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Breaking Dawn Is Out

I can’t imagine how long all of you have waited for this day. Though I am a fairly new reader of the books, and haven’t finished the second yet, even I felt enormous anticipation for this day. I stayed up until 2 AM watching the Twilighters.org videocast just to see them get their copies of Breaking Dawn, after watching the entire New York event with Stephenie live on iClips.

The reaction across the country can pretty much be summed up in these videos:

So congratulations to Stephenie for an awesome book release! For those of you who stayed up until midnight around the world, I’d love to hear your Breaking Dawn Release Party stories! Also, if you have Youtube videos of the countdowns, email me with them and I’ll add some as links! Now, everyone go enjoy Breaking Dawn!



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  1. In response to Sarah: I totally agree with your opinion of the book. Though I’m only 258 pages into it, I already want to run it over with my friends’ mom’s car, then burn it, then proceed to dump it in the ocean. I am going to finish the book though. I just want to know the end… Anyways I am going to write a new ending/ epilogue thing for Eclipse that will end the series in that book… I’m really hoping this book gets better…

    (P>S> I will later post saying if I’ve decided to put this new epilogue on the internet and what website it’s on… lol…)

  2. I stayed up ALL NIGHT reading Breaking Dawn. Now I am re-reading it. So yeah, I don’t think I’ll be getting any sleep soon.

  3. So I pulled an all nighter to finished it and boy, what a book. I enjoyed 90 % of it, really I finished it wanted even more. I will say that I do NOT think it’s a teen/tween book – as a previous poster mentioned it’s of a vastly more mature nature (and subject matter. Not necessarily just of a sexual nature, but in terms of it’s theme.

    Some parts really left me speechless – others made me want to kill myself (as a quick aside, I must note that the quipping between Jake & Rosalie in book 2 was very funny.

    I see now why Stephenie was all about saying that SHE loved the book & the ending but that you couldn’t please everyone. Some parts are still making me go “wtf???”

    but all in all – I enjoyed it and will def. re-read this week (mostly cause I still need some processing time – it was on a completely different sphere of existence then the other books)

  4. I’m not thrilled about this either, In fact the word I’d use is disappointed.

    I didn’t think it flowed as well as the first 3 books.

    Parts of it felt like it was only PRETENDING to be a young adult novel, and I’ll admit the way some scenes were handled made the books feel superficial somehow.

    Also, some parts felt like a total cop-out.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like the idea of Nessie. It feels like a betrayl of sorts to the interpretation of the vampire that Stephenie created. And again, it is a cop-out…..

    I think I’d have honestly been more okay with the series ending with Eclipse, but I think Breaking Dawn deserves a second, more alert reading before I decide on that for sure.

    I’m not going to lie though – since I started reading the serries (a little more than a month ago) I’ve been looking forward to Midnight Sun more than Breaking Dawn anyway.

  5. I am more than ready to read the Outtakes for this one. I really hope she posts some

  6. Haha, stayed up until midnight? I just finished it and I haven’t slept or ate or drank at all. What a roller coaster. Hurry up with the books!

  7. hated it and it ruined the entire story for me because now i have to think that this is what will become of these characters that i liked soo much. They didnt even seem like themselves and it was cheezy, boring, and sleezy. sorry.

  8. ahah, same. my mom came downstairs in the morning, and was like “did you stay up all night reading!?!”

    my favourite part of the night was when they announced the results for the ballot vote of who bella would end up with.

    156 – edward
    33 – jacob
    5 – jasper
    2 – both
    2 – alice
    1 – emmett is mine.

    i get what people are saying about being disapointed. it felt kind of detatched from the series, almost like fanfiction. i really really want to like it, though. i’ve been reading the series since it first came out.

  9. I almost won the trivia at my book store. I lost by one question. Haha. But everyone there was uber excited =] And the book is wonderful. You’ll in joy it when you finally get around to it.

  10. I honestly can’t say what I think of Breaking Dawn.
    The Nessie thing…????
    Not only is that really strange, but could you think of a stupider name, Bella?
    I’m thinking she was only created for Jake to stay connected with Bella.
    It really did seem like ALOT fanfiction I’ve read.

