A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)


Yesterday evening, I received a special TwilightGuy story. Out of the hundreds I have been sent, this is the most touching I have read. I promise– it deserves to be read to the end:

Β I’m a 79 year old, happily married for 58 years to my beautiful wife, Sarah; father of two beautiful girls, and grandfather of four boys and one girl, and I’m now called Twi-Grandpappy. Now I’m very tech challenged, don’t have an email, so my 19 year old granddaughter is letting me use hers so I can tell you about my Twilight Tale.

I’ve worked at the same company for 50 years. Most of the women in the office are nosy and near my daughters’ ages. Except four weeks ago we brought in a new girl who happens to be 19 (the youngest in the office). She happens to be the daughter of one of the sub’s and very well behaved. Everyday, she came in on time, and left when she was done with her work. She didn’t talk much but she did listen to her little MP3 thing. We sometimes could hear whatever she was listening to, if the office was quiet- but it never seems to be that. Now I was curious as to what she would mouth and I caught “Edward,” “Bella,” and “Jacob” at times. So at lunch I asked her. She actually smiled and said “Twilight by Stephenie Meyer”. Still being curious, I wanted to listen.

So every day, during our lunch, she would put the story on her MP3 speaker (don’t askΒ  me how) and we would listen a chapter every day.

I was hooked at the first chapter, interested. My lunch partner and I would talk about the chapters and Twilight everyday. We were known as the Twilight Lunch Buddies.

Now my story turns sad.

Everyday she would come in, remember? Well one day, she stopped coming. Her father didn’t come in either and I was worried. Then when I finally saw her father, on Monday on my way home, I saw the grief in his eyes. Marie, my buddy, passed away on Friday the 13th.

My lunch buddy was visiting a friend of hers from High School, one she hasn’t seen in nearly a year. They were going to the Mall on Thursday, to buy a gift for my retirement party that was to happen on June 20th, when she was hit by a car. She died on the operating table, trying to restart her heart.

I am always going to miss her, but I shall always carry one thing from her. Her father earlier today came and gave me a little box. “She wanted to give you this,” he said.

Inside was her own battered copy of Twilight with a little note in the side:

“Jimmy-Jim, I sadly had to return Twilight back to the library so I no longer have it but I thought you would love to read this after work. We could talk about what you read the next day at lunch.

Much Love, Marie.

PS- ask your grand-daughter to check out this site for you. He’s funny, like a younger version of you.”

And she gave me your website. I read the entry for today, the 17th, and wanted to give you my tale of how I became known as the Twi-Grandpappy.


Added 1:06 AM: I hope nobody is upset with me posting this. I know, it is sad, when the rest of this site is all happy. But I felt it was best that you knew his story. It was the least I could do, since he sent it to me.



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  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to Marie’s family. Thank you Jimmy for offering this story to us, and thank you Kaleb for posting it.

  2. Oh that is so sad I wish I could give you a hug Twi-Grandpappy, could you tell her family that we’re thinking of them?

  3. This was so touching. I started to cry after reading it. Thanks, Kaleb for posting it.
    RIP Marie

  4. i am a really big sap, so by the time i was finished reading i was in tears. after i stopped crying i sent a link to all my friends (most of who already visit your site when i tell them you’ve just read another chapter) and almost all of them cried. it was an extremely touching article and thank you so much for posting it!

    My prayers are with her family, and with Twi-grandpa. A loss is very difficult, and they were lucky to have her in their lives. It really shows us how much a small gift can mean to a person. It also shows us how fast things can change, and how short life can be.

  5. how could we be upset with a story like that? it was so touching and beautiful. thanks for sharing this amazing story with us.

