A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading New Moon: Chapter 9 (Third Wheel)

The song for this chapter is Fix You by Coldplay (suggested by Nicole)


Hopefully all or at least most of us had the chance to watch one of the Breaking Dawn Concerts online. If not, you missed seeing the most awesome Twilight event ever, including an upcoming song from Blue October called My Never, which you will be very pleased to hear at this link. Best ever. Besides that and solving the mystery of the music trolls and nearly finishing my revisions, I narrowly managed to grab some free time for the next chapter of New Moon.

Starting off, Bella and Jacob are going to see a movie, and in an effort to avoid anything awkward with Jacob, Bella has invited a group of her friends along. And oh joyfulness. Oh, sweet joyfulness. I literally started laughing out loud as each person came up with an excuse. So, what was formerly supposed to be a group of nearly a dozen people has now been narrowed down to Bella and two guys who are doing all they can not to murder each other. THIS is something I ABSOLUTELY must see follow through…

Then, there is a slight problem in getting tickets to the film, when Jacob is under 18:

“Is Billy going to kill me if I sneak you in?”

“No. I told him you were planning to corrupt my youthful innocence.”

And after seeing the description of four people blown up and a beheading, all during the credits, I am certain they are not watching this movie.

After the last chapter post, someone pointed out that I was looking at the Bella and Jacob situation wrong. Bella, despite what I previously believed, is not being reckless and hanging around Jacob because she wants to forget Edward. In fact, it seems to be quite the opposite: she is doing these things so that the voice continues in her head. As made more obvious in this chapter, she is going to the meadow so that she can be reminded of Edward. For the last few chapters, I have been seeing things in a slightly distorted way.

Is that skull biting New Moon?

Bella’s motives are confusing, and I’m actually starting to believe that it is because she is confused herself. It seems to me that she really does like Jacob a lot, and doesn’t want to hurt him or give him up, but at the same time she does not want to lead him on too far. It’s like she is digging a deep hole for herself by hanging around Jacob but loving Edward: she doesn’t want to leave Jacob, because she needs his support, but at the same time, the longer she stays, the more difficult it will get.

I know that Jacob really loves Bella, and I also believe that if Edward had never come along and never been in Bella’s life, that she would love him as well. But because of the deep connection between Bella and Edward, Jacob Black simply cannot break through. Bella and Edward are so strongly one that the entrance of Jacob, though comforting to Bella now, will eventually lead to more pain and heartache in the end, when Bella has to make a choice between them.

At the end of the chapter, strange things begin to happen once more. For some reason, the Black’s do not want Bella coming over. I have a feeling Jacob was sick with something other than the flu…


– I’m almost done with my book revisions, which means I will have 2 weeks to reply to emails before school starts. I’ll be catching up with as many as I can soon!

– I will be in the chat this week, most likely late Wednesday and Friday.



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  1. Yeah… this is certainly one of my favorite chapters in New Moon. I think I laughed through the whole movie theater part XD
    And… Mike getting sick! *dies from laughter*

  2. You don’t know how right you are with the Edward/Jacob situation.
    Just wait until Eclipse.
    Imagine this x 1000.


    Enjoy the coming-up chapters! Things are about to get interesting ;}

  3. who doesn’t love a good plan that falls through resulting in a resounding AAAAWWWWWKWAAAAARD?

    see you in chat 2am wednesday right?

  4. haha! i like the to-do list. lol. ugh good luck on the next couple chapters or so; they’re my least favorite…but keep reading cuz then you’ll get to the good part! =D

  5. I was mentioned for my little message…haha! funny, i wasnt even sure it would be read! lol

    thanks for “listening”, I just felt the need to point it out.
    bella DOES want to be reminded of edward in the least pain inducing way possible(haha) and I thought it might hinder your thoughts of new moon if you saw it differently…

    so anyway, I loved the Mike/Jake/Bella movies thing and I liked the conclusion you drew about Jake having something worse than “the average flu”

    awesome post 😀 melissa

  6. I think you understand this book better than anyone. Really, it kind of scares me how much you understand everything.
    Thanks for the comedic GOLD! It is truly ~epic~!

