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Breaking Dawn Is Out

I can’t imagine how long all of you have waited for this day. Though I am a fairly new reader of the books, and haven’t finished the second yet, even I felt enormous anticipation for this day. I stayed up until 2 AM watching the Twilighters.org videocast just to see them get their copies of Breaking Dawn, after watching the entire New York event with Stephenie live on iClips.

The reaction across the country can pretty much be summed up in these videos:

So congratulations to Stephenie for an awesome book release! For those of you who stayed up until midnight around the world, I’d love to hear your Breaking Dawn Release Party stories! Also, if you have Youtube videos of the countdowns, email me with them and I’ll add some as links! Now, everyone go enjoy Breaking Dawn!



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  1. haha the release party i went to was great. i was dressed up as bella for a costume contest and i tripped walking on to the “stage” lol. too bad i didn’t win though, all of my friends thought i was going to because i fell.

  2. I am shocked that so many people don’t like it! I loved it!!!

    I can kind of understand when people say that the characters changed – but only kind of. Only in the way that they should change! The whole series is over the course of a couple of years and they’re growing up. Bella and Edward get married – she gets pregnant – that’s a lot of growing up!

    I imagine that if you’re a teenager, you find it easier to relate to the single teenage girl dating a hot vampire than it is to relate to someone who is married and having a child. I found that I related to Bella throughout the whole series, but then, I’m married and have children now. So, when I first read the Twilight books, I remembered being a teenager dealing with relationships and falling in love. And when I read this book, I remembered getting married to the man of my dreams and having my first child – and how much that changed EVERYTHING. – How much it changed ME!

    To me, this was a great book. I do believe the characters stayed true to who they are. They just matured a bit because that’s what happens when you go through life experiences. Bella grew up! Finally! lol

    Unlike so many commenters, I do feel satisfied with how it all ended. I don’t think it was just to please the fans, I think it is all the story that SM has had in her heart the whole time. When I read the final page, I felt good about it. I didn’t feel like anything was missing or that I needed more. I liked it and I’m totally satisfied.

    P.S. Renesme isn’t exactly the name I’d choose, it’s definitely different. But it’s growing on me. I like her nickname better. lol

  3. I was at a Barnes & Noble for a release party and it was insane! There were girls in full-on prom dresses with hair done and everything. I wasn’t aware that there was a party party happening, I was just there for the book. It was definitely one of the more wild parties I’ve been to =P

  4. ok, so on the morning of august 1st, my mom and i went to go get wristbands to assure us our wonderful place in line. well, turns out that our 8 oclock arrivial was very late, even though the stor opened at 9. we waited outside for 3 hours JUST TO GET THE WRISTBANDS!! it was insane! then, of course, the midnight release party was awesome. over 1000 people crammed into the barnes and noble, and they were all trying to get pictures with the “edward and bella” people, and they had to actually shove everyone out at 11 just to prepare for the release. 🙂 crazy. oh ya, so the theme of the party was wedding reception, so there was a volvo out front that had all these decorations on it. way cool. so anyway, edward and bella were standing outside by it at about 11:45, taking pictures with the car and stuff. well, they jumped up on the hood, and dented it. a very mad girl that was in her late teens-early twenties came out, and started screaming! it was her car, and she was mad. edward went over and tried to tell her that he would pay for it to be fixed, and she wouldn’t listen. she got in the car, and sped off as fast as the car would allow her to go. weird.
    anyway, overall a great night! and best of all, i’m done with breaking dawn!! it was beyond wonderful. 🙂

  5. wow.
    i didnt even realize that people might not like the book until reading those comments. way to be harsh!
    i personally LOVED the book. it was different yes but only because bella grew up to be an beautiful adult with confidence. the only reason im sad in the slightest is because its over. there wont be another book except for midnight sun possibly.
    all in all THE BOOK WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I was supposed to work until 11 Friday night, but I got off work three hours early just so I could go to the party. It was pretty much a wedding reception for Bella and Edward; I even got my picture taken with the bride and groom! 😀 They had hourly bouquet tosses for a free copy (I’m about as coordinated as Bella, so I didn’t bother with that), Alice Bingo, pin the tail on Jacob, pass the bouquet (like hot potato, but with bouquets)… so many fun party games to pass the time, and I met so many people because of our common love for Twilight.

