A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Twilightguys Report: Twilight At The Beach



“So, I live in a house with a twin sister and mother who are both “Twi-hards”.

They’re always reading the books, gushing about Edward or Jacob and getting angry when they find scenes in the movie that aren’t in the book. We go to the beach every summer, which is about a five hour drive. I usually have my iPod plugged in, but of course, my dear sister packed the charger the night before and so my battery died after an hour.

I had nothing better to do than listen to whatever Mom and Emma were listening to. It sounded kind of cool, there was a guy attacking a girl and a battle being planned. I ask my mom what this was, and she said Twilight with a giggle. I started listening, it was at the part with the baseball scene.

I got really into it by the end, and my sister had her copy of the book (of course) with her on the trip. I borrowed it and read the story from the beginning the very next day.

The best part is a really cute girl saw me reading it on the beach and started a conversation about how great Twilight is. We’ve been dating ever since..”

Submitted by A.

Thanks to him for the story! 😀 He gets a t-shirt for free from Twilightteez.com!



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  1. I’ll never be first comment. 🙁

    Honestly, if I saw a guy reading Twilight at the beach, I would do the same thing. :p

  2. Aww! Always a great way to start a relationship. I see a bright future for you two!

    This is what I love about Twilight. All the guys are like, “No! It’s a GIRL book!” But who’s getting the chicks? The Twiguys.

    Hm… Interesting.

  3. Haha, Twilight Guys get the girls!

    && Said twin sister and mother need to realize that the movie and the book WILL be different and ARE different and need to accept the changes!

  4. Haha! That’s awesome. I’d totally do the same thing if I came across some random guy reading Twilight…I’d probably attack the poor guy…lol!

  5. awl how adorably cute!!!! I love a happy ending, that is so beautiful that they have been dating ever since!!!! YEAH another guy that adores twilight!!

  6. lol! awesome! you see, all the twi-guys are getting the girls (get the picture??) all the other guys are just staring at the frame! rock on! lol. i want a guy who reads twilight lol….lucky

  7. That’s amazing. I would do the same thing if I saw some guy reading it at the beach. It would be fun to have a conversation with him. I would like to see the book through his eyes too 🙂

    Rambling on… cute story 😀

  8. How cute! I have a friend that’s a Twiguy, and it’s really interesting the way he sees things (both in the book and in life) differently from everyone else I’ve talked to. It’s awesome!

  9. Aww thats sweet! ^^
    I keep telling my brother that he will get a date if he reads Twilight… He won’t thisten to me… I’ll email this to him =D

  10. My boyfriend is now reading the twilight saga!!

    I kept telling him to read but he always refused, so the other day we were playing around and wrestling and somehow I was sitting on his chest and I refused to move untill he agreed to read them. he still refused. So I tickled him on the ribs and told him if he doesn’t read them, I’m never going to kiss him again. Ever.
    he’s currently reading Eclipse.

  11. That’s so sweet…So much for piggy’s comment about Twiguys never getting girls. If I saw a guy at the beach reading Twilight I would do exactly the same thing.

  12. Wow. He is really lucky to be reading the book both at the right place AND the right time. Good thing for him to pick up that book!

  13. all these stories are soo cute!
    I wish i knew a guy who reads twilight, instead of just acting like it’s horrible, or making fun of it constantly… =[ sadness

  14. Aww! If some random guy at the beach was reading Twilight, I’d totally go up to him and say something.

  15. I’m starting to notice a trend of guys getting girlfriends, or at least a date, by reading Twilight. Not that that a bad thing; I just find it interesting.

  16. Heehee, that’s a cute story! I just gave up hope of making my dad a Twilightguy, last night he picked up my copy, and I was exstatic. However, he then started sniggering, and started reading it out loud mockingly… the part where Bella talks about Edward’s body. o.0 Ouch. …oh well, I tried. xD

  17. Awwww that’s so cute! And hey Tonya ~~~ if I saw a guy with a copy of Twilight (or my bf for tht matter) I would attack him to get his name, number, IM lol

  18. Haha that is so cute. i would also walk up to a guy if i saw him readinh twilight. tho i got a BF i would still wanna know him! not everyday u get a guy who reads twilight. the only guy i know who reads them is kaleb and my BF is slowly giving in, he will look at what twilight things im looking at. he likes kaleb! lol

  19. AWWWW! That is so cute!!! If I saw some random guy reading Twilight I would definatly go over and talk to him too, lol!

  20. AWWWW! That’s adorable! Look at all these guys getting girls because of twilight! It’s such a turn off when a guy makes fun of twilight. And such a turn ON when they read it.

  21. Aww!! How cute! If I saw a guy on the beach reading Twilight, I’d totally go up and talk to him… Especially if he was cute! =D

  22. aww… that’s great 🙂
    don’t forget to thank your sister for helping you meet the girl!

    wow, kaleb that’s what, four days of new posts in a row? hmm… a new trend perhaps?

  23. aww. i so would talk to a very cute guy who was reading twilight (if he looked like edward…you know what i mean….)

  24. AWwwwwwwwwwwwww! thats sooo cute!
    if more guys read twilight the world would be a better place 🙂

  25. None of my guy friends believe that Twilight will get them girls. Or atleast impress them.
    I’m pretty close to getting my boyfriend to read them. Hopefully he’ll decide to soon. *Crosses fingers* I just want him to understand why I love them so much.
    And Hihi its okay to be on Team Jacob. I’m Switzerland because I can feel for Jake. His situation is a rough one.

  26. Dear guys,
    It is unanimous my male friends.
    Twilight gets you chicks.
    So read it, and you’ll get a girlfriend.
    Who needs Ax when you have Twilight?


  27. Hello, I just discovered the website a few days ago and I read page by page… Had to stop several times, for laughing too much!

    Does anybody else think that guys are going to end up using Twilight as another way to come onto girls?

    (pardon my mistakes, if any, I am not an english native speaker…)

  28. if i saw some guy reading Twilight, i too would walk up to him and like talk to him, cause not many guys read Twilight in public cute story ^_^

  29. I really like the new rules about Breaking Dawn – very appropriate. I don’t want to know any spoilers!!! Well, I do and I don’t. it is a constant good – and – evil battle. =D haha

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