  7. Who doesn’t like the awkward chapter? It’s so awkward that you can’t help laughing!
    And no, I’m certain that they aren’t watching THAT movie. Haha.
    And with your last takes on this chapter, just wait, things always get better and better, depending on how you see it of course.

  8. i think it’s so funny when all of the sudden everybody get sick!!, but that’s just me, i’m weird that way!!

  9. You’re totally right about the Edward Jacob thing, but Bella would be crazy to even consider Jacob [;
    Oh, Jacob is sick alright…

  10. Yea my favorite part about that chapter was when Mike got sick. 🙂 haha. That’s just gold.

  11. LOL @ “…corrupt my youthful innocence” Jacob’s hilarious.

    you’re pretty much making astute observations/conclusions right now, Kaleb… so i don’t wanna mislead you by saying anything else!

    and *Grace* HOW would Bella be crazy choosing Jacob, really? in the context of… if Eclipse and Breaking Dawn had not been out yet. why not?

  12. Like Grace (#10) said;

    Jake is sick alright ! I loved this quote by Jake from the book;

    What a marshmallow. You should hold out for someone with a stronger stomach. Someone who laughs at the gore that makes weaker men vomit.

    We’ll just see how good Jake is at ‘being sick’!

  13. “Bella and Edward are so strongly one that the entrance of Jacob, though comforting to Bella now, will eventually lead to more pain and heartache in the end, when Bella has to make a choice between them.”


  14. “I know that Jacob really loves Bella, and I also believe that if Edward had never come along and never been in Bella’s life, that she would love him as well. ”

    I can NOT wait til you read Eclipse!!


  15. Wow.
    You are incredibly perceptive, Kaleb, and your insight into the Jacob/Bella/Edward situation is very…insightful.
    I don’t want to spoilerize (cool, I just invented a new word) anything for you, but in your second to last paragraph before the notes…wow again. Wait until you read Eclipse.
    And just so you know, I’m not a fellow TwilightGuy, Aiden can be a girl’s name too. At least my parents thought so…
    Keep up the great work!

  16. Oh man!
    You’re at the chapter where Jacob gets sick!!
    You’re world of Twilight is going to get so much more bigger now.. 😀

  17. Well, I think you hit the nail on the head! Let’s go to the net chapter to see what Jacob’s up to…

    Love the movie poster! Ha ha!

  18. hi kañeb! i agree with Aishah with the chapter where Jacob gets sick OME!
    “You’re world of Twilight is going to get so much more bigger now.. ”
    haha i absolutely agree with her! and if you are worried with Edward-Jacob-Bella you are goingo to die in eclipse hahaha
    greetings from uruguay!

  19. Wow, your thoughts on this chapter are very good. very insightful. You are right about Bella, Jacob and Edward. She is spinning a very thick and tangled web, which she will have to untangle later. But keep reading. The chapters coming up are very good.

  20. I think it’s wicked awesome that you read the books, considering you’re a guy and all. I just wanted to let you know that three of my guy friends read the books. And I noticed that those three guys, out of all my other guy friends, turned out to be real gentlemen. :]

  21. Jeez, guys! Tell him everything BUT what’s going to happen, why don’t ya?!

    Now you see why I love New Moon so much! Under Bella’s agony, Jake’s real, hilarious, sarcastic personality starts coming out. That is something I really hope Taylor can bring to his character in the (hopefully) next movie. You HAVE to read New Moon more than once to get the full affect.

    Reading New Moon once will only let you see Bella’s part of the story. Once you read it the second time, you know what happens. While rereading, you can focus on different characters. =]

  22. Ha ha Bella’s to do list.. 🙂
    Anyways you’re really getting it!!! Can’t wait till next post..

  23. It probably wasn’t my comment that tipped you off but I was one of the people who pointed out the misconception about Bella’s feelings for Edward and Jacob. I’m glad to see you’ve straightened it out though.

