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TwilightGuys Report: The Secret Twilight Guy



“I’m a typical 16 year old guy. I love sports, especially baseball. I have a black belt. I hate reading, and I hate yucky romance stuff.

But my sister, Nollie, who is older than me by 3 years, is the Queen of the Twilight here in our house. She’s already converted 2 of her friends over to the “Twilight” zone, one of whom is a real tomboy that loves baseball and football. I thought I was safe from my sister and her Twilight antics…that was until she came home from college for the summer.

With two convertions under her belt…she started on another victim –I mean friend– our own mother. And I think–well I now know–that she has her eyes set on me for convertion. Why?

The first day–FIRST DAY–she was home, she showed me this pretty neat clip. I see guy running, tackling some animal, I see a van about to kill this girl and the guy stops her, I see him throwing girl on back and out a window. It was…interesting. I play it off as like “Okay…what was that?” not so she knows she got to me. She said “That was the trailer for Twilight.”

“What’s Twilight about?” I asked.

“Vampires,” she said, smiling.

Oh dangit…she already has me hooked on seeing the movie just at saying “vampires.” But it gets…more attached when she then tells me, on our way to the Hockey Playoff game, that the movie also includes…baseball. BASEBALL?!

My calender is marked for Dec 12 for the movie. But her plans don’t stop at just me seeing the movie. I asked her, my loving sister, to help me with a project and she goes, “Only if you read Twilight.” Now, I don’t do reading. Writing, heck I like to write short stories about guys and sports, none of the girlie stuff. I go “…okay, but I won’t read it…I’ll listen to it.”

Now every night, I hide around the corner of my parent’s room where she reads chapter by chapter to my mother, recording my mum’s reactions and thought about each chapter for her blog segment called “my mum’s becoming a Twilight mom”…while at the same time, I’m becoming a secret Twilight Guy.

Darn my sister being home.”

Submitted by Z.

I have little doubt that he’ll be out in public soon 😀 And he gets a t-shirt for free from Twilightteez.com for his story!



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  1. I completely converted my brother to reading Twilight. He had been complaining of a headache for a while so the doctor told him he couldn’t play video games or use the computer or watch tv for a few days. After trying to distract him with other things, I started reading Twilight to him. He begged me to stop, so I did, until I remembered that he would probably like the action parts better. I skipped to the end of the book and read a little teaser to him, and then he wanted to know the background. I wouldn’t tell him, so he had to read it himself. He finished the first book in less than 24 hours. hahaha!

  2. Back in August, 2007, my sister’s friend’s sister lent me new moon to read, because i was all out of books. I unfortunately ended up reading the books all out of order, and even though i have reread them in order multiple times, i still like jacob better than edward *dont kill me*
    i got thirteen people from my school and church to read the series, and one of my converts actually made a deal with this guy in my grade that if he would read twilight, she would read some series called gregor the overlander, about giant roaches *shudders*
    i am in the process of converting my sister, but my parents have told me that they do not aprove of vampires and such satanic things. yeah, thats wat fake book covers are for

  3. I have already gotten six of my friedns to read Twilight, as well as my mom. I’m working on my little sister right now, telling her I will make sure she does not get to see the movie with us until she reads at least the first book. She really wants to see the movie so it’ll work. Now I’m trying to get my dad to read it…

  4. When I showed my brother the Trailer, he got caught up with it too. I checked his YouTube account and I find that he has been watching a few videos about Twilight. And other than that, Kristen is his favorite actress. So, he’s really looking forward to the movie.

    After we watched it, my brother borrowed my Twilight book over his own free will. And he is not ashamed of it. Even in front of his friends.

    I remember hearing one of his friends say with that obnoxious tone, “You read it too?” And my brother said(Without looking away from the book), “Yeah.”


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