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Reading New Moon: Chapter 8 (Adrenaline)

The song for this chapter is All Around Me by Flyleaf [suggested by Briana]


It is 11:53 on Wednesday evening but probably past midnight for many of you, so sorry for the partially-late post! I’ve been all over town today getting a haircut, some food, one mosquito bite; but absolutely, positively NO Entertainment Weekly magazines. I have tried every store chain in this town, and not one of them carries it. So, the Youtube video I was planning to show it in has been postponed due to slow postal systems from New York πŸ˜€

Meanwhile, I was busy indirectly messing up people’s autographs, as reenacted by Tech and Bailey in NY:

Now on to the eighth chapter of New Moon!

In the last chapter, Bella and Jacob just finished repairing both motorcycles and were planning their first test-drive of them. Allow me to demonstrate a tried and true formula:

I remember the first time I tried to ride a dirtbike, which is like a smaller (and perhaps easier) version of a motorcycle. The kids I was with were particularly reckless. They had an enormous, crater-like hole in the ground, and would ride the dirtbikes down the near-90-degree slope, then slam on the speed at the bottom in an effort to swing right back up the other side with momentum.

I, unfortunately, was not as skilled as they were with the bikes. I have horrid memories of getting stuck at the bottom, thrown off the bike, and then chased by it in circles as the remaining power left in the motorcycle engine wore off. It was not a pretty sight, and I am relatively well coordinated. I can only imagine Bella in this situation. The results, I later see, are quite catastrophic. I am keeping a running count of the times Bella has to visit the doctor due to partially-self-inflicted injuries.

Then, as before, Bella starts to hear voices in her head. This, and especially the multiple uses of the word ‘hallucinations’ in this chapter are leading me to be a bit concerned and wonder, like Bella, as to their source:

There was no familiarity here […] so the hallucinations must be triggered by something else…

I am specifically suspicious of Mr. Billy Black’s so-called ‘Ragu’.

I’m not quite sure if it is the best of ideas for Bella, already hearing voices in her head, to go back and visit the meadow: that hallowed spot which bore such an important moment between her and Edward. But then again, it seems like just another in a long string of her reckless attempts at freeing herself from Edward’s memory.I find it odd how they travelled for so long and yet didn’t find it: and even odder that this time around, Jacob is with her. I see this strange line of events that almost seem to minorly mimic what happened in Twilight with Edward: except this time, Jacob is in Edward’s place.

Again, as before, I see Jacob as helping Bella ease the pain of Edward leaving:

[…] I knew I would feel better tomorrow when I was with Jacob again. That made the empty hole and the familiar pain easier to bear; relief was in sight.

This brings up a point that was made to me by email: is Bella taking advantage of Jacob?

I hadn’t noticed this before someone pointed it out to me, but the way the emailer put it, Bella might be simply using Jacob as a crutch to get her over Edward: just someone to pass the time and help her get over her heartache. I’m not quite in agreement with this, as it seems that Bella actually enjoys being with Jacob (and, certainly, vice-versa). But does anyone else think that Bella is manipulating things — or, on the flip side, that Jacob is taking advantage of Bella’s loneliness to try and replace Edward with himself?

Yoiks: more bear sightings. Suspicion…


– I’ve dropped in on the new chat a few times this week and thanks to all the people who were there! I’m hoping to come on sometime later this week again.

– I have a few more interviews coming up, though I’m not sure when they will be released. So if you happen to see me in any papers (a few are in Canada) send me a quick email so I know where I’m being talked about πŸ˜€



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  1. I dont think Bella is taking advantage of Jacob because they both enjoy eachother’s company. I actually liked Jacob in New Moon, as Monica mentioned I only hated him for something in Eclipse.

  2. I think it’s a bit of a half-half situation for the both of them.

    Bella truly enjoys Jacob’s company; she’s found a friend that she can really get along with and it’s nice to have that. But at the same time (and this is more evident in later chapters), she realizes that Jacob is actually making her pain easier to handle, and she will continue to hang out with him for those moments where she can breathe again. So, although she really enjoys his company, she’ll also hang on to him as much as neccessary in order for her pain to numb down again.

    As for Jacob, of course he enjoys Bella’s company, and he is a good friend towards her in helping her cheer up and whatnot. He cares for Bella, so it’s not suprising to see him hanging out with her to make her happy. But Jacob also wants something more than friendship. At the end of Twilight when he was dancing with Bella, it was evident in his words that he would have liked to have been more than just friends. Now that Edward’s gone, it’s the opportune time for Jacob to take a shot and try to make Bella see just how great he is for her.

    Both of them enjoy each other’s company, but they are also using the time they have together to their own benefits. With Bella, it’s easing her pain and doing dangerous things in order to hear Edward’s voice. For Jacob, it’s filling the spot Edward left behind in order to get closer to Bella.

