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By now, I’m sure nearly everyone has heard about Stephenie Meyer‘s big upcoming tour with Justin Furstenfeld, the lead singer from the band Blue October. Something like this has never happened before: a worldwide bestselling author visiting cities with the head of a rock band. But as we all know, Stephenie is not the norm, and she’s very good at things that have ‘never happened before’ 😀 .

I’ve noticed, though, that loads of Twilighters are in the dark as to who this group is, even though the majority is familiar with their music because Steph is a fan and lists them on her site. I thought it would thus be a good idea to give those in the dark a little sample music from Blue October, starting with their most popular song to date: Into The Ocean.


It’s actually one of the most interesting songs I’ve heard. I will admit that though Blue October is not my favorite band, I was struck by how well they were able to compose music when I first heard this song. It especially captures an underwater feeling unlike any regular song.

Their other hit, which you’ve probably heard, is called Hate Me, and goes back to their more solid rock influences. This one especially stands out, since Stephenie herself chose it as an alternate song on her Playlist for New Moon:


Now the thing to remember is that although he is part of the band Blue October, Justin Furstenfeld will be the only member touring with Stephenie. Also, according to Stephenie’s website, there is some consolation for those (like me) who cannot make it: they are planning to broadcast via internet at least one of the shows. More info on the tour is on Stephenie’s website.

I’m interested in anyone’s opinions on Blue October’s music and Justin going on tour with Stephenie. Do you think they’ll work well together?

Everyone begin placing your bets on how long those tickets will be available. I’m aiming for 3 hours 😉



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  1. Hey K,

    From the little snippets you’ve posted, I think I still like Linkin Park and Muse better…but I’ll get the Blue October CD and give them more of a chance. I’ll be fighting to get tix on the 21st–wish you could attend too!

  2. If NKOTB can sell out in less than 10 minutes, I’d say SM and JF can sell out just as fast. Ok so maybe a little longer . . . say 30 minutes. And FYI the newest released song by Blue October is Calling You. A good song in my opinion.

  3. I like Blue October, not obsessed but I listen to some of their songs. Still, I’m going to Stephenie’s tour in Chicago (hopefully if I get the tickets) and am very excited! I hope to see other Twilighters from Chi-town there 🙂

  4. I’ve never actually heard of Blue October before this but from what i’ve heard so far i like them. They have a good sound and feel to them. I can’t wait to see the concert in Seattle!

  5. Oh wow, I’ve heard that “Into the Ocean” song, but never knew it was Blue October. I guess you learn something new every day. I’ve been meaning to get some more of their music.

    I wish I could see Stephenie… alas, I live in Canada, and she’s not coming near me. And, I bet tickets are sold out within an hour.

    Finally, I wouldn’t mind getting that Mitch Hansen CD!

  6. I’m willing to bet the tickets will last 30-40 minutes. . .

    I’m aiming for the tickets in Los Angeles and Chicago. . . I live in Arizona, but it’ll be worth the trip. . .

  7. I think this tour would be a bit of a gamble if it were any other author. It’s a lot of money, effort, and new-ness. Luckily for Stephenie, she has such a devoted fan base (myself included, naturally) that we don’t care who she’s touring with. Heck, she could be touring with a filthy man who lives in a box and we’d still be fighting each other for tickets.

    (Not to say that Justin Furstenfeld is filthy or lives in a box — I’m sure he has a lovely home.)

    One hour, tops, and those tickets will be gone.

  8. I’ve always thought Linkin Park was pretty terrible, but I like a lot of Stephenie’s other favorites – Blue October included (love “Into the Ocean”). I think their songs could translate into a really cool little accoustic jam session.

