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Monday Post On Tuesday

Hey people! For those of you who realized something was wrong, my web server was down yesterday for hours, and then proceeded to immediately block me from my own control panel (the beasts). Just now, I have finally gotten in. So, my Monday post on the (much forewarned and dreaded) Chapter 3 will actually be posted very very early tomorrow (think 12:04 AM early, CST)

Funny thing is, I think I use the same company as TwilightTeez does (or now, did). Tis the season for Twilight sites going down.




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  1. yeah kaleb!!! ur gonna start posting again! and i thought all of us fans were gonna have to wait for a long time to see another post from u!!! yea! bt too bad i wont be able to see the post fo ch.3 today..ill have to wait tom. int he morning to see…(mom doesnt like me on the computer after ten.)

    go kaleb! and yea! i finally get to be number one on positing a comment!

  2. I was trying to get on for hours yesterday! I convinced myself it was my sucky old computer, but I guess I was wrong! New Chapter tomorrow yay!

  3. I can’t wait to hear your male perspective on chapter 3. I was pouring my eyes out.

  4. I was worried about you! But you have a perfectly good explanation for not posting, so it’s all good. Go cry your eyes on on chap.3 (Don’t worry you will!)

  5. Oh, so that’s why. I thought you were just making everyone go on the edges of their seats, waiting in great anticipation for something to happen… and then BOOM! 😉 Nope. Guess not.

  6. Yay! I don’t blame you anymore, but yesterday, or rather very early today I was obsessively checking every 5 minutes for the post.:) At least I know when it will be up.

  7. Glad to see you’re back up! I was mildly freaked out for a bit yesterday.

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Chapter 3 -shuddder- I still have trouble rereading that chapter, it is still depressing and heartbreaking.

  8. I beleive u KNOW rachul. but i msut admit i was a little suspicious at first. but then i kinda realized that what you wrote made perfect sense fro him not to make a post. ill beleive u from now on rachul..and sorry for not beleiving u at first…but now i know better… 😀

  9. aww man. i feel really bad now for not believing u rachul. i wnet back to the comments and realized i was the only one who showed any doubt (or said ANYTHING about)the comment u had put up. 🙁

  10. Well kaleb, i thought you might have been so obsessed that you were doing a super-reading marathon of new moon. but it was just that your server was down? how sad.

  11. at first i was like wtc is happening with Rachul and blah…but just read the comments from yesterday if anyones confused

  12. Kaleb. Please do not joke about anymore Twilight sites crashing. PLEASE! You almost gave me a heartattach. Please!

    *that was me. Begging.*

  13. I’m staying up!

    I just revamped it just so I’d be fresh to read your review.

    . .is that Texas time?


  14. no more sites better go down! 2 was enough to drive me crazy!!! lol. Aww…ch. 3….I’m sad just thinking about it…

  15. Oh, I expect a few more sites to go down in the next few weeks. As you said, tis the season for Twilight sites malfunctioning. :3

  16. oh…I thought maybe you were just really depressed because of chapter 3, like me……ok,I didn’t really think that but I’ll be here waiting for the post. 🙂

  17. I am really anxious to see your opinion on Chapter 3, Kaleb!
    Of course, us girls react to it, but I’ve never heard what a guy’s reaction was.
    So yeah.
    See you at 10:04! (my time)

  18. Aww…. you’re going to start… -sniff- chapter 3. (Okay, we all probably sound psychotic, but you’ll understand after this chapter)

  19. Ah!!!!! I keep waiting for you to post about the next chapter, but YOU NEVER DO.
    Anyway, glad your site is fixed. I’ve missed your posts 😀

  20. Man.. I hope the twilights sites won’t suffer from these breakdowns.. I refuse to be left in the dark without my daily TWILIGHT news! Including your site, Kaleb. 🙂

  21. Hey Kaleb! I ve got a really good song 4 the next chapter (i guess it is the one i think it is, i dont have my book. Borrowed it)It s “What hurts the most” from rascal flatts. But it sounds better from Cascada in this case. Its just perfect!! The second part fits perfectly!! U have to check it out!!

  22. I’m going to go insane before tomorrow waiting for you to get to the next chapter! 🙁

  23. Yay! 🙂 Mom is MAKING me stay up late tonight, so I’ll be on to see! =] (Surgery at noon, she wants me to sleep in) Am I the only one that didn’t know what was going on? I saw that I couldn’t get on, but I was clueless. haha But it’s good to have you back, Kaleb! 🙂

  24. O no my laptops battery is about to die and the power is out so I can’t recharge it. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow I guess:( well see you tomorrow

    ps. thank you Rachul for pointing that out I was starting to get mad
    well bye

  25. I honestly thought you got caught up in the book you forgot to post. That would be forgivable too!

  26. whoa..I just realized you’re posting the saddest chapter, on my birthday..ahhh..to make up for the sadness I will go watch The Dark Night later today and hope with all my might that I see the Twilight Trailer. haha..I’m such a dork.

  27. I think my head will explode if I don’t get this post in the next two minutes. It’s 12:04 by my clock. Please, please, make it happen.

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