    I actually really really enjoyed Book 2 in BD! I was a Team Edward all the way and I hated Jake, but he had me cracking up. (Blonde jokes, anyone? xD) I can honestly say that was my favorite part.

  11. OMFG stayed up till 7 am reading it just finished…
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the only way i can sum it up. but seriously the name?? i thoguht it was just a hormone thing and she would change it later…

  12. I didn’t think Breaking Dawn was as good as I was expecting it to be, but it was still very good.

    A lot of the plots were definitely unpredictable but some of them felt really repetitive so that was kind of annoying..

    And I didn’t like the ending that much. Too cheesy.

    But I really like getting some insight into Jacob’s mind. It made me hate him A LOT less.

  13. I went to the local Wal-Mart to get my copy at midnight, there were 3 other people there for the book. Was only going to read a few chapters then sleep. At 6am I could no longer hold my eyes open, and slept for about 6 hours. I just finished the book, and I mostly liked it. This book is not for her younger audience. I am not sure my 10 yr old brother will get to read this one soon. I cant wait for Midnight Sun to be released.

  14. I got mine at midnight!! …well more like 12:45 by the time i got to the front of the line…lol I dont think i’ve ever heard that much screaming, even at concerts XD Then i stayed up all night until i finished it. I haven’t slept at all in over 36 hours… lol!

  15. The Party was great! It was so nice to meet other twilighters, sometimes I feel like I’m the only obsessed person I know personally. I finished the book earlier this afternoon. It was completely satisfying 🙂

  16. Sounds fun!
    I would’ve gone to a release party…
    ..however, i got the book on thursday night at Bj’s ! and so instead of attending a release party anyway for the kick of it, i stayed home and read breaking dawn.
    all day 🙂

  17. My friends and I had our own little “reading party.” lol. I took them to the midnight release party, and we had a blast. Thanks to our awesome skillz at trivia and other contests, we won 9th place in line to get our books! w00t! Then we went back to my house to read them. It took me MUCH longer than I expected to read it: it took me thirteen hours! (That could have been due to the fact that I was dead tired, but oh well…) Afterwards I slept like nobody’s business. However, it was definitely thirteen hours well spent. While the book was so much different than the others, it was still freaking awesome. ^_^

  18. Hey Kaleb and Twilight fans!
    Team Twilighter will be posting footage from the various Breaking Dawn Release Parties all week long, starting next week. =] You should definitely check them out!
    <3 Katie Cullen

  19. it was actually rather depressing to watch those, makes my life seem boring.
    My release party: I stayed up til midnight, watching the countdown on stepheniemeyer.com while surfing the fansites, I freaked out with fellow Twilighters on Yahoo Answers who also didn’t go to parties or already had it and were ranting about That Book, and I listened to some Mitch Hansen Band. Then I went to bed, thinking about- well you can probably guess, lol

    I got the book this afternoon at Walmart (saw some Twilighters there, standing next to the book racks, reading it)
    I’ve been holed up in my bedroom reading ever since. I’m over halfway done 🙂
    All I’m saying is that (so far) Stephenie is… an amazingly devious genius. But also a little predictable in a ‘no way, I read a fanfic about this’ kind of way.
    Ok wow, this comment is long. I’ll shut up now.

  20. it does seem a little… different. less first person and more descriptive at times. Sort of hard to describe. Honestly, so far, it’s rather disappointing. I guess all the hype raised my expectations too high. It’s good, though. And what is up with Bella and that name??Seriously, that is odd, even for Bella.

    I’m rambling, so I’ll go back to reading BD.

  21. Becky:
    I definetly understand what you are saying…its sooo diffrent from all the other Twilight Saga books. Towards the middle I was freaking out about how weird it was but Im liking it alot better now. But I still have 250 pages left so….we’ll see.
    P.S Steph definetly defied the odds and most predictions even if it is a bit strange.

