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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 7 (Unhappy Ending)

The song for this chapter is My December by Linkin Park

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Every book, there has been that Certain Chapter that everyone seems to be anticipating me to read and comment on. In Twilight, it was the Meadow Scene. In New Moon, it was the dreaded Chapter 3. In Eclipse, it is obviously chapter 7. The majority of the comments on Chapter 6 weren’t even about that chapter: it was people pushing me along to get to chapter 7 sooner.

So, with that sort of anticipation lined up, I hesitantly slid into this one expecting something ginormously earth-shattering; examples being:

1. Edward and Jacob accidentally meet at a soda shop and talk through their problems, and suddenly are best buddies, or

2. Bella discovers she is actually descended from gnomes and can turn to stone, which she does, or

3. A character named Naleb Kation appears and saves the day from the quick approaching soldiers of General Grunksnot’s evil leprechaun armies, using only a book and his wits

Who me?

none of which I would have much comment on, as I would be too busy trying to make sense of what exactly Stephenie had been drinking whilst writing that part.

By the title of this chapter, I know that something is about to go wrong. Something is on Rosalie’s mind, and has been on her mind for quite a long time. She has been against Bella being turned into a vampire from the start — sometimes, the only one besides Edward. Thus when Rosalie tells Bella there is a reason behind her objections, I immediately knew that something terrible must have happened in her past to make her think that way.

And it is true: Rosalie’s history is a sad and dark one. You would think that by having everything she wanted, and by seeming to have a perfect, high-class life, that she would be happy – even that she should be happy. But it is obvious that Rosalie never was. While her friend was not as rich as she was, and did not associate with the same high-class crowds, Rosalie is jealous of her because she actually found a way to be happy, even without as many possessions. By having everything, Rosalie only wanted more, when all she really wanted was happiness: something her parents’ money could not give her.

It is through this that Rosalie was nearly killed by a man whom she thought would be fit as a husband — blinded to his true nature, perhaps, by his wealth and power. The stark reality also is that if she had not killed Royce and his friends, because of their social stature, most likely there would have been no justice done to any of them.

Suddenly, I can really understand why Rosalie seems to be so angry at Bella. She has a choice that Rosalie would give anything for, and yet it appears that Bella is ready to throw it away at the first chance she gets. Rosalie was raised in want of nothing; but the one thing she wants is the one thing she can’t have.

Despite the fact that I have been a bit against Jacob lately, in favor of Edward, I can’t help but feel thrilled that he appears out of nowhere to steal Bella away. They seem to be getting quite a plan down. But as the next chapter is called Temper, I have a feeling that Edward will not be far behind…

Question For The Comments: What was your favorite chapter out of Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse? (not Breaking Dawn because I’m not there yet πŸ˜€ )


– Posts will be scattered this week as I get ready for my trip to the premiere in LA.



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  1. My favorite chapter is definitely chapter 22(Fire and Ice)in Eclipse followed by chapter 14(Mind over matter)in Twilight then chapter 13(Confessions)in Twilight. Fire and Ice is my top fave by far though.

  2. Too many favorite chapters to choose from!

    From Eclipse;
    Of course Chapter 20 and 22 like everyone said. But I actually really love 27. Needs. And not the last half. The first half.
    I don’t know… I just find it really full of emotion.

  3. CHAPTER 20 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE this chapter ahhhhhhhhhhhh keep reading keep reading keep reading!!!!!!!!

  4. All time favorite chapter is number 20: Compromise – hands-down! AHHHHHHH! I love it! I get butterflies every time i read it….
    Wish I could elaborate… I’d better stop before i give something away….

  5. Okay, this is a hard question because I have a lot of favorite chapters. But these are what I decided on:

    Twilight- Chpt. 13 Confessions dah, and Chpt. 23 The Angel

    New Moon- Chpt. 23 The Truth

    Eclipse- Chpt. 20 Compromise, and Chpt. 23 Monster
    I love that one, too Feven.

  6. Hey Kaleb!

    To be totally honest i was really surprised you heard a lot about chapter 7 so much. Esp. when chapter 20 is the one that’s most talked about. It’s really hard for me to pick just one chapter and call it my favorite but this one would definitely be one of the best (20). I CANNOT WAIT for you to get there! Have fun!


