A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Eclipse: Chapter 6 (Switzerland)

The song for this chapter is Switzerland by The Bella Cullen Project


As I hastily unloaded groceries after a quick trip to the local store, I was suddenly stopped in my tracks by a sight I had never seen before. A silver volvo. Parked in front of my apartment.

I was shocked that I reacted at all. I mean, it is just a silver Volvo. Nevertheless, I literally stopped and stared to make sure that it was actually a silver Volvo, and not some figment of my imagination. Though it wasn’t extremely shiny (we are college students after all), it was silver: and was perhaps my first silver Volvo to ever see in my life and consciously recognize its presence. Its owner, however, was nowhere to be found.

Edward’s own shiny silver Volvo has probably been circling the border line multiples of times since Bella went in to see Jacob, because he’s right behind her in a flash, following her just so she knows he is there and is watching. I can almost feel the anger pulsating from that car, and Bella is obviously a bit too afraid to face Edward in a place without other people nearby.

I have learned two things in the past two chapters about Stephenie’s world. For the previous chapter, this word was Imprinting. For this chapter, it is obviously Switzerland.

I’ve never been able to figure out until recently what the country of Switzerland has to do with vampires. I know the Swiss make fine watches and fine cheese (a piece of which I usually eat before I go on BlogTV) but I have never heard of the Swiss having anything to do with vampires.

The Swiss Guard have nothing to do with vampires. Whatsoever.

However, the new definition of being ‘Switzerland’ has finally been spelled out for me: and it is a very obvious way to avoid choosing Edward of Jacob and getting your head bitten off by the opposing side.

Why is it that I feel like a creepy eavesdropper, listening in on Bella and Angela through a tiny hole I have carved in their ceiling? Their conversation is comprised completely of three distinct subjects:

1. Boys

2. Boys

3. Boys

I don’t need to be hearing these things. I am a guy. The last time a conversation like this came up, Bella and her pals were talking about prom dresses in Twilight. It causes me to cringe slightly, as if I am walking in on a conversation to which my entire gender is uninvited and unwelcome. As if I might be standing in the corner, and then Bella eyes me suspiciously and says, ‘Do you NEED anything, sir?’ and causes me to sheepishly jump out the window.

However, after managing to pull through it, I was able to pick up on a certain tidbit that I can easily identify with:

“I got my dorm assignment yesterday. The farthest building from campus, naturally.” (Angela)

for I am in a similar situation as well:

The map of my adventurous journey home from school

Of course, Alice has been paid off by Edward: in the form of a new Porsche. Up until now, I haven’t really clicked entirely with who Alice is as a character. But all of a sudden, in this chapter particularly, I have come to realize just how bubbly and almost-eternally-happy she is. Anytime she opens her mouth to speak, it almost always turns into a paragraph:


“Not really.” She sniffed. “You don’t seem to grasp how dangerous a young werewolf can be. Especially when I can’t see them. Edward has no way of knowing if you’re safe. You shouldn’t be so reckless (jabber jabber jabber) ”


“Werewolves are dangerous. Be safe. Now.”

But is the long extended way of talking that makes her character so colorful. And of course Alice wants to stay up with Bella long into the night: vampires don’t need any sleep. Very cunning, Alice.

How can I possibly set the book down at the ending of this chapter? How is it possible for any human to stop reading when Rosalie shows up at Bella’s door? It is possible only when it is 1 AM and I have not yet eaten dinner (which will soon be called breakfast if I wait any longer). So, it’s off to mealtimes then bedtimes for me, and another chapter asap… if I can actually keep from peeking into what Rosalie has to say before.

Question for the comments: if you were Alice and had to be bribed, what type of car would YOU demand? πŸ˜€


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189 Responses

  1. Mmmmm Rosalie’s M3. My dream car for life.

    I’m kinda peeved though. I saw a pic from the Twilight film of the Cullen garage, and Rose’s car is a red Mercedes…not the M3…. how dare they change that.

  2. You just figured out Alice’s character? Well get ready for like a whirlwind tornado because next chapter you’ll figure out Rosalie. Her story is very powerful. get ready for it.

  3. I am sooo glad you’re enjoying the book πŸ™‚

    but to answer you’re question…

    either a hunter green mini,

    or a black nissan figaro


  4. coming from a twi-hards perspective, i would like a volvo. πŸ™‚

    coming from a normal persons perspective, i want a yellow VW beetle. i don’t know why, but i have always wanted one of those cars.