  22. If you love the Twilight series, do yourself a favor — DON’T READ BREAKING DAWN!!!

    I’ve never been so disappointed by a book before. I honestly cried when I read it. Not because it was heart-wrenching, but because it was so bad. I feel like I’ve been dumped or something. I feel sad and kind of sick everytime I think of it.

  23. Anyone afraid of reading breaking dawn? I dont know why but Im so scared. Maybe, its because when this is done, Im afraid there will be nothing to look forward too. Everything will be resolved there wont be a question anymore about who Bella ends up with… this is terrifying! I dont know how SM could write it.

  24. i’m waiting for my book to come in the mail thanks to the fact that i have yet to get my license 🙁 ! I’ve heard mixed reviews but to tell you the truth for some reason i’m under the impression that Stephenie Meyer can do no wrong, so I’ll probably like it. ha! I’m really really excited, but also sad that i don’t have the book yet, and that I missed out on all the awesome Release parties and meeting other Twilighters (i’m the only one in my school as of now, but I’m trying to get some people to read it). Ahhhhh! I want to read it so bad!

  25. That book was completely unfulfilling. I’m so disappointed – I’m going to pretend it doesn’t exist. J: I wish Stephenie’d taken a year off before writing it. It felt really rushed.

  26. Breaking dawn aka burning dawn.

    I feel like i just gt stabbed in the gut. After three BEAUTIFUL books about edward and bella we get a gay book with a hell of a lot disturbing plot twits and NO ROMANCE! Except for like the first chapter. Ew jake is SUCH a pedafile.

    Its like SM wrote her heart out and then exploded in the last one. When i first read it i thoght it was a sick joke…and stephenie was laughing at all of us. But sadly we were supposed to like this book. Nope. not happening

    The twilight saga [well the first three] was still amazing and i still love them. Even if breaking dawn was an epic fail.
    Let us hope the host series doesnt have the same dissapointing ending.

  27. I liked the book but it seemed like a far fetched fanfic to me I think Stephenie needs to remake the book because I could not feel like these were the real characters like Bella didnt seem like Bella anymore and Edward I felt a major change the beginning was great but then it kinda lost its spark when that certain fact came into view (I was cussing the crap out my pillow as a screamed I didnt want to wake anyone up *sigh*) I can’t even know how anyone can turn this into a movie

    I am disappointed that the last book didnt dazzle me like the first (or better like with the last HP) I will be reading “Twilight” again and clense my mind from BD

  28. First off: The midnight release, I was the 12th person to get the book out of hundreds at the Barnes and Noble in my area.. they had everyone outside and let in 100 at a time. When you walked outside holding your book, the crowd went crazy. My friend Heidi even got down on one knee and held the book up, the crowd went wild. It was great!

    Second: Not giving a spoiler, it is really crazy but I totally guessed what would happen in this book. OMG.. to the detail. Four months ago my friends and I all gave our opinions as to what would happen in Breaking Dawn and I said (no spoilers) wouldn’t it be crazy if this happened and then this and they all thought I was nuts, but I WAS RIGHT! CRAZY! Today I did have a lot of apologies coming my way. I guess Stephenie and I just think a lot alike! (I even wrote it in my journal 2 1/2 months ago. No Joke!

  29. Wow. Just finished about two hours ago. All I have to say is this: WOW. WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! I can’t wait to start chatting with everyone about it!!!

    Anyway, my friends and I went to the party as Alice, Rosalie, and Bella at prom in Twilight’s epilouge (I’m blonde, guess which one I was!) and we were the only ones in costume so everyone looked at us funny! But like ten people asked us for pictures and one really little girl actually wanted our autographs! It was a ton of fun. Though actually there was this one 12 year old boy (that’s just my guess on his age) who was dressed up as Edward. Needless to say, all the girls were in love with him! I think he got quite a few numbers. 😉

  30. OMG my friends and I went to the Borders release party in Camp Hill, PA and there were SOO many fangirls (including us)… it was so cool seeing everything decorated for Breaking Dawn, and getting free stickers and such. I finished the book early this morning (I’d already read the first 14 chapters online)… and there were some pretty epic fail plot devices, but all in all, I AM IN LOVE WITH IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!! I am so sad I finished it I’m about to read it again. LONG LIVE TWILIGHT!