  3. LALALA! Not listening (er, reading, as it were) – I just bought New Moon today so I’m totally ignoring all the comments and analysis about it (though I *will* catch up and join you guys in a few days to discuss)…but I just want to throw out there that I didn’t get my EW today EITHER! (Which, incidentally, is how I learned about both Twilight AND Kaleb two weeks ago…so yes, I’m a total newb) Anyway, just throwing my anti-slow postal service solidarity out there for ya, Kaleb…

  4. Nah, I don’t think she’s taking advantage of him at all- she jsut needs a friend, and Jacob is that friend. Sure, Bella has baggage, but Jacob knows that.

    Good point about the “Ragu”… makes me wonder what’s REALLY in Harry Clearwater’s “fish dip”…

    PS- I laughed so hard- Poor Tech! You screwed up her autograph!

  5. Haha! Luv the “Ragu” thing. rofl.

    I don’t think that Bella used Jacob, at least not intentionally. It kinda comes across that way though, especially when re-reading the book. Maybe a little? but never on purpose, and she was kind of desperate so I don’t blame her lol

  6. I’d just like to stress one point. Bella is not trying to forget Edward. It is extremely obvious by her choices and even her words that she wants these memories and enjoys hearing Edward’s voice. Hearing his voice doesn’t cause her as much pain as simply remembering. Jacob might be helping to ease her pain, but he certainly will not make her forget.

  7. Ohhh…vice-versa… Reminds me of your endless love for the phrase of speech “moot point” because it’s never mentioned in Breaking Dawn but Stephenie uses the term “vice-versa” nearly every second sentence…
    I feel like I’m being haunted by this word…:-)

  8. “reckless attempts at freeing herself from Edward’s”
    Ok I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding what you are trying to say but I don’t think she is trying to free herself of Edward and her memories, I don’t believe that is her goal with her reckless stunts or with Jacob.
    When Edward left he promised her that it would be as if he had never existed, Bella herself refused and doubted the concept. But after months in her zombie mode she herself had started to question if such love and life could have existed for her. There were no tangible evidence to his, or his family, ever being there.
    When the extreme activities began she did so with the need (and I mean “i’m-so-desperate-to-know-he-was-here-and-not-just-a-figment-of-my-imagination need) to hear his voice, to have no doubt or suspicioun that he did indeed exist and she didn’t make it up.
    I have to admit that while yes I sympathize for Bella and worry about her mind, I would have done the same if not worse as her had I been in a similar situation.
    As for Jacob, i believe her when she says she has traded in one addiction for another. He is the morphine to her shattered heart and sadly she sees no way out right now but to try to dull the pain and keep moving forward for charlies sake.

  9. I don’t think Bella was using Jacob, but it’s also fairly clear that she isn’t herself with him. She IS trying to fill the void in her life that Edward left and being reckless is one way that she is attempting to do that. So does Jacob know the real Bella? The old soul, mature, emotional person that she really is? All he gets to see is the person she is forcing herself to be during Edward’s absence (it even says this in Eclipse when she talks about becoming a younger more reckless Bella in Jacob’s presence). I guess the real question is whether or not being someone she isn’t is healthy for her.

  10. I think personally that Jacob is a good thing for Bella. I also think that Bella is using him a bit, but Jacob doesn’t seem to mind.

    P.S. Kaleb when are you going to post the next bloody chapter?!

  11. Owen-take it from me…if i saw a guy wearing that shirt, lets just say that he may be walking out with my number..that would be amazing..and i’m not too ashamed to admit that these books have ruined me…i’m still looking for MY edward cullen…but alas, i have not found him…

  12. I LOVE the song today!!And I think that Jacob is taking advantage of Bella when Edward’s not there.

  13. I think that Bella’s plan was, at first, just use Jake to help fix the bike. So, at first, yes she was using him. But then she realized that she really did like him. So now she is hanging out with him, because she wants to. And she realizes the pain and emptiness of her life is easier to bear with Jacob there. I don’t think the pain ever really goes away, even with Jacob there. I’m pretty sure she mentions that later. Anyway, Jake is trying to replace Edward (which is impossible not only to Bella, but for me, too). I’m not saying anything bad about him, because he really does love Bella (and I love him to death), but he sort of forces himself on her. But he’s a teenage guy, so there’s not much you can do about that… Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of the book. I didn’t think it got really good until the end of chapter 16, though. Even though I love Jacob, he can be boring. That’s how I decided I liked Edward more. He is never boring. Hehe πŸ˜‰

  14. I think Bella and Jacob both were reacting to the situation at hand, both being a little selfish, but they seem to enjoy each others company anyway, so no harm no foul?