    Anyway, there was a local radio station there playing DJ and doing drawings every 15 minutes for a chance to win a free copy of Breaking Dawn. I entered, not really expecting to win, because I never win anything. They kicked us out of the store to start forming the line around 11. Just as I’d settled into my place in line (which was really more like several groups of people huddled in various places around the parking lot – and this was after buying some great Twi-merchandise from some of the other party-goers), I got a call on my cell phone. I didn’t recognize the number, but decided I’d probably better answer it. When I answered, the voice on the other end said, “Is this Heather?” Slightly wary, but also vaguely recognizing the voice, I answered in the affirmative. The voice on the other end said, “This is John from 101.9 The End… you just won a free copy of Breaking Dawn! Are you outside?” Shocked, I said, “Yeah… I’m just in line…” It sounded like he was smiling, sounding about as excited to give me my prize as I was to receive it, when he said, “OK. Just meet me by the front doors, then!” I walked there in a daze, found him, and told him my name. He held up the slip of paper I’d written my name and number on for the drawing and asked me to verify my number, just to make sure I really was who I said I was. When I answered correctly, he handed me a certificate for me to exchange at midnight in return for my copy of Breaking Dawn. I was so excited that I was literally shaking as I texted my friends and my mom to tell them the great news as I waited anxiously for them to let us back into the store so we could get our books. I’m normally not one to squeal for joy, no matter what the reason, but when they handed me my book, I couldn’t resist leaping into the air and giving a very fan-girly squeal, I was so happy! I even had one of the other fans take a picture of me with my new book, just to make me feel more like it was real, and not just a wonderful dream, since, like I mentioned before, I never seem to win anything. While I had to work on Saturday and Sunday, I still managed to finish Breaking Dawn by 9:30 PM on Sunday, but the fact that it was slow enough at work for me to read might have had a lot to do with that… 😉

  7. i stayed up till 4 reading then all of a sudden crashed. i thought the book was ok but no the best

  8. Twilight fans can kill me verbally, but….. I really loathed Breaking Dawn. The plot seems too contrived, and I’ve honestly seen more coherent plots from fan fiction. It’s seems she threw aside some main parts of the canon (biology wise at least for the vampires), and drew attention away from the main important internal conflicts of the first three books for the sake of a happy ending.


  9. Oh! Can I tell my BD story?

    My mom and I walked for twenty minutes till we got to the bookstore at 11:10. Lots of people were dressed up and looked just amazing.

    Anyway, they split us into two groups for the trivia contest: Team Jacob and Team Edward. I’m Switzerland, but I love Jacob too much not to be on his team. The questions were really HARD! “What were the two bets made in New Moon? You have to say who makes the bets, what they’re about and the dollar amount involved.” “While Edward and Bella are driving up to the Cullens house in New Moon, what river do they pass?” “What’s Alice’s sister’s name?” Naturally, I was the one who kept coming up with answers. Everyone high-fived me at the end, and Jacob, after all, DID win! XD

  10. I don’t know what all of you so called “fans” are talking about!! Plus, even if it was not what you expected, you should support it! What if Steph showed up here and saw your comments? She’d be just crushed! She is just a romantic at heart, and loves a good ol’ happy ending!!!! I’m sorry to those of you who were disappointed, but I’m appaled at some of you!! Chelsea:
    “Twilight fans can kill me verbally, but…… I really loathed Breaking Dawn.”
    That’s harsh!!! But whatever… everyone has their opinion.

  11. Exactly. Even though I’m a fan of the series I can still have a negative opinion. A word to the wise: make sure you can follow your own advice before you give it out.