  9. i’ve never heard of Blue October until recently and i actually like them! Calling You is kinda my fave right now, second to that is Into the Ocean. I think the concert will be gone in about an hour-more or less. As if i’ll be there-my summer will be spent halfway around the world 🙁

  10. I was disappointed that the majority of all of the tour locations are all north of me. Oh well… I will catch the internet thing.
    Blue October.
    I will admit I LOVE there music. It is unique and I find my mellow mood music for those days I want all things to be soft, relaxing… or if I am depressed.
    I really enjoy them.


  11. People who live in these areas are so lucky they have the tour to go to! Hey, any one who lives in America is lucky when it comes to Stephenie Meyer. She’s only been to England once, and I couldn’t make it. I heard somewhere she’s never coming to England again, which sucks 🙁

  12. I think this tour will be fantastic, because it’s such a new idea, and also because there are so few dates set on it. That’s bound to get people even more worked up.

    I love Blue October, and I really think their music represents Twilight well. Stephenie made a good choice there!

    And also, that CD would find a good home with me…really… 😀

  13. I really like the depth to their music, it is amusing as to how well the songs listed fit the TWILIGHT books. Do I think it will work??? Anything and everything with SREPH and TWILIGHT works, I am so lucky and grateful that I live about 20 minutes from NYC, I will so be there!!!


  14. Oh, I LOVE Blue October! “Foiled for the Last Time” is one of my all time favorite albums! In my book Justin Furstenfeld ranks right up there with Matt Bellamy (from Muse, for those who don’t know) when it comes to intesting lyrics and complex arrangements plus, I love his voice.
    Their stuff is softer than Muse and Linkin Park so I use it for setting a mood or balancing with My Chemical Romance and Placebo sometimes. There are a few songs that even remind me of Enya, specifically some of the strains in “Congratulations”. Besides “Into the Ocean” and “Hate Me” check out “Congratulations”(with Imogen Heap), “The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down”, “18th Floor Balcony” and “Calling You”. From his lyrics Justin has clearly been to hell and back. Having been there myself I can identify. I can’t wait for their new album.
    I think having him and Steph together will be awesome and lucky me, I live near Chicago!

  15. I love Blue October 🙂 They’re not my favorite band, but I still love ’em 😀 And I’m betting 30 minutes on the tickets 😀

  16. I am definitely betting less than 3 hours…maybe less than 1 hour. Before I started reading the Twilight books in February, my obsession was Blue October. I love these guys…their music is unbelievable. To pair Blue October in any way with Stephenie Meyer is priceless.

  17. This is so cool! I not only love all the books, but also blue october. Now if only the show was coming to my area during a weekend and not on a week day. Unfortanatly I have to keep my prioraties straight like school.

  18. I disagree with you Kaleb…. the tickets will be available till 2 hours!!! 🙂

    Anyway I have to say that, in my opinion, Blue October make an atmosphere that has a huge feeling with Stephenie’s stile. (This is what they transfuse to me)

  19. I cant believe shes not coming anywhere near texas, and I was sooo planning to go.
    I dont think her tickets will last 3 hours..I think 10 minutes..lol
    Thats awesome that Justin F will be with Stephenie, I bet she’s really excited!

  20. This is awesome news! Stephenie and her books are doing things that no one else would have ever even thought of… She is truly one of a kind.

  21. Now. My love for Blue October started way back when I saw a picture of Justin with his guy-liner. I fell in love. So, I found out he had a band (what are the odds?) So I went and bought a CD. I think I became obsessed… Now I LOVE Into the Ocean… BUT You make me smile is my favorite song by them of all time. I wish so bad that I could go to New York to meet him.. and Stephenie of course. NOpe I am stuck going to Ottawa for a masquerade. Still awesome.
    Its just a bonus that Stephenie like Blue October as well.!

  22. I actually really don’t like Blue October. When they said they were announcing the tour on MTV I thought MUSE MUSE!!
    But, alas, I was wrong. I’m still thrilled to see Stephenie (something I’ve been waiting for since my twilight life began)I’m going to try to get tickets to the New York one, but Im going to be in Italy when they go on sale.
    Does any one know if I can order them in another country? I think so…right?
    Anyway, those tickets are going to be GONE in about one hour!

