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TwilightGuys Report: Mr. and Mrs. Cullen



“I was walking into work one day when a woman came running around to my desk, yelling for me.
She had just finished the Twilight series, and had absolutely gone insane when she found out i had the last name of Cullen (she’s new, you see).

She was convinced to win my heart, and every day left “blood” red velvet cake, asking me to go out with her. Eventually I did go out with her, and we actually fell in love.

We were married a year later. I got the love of a wife, and what did she get?

The name: Rosalie Cullen.”

Submitted anonymously.

There you go: Mr. and Mrs. Cullen are real 😀 . This week’s awesome TwilightGuy Reporters get a men’s Runs With Vampires shirt from Twilightteez.com!



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  1. That’s really disturbing, to be honest. If someone came up to me screaming about how I had the same last name as a fictional character made of diamond, I’d be amused. If that person continued to make me “blood” cakes every day, I’d report her for harassment.

    I guess it just makes sense that they got married. He clearly doesn’t have very good self-esteem if he can’t tell someone’s in desperate need of therapy.

    I wonder if she screams “Emmett” in the bedroom by mistake.

  2. Are you serious?

    The last name Cullen was interesting,m maybe cute, but Rosalie? ffffffffff no.

  3. I think that’s pretty disturbing. I mean, maybe they fell in love, maybe they didn’t, but seriously: trying to woo a person *just* because they have the surname Cullen?

    Epitome of sanity there.

  4. this is bogus. she says she finished the series and then a year later they got together? the series just finished now. this is clearly made-up.

  5. The fact that she only wanted to get to know you because you have the same last name as a guy in a book she’s in love with is a little disturbing. I don’t know I found this sick

  6. Ok, this was BEYOND disturbing…I mean, even though it ‘worked out’ it still stemmed from obsession with a friggin book. That’s sick

  7. lol wow. How is this sweet? It’s creepy, it’s immature, it’s scary. I doubt she even loves the guy to be honest-how can you love someone because of their name?

    When did people get to be so stupid?

  8. I work at a law office, and I got to scan in a deposition given by a Dr. Edward Cullen from 1988.

  9. That is sooo fake!

    Breaking Dawn (the last book of the ENTIRE series) only came out a few weeks ago (Aug. 2008) so the “a year later” phrase could not have happened yet.

    Also, the stalking thing … in what universe is that cuuuute?!? Hell-O!!!

  10. Awww! How ca-yoote!

    To Slvrdlphn-uhm, the books have been out for three years. Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, she had jsut finished reading up to Eclipse (or New Moon)? That WAS the ENTIRE series..until now.

    NE-Wayz, jsut went on howmanyofme.com

    only ONE Bella Cullen.

    Yeha, I’m jealous.

    But there’s FIVE Robert Pattinson’s [!!!] (:

  11. ROFLMAO! What an insane woman, to chase a guy because of his stinkin’ last name. And he must be equally nuts to have let her. I guess those two idiots deserve each other. LOLOLOLOLOL!

  12. Holy crap is that disturbing. He should’ve put a restraining order against her. Too bad that he was too nice.

    Honestly though this story is really disturbing. How come no one has noticed how absolutely insane Twilight fans can get? Why is no one worried about this? Why is this ACCEPTABLE?

  13. Seriously, what the hell is WRONG with Twilight fans? Are you people too delusional to realize that its just a DAMN STORY and that STALKING someone just because their last name is CULLEN or their first name is EDWARD is just plain ridiculous and psychotic? What is so CUTE about being loved just because you share the same last name or the same first name with a character in a book? I’m sorry, but that’s far from being “cute”, as most of you fans put it. Anyone who thinks this is “cute” and “awesome” really deserves to be smacked in the face.

  14. dude! no fair! i want my own Cullen! hahaha! but its still sweet and i wanna no to did she get a twilight themed wedding?

  15. ok, amber and matylda, what the HELL r u doing on a twilight fansite? Matylda, YOU deserve a smack in the face. If you hate twilight fans and aren’t one urself why would it even occur to you to visit this website and then click around and read articles about twilight, then scroll all the way to the bottom of this page (probably reading all of the comments as you go) and write a friggin paragraph about what you’ve seen in the proccess??? YOU FREAK!!!! is that just what you do in ur spare time? go out of ur way to insult people in as large groups as possible??

  16. Whoa, no way! AWESOME name! You know what would have been even wierder?

    Emmett AND Rosalie Cullen

  17. Oh my GOD, are you all out of your MINDS?! CUTE? You call this CUTE? I completely agree with Stefany, why is this ACCEPTABLE? Why isn’t no one DOING something about this? Good GOD, people! That poor, poor, poor man.

  18. that's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and amazing!

  19. that's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and amazing!

  20. I always prefer the way Edward puts Jacob down in that calm way. You know, that “Do you understand that, mongrel?” and “I will break your jaw for her.”… just download something about that calm anger. This clip just seemed a TAD over the top. And I love how angry Bella is when Jacob kisses her. Download filmes @D0-W-n10@D_F1L R

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