  12. its amazing to think that people hated the book i loved the book i have to say it was ….unexpected but still it kinda huets me to know that so menny ppl hate the book

  13. It was good. I actually enjoyed it. It was not what I expected at all. I found Seth really funny and liked/understand Jacob more. I think SM has her reasons why things happened and we’ll soon know those reasons. I got my “happily ever after.”

  14. Well i went to a release party with a friend of mine we seemed a litte old for it when they were doing a Twlilight themed scavager hunt it was nuts !!! All the kids were running so my friend and just left till the noise went down.

  15. the book was alright. i was disapointed because i’d *wanted* a different ending, or feeling from Edward’s and Bella’s romance that i just didnt get in BD. part of me understands the need to tie everything together- such as Jake being with Nessie- but i really missed the romantic, softer tones from the other books. i didn’t enjoy the book like i thought i would. it was different…but of course, i’m not the author, so it’s satisfying in a final sort of way.

  16. Kaleb, I am honestly thinking about how you will react to BD. It was such a disappointment. To me, SM threw away a great opportunity to crystallize the themes of love and sacrifice. Maybe you should stop reading at eclipse…

  17. i have to admit i was disappointed with breaking dawn, it was confusing and strange when the vulturi came. i was also mad about the whole jacob part and considered skipping over it was that bad. And where was edward! i mean he is the best character was barely and even talked about.Maybe it was so anticipated and everyone had such high hopes that it just seemed bad. But seriously stephanie owes a 5th book after she gave us that.

  18. I can’t help chuckling at the videos of thousands of screaming fangirlz. Not smacking on them, because I am one myself, but while they waited in line and paid full price, I bought my copy at 11:46 at a very empty Meijers (a super chain in Midwest). A bunch of the books were just sitting in the box, and some pre-teens and I just opened the box and made a break for it! I did have to ride my bike to the store, but all in all was a fun night.
    BTW, love your posts, Kaleb, keep them coming!

  19. That line in the first clip was insane! I would’ve loved to be part of all that mayhem! Was there seriously only 1 register open though? Poor cashier! lol

  20. no. this book just does not work. this one should not even be considered in the series with the other three. they were amazing. this was just… bad. i’m still trying to get over it and go back to loving tw, nm, and ec. i hope i can. and i agree. stop after eclipse, because it kind of tarnishes the first three books. or it did for me, anyway. i was so disappointed that i threw it when i was done reading it.

  21. I don’t know why people hated it so much! i absolutely loved it! sure, there were some parts that were…ehem…graphic, btu whatever
    it rocked!
    i think it was really awesome. i didn’t get my books until monday so i went online on blogs and stuff to see how people liked it and after the reaction everyone had i was kind of scared to read it, but i loved it in the end
    it rocked.
    i think it was suposed to show us a maturer bella, you know?
    whatever, that’s just my opinion
    i loved it!

  22. Just finished the book ;D
    Got mine this morning.. I was so excited..culdn’t contain myself.. LOL.

    But the book’s GREAT..
    Glad Jake’s allrite in the end , even though I dont really like his character, he got his happy endin.. in some creepy-freaky way.. leaving edward and bella ALONE..thankgod!!!!

    And Edward+Bella+baby live Happily ever after..
    END OF STORY and everyone’s HAppy!!!

    But the no fighting-thing sucked!!
    what an anti-climax 🙁 !!

    CAn’t hardly wait for ***MIDNIGHT SUN***…

  23. Breaking Dawn ROCKS! I know people have their own opinions but I find it difficult to see why so many of you hated it. Of course, I don’t think it is the best in the series, but it isn’t the worst either. Kaleb, do not stop reading after Eclipse. You have to read it to know for sure what you think of it, and of course, the entire series together. I hope you DO like it!

