Muse, of course)) for the movie! Hate me and Into the Ocean are PERFECT for New Moon!

  30. oh..THAT was him! I remember I saw the pictures some time ago. Very COOL!
    Unfortunately, I can’t go to any of the concert/signings because, of course, I’m stuck down here in Houston. 🙁
    I LOVE Blue October,and they’re from HOUSTON..yay!! Twilight & Blue October…can it get any better??
    ..yeah, IT CAN!!

  31. New York baby! I am sooo there! Only problem is, when the tickets go on sale I’m going to be in Italy (volterra, actually) I guess I’ll make my friends buy me one…..
    Anyway, I’m not a huge Blue October fan but I’m thrilled Stephenie is coming to the East Coast.
    P.S I really liked her jacket in that picture! it was soo cute!

  32. Yeah life looks like it’s real good for you!!! LUCKY!! Those are amazing pictures!!

  33. YES!! Blue October is AMAZING!!! sweeet I hope they do something for Twilight :D:D

  34. I don’t know who Blue October is. I read about the event thing but I’ve never heard any of the music. I’m more excited about the prospect of RP composing Bella’s Lullaby. Somehow that would make the story so much more real for the guy plating Edward to write the song Edward wrote for Bella. 😀

  35. I am not a fan of Blue October. meh. But it doesn’t really matter because I am stuck in Texas and she isn’t coming anywhere close!

    Did any one else notice what Mark said? haha.

  36. THAT IS SO COOL!!! I wish I could meet them, but she isn’t coming anywhere near here, guess I’ll have to setle for gushing with my bookclub 🙂

  37. 🙁 I envy anyone that lives anywhere close to places Stephenie/Blue October will be.

    And the story today is pretty cool. What an experience it must have been to meet Rob and Stephenie and other people working on the film.

  38. To Annie:

    Well you are in luck. I read/watched in an interview that it was pretty much a given that NO rap/hiphop/or country music will have any part in the movie.

  39. This guy is so lucky! He met Stephenie Meyer and Robert! This is one of my favorite pics of Rob. His hair is so amazing! *drools*

    I would go to the tour, but I’m stuck in boring Germany. -.-

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