  6. I’m new to the whole twilight thing and I just finished reading eclipse today, after starting reading the series this weekend. I cried through several chapters of the book (don’t know how or why) and in my search for more twilight related stuff i found this site. I thought it would be funny because I can’t imagine a guy ever reading this books, but the first thing I found was this story about the twi granpa and the waterworks came right back at me!! Still it was a beautiful story that deserved to be told

  7. That made me tear up. πŸ™
    That was a beautiful story. I’m extremely sorry for your loss, Jimmy.

    And Kaleb, thank you for sharing this. πŸ™‚ It was sweet, nonetheless. πŸ™‚

  8. Wow, that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for posting it, it’s really touching.

  9. So I have to say this story is bittersweet and even though it is sad it is too good not to share. I have to say that this is kind of what authors love to hear about. Their books bringing groups of people together that normally would not be together.

    I have to say as a fellow Twilight fan to someone I’ll never meet, thank you for sharing this story.

  10. Kaleb, Never regret following your heart. It was right in so many ways that you posted Jimmy’s story. It honors him and Marie, may she rest in peace.

    You give us plenty of laughs and sharing this story allows us to appreciate those laughs even more.

    I hope Twi-Grandpappy’s heart isn’t too sad so that he can finish Twilight and the rest of the books.

  11. Wow that touched me a lot. If you email him back send all of our condolences to him and the girl’s family. I’m glad Twilight is doing good work like bringing the generations together.

  12. that was soooo touching πŸ™‚ i love how twilight isnt just a book but has stories beyond it that are so impacting. it was sad but i loved it immensly

  13. wow, to think that one person can have such an effect on another simply by sharing a story, you know, I don’t think Jimmy will ever forget her.

    I never knew her and I’m hoping that I won’t.

  14. I have tears streaming down my face… it’s such a touching story. What a gift to give someone – a connection to your website so that he could continue with Twilight.

  15. That was such a touching story. Thank you so much for posting it – despite the tragedy, it is wonderful to see that Twilight, much like Harry Potter, transcends age and gender.

  16. Okay, Kaleb. First off, stop apologizing. You have nothing to apologize for. I wouldn’t even tell you this except that apologies usually come from feeling that you have to make amends or fix something. You don’t have to do either.

    In fact, thank you. Thank you for blogging this, thank you for the stories, thank you for your insight and consideration, and thank you for sharing this with us.

    Seriously, if you haven’t convinced a few girls that you’re really Edward in disguise posting this, I would be surprised.

    I will admit, this story made me cry. Partly because I wasn’t expecting it to end the way it did, partly because I’m about the same age as Marie, and partly because I am gradually becoming aware that the world does have stories like this when I expect the real world to be like Twilight with happy endings for everyone.

    And I don’t think you or anyone else who reads this will ever understand how hard it is to make me cry. Stephenie Meyer’s writing wrung two tears out of me. That’s it.

    Jimmy- if you’re reading through the comments, I want to say that I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for having the bravery to share this.

    And thank you, Kaleb, for posting it.

  17. Thank-you for sharing this. This is one of life’s truly beautiful things. It made me happy and sad. I laughed. I cried. Mostly cried. I laughed because of the trying to figure out what she was listening to and I wouldn’t expect a man of that age would be interested but cried because of the obvious. It is sorta ironic because she died on Friday the 13th and his party is on Edward’s b-day.

    Kaleb thank-you for the story. Don’t worry about people hating you. This is something that should be posted regardless of what some people may think.

    This is somwthing that Twilight haters should read. Not only Twilight haters but people who don’t think that it can change lives and help people with things. I know that from experience and this story is proof.
    My best wishes to the family and to my new personal hero (Twilight related) Jimmy the Twi-grandpappy! I am sincerly sorry for your loss. And thank-you Jimmy for the story.

    I know some people might be mad at me for saying this related to the circumstance but I would like to talk to Jimmy to see his views on the book. I have heard many people’s opinions but never a 79 year old’s. Or anyone over 60 for that matter. Let’s hope Jimmy will be able to read the rest of the books and think of the happy memories.

    Once again my heart goes out to her family and to Jimmy, who lost his Twilight lovin lunch buddy.
    May Marie rest in peace. I sincerely hope that she can read Breaking Dawn and watch the Twilight movie from where ever she is now. She deserves it for sharing Twilight and using it to help close the gap between generations.

  18. This is a sad, yet very touching story and I am happy you posted it. May Marie rest in peace and I’m happy to be a part of something with such a diverse fanbase.