  24. OMG i loved this book.Me and my step sis Stayed at Barnes and Noble for like 5 hours waiting for it!!!WHat sucked is they were supposed to have activities but they had nothing!!
    But We finally got the book at 12:04 :]
    It’s amazing.
    Plenty of Lattes from Starbucks that night!! lol!!

  25. Me and my step sis (Kylie)
    went to get the book,i just started the third one and so far i love it.So i was really happy to go to the Book opening even though we were there forever.
    people tried to dress like Bella and the cullens when they went to the prom but they were alllll ugly.The coffe was good and i can’t wait to read the 4th book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We were number 124 :]
    plus we had already pre ordered. They even had journals for the books.I got the Journal before i even knew it was suppoed to go with the books.
    did i menchion the coffeeee was awesome?!( i got three souveniors)

  26. I made the mistake of pre-ordering my copy of Breaking Dawn and didn’t get it until Wednesday. However, I stayed up from 9 at night til around 6 in the morning, slept for a few hours, and read some more, amazing so far, but it’s all crammed into one book…

  27. I really did enjoy the book, honestly. But, she just left a giant gaping hole as an ending. I know that this was supposed to be the end of the series, but..hm? Could I writer just leave a book like that?

  28. I was at a midnight release! It was freaking awesome. I was on vacation and I made my Mom drive over a half hour from our shore house to the nearest bookstore that was open until midnight with it. I was the third to last in line because I got there SO FREAKING LATE! I waited over an hour behind about 150 people, arguing with some creepy guy about whether jacob was better for bella or edward, and then i FINALLY got my book! I was up until 3 AM reading, and then i read the whole drive home from vacation the next day until i felt like i would throw up from car sickness. i went into a borders the other day and i was looking at all the brand new breaking dawns and i suddenly realized…wow…my breaking dawn looks very abused compared to these. I read it ALOT.
    I’m thoroughly sick of people constantly saying that breaking dawn wasn’t as good as it could’ve been, (i heard someone say it sounded like a ‘bad fanfiction’…i was about to strangle them). I mean…if it comes from stephenie meyer, you can’t say it sounds like a fanfic because it is THE REAL THING and everyone else is diluting themselves with all the crap they post up on fanfiction. No offense to fanfic ppl, i’ve read many a great story, but that doesn’t change the fact that stephenie meyer’s breaking dawn was REALLLLL and i LOVED it. HA.
    my rant is finished. I absolutely adore you, twilight guy, you are really really cool, and i will read your book when it comes out like the devoted person that i am.

  29. hay, i love your site.
    anyhooo breaking dawn… fans seem to be going nuts about the last book and i can see why they are disapointed… i understand where they are comming from. however i happened to love the book. it was BIZZARRR. thats the best word for it. but i still loved it. i cried at parts and i laughed at parts and my jaw dropped at parts.
    it did not give me diahrea, which was a good sign. lol.
    anyway i went to the midnight release party showed up at barnes and nobles at 6pm got a wrist band with the number 256 on it, played bella bingo won twice got two buttons and made a bracelet, and bought three copies of the book- one for myself, one for my sister and one for the library. oh and an audio book cause i was going to the casino in jersey after i got the book. since reading in the car is like an impossiablity i listened to it in my cd player for the three hour drive it took me to get there. it was BIZZARR! but great because it was wierd and unexpected. some things i was like ????? but i still enjoyed it. in fact i read it twice because i figured maybe i should make sure i read it right the first time lol. but i liked it even more the second time. so im gonna read it a third time, starting now. lol anyway, when you read it you can make your own opinion of it.
    i just feel bad for stephanie meyer and i feel bad for her fans because most of them are taking this book personal. i can relate a bit to their feelings because i had felt the same way with new moon when it first came out, but after re-reading it a few times it grew on me.
    maybe, with breaking dawn, that will happen with the other fans after the dust settles and the initial shock wears off.

  30. OMFG. I got this the day it came.
    My Twilight groupie (Sam and Emily. Small group, but it never gets lonely when you have the forever-awesome Twilight Sega to talk about.) were so happy when it came out. =3
    Now I can’t wait for Midnight Sun.