  7. Well It has been a record six monthes for me, as in I haven’t allowed myself to re-read Twilight again during that time. After reading it…well let’s just say a few times I made the desision to stop. However, I do remember not only my favortie chapter of Eclipse but one of my FAVORITE paragraphs in my favorite chapter,the 12th paragraph on the last page of chapter 27, Needs. It’s simply hilarious. I also like to laugh at the epilogue of Eclipse, as an avid TEAM EDWARD person, it’s my favorite πŸ™‚
    To be honest though my favorite chapter in MY copy of Eclipse is also the first chapter of Breaking Dawn (special edition). I like it because I read it like 50 times before Breaking Dawn came out because I couldn’t seem to stop myself.

    For Twilight my favorite chapter would probably be ch. 13 confessions.

    New Moon-my favorite is pg. 453. When Edward is a)back and b)not convinced he’s dead. although my favorite chapter as a whole is 17, Visitor it just shows Bella’s exaltation at finding Alice again.
    With page 451 of Eclipse I noticed something as I was double-checking page numbers. Of course I missed it the first time I read it for I was desperatly reading as if by finishing the page I could save Edward myself…anyways, 3rd paragraph from the bottom pg. 451 is interesting and beautiful. “He wasn’t listening. He smiled very slightly. He raised his foot to take the step that put him directly in the path of the sun.” The only reason he would have to be smiling is because he was anticipating being with Bella again. That is probably why he was so sure he was dead when she crashed into him. He was trying in his last moments to believe that he would have a life after death. That he could be with his beloved once more.

  8. Hey Kaleb! My favorite chapter would have to be… in Breaking Dawn πŸ™‚ If I HAVE to choose a chapter from the others it would be chapter 8 (Port Angeles) in Twilight, chapter 17 (Visitor) in New Moon and chapter 27 (Needs)in Eclipse. By the way, LOVE LOVE LOVE the new background πŸ˜‰

  9. How on God’s green earth are you reading that book? I by no means hate the book, but you have to admit it’s a bit cliche’… A high school vampire-fangirl’s dream come true… It paralells itself with well-written fan fiction.

    I couldn’t even read through the last book because it was all so… annoying. I applaud your interest in the book, though. It just angers me that she gets a movie deal and so many other great writers don’t…

    Anyway, happy reading! But I have to warn you, the fourth book doesn’t sound too good, from the reveiws I’ve gotten (off topic, they say) = / But that’s me.

  10. I admit I’m a little surprised you heard a lot about Ch. 7. I mean it’s a good chapter and all but I would assume one of the later chapters to be the most fore-warned y’know?

    That being said, I like this chapter; total insight into Rosalie’s life and it helped explain soooo much of why she was the way she was.

    In Twilight my favorite chapter is Ch.13 Confessions for obvious reasons. That chapter makes my day every time I read it x3. In New Moon it has to be Ch. 23 The Truth because Edward is finally back and then you realize what exactly was going on in his head that made him decide to leave i nthe first place. In Eclipse, I’m sort of stuck between Ch. 20 Compromise and Ch. 22 Fire and Ice. They both have amazing content in it and stuff, so I can’t wait for you to read them and whatnot x]

    Btw, the chapter I hate to read in Eclipse happens to be Ch. 23 Monster. The first time I read that, I wanted to rip something I swear xD
    Perhaps you will find out why someday >o>

  11. ahhh.
    let’s see.
    in twilight it would be 13 of course or i really like Blood Type that chapter just makes me giggle.
    in new moon sadly, chapter 3 it gets me EVERY TIME and Vote i forgot what # that was i think 24.
    in eclipse 20 Compromise for.. well you’ll see its yummy lol.
    22 fire and ice it’s just goooooddd. and 27 Needs cause of well its good.
    as you can see eclipse is my fav book (ties with twilight tho)

    keep it up kaleb! we love you!

  12. My favourite chaoter???
    New moon? The tragic chapter 3. And the one after that. It was just too emotional. Twilight was maybe the Port Angeles seen (Just my luck that someone siad it wasn’t in the movie) or the part where James captured Bella. That was just intense!! =P

    Eclipse….My least fav. book, but maybe the last few chapters. Not the one where Bella realizes she’s — —- with —–. Well you all know it. =D It was too meaningful and sad. I won’t elaborate on that. You haven’t got there yet πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Don’t try to figure out the blanks too much. You don’t want a major spoiler if you’re not up to there yet.

  13. “Btw, the chapter I hate to read in Eclipse happens to be Ch. 23 Monster. The first time I read that, I wanted to rip something I swear xD
    Perhaps you will find out why someday >o>”

    YES. Trust me, you’re not alone. The Chapter that made me want to break my keyboard. I SWEAR I didn’t sleep well after reading that.!

  14. I loveeed chapter 20 [Compromise] and I guess a million other people do too. I seriously am excited to hear your thoughts… haha.