  5. Ashton Martin V12 Vanquish [black].
    That is what Edward took Bella to prom in.
    Best car ever, =].

    [btw.., great writing.. i enjoi.]

  6. if it were me… I’d demand a blue Mini Cooper or a blue BMW X3

    and you are right Alice is great!

  7. actually, my dream car at this current moment…

    just so happens to be a 53 chevy truck, for some unidentifiable reason…

    i’m sure i have no idea.

  8. I used to have a silver Volvo! It was like a ’92, and did not fit my personality, but I loved it. It kept me safe as Volvos do…just like Edward keeps Bella safe…haha, yes I am just a little bit obsessed. Who else relates things in their life to Twilight? I am sure i can’t be the only one! πŸ˜€

  9. I found it! My dream car. I had to do a search. I saw it on a TV show (about a vampire, no less!) and I fell in love with this hot car.
    Audi R8. Silver with the special lights package.
    What a sweet ride!

  10. I would so demand a Volvo S60 R!!!! A shiny silver one in particular.. that comes with Edward in the driver’s seat πŸ™‚

  11. I do believe the car I would want would be a Lotus. One of two models I would prefer the Exige S 240 but I would take the Elise SC. Both beautiful cars that can go really fast, what more would you need.

  12. Alice has amazing taste in cars but I personally would HAVE TO HAVE a red Audi R8. It’s an amazing car, although, it will never be as cool as Edward’s silver volvo, HATCHBACK *snicker*

  13. I’m late in the game to answer this question, but when cars are the subject matter I can’t not answer.

    ’64 Mustang GT 390
    or a Mercedes S Class (most current model… they come up with new ones far too constantly)
    or a ’63 Opel Cadet (I’m a Top Gear fan…)
    Bugatti Veron
    300 miles an hour.
    I think that’s all that needs to be said.

  14. red Cadillac convertible.
    and an even creepier conversaton to listen in on:
    “Stop licking my arm!”
    “But I’m a werewolf, I need to taste your arm.”
    “Do I taste delicoous.”

  15. Okay. Again, I’m super new to this site, but it’s really interesting to hear your thoughts. May I ask you though, and please respond to this via email, how did you just now see into Alice’s character? She is BY FAR my favorite character, and her bubbliness was apparent to me from almost the first time she spoke. Actually, in her house. She walked right up to Bella, kissed her on the cheek, commented on how good(appetizing) she smelled, and then said, “It’s okay, Bella and I are going to be great friends…”. She’s fantastic!

    But to answer the question, if I were Alice, I would want a convertable Thunderbird. Teal in color. πŸ™‚

  16. 69 Mustang Convert. Cherry red, with silver chips. And no leather seats, I want velvet!!! πŸ˜€

  17. Pfffttt…that's an easy question! A '66 Mustang (Fastback), Dark green with black racing stripes that you could only see when the sun hit them and made them “sparkle”;)

  18. PFFFFT! I stopped at the end of this chapter last night (at only 11 or so, maybe not even that late) and went to sleep. I guess I felt like I didn't want to get into a new big scene and have to stay up late to finish it. Plus, it's my second time through the book and I'm not as interested, nor in as much of a rush. So maybe I don't count. But I just think it's funny that you said 'how could anyone put the book down at this point?' when I did exactly that xD

  19. oh mang, I'd so ask for an srt-10 dodge ram 1500 viper truck, its a truck with 4×4 AND a viper engine PLUS race guages and bucket seats with power everything and a back country lift kit. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?! its a multi purpose vehicle!

  20. I think the top of my list would be '69 Corvette Stingray convertible in black. It's the biggest engine you can, too.

  21. I was shocked that I answered all. I think it's just a silver Volvo. But I literally stopped and watched to make sure it was actually a silver Volvo, and not a reflection of my imagination. Although it was not very bright,it was money and maybe it was my first silver Volvo ever seen in my life and consciously acknowledge his presence.
    london escorts

  22. I literally stopped and watched to make sure it was actually a silver Volvo, and not a reflection of my imagination.
    Good post IΒ  Enjoyed reading it.

  23. Great Post , Nice Chapter i think 6 (Switzerland) chapter is much interesting than chapter 5 (Imprint).

  24. No matter how many times I have read Eclipse, Twilight, or New Moon, I
    fail to come up with anything even half as witty or humorous as what you
    post about. I read your blog as well, and find great inspiration as an
    aspiring writer. I cannot wait to purchase your novel; Im sure it will
    be a fantastic read. πŸ™‚

  25. Haha looks like a long journey home frome school :). The car I would demand if I were Alice would be a mustang. πŸ™‚

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