  31. Wow. Ouch. I am so dissappointed with the Twilight fans now. Didn’t we all hope that awkward clumsy Bella would grow up? And be happy, and have children with Edward? We got that! We should be screaming with joy! It’s so wonderful to see Bella and Edward finally connect with eachother both physically and emotionally. They still love eachother, just not in the crazy passionate first love way. It’s good to see them living their dreams. Be happy for them. Isn’t that what we wanted in the end?

  32. omg!!!! i love breaking dawn!!!! i can’t believe that she got pregnent by a VAMPIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN WHY DOES ALICE LEAVE??????????????? WELL HOPE YOU ENJOY THE BOOK!!!!!lol!!!!!!

  33. It took me a while to get my book and even longer for me to finish it. :/ Breaking Dawn was the slowest book I’ve ever read- basically, it was 600 pages of filler before the ending. Which was, in my humble opinion, the best part of the book.

    Twilight was good; New Moon was okay; Eclipse was ehh; and now New Moon was pretty bad.

    Maybe Meyer should just write one book and not a series; she’s not very good at it.

  34. I went to a midnight release party and it was really cool. I feel really bad for my dad though, poor guy. I love him, but he HATES reading. He had no idea what I had dragged him into. I just called him up at work:

    ME:(innocent, little girl voice) “Hey Dadddddy?”
    ME:”Are you gonna be out of work before midnight?”
    DAD:”Yeah, I’ll be home around eleven, why?”
    ME: (internally celebrating) “Will you take me to go get a book at Borders at midnight? Pleaseee?”
    DAD: “Um, okay.”

    So then, he gets home and I ask him to take me to the book store. We get in the car (I’m all decked out in black and red)and we start driving when he goes, “What is this book even about?”

    ME: “Vampires.”
    DAD: “Oh god. You’re not wearing fake vangs, are you?”

    So then, we are just about to pull up to Borders when I thought I should give him SOME kind of warning.

    ME: “Um, there might be some sort of… party going on. But when we get home, you can just forget it all happened. I promise. And I love you.”
    (We pull into parking lot, it’s filled with cars.)
    My dad just shakes his head.
    I was wristlet number 214. So this is basically just me thanking my dad for getting up in the middle of the night, driving me 25 minutes to Borders, staying with me while I waited fifty minutes in line, then most of all, buying Breaking Dawn for me :]. I think that definatly qualifies him as a Twilight Guy.


    Foremost, let us bear in mind that this series is Stephenie Meyer’s story. NOT yours, mine, or anyone else’s. She let us into her story to see what was going on, not to pick what would or wouldn’t happen. Understand that she LET us read it; we never had any input. And I for one am glad she allowed me to hang out for the whole ride. She didn’t write it for us, guys, even though she loves her fans. As George MacDonald said in his essay, The Fantastic Imagination, “If it do not even wake an interest, throw it aside. A meaning may be there, but it is not for you.”

    I’ve read a lot of negative reviews on Breaking Dawn, and I decided to respond with my own impression of the book. First of all, let me say that my cousin forced me to read the series. I have always hated vampires, werewolves, zombies, and anything else like that. And a story about a girl who loves a vampire seemed too cliché for words. However, SM’s characters are brilliantly written even if the plots can be lacking. I now love the series!

    Here are 10 things I have to say about some complaints. I just have to SAY something, you know?

    First, people say “Bella wasn’t like Bella! She used to be sweet and naïve and in love and HUMAN.” Main point: she is no longer human through most of the book. They ALWAYS said she would be different as a vampire. If this displeases you, think about the alternative, which is Bella eventually dying and Edward killing himself. Not happy.