  31. I have to admit: I havn’t actually finished it YET, but so far so good. QUITE a bit shocking, to be truthful. I keep on gasping or giggling from shock when things happen. My friends and I went to the closest release party and read until 5:30 AM. I was quite bummed though, because I had to stop reading to sleep and go to work. Life can be so painful, no? And I think the sleep deprivation got to us a little. You KNOW your tired when you start wondering if Edward’s farts would smell like a normal person’s or….. just be Amazing.

  32. I got the book at 12:20 and was on page 308 at 3:54 AM when i went to sleep. I woke up at 1:00 PM and finished reading around 4:00ish.
    I really loved it! Im re-reading it tomorrow. 🙂
    (Oh and i cried….but you’ll have to read to understand why ^^)

  33. Ah, countdowns to midnight… At the release party thing I was at the person was directing everyone where to go and all we got was a “Oh, yeah, btw it’s midnight” and then there was screeching and a lot of it.

  34. oh also the release party in memphis was really cool. I gots two sets of stickers and my nails look awesome.
    Lots of fun screaming fangirls ( I was one of them)

  35. So the release party we had in Eau Claire Wisconsin was pretty fun!

    I finished Breaking Dawn in 17 hours!

    I have two fun stories:
    1) There was a costume contest and two of my friends went up as Edward and Bella, and her dad was Charlie (candy foil wrapper in the shape of a star sheriff’s badge included) He ‘gave her away’ it was really quite funny! They won of course, and people decided they needed to take pictures with Edward aka Frank and Bella aka Nina. One girl even went as far as to asking ‘Bella’ if her and ‘Edward’ were really together…I laughed for 10 minutes!

    2) We had an arm wrestling contest, like something Emmett would do… I went up against a guy who had already beaten 5 people and ended up in a stalemate for 5 minutes until the store people called it a draw. The other girls that went after me weren’t so lucky…I was evenly matched…funny thing is though, I sat down on the chair and stepped on his foot…oops!


  36. i preordered mine AND IT HASN’T COME YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

    I JUST GOTTA FIND OUT HOW THIS ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CURSE THE INFERNAL SLOWNESS OF AMAZON . COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. So since the boards are still down, I shall comment here. Kaleb, DONT READ BREAKING DAWN. When you get to the end of Eclipse, just make up your own ending! Trust me! It will save you time, money, and keep the love in the characters. I loved the beginning.

    Started hating it once the kid came into the picture! Come on! Why not Elizabeth? AN ACTUAL NAME!? I hated it. the ending was dumb, and I felt it was rushed, and SM was trying to please her readers. It scares me that this was her ending for the series since book 1! I think my favorite character was Seth! Just because he was like the only one who stayed in character! I felt that SM lied about her Vamp rules, and seriously if you replaced all the characters names, would you still love it? I felt like I was reading a fanfic! The whole time! I am majorly disappointed. I don’t know if I can go reread the other books. I will always know that Bella completely changes, Edward becomes just a speaker for people, Jacob becomes a pedophile, and Charlie just knows! And no fighting! NONE! Gah! WASTE OF TIME!

    Sorry, I am soo mad and I wanted to get this off my chest. I am actually considering to stop reading the books again. I’ve lost all hope for the entire series.

  38. I won the costume contest at our bookstore, it was obvious from the moment I walked in.

    Stephenie Meyer should be subjected to Jane for that travesty.

  39. My local Books A Million had a blood drive leading up to the release party. 😀

    I snuck to Wal-Mart at 12:04 to snatch a copy of the book and head home. I was disappointed that no one else was around but then was rewarded with a free Breaking Dawn t-shirt and other freebies. Also, I got the last shirt left so others must have been there before me.

