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Pick The Song For Twilight [Round 2]

And thus, with over 7,000 entries, we step into the second round to Pick The Song For Twilight!

These songs were the top-10 suggested tracks from the past week on the site, from visitors all around the world. Below the voting box, I have placed clips from the ten songs for you to hear. Also, as mentioned before, TwilightTeez.com and The Mitch Hansen Band will be giving away a Bite Me hat and Mitch Hansen CD to one randomly chosen entry from the voters!

Again, the goal is to pick the song that describes Twilight as a whole. You can vote up to 3 times, and discuss the music and your votes in the comment box below. I will announce the final, most-voted-for track on my post for the epilogue of Twilight!

Preview the Songs:

Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


Seventeen Forever by Metro Station


This is For Keeps by The Spill Canvas


Time Is Running Out by Muse


Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls


Iris by Goo Goo Dolls


Lion by Rebecca St.James


Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis


All Around Me by Flyleaf


Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye


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339 Responses

  1. Please Kaleb! We’re all dying here! Save us! How are the polls doing??? UPDATE!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  2. It was a tough choice, but in the end my all time favorite for the book was “Lion” by Rebecca St. James. The lyrics were perfect for Bella, and the book is in Bella’s POV, afterall. I loved “Hero/Heroine” by Boys Like Girls for Edward, too, but since Twilight is told by Bella I think the song should be from Bella’s point, too. Plus, the lion… I mean, come on, how much more perfect does it get? Well, I hope it wins, and I’ll check back to see the winner!

  3. Iris all the way! its the most beautiful song on that list, and fits twilight perfectly . i actually listened to that song over and over again when i was first reading the saga!

  4. Are you not going to be doing updates anymore, then? How sad. If you are though, an update would be nice right about now. Thank you!

  5. Sheesh that’s a lot of good songs to choose from, if only we could choose them all @.@

    Anyways, I’m excited to know what song will win =D

  6. Kaleb, an update would be AMAZING right about now 🙂 My mom and I, both dedicated Twilighters, listened to all of the songs today and picked our favorite out as “Lion”, but we want to know if it is still in the lead!!! PLEASE update soon 🙂 Thanks!

  7. A lot of people want Lion to win. NO!!!!!! I really didn’t like that song too much. I have to say I do not want it to win. Sorry to everyone who does like it, though. I just don’t think it captures ALL of Twilight that’s all.

  8. Holy crow! I’m so happy the song I chose got in! OMG OMG OMG! Idk y tho, but EEEEEEEEP! Hero/Heroine, people!

  9. I’m sorry we keep bugging you Kaleb, but really, we’d stop if you WOULD JUST UPDATE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It describes the WHOLE book!!
    Muse is okay but I can’t honestly see it being played durring the credits. Lion I can however!
    So come on everyone and chose Lion!!!

  11. I thought Lion was played for the Chronicles of Narnia. For Twilight? Eww. During the credits? No, not so much. And it definitely doesn’t describe the whole book.

  12. And I don’t think they’d play a song in the end credits that was made for another movie, either.

  13. how can you say Lion doesn’t seem like a Twilight song??

    LION is the PERFECT Twilight song! to me, it completely describes it from Bella’s perspective. the whole entire thing. it’s like it was written just for Twilight. it’s amazing

  14. But I thought it was written for the Chronicles of Narnia. I mean, that’s what everyone keeps saying.

  15. Yeah, so I went to youtube to listen to Lion and I have to admit it is a pretty good song, but I was distracted by the different Chronicles of Narnia clips flashing by. And it doesn’t really change my vote. But she has a nice voice. I just thought it was borderline (and please, please don’t get offended here, this is just my humble opinion) corny. That’s all. Still a nice song though if you’re into that kind of thing which I admit, I’m not. Sorry! But still, I liked her voice.

  16. i reckon that just because lion was a Narnia song doesnt mean that it cant be the twilight song…lion fits twiilght perfectly- in my opinion – and i dont realli think it matters where it came from…an in a very very slight way – note: very – aslan is a bit like edward- the saviour, an angel, kind-hearted and unselfish….



  18. I refuse to go to bed until I see an update!!!!!!!!!!!


    never mind then

  19. I died because I never got an update. I only blame one person.
    (Points to boy holding Twilight with brown hair.)

  20. I think that Bleeding Love *shudder* would be better for New Moon, ’cause as Edward said, “I cut you open and left you bleeding.” Or something like that.
    Although, i hate the song with as much passion i can muster. Really. It’s terrible.

    But, i’m not here to complain about that, i’m here to say that i voted for Time Is Running Out, ’cause the lyrics really suit what the book is about.