  15. My take on this was always that initially, Bella just wanted a mechanic, but she was so surprised that she actually had a good time with Jacob and found herself smiling and laughing for the first time in months. It’s a weird situation – she genuinely likes spending time with Jacob, but at the same time she knows she’s using him to get relief from the aching loneliness and the hole in her chest. She loves Jacob as a friend – he becomes her best friend; however, Jacob has always had a thing for her, I believe from the first time he met her on First Beach in Twilight. Jacob is definitely using this time with her, with no Edward in site, to develop the relationship – he’s got “plans.” I have always detested Jacob because of his immaturity and selfishness, which gets worse in Eclipse, but after reading Breaking Dawn I love Jacob. Anyway, back to Bella. I can understand why she used Jacob, and to have someone help her do dangerous things so that she could still hear Edward’s voice, but the whole thing pisses me off because she sets herself up for some major problems in the next book. Her love for Jacob is nowhere near her love for Edward, and it’s a totally different kind of love to begin with. You’ll see how it plays out – she just makes a royal mess of things, and it’s all her fault.

    And congrats for making Stephenie hyperventilate a little! πŸ™‚

  16. No, not really, Not a crutch, but kind of someone to lean against who’ll help you limp along until you can walk again, and Bella is holding on for dear life.

  17. Okay, anyone who hates Jacob would gladly contradict my opinion. But I thought Bella was taking advantage of Jacob too. Back when I read New Moon for the first time and I found myself falling for Jacob too (Team Switzerland!) I noticed that it seemed as though Bella were taking advantage of a teenage boy who was madly crushing on her. There have been times when I considered Bella selfish because of this (and other things also). So I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like Bella. Hahah. I don’t hate her, but like Stephenie said, sometimes she makes decisions that make me angry. =]
    So I do think she took advantage, but she never really realized it herself. I agree that she just needed a really good friend. Nevertheless, I still think she manipulated him. lol.

  18. Bella certainly thinks she’s manipulating him. Several times she calls herself “selfish” and “a horrible person” or something of the like.

  19. I think that my opionin of Jacob is much diffrent at this point in the book then it is at the end of the book. I think that Yes he wishes to replace Edward becuase he has been in Love with her since book one. I think that Bella believes she is manipulating Jacob, and I think to a certain exstent she is. I think that she feel pretty horable about it, I also believe that she really does NEED Jacob right now and that he IS making lossing Edward easier for her. I think that its all at a cost though… And the real question you should be asking is, Is it worth it?

  20. I’m not sure if someone already mentioned this because I haven’t read all the comments, but one thing that stood out to me in this chapter is on page 188 (hardcover) when Bella gets the cut on her forehead and she says “Oh, I’m so sorry, Jacob,” to which he replies “Why are you apologizing for bleeding?” This captured my attention because it’s the effect of Edward and the way she acted around him, and I just found that part interesting when thinking about the contrast of Jake and Edward. Also, on a different note, I would love to read a preview of your book if you don’t mind sending it to me.

  21. Bella Trys and trys to make jacob understand that she can’t give him anymore, because there isn’t anything left in her. And Jacob understands that so I don’t view Bella as taking advantage of him.

  22. Neither of them are taking advantage of each other at this point.. but what Jacob never understood was that he didn’t KNOW the whole Bella.. he only saw the side of her clinging to adventure to hear Edward’s voice… he was a bit misguided and she was NOT helping

  23. I think it’s interesting that you see Bella’s attempts to the house and the meadow as ways of getting over Edward. I thought that she was doing anything she desperately could to hold onto him. Interesting how different minds think.

  24. I think Bella is taking advantage of Jacob in some ways. But not anymore than any of us do. When we are hurting don’t we want our friends and mommy’s to be there with us to make it better. Bella really loves and cares for Jacob and while she “use” him as a band-aid on her heart, she also holds up her end of the friendship. I love their relationship!

  25. I don't really think Bella is taking advantage of Jacob. She needs someone she can lean on at the moment to help her get through, a friend. And Jacob just happens to be that person. I would say it she was taking advantage of him if she was just going to run off after she can get over Edward, if she can, or is at least healed enough. But, at this point, I can't see that happening because they both enjoy each other's company. They are friends and friends lean on each other when they need to. Jacob is leaning on Bella, too, because of the whole Sam situation. So I do not see them as using each other. Jacob may be using Edward's absence to try to change the relationship he has with Bella from friendship to something more, but he's not taking advantage of Bella herself.

  26. OMG!!! Next time you get chased by a friggin motorcycle, VIDEO TAPE IT!!!! that alone would get you a 25 out of 5 apples! THAT would be something I would pay to see, and i hate using $$$!

  27. Bella isn't really trying to free herself of Edwards memory… I think she is just trying to hold onto it… her hallucinations seem to be less painful for her… somehow… she needs to never forget him… she's running to anything she can cling to… Jake is good to her and he is a good friend… but, he will always be second… I feel sorry for him… but I'm all for Bella and Edward together.

  28. Bella isn't really trying to free herself of Edwards memory… I think she is just trying to hold onto it… her hallucinations seem to be less painful for her… somehow… she needs to never forget him… she's running to anything she can cling to… Jake is good to her and he is a good friend… but, he will always be second… I feel sorry for him… but I'm all for Bella and Edward together.

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