  19. Thanks for posting Kaleb … can’t see how anyone would be mad at you for it.

    It is amazing how much Jimmy and Marie both have a place in our hearts through this one common thread. Jimmy – I hope you finish reading the books and enjoy them as much as Marie and the rest of us have/are.

  20. Thanks for sharing, Kaleb. That was one of the most heartbreaking stories I’ve ever read. It’s good to have sad stories sometimes. People need to understand that there are really worse things in this world than the happenings of fictional characters. So, no apologies necassary! Jimmy, thanks for sharing you story. It’s hard to share someting like that when it has touched you so deeply. You are the coolest grandpappy I know! πŸ™‚

  21. Kaleb – this was beautiful & so sad. These are the real stories though – the way that books can touch us. That is the whole reason for this fandom. This series touched each of us in its own way. It has brought dads closer to daughters, husbands to wives, boyfriends to girlfriends, moms & daughters, sisters, etc. Stephenie gave us a new outlet to share. For this wonderful Twi-Grandpappy he found a friend through the series, though her life was cut way too short for whatever reason one of her purposes was to befriend this gentle soul. Kaleb – these stories are the ones that make it all real. The connection we have all made & the friends/relationships that have been formed. Don’t ever apologize for being compassionate. It was your compassion that made you post the story – it makes you even more lovable. Thank you.

  22. Thanks, Courtney. For summing it all up for me in that lovely way.

    As I’m typing this, I’m blinking back tears. Thank you, Kaleb, for posting this, and to the Twi-Grandpappy, I give you one big hug.

  23. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It just goes to show that this book brings generations together and it really transcends time. What else could draw together a teenage girl and our now beloved twi-grandpappy?

    I was touched and certainly saddened by this… Someone should volunteer to be his new twilight buddy?

  24. Kaleb, it’s fine! You don’t have to worry about what we’ll think! But thank you for posting this. It was so touching that people are able to come together through Stephenie’s books, despite age differences, genertations, and other qualities that often define our soceity.

  25. Wow. That story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing how Twilight can honestly bring different people together.
    I too read Courtney’s post. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  26. Thats so sad =(
    I actually had to stop myself from crying…
    Twi-Grandpappy, you’re amazing =)
    And Marie..
    Rest in Peace ._.

  27. this is from spain… and im just so impressed that all that i can say itΒ΄s MARY YOU ROKΒ΄S FROM HEAVEN (great to sent this to k, jimmy πŸ™‚ )

  28. Dear twi-grandpappy,
    I am so sorry, that was a very touching story. Thank you for sharing that with us. I know you will see her again in the next life. You must have been her angel. I think you meant a lot to her. Thank you and I am so sorry.

  29. that definitely was the best story ever, despite having a sad ending. but it was beautiful how such an amazing story can bring two very different people together. rest in peace marie.

  30. Wow… Amazing story. Tragic how Marie’s life had to end when it was only just beginning. But, at the same time, she’s left us with an amazing story that we can all learn from and it sounds like she’s touched the hearts of many people. I’m sure Marie was an amazing person, and at least Jimmy will always have his memories of her.
    Could you send him a reply Kaleb? On behalf of all the Twilight fans who have read his story; Just to say that Marie and her family and friends are on our minds and in our prayers? And that we all appreciate him sharing his story? I’m sure he’d love that.
    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! πŸ˜€

  31. I knew a Marie who just pasted away that was a dear reader of mine on FF.net. I wonder if that was the same Marie. She had been telling me that she was reading Twilight with a guy.

    A very sad story but a wonderful one. I shall keep everyone in my prayers.

    And Kaleb, we don’t hate you for posting it. Bittersweet as it is but I’m glad that you posted it. Very mature unlike most guys I know, hardly any of them would touch Twilight unless they were tied to a chair.

  32. That maybe the sweetest and sone of the sadest stories i have heard. losing someone is always hard and when they are taken tragicly it is even harder. i’m really glad that you posted this story even though it brought tears to my eyes.

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