    “Time Is Running Out”

    I think I’m drowning
    I wanna break this spell
    That you’ve created

    You’re something beautiful
    A contradiction
    I wanna play the game
    I want the friction

    You will be the death of me
    You will be the death of me

    Bury it
    I won’t let you bury it
    I won’t let you smother it
    I won’t let you murder it

    Our time is running out
    Our time is running out
    You can’t push it underground
    You can’t stop it screaming out

    I wanted freedom
    Bound and restricted
    I tried to give you up
    But I’m addicted

    Now that you know I’m trapped sense of elation
    You’d never dream of
    Breaking this fixation

    You will squeeze the life out of me

    Bury it
    I won’t let you bury it
    I won’t let you smother it
    I won’t let you murder it

    Our time is running out
    Our time is running out
    You can’t push it underground
    You can’t stop it screaming out
    How did it come to this?

    You will suck the life out of me

    Bury it
    I won’t let you bury it
    I won’t let you smother it
    I won’t let you murder it

    Our time is running out
    Our time is running out
    You can’t push it underground
    You can’t stop it screaming out
    How did it come to this?


    ‘Cause when you think about the book overall, Bella (in the beginning) is curious in this interesting and strange… um, stranger. Don’t the lyrics relate to that??

    “You will suck the life out of me”

    “You’re something beautiful”

    “You will be the death of me”

    (From Edward and Bella’s view)

    “I tried to give you up, but i’m addicted.”

    And i’m not sure, but i think that some people (just guessing) may have voted for that song just because they liked it.

    That was part of my reason, too. 😀

    There. I think that was enough to convince you guys!

  21. Hey guys, just so you know, “Lion” wasn’t actually written for Narnia. I mean, she may have wrote it with Aslan as God in mind, but I own both soundtracks from both Narnia movies and it isn’t on either of them. So yeah, it wasn’t for that. There are lots of clips on Youtube with it being played to clips for Twilight, too, so I think anything having to do with Narnia was all relative, like we are comparing a song to Twilight, they compared one to Narnia. So there, we can all stop our squirming about it being written for Narnia. Not that it would matter, it’s perfect from Bella’s perspective anyways… 😛 Kaleb, update would be phenomenal right about now! Seriously, a standing ovation would be in order if and when an update comes!

  22. I think Lion is more for Twilight (Bella’s POV)


    Your Guardian Angel is more for Midnight Sun (Edward’s POV)

    Lion describes Twilight as the whole thing. I mean, the lion and the lamb. Hes her angel…

    Fits perfectly

  23. well, guys, looks like we’re just going to have to wait until the final results are posted tomorrow…

  24. Hey people! Sorry, I can’t update. See, the results will be in tomorrow. In fact, they should be up around 1 AM Central US time. So there isn’t much of a point of totaling them when the real results will be there tonight! 🙂


  25. well, for those of you that didnt vote because it was in ‘edward’s point of view”
    IT’S A MOVIE! it’s going to be in the CAMERA’S point of view.
    not a characer’s
    so it doesnt make a difference because its a movie.
    sorry to burst your bubble

  26. Thanks for the update of sorts, Kaleb. Man, I have to stay up until 2 a.m. my time now 🙁 Glad I’m not doing anything important tomorrow 😛 Thanks!

  27. I hope he posts the winner AND how the rest of the songs did, too. I want to see how well my songs matched up, even if they don’t win!

  28. To comment 329: the movie is about Bella, not Edward. Sure, Edward is a major character, he is one of the main characters, but just as in Twilight, we will be viewing everything the way Bella sees it. The book is about her experiences, not Edward’s. He is a part of those experiences. A large part actually. But its not about him. This is all Bella, the camera will go where she goes. Edward will just be there most of the time.

    And also, I liked the reasoning in comment 323. I chose that song, too!

  29. To comment number 329, we are voting for the song that goes with the BOOK Twilight, not the movie.

  30. yup- im agreeing with with comments 333 and 334- THIS IS FOR TWILIGHT THE BOOK, NOT THE MOVIE~!!!

  31. OMG! i can’t believe there’s Muse in here… i’m totally addicted to this band and i also can’t believe that my most fave song in muse is here!!!! yay!

    all hail MUSE!

  32. Wow I absolutely adore her! She is gosh darn beautiful plus a really good actor. I dont think the show V is all that good, but I watch it anyway just so I can see Morena Baccarin. And I dont know if youve ever seen her do an interview but she is also rather comical and its all so natural for her. I personally never even heard of her before The V, now Ill watch anything shes on.

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