    Second, people say they hated the name of Bella’s kid. Seeing as my friend is named Smile, I’m not sure anyone can really complain. His (yes, he’s a him) parents were hippies in the sixties, if that explains anything. 🙂

    Third, people say the book was too gruesome, especially with Bella’s pregnancy and giving birth. Yep, that was pretty knarly, I must say. However, as to why the heck she would go through that… she’s going to be a mom, and good moms will do anything to save their kids. Besides, if the pregnancy had only been a bit uncomfortable, would that make sense? A half immortal child doesn’t even SOUND like an easy thing to give birth to.

    Fourth, Edward was a jerk trying to get her to kill the kid and he never said sorry! Okay, fine, but to be fair he didn’t have the kid alive inside him. Guys, no offense, but you can’t know what that’s like. He was afraid for Bella. He would do anything to keep her safe, and keep in mind he wasn’t thinking of the baby as a baby; it was the thing killing his wife. Lots of guys would rather save the mother and try again for a child later (even though it’s a horrifically hard choice), while the mothers would rather die and let their child live.

    Fifth, apparently Edward was distracted and not as romantic throughout the book. To this I’d like to say, they have a CHILD now, which totally shifts priorities. If you’re a good parents (and they are), you become all about your kid. Not that you don’t have a life, it’s just that if you need to you give it all up for your kid. May I note that he and Bella have a child? They don’t know exactly what she is or if she’ll live long or who might try to kill her for what she is. They’re a little stressed. Ultimately, Bella and Edward are GROWING UP and quickly at that.

    Sixth, there wasn’t a cute, sweet romance with Edward and Bella. Well, not only are they now husband and wife (at which point cutsie doesn’t cut it for an eternity-long commitment), Bella is a newborn and has certain strong urges. Besides, they can’t be teens in love forever (even though they are technically teenagers in love forever… hmm…). They’ve got to grow.

    Seventh, the vampire-ness of the book was creepy and far-fetched. Umm, yes… yes it was. And in case you weren’t tuned in for the rest of the series, the other books aren’t quite so realistic. People, I think, liked the pretty side of the vampire’s life without having to see the whole drinking blood, strong urges, messy side of it. Life’s rough; get a helmet.

    Eight, having a kid isn’t vampire-like and it’s totally not coherent with what SM said the vampires are like. Yes it is, people. SM even explained it to us. And based on the freakish nature of Bella and Edward’s relationship already (come on, a human and a human-eater? It’s like a crocodile loving a goat), is there really any surprise that they have a mutant kid?

    Nine, the part from Jacob’s point of view was inconsistent with the other books. Well… okay. I love it, so that’s about all I have to say. Gave insight into his character for me.

    Ten, what the heck happened to the epic battle scene? SM said it was supposed to be a book where minds warred. I liked it, honestly, and no one I liked had to die. Besides, there was already a big fight in the last book. I liked the whole wit against wit thing. Aro and Co. got BURNED! Yeah!

    In conclusion to long-winded rant, I would like to say that I loved the book. As crazy as I may sound for saying this, I found it a whole lot LESS stressful than the previous two. It was the final relief of the whole obsessed-Jacob thing that did it. I love the idea of Jacob with N. Also, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that SM let us see the wedding, the honeymoon, N’s birth, and their life. We know how their life will be, pretty much. I love the closure and I am happy.

    Maybe the reason some people have such a problem with the book is because of how Bella has grown and changed with the circumstances. Lots of girls put themselves in Bella’s place and pretend to be Bella through the story. Since I abhor the idea of being her (even though I like her as a character), this isn’t an issue for me.

    So enjoy the book, or not. It’s your choice. Just don’t go around being offended it didn’t happen how you wanted. Like I pointed out, it’s her story. We just get to read it.


  36. Oh, sorry about the email address I gave. It isn’t valid because I don’t have email. Pathetic? Yeah, but I’m posting this from the library because I don’t even have a computer.

    Just wanted to apologize, since it did say VALID address. I wanted to post, so I made one up.

    Oh, hey, did you design the website layout and decor? If so, nice.