  24. I liked what you had to say about this chapter. I thought it was funny ALTHOUGH this is not my favorite book.

  25. wow i knoww that almost everybody has told u this but yeah its amazing how much u understand about the story the first time i read it i didn’t even realize that bella was falling for jacob (hope thats not a spoiler) i have read the book 3 times and now i ca nfully understandwhats going on and i have gotten to actually love jacob (besides edward) cause hes really nice and he also fully understands how much bella loves edward and hes actually willing to wait for her he has waited about a year now since they met and he can wait even more…hes really a nice guy and sweet 😀 umm alsoo the first time most of us read new moon we just skip through the whole getting to know jacob thing and we’re just reading just to know when edward will appear so we dont really pay attention to jacob.
    umm sorry for the long comment lol 😀
    ps: im so glad you can undestand the relationship between them….

  26. Glad to see that you figured out Bella’s motives, confusing and illogical as they may be.

    Jacob’s illness…so many answers coming…

  27. right now bella just sees jacob as a friend, someone she can be with and be a little bit normal again. yes she is doing all these things so that she can hear edwards voice in her head. jacob is just a really good friend of hers right now, she loves him like a brother but edward is her “soul mate”.

  28. Good to see your funny bone is back–Chapter 3 really takes it out of everyone for a while! The movie poster Charlie and the Choc Factory is Hilarious!!

  29. Kaleb, I just love reading your reviews of each chapter. You totally get it. I know I have said that before, but you do. You are so right about Bella/Edward too.

  30. Wow I love how insightful you are! You are a beautiful writer, NEVER FORGET THAT! WOW! I love when you said, “Bella and Edward are so strongly one that the entrance of Jacob, though comforting to Bella now, will eventually lead to more pain and heartache in the end, when Bella has to make a choice between them.” WOW great job on chapter 9! As always it was also hilarious! =]

  31. I decided I actually had to tell you this, partly because it’s just odd, and partly because it’s such a great credit to you.

    I had the opportunity to get Stephenie’s latest on Friday night/Saturday morning. I held the last book in my hands, and when I got home, instead of opening it up (at 2am) I checked my email. And I saw that you had posted about chapter 8 of NM. So what did I do? Immerse myself in the book I’ve been waiting months for? No. I read your post first. I hope you’re flattered, and not just thinking I’m crazy. But you should be flattered.

    Anyway, I agree with your perceptions on Bella’s motives. I don’t think she really know why she’s doing any of this, either. You continually amaze me with your insights- the first time through something- on the characters and relationships. Thanks for sharing. =D

  32. Honestly, your observations about the book are so good it is freaky. You actually get it! Which might not sound like much, but for a guy, that’s rare. No offence to guys, I just mean you get the relationship part of the book as well as the action and fight scenes. Which in my opinion many guys don’t seem to really get, or they don’t admit to getting it if they do.

    anyways keep reading, Kaleb!

  33. Congratulations on getting to the best part of New Moon! You’re just beginning to find out how complicated Bella and Jake are. She really is corrupting his innocence…

    I can’t wait until you read Breaking Dawn. There’s been so much controversy about it among the fans. I really want to hear your interpretation and opinions.

    By the way, I loved the movie poster and to-do list.

  34. Man, Kaleb, you’re funny. I loved that to-do list =P

    And now… *ahem*

    AAAAAAAAARG! WHY HAVEN’T YOU GOTTEN IT YET! IT’S OBVIOUS! *bangs head against table*

    sorry. I could see the next plot twist from a mile away and you’re only starting to get it. Ah well.

  35. i wish you could read more or read faster and then move on to eclipse. hurry up! i wanted to suggest a song for chapter 10: the meadow. it is: lonely day by s.o.a.d.

  36. i love this chapter! it was so funny!!! and i’m sure that they werent watching that movie! love the to-do list!!

    now, excuse me for a second


    sorry about that =P

  37. Yes, this chapter was great. Kaleb, you need to just hurry up and keep on reading, though. Don’t spend the next two weeks replying to e-mails, spend the next two weeks reading the rest of the Twilight series.

  38. Wow, you always provide such a new perspective on the books. When I read them the first time, I devoured them too quickly to properly see foreshadowing. I should try your method on the next series of books that I’m going to read.
    By the way, I know that I’m being persnickety, but I believe that in the caption “Is that scull biting New Moon?” you mean “skull.” A scull is a small boat propelled by oars, and as hilarious as it would be to see that photoshoped, it’s not correct.

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