  23. Blue October may not be my favorite band, but i can see where the characters in Meyer’s books can relate to them. “Hate Me” may make more sense as a good song for some chapters in New Moon, it’s easy to see why Bella would avoid music if she heard this song.

  24. I was thrilled to find out that Blue October was touring with Stephenie Meyer. They’ve got to be one of my favorite bands.

    I’m planning to go to the Nokia Theatre in New York City, and I’m calling to get the tickets at the strike of noon on June 21st. I say they sell out in under an hour.

  25. I LOVE Blue October! I have loved them for years! When I saw they were on Stephenie’s playlists I got all excited! This tour is going to be AMAZING, two of my favorites in one night… bliss!

  26. Im buying tickets for NYC my mum’s best friend lives there so I can go but I have to help pay for the plane tickets ick but I’m working at a farm and I babysit and ride ppl’s horses so I’ll get the money in no time

  27. I like Blue October. Not my favorite band but some songs are like they were written just for the books.

    I think the tickets will be sold out in 1 hour. ^^

    Why was I born in Germany? *cries* Well, she was here this year, but it wasn’t like the tours in the U.S.

  28. i think itll b out for about 45 mins-1hr….stephenie is rly popular and blue october is an AWSOME bandd and EVERYONE LUVS TWILIGHT!! WHOO1!! AND EDWARD!!! …lol…xP

  29. Im guessing like maybe an hour and a half to two hours. They won’t last long especially since this is her last tour. People will want to go see her that didn’t get the chance before. Super Fast. I’ll say an hour and a half. Oh and mentioning a band, well one person in the band, going on tour with her. Thats awesome!!!

  30. I’m giving the tickets an hour maximum. Also, I’ve never been a fan of Blue October. Their instrumentals are good, but I just don’t like angry/angsty music, which is what I heard in ‘Hate Me’ and ‘Into the Ocean’. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind a Mitch Hansen cd. ;).

  31. I’m with Clair, here. It would be awesome if Stephanie would come to England. She has a large fan base here, and it’s growing all the time.

    I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a friend who went to the book signing in Torrence (CA) for the The Host tour, and got me a book signed. But to be able to meet her myself, or even see her from across a room, would be so much better than that.

    I like the songs. Though I like ‘Hate Me’ much better. In fact, while listening to ‘Hate Me’, I could kind of see The Cullens doing some kind of slow motion scene. Walking through the Forks High School, perhaps.

    Hmm, perhaps I’m just odd.

    P x

  32. Blue October’s ok, not one of my favorite bands but they’re good. I like their song X-amount of words.

    As far as tickets go I’m guessing 2 hours or so. I think tics for the Eclipse prom sold out in 4 (I could be wrong though) and since the book’s popularity has grown since then and there’s more venues it makes sense that they’d sell out faster.

  33. So i actually knew about Blue October way before i knew about Twilight and have been a fan of theirs for a while now. I personally love how different their music can be and i think some of their songs match up well with Twilight (probably because Stephenie listened to them while writing 😛 ) I wish i would be able to go see them together but unfortunatly they aren’t coming to Canada sooo. oh well i’ll live vicariously through others.
    thats my thoughts on it 🙂 i think it’s a great idea!
    ~* Ashley
    p.s if you want to put me in the draw for the CD’s i’d be happy 🙂 but only if you want to 😛

  34. Heck yes! I’m buying the tix online RIGHT when they get out! My dad got The Host signed for me in Texas, but I’ll actually be able to get Twilight signed and actually see her face to face! Auuugh! So cool! ^.^ 😀

  35. I love Blue October! They aren’t my favorite band but their songs have so much feeling. Hate Me is perfect for New Moon, so extremely perfect!