    I enjoyed the book. The first half was just weird. Not at all what I expected. The 2nd half was awesome. The 2nd half saved the book for me. 🙂

  40. I can’t really say what I thought of the book. Maybe it’s because I lost some of the connection I felt with the characters in this book. While reading I had always put myself in Bella’s position and enjoyed that we shared so many similarities that I could pretend for the most part to be Bella. I have always been in sync with what she was feeling. The beginning was great but then somewhere along the line, before the Nessie intro, I got lost. Somehow, even though they were on honeymoon, some of the romance was lost. As the book continued, all sex appeal and my connection with Bella’s character was gone. Book 2 was good and though I’d always loved Jacob in the way Bella did (less than Edward) he was the only one I felt a connection with. The Nessie thing in the beginning absolutely revolted me and even though it ameliorated after the “process” was complete, I still felt a total disconnection with the characters I used to love. It felt as though, even though Edward and Bella wee having sex the descriptions of their interactions were less intimate somehow. It’s hard to explain.
    To be brief, the feel of reading the book felt a bit more along the lines of reading the Harry Potter books, exciting and adventurous and obviously the intense need to know the end, but the sweetness of what the other books are was gone.
    The characters felt off and though I must admit, I did like that Bella got to stay with Charlie and Jacob was happy, it felt more as if the author decided that instead of following the path the book should have gone, she found it too painful to hurt her characters and decided to cop-out.
    The ending was mildly satisfying and did give me a sense of closure I wasn’t expecting (I expected to be absolutely obsessed and be in serious need of therapy for the separation anxiety) but truth be told, I think it’s because I wasn’t in love with the characters anymore.
    I’m neutral.

  41. oh I forgot. I totally agree with Terrbear. and don’t bite my head off, but does anyone feels it’s ironic and they would be critizing the bad name choice for the baby (i agree completely) and have such a funny post name? just me then.

  42. omg i got the book yesterday at about 2:00 PM and have hardly had time to put it down. I didn’t actually start reading it until 4:00 or so because I had an EEG but still. I’m almost done!

    I read what Terrbear thinks and totally disagree. The book has been marvelous so far. I am happy about Bella’s changes because she is still essentially the same person, just a bit more vampric. I disagree with the pedaphile comment as well. If you pay attention, the book describes the way Jacob feels very plainly – its not like, romantic, not yet. She’s just a baby. All he wants is for Renesmee to be happy.

    Btw – Renesmee Carlie Cullen rox!!

    AND – because both Edward and Jacob are obviously taken, I am team Seth. Plus, I think our personalities would mesh more. Edward and Jacob are, I believe, perfectly suited. That is why I am in love with Seth now.

  43. I loved the book although it was nothing I would have ever guessed. I got it at midnight and then stayed up all night and day until one a o’clock in the afternoon when I finally put the book down finished.
    I have to agree with Gyll. It didn’t feel the same connection to the characters execpt for jacob. I also didn’t feel the same cute romance with Edward and Bella. Of course you can’t get to into it because this is a teen novel. The book was overall great entertaining and kept me guess until the end. (most of which were wrong)

  44. I got my book at about 12:10. I finished it yesterday at around 11:40 pm.

    I really loved the book, but in some ways i was disappointed.

    But now i’m sick. and that sucks.

  45. I was crazy excited. I got it 6 minutes after midnight, finished it last night. By the way, Kaleb: the chat is nothing but BD discussion, so read with extreme caution. Actually, just don’t read any of the stuff already written.

  46. I went to the Breaking Dawn COncert in NYC ( woot woot bronx 4 life -sorry had to say tha) and all i have to say is that it was an amazing experience. Me n my friends were on line for 4 hours waiting and you could just tell how dedicated Stephenie’s readers are! Let me just say the tourists in NYC were extrmely confused by the thousands of screaming teenage girls who were broadcasting what fictional character they wanted to marry… it was hilarious to see their reactions. i proceeded to a realese party (amazingness) and got el libro… i stayed up all night reading and fell asleep at my job the next day BUT it was worth it. i loved the book!!!

  47. I honestly wish I hadn’t read it. I loved the Twilight Series up until BD. All the books were great, and I have reread them and probably will reread them in the future. Except Breaking Dawn. It was ridiculous and far-fetched, and really just seemed like some bizarre fan-fic.

    So I am just pretending it ended with Eclipse, because BD just destroyed so much of what I loved.

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