  37. My friend slept over and we read until 3 in the morning with no stop whatsoever. Then read it for about four hours straight when my sister and I were going down the shore. I was starving and didn’t even NOTICE until I got home and put the book down. That’s how good it was.

  38. I go back and forth on loving the book and not liking it. It is very strange. I see all the points you make, and others have made, and I question the true reasons why I liked it, and if I just like it because it WAS happy, and I’m a sap, or SM wrote it. I really don’t know. I think I really wanted to like it, so I keep finding excuses to like it. It’s hard to do but I think any Twilight fan can, at least for a few seconds love BD, just because it IS happy and then immediately hate it again! It’s just that kind of book.

  39. I ADORED Breaking Dawn. I devoured it the minute I got. Seriously, I didn’t sleep or eat – much less talk to anyone – while I was reading it. It took me all night and I was breathless by the end. It was sooo good! I have no idea how people can hate it; everything was brilliant to me. I can’t wait for Midnight Sun to finally come up. The first 12 chapters made my life.

  40. I’m new to the whole Twilight phenomenon. It was “billed” to me as the “next Harry Potter,” and let’s face it, who can compete with Harry Potter? Harry Potter is a Universe unto itself. That being said, the Twilight series is also its own fantstic Universe. You can’t compare the two series. Each is incredible in its own way.

    I just read the books this week, finishing last night and averaging rougly 24 hours per book, allowing for 3 to 6 hours of sleep a night and keeping in mind that I have two kids and a husband to take care of. I was honestly surprised at how good the books are. Ms. Meyer is an excellent writer and I loved Breaking Dawn.

    Truthfully, H.P. and the Sorcer’s Stone is not the best book ever written. Ms. Rowling’s writing improves as the books progress and it took her until the third or fourth book to really warm up. Ms. Meyer was already warmed up and “threw no-hitters” every time. Her descriptions all the way through were so vivid that I felt like I was actually in Forks, in Bella’s room with her, at the Cullen’s, in the clearing . . . a book I could really sink my teeth into! As a matter of fact, I went to the Forks web-site and checked out the “Twilight Points of interest” pictures and First Beach was exactly the way I pictured it.

    IMHO, Breaking Dawn was the natural progression of Edward and Bella. I read a few comments on the book stating that the relationship with Edward and Bella lacked that “sticky sweet” romance from the other books. However, having “been there and done that,” I have to say that relationships evolved and change and I love what they became as a couple and as parents.

    I’ve read the argument that Bella was not Bella anymore after she was changed, but I was amazed at how much the same she really was. I was prepared for her to become really different because all along Edward kept telling her that. But she was still herself. My favorite part of the book *SPOILER* was when Edward changed her. The description was incredible.

    Another thing I have to say about Ms. Meyer’s books are that they are slightly predictable, only I mean that as the highest compliment. Everything went the way I wanted it to. I know that she didn’t write her books for me, but they really struck a chord.

    The final battle in Breaking Dawn was so tense. I was “sitting on the edge of my seat” throughout and loved that it was a happy ending. In reading the chapters leading up to it, I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. I hoped it would be a good one, but I wavered back and forth as Bella did.

    Way to go Ms. Meyer! Thanks for letting us into your Twilight Universe.

  41. I stayed up, regardless, to midnight that night, like I do every night, and I didnt even know about that book then. Barely found out about it early October (like the fourth), then went and finished Twilight in a matter of 5 hours… Then Im still re-reading the series every weekend.

    By the way, this book was my favorite. I already got the limited edition box set (the one with the posters) they were selling at B&N. Everything about them is still in perfect condition, and I ain’t letting anyone touch ’em.

  42. The Borders workers at the release party here were evil. About 15 minutes before Midnight, they began to mock us. They were opening the boxes and waving the books around, showing them to us, being sure to wait until exactly Midnight. Two of them actually began to read it. Which they technically could have gotten in trouble for. I was seventeen in line, so I got mine pretty quick. I also got one of the boxes they were shipped in.