  36. On June 21st, the second the tickets are available, I’ll be at the computer, phone in hand, credit card in the other. I’ll call Harris Theater and buy at least 2. Then I’ll relax and start freaking out over the fact that I’m actually going to meet Stephenie Meyer. :DDD

  37. I love Blue October, and was thrilled when I heard Justin was touring with Stephenie. I will be on the computer at 10 AM on the 21st to get my tickets. I am actually kind of stressing about it, I want to go so badly.

    My favorite song by them is “Sound of Pulling Heaven Down”. Justin truly is an amazing song writer. His lyrics are so poetical.

  38. I LOVE Blue October!!! Anyone who is going is soooooooo lucky! I’m in Canada and was lucky enough to catch her when she came to Toronto but there were sooo many people stuffed into a tiny store it was so disorganized ! I wish she would come visit again! 🙁
    I’m betting 1 hour – 2 hours MAX, although I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear that Stef Meyer beat out the times of the Spice Girls or American Idol tour LOL 😀

  39. My kids ages 6 and 4 LOVE Into the Ocean and love to watch the music video. I know, I have weird kids. But I love ’em! I think their favorite is Calling You, though. I too am a big fan of theirs and wish I could make it to see them on tour with Stephenie, but time and money will not allow it. 🙁

  40. My best friend and I had decided to go to the one in Chicago, since I love Stephenie, and she loves Justin. So, she gave me all her Blue October albums, and I gave her the Twilight books and the host. Now we have two shared addictions. lol

    I agree with what she says about Justin. He writes from his own experiences, and sings wih his heart and soul. He’s really quite profound.

  41. i disagree with your bet, stephenie has grown immensely in fame since the sale of the signiture edition bella’s bracelet and That was 3 hours. i’d say more along the lines of 2 1/2, maybe 2:15.

  42. I have to admit that I only discovered Blue October because of Stephenie. How I wish I had known about them years ago! I picked up their cd “Foiled” just yesterday and its been stuck in my head ever since. I love the deep meaning in their lyrics and their “off the norm” sound of their music much like Muse. Their music videos are also extremely interesting to watch. I’m studying art history in college and the video of “Into the Ocean” is captivating. Absolutely worth taking a look at.

    I would LOVE to go to one of the book signings, but sadly each of them requires a plane ride that this poor college student can’t afford. I’ll just stick to watching the live video stream.

  43. I really don’t like Blue October, I think that they are way overplayed, but this is kind of cool. Who ever heard of an author touring with a band? I still wish I could go, no matter who is playing. Alas, she isn’t coming to Canada.

  44. I have heard of Blue October before, and I like them a lot, but unfortunately I will not be able to go to any of the events…I really hope that Stephenie’s plans to try to make it so that everyone can see the signings is possible!!! I think that this information about Blue October will be really helpful to some twilighters that are interested in more information. I never really thought about how Into the Ocean really has the underwater feel to it…great job catching that!!!…oh and btw, I give the tickets an hour, tops!

  45. Hey! I think touring like this is a very neat idea! I went to an Eclipse signing last year and once Steph started signing…it was a bit more dull. And not the greatest run. But having this idea is so creative! I’m hoping tickets don’t go too fast. I’m lucky enough to live right by one of the cities!!! Though I’ll have to manage ticket buying while I’m on vacation. A bit awkward….

    Now get reading! I can’t wait to hear your analysis of ALL the rest of the chapters!

    ~and if the week isn’t up yet I’m still in~

  46. I love Blue October. My mom got me into it, and I can say that I like them better than Muse for sure. But Linkin Park and them are at a tie in my mind.
    I wish I could here them! But seeing as NOTHING comes closer to Sacramento (closest big city) than Los Angeles on her tours…I can’t go. I wish, why can’t anything happen in SF anymore?

  47. I’m pretty much hoping I can get my hands on a few tickets. It would be my first opportunity to see Stephenie (darn, college, always pulling me away from more fun things!)

    I’m not a huge Blue October fan, but I do like the fact that they’re a little different.

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