A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

TwilightGuys Report: Twilight Helped His Social Life


About 3 months ago, i started noticing every single girl in my school had a black book, or a book with an apple, or flower, or ribbon, whatever. It was bugging me to no end! It was all the girls were talking about.

Finally, I asked one of my friends, (who happens to be a girl) what they were about. “Vampires” was all I heard, the rest was giggling. I ignored it after that.

A few weeks later, I came home to find my house a mess, my little brothers running around screaming, and my mom reading Twilight. I turned around and went right back outside to scream. After a few minutes of that, I went back inside, only to find my sister with Eclipse. It was as if they’d all been brainwashed.

Two days later, I was behind in my reading for school, and I picked up a hardcover black book off the island and started reading it. After about 4 chapters, I was really starting to like this book. I turned it over to read the binding, and to my horror, it was Twilight.

Now this might have been OK, no one had seen me, I could just put it back and pretend it never happened. Except that I couldn’t. I loved it. It was an amazing book, and I couldn’t put it down. I finished it that night, and kidnapped my sister’s copy of New Moon, which I took to school the next day, putting a book cover over it, so no one would recognize it. Ha!

My friend, (the same one who told me about it, was reading over my shoulder, and after about 2 whole seconds, she screamed, and almost fell out of her chair laughing. Of course she couldn’t let it go, and the whole school knew I was reading it. I was humiliated, until I started being surrounded constantly by girls.

I have since finished both the 3rd and 4th book. I love the books, and they helped my social status considerably. Thanks Twilight!”

Submitted anonymously.

He gets a free hat from TwilightTeez.com for his story!
Tomorrow I have an update and a new photo from the real life Jasper and Rosalie Hale (actually, their dad, as they are only five months old).



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  1. Yay for being the first post! Anyway, that’s awesome! And I’m still trying to convince my boyfriend to read Twilight… :/ He’s interested, though, so I’m off to a good start! 😀

  2. Another Twilight guy report…
    Poor guy, though. It might have improved his social status with girls, but he ay have been teased by guys. hmmpp…

    good thing he started reading after the 4th book was released, though. I couldn’t wait ’til august was up!
    haha…it’s even crazier around our school. I think I see it 10 times a day!!
    Everywhere I look there are black covers, and instantly, I know it’s twilight. lol.

  3. Haha, I rarely see copies around my school.
    I might have seen someone with the books about four times, ever.
    I mean, sure it’s big around here, but not that massively big that everyone knows and talks about it.
    Guys reading Twilight isn’t that funny =/
    Oh well. Odd sense of humour though 😛

  4. Gosh i actually counted hwo many people i saw with twilight books today at my school, and it isn’t a huge school, just a 9th grade campus, but i lost count at around 15 before lunch. it’s insane.

  5. hahaha.. if most guys read twilight and take a few points of edward, the world would be a better place…!!

  6. You know, not that many guys I know read Twilight, but the ones that do are really open about it, and we hear all these stories about guys trying to hide or disguise it. Weird.

    “Surrounded by girls” I try to tell my brother reading it will make girls like him, but he’s a stubborn twelve-year-old jock who makes fun of me and my friends for being “so obsessed over a freakin book.”

  7. i know two guys that read em.
    its perty awesome.
    they love talking about it with me and im like “i know!”

    ugh. i just wish more guys would read em!!!!


  8. I love the twilight guys stories. They’re always great. And I can’t wait to see that updated picture!!

  9. another success story!

    I know of only 2 guys in my grade that openly admit to reading and liking them- but it’s spreading.
    My FCS class is always discussing it- today we somehow ended up on the topic of vampire abilities, so we were naming all the known vampires and what powers they have, lol

    while baking brownies 🙂

  10. Ha ha. His accidently picking up Twilight was totally in his favor; he got lucky that was what he grabbed! I ended up picking up Twilight on a whim too, I totally didn’t expect it to be Amazing. Little did I know back then.

    Ohh, and I can’t wait to hear about the Hale twins next time!

  11. Nhhhh its been bothering me!! A guy friend of mine named Rod submitted his twilight guy story and won’t tell me what he put and insists that I wait for Kaleb to put it up here!

    So my question is! When will you put up the next story and if there is one by a guy named “Rod” please put it up so I can finally read it. Iv been waiting for like a month.

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