  43. Breaking Dawn is my favorite book in the Twilight series. I absolutely could not put it down for an entire day and night.

    SM truly has an incredible gift. She created a fantastic modern day “Romeo and Juliet.” And she made everyone CARE about Edward, Bella and their families. Their struggles, pain, happiness…we could all relate to what Bella was feeling in some way. She was very HUMAN after all. But SM’s story all along meant for her to change and for all of her other characters to progress as well. Bella HAD to become a vampire, because who would have felt right with a 90 year old Bella being kissed by a 17 year old Edward?

    I loved the way it happened too. Bella “dies” giving birth to their child, but Edward saves her one last time. He brings her back. A newborn Bella. The funny thing is that it was the perfect way for her transformation to happen. People normally think of vampirism as “death” but in this case her human life was already over and Edward’s venom was the only thing that could save her and bring her back to him. Jacob gave up and walked away, and there was Edward…never giving up on his true love.

    And even though she was no longer human, Bella never lost the strength she possessed all along. It was almost like it was always there in her to begin with. And becoming a vampire simply amplified who she really was. She no longer needed Edward “saving” her from every little thing. And I loved seeing her empowered. It was like watching a caterpillar become a butterfly. Edward is still the love of her life, but the relationship is no longer skewed. They meet on even ground. As it should be.

    I think I know why a lot of people did not like Breaking Dawn. It shows Edward and Bella’s relationship maturing at a rapid pace. Major events take place which cause BIG “character shifts.” Edward is not the same. Bella is not the same. Marriage, honeymoon, baby, etc.

    They truly are star crossed lovers though. And love is something that evolves. It does not stay the same or burn with the same passion and intensity of a first kiss. True love is of the spirit. And it is there in Breaking Dawn. Most definitely.

    I am so glad SM wrote this entire series. I was happy about all the loose ends being tied up. And a battle most definitely was fought in the end. But it was the kind where your friends and family stand with you no matter what happens. The kind of battle you win with the strength of love and hope. The Volturi had no other option but to skulk away in “mock defeat.” But even at the end, SM still leaves the possibility that the story is never really over, not for the Volturi, and most certainly not for Edward and Bella.

    My heartfelt thanks to SM for a truly wonderful story!

  44. omgg. i loooooved breaking dawn!
    but, i honestly think there should have been a war and jacob and renesmee should have ran away. there would have totally been another book bout that!

  45. ok, new to this awesome website, so thats why im posting these comments 6 months late. i was at summer camp when the book came out, so me and my friends spent the last we counting “1 hour breaking dawn had been out and unread…2 hours… 3 hours…” right up until my dad drove onto campus and handed me the book. it was my favorite of the whole series. i saw one person above said how in the original book bella was so innocent and thought holding edwards hand was the best thing ever, and look what theyre doing now… well, i will say that i have while i love just being near the guy i like, i would jump at the chance for something like the breaking dawn honeymoon ;p

    point is: breaking dawn is awesome, go team jacob, and kaleb nation rules all!

  46. *Sigh* I was disappointed by Breaking Dawn. I mean, I loved it, since I’m a crazy, overly-obsessive fan. But it was…lacking.
    Bella lost her “Bella-ness.” She didn’t really seem much like Bella anymore. Well, no one would seem like themselves after being changed into a vampire.
    And Edward sort of, well, I don’t know how to put it. I wasn’t very happy with him.
    The rest of the Cullens, except Rosalie, have small parts here and there, but we definitely don’t see them as much as we did in the first three books. It was really sad how we see Garrett more than Jasper. 🙁
    Let’s see…no fight at the end. I guess I can live with that, though.
    There were A LOT of characters that had small roles and were just sort of like fluff to make the story last longer. Um, there were about 70 characters mentioned in Breaking Dawn, give or take a few. I made a huge character chart that showed how everyone connected to one another. It’s almost 5 feet tall. I have no life.;)
    Other than the dozens of characters and change of personality, I adored the book.

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