    Fire and Ice was pretty much the climax of Eclipse; it’s The chapter. It’s def. one of my favorites.

  15. in twilight–>.. dunno.. its hard.. i liked a lot the one on port angels… when Ed saves bella 4 the first time.. or may be.. The famous chapter 13.. hehe.. because it so.. INTENSE.. hoho
    in New Moon–>jmm.. i loved the one when Jake, Bella and Newton went to the movies.. and also love the one with th Cliff diving.. love Jake sleeping definetly… somewhere arround chapter 22.. i think its 24.. or somthing.. when bella realizes a LOT!! hehe.. duh… hehe
    Breaking Dawn-> Personally i’m not a fan of these one… But i enjoyed all of the Book 2 crap… even when it came a little.. sad in times.. and u all have to admit the whole Blonde Joking was [s] cute haha( book1 was waaaay to Β¨pinkΒ¨ to me.. and well book3 doesn’t make any sense 4 except of the
    – i will fallow you any where women- part… hehehe that rocked!!!. Any way.. not Mayer’s better work… Not fair.. don’t kill me please… just an opinion

  16. my favorite chapter from eclipse is chapter 22 fire and ice…i would like chapter 20 if i wasn’t such a jacob fan.

  17. ok so i have gotten a lot of people addicted to these books in the last few months from my cousin to my co workers. I cannot even pick a favorite book out of the saga because they are all so unique in their stories but i must say that my favorite chapter from eclipse is Fire and Ice.

  18. Just keep pushing youself to finish, Kaleb!

    For once, I have to say I wasn’t expecting Rosalie to talk to Bella. But I should have, from her expression from ealier.
    But your alternatives were just as good, maybe better. But it’s about time we actually knew about Rose and her past, why she is the way she is.

    Hope you have fun in L.A.!

  19. More people need to say their favorite chapters from Breaking Dawn!

    I don’t remember the chapter number but mine is Surprise or Surprises or something like that

  20. Um… I can’t pick. too many good ones. in Twilight, it was probably kind of a tie between Blood Type and the one with the meadow. Or the one where Bella figures out what Edward is. In New Moon, probably either the one where she jumps off the cliff, which was very descriptive, or the one where she and alice go find Edward. In Eclpise, probably Switzerland. There was another good one in Eclipse, but I’m a bad twi-ard and don’t know the chapter names/numbers. I don’t want to ruin it.

  21. Twilight–>The Meadow,Blood Type,Port Angeles,Angel!

    New Moon–>The End,Waking Up,Visitor,Volterra,Vote!

    Eclipse–>Ultimatum,Unhappy Endings,Switzerland(the hostage stuff is fun),Compromise,Fire And Ice,Ethics!


  22. I love this chapter. I think I realized that I like Rosalie as my favorite of the other Cullens. She is so elegant and as old-worldly as Edward. I honestly like Rosalie.

  23. This is definitely one of my favorites for Eclipse. I guess when James and Victoria show up is my favorite for Twilight; the chapters where they meet the Volturi is my favorite for New Moon. And this one is my favorite for Eclipse.

  24. Ok, so this chapter already has a song. Whatever. I think the song Angels by Within Temptation is so perfectly Rosalie. If you haven’t heard it.. well. You should. πŸ˜€ And my favorite chapter from Twilight is The Game. From New Moon.. Hmm. Probably Race. Bella saves Edward for once. πŸ˜€ Favorite chapter of Eclipse.. I hate to say Fire and Ice or Monster, since they seem to be everyone else’s, but those are just the best. Though I get super mad at Bella! Ugh. My favorite chapter of Breaking Dawn without being a spoiler is the first chapter of the 3rd book. πŸ™‚

  25. This is for ‘Shu’.
    Not to be a butthead or anything.. but, honestly, what are you doing on twilightguy.com? It happens to be called TWILIGHTguy, because it centers itself around the Twilight saga. Which you don’t seem to be such a huge fan of. Though you are on a fansite. Which, generally, is for fans. WOAH! Fans on a fansite!? Crazy, isn’t it?

  26. Ugh, ugh UGH! It’s so hard for me to pick! My favorite chapter in Twilight is either Hide and Seek or The Angel, In New Moon it’s Volterra or Race (which ever one Edward comes back in :P) or maybe “The Truth” were Edward has his “Before you my lif was a moonlesss night speech” which I happen to know by heart.In Eclipse it’s definitely Compromise, or Temper. Can’t wait until you read BD! My favorite part IN THE WHOLE SERIES is there, the last two pages, and trust me, it’s definitely not because it’s the end.

  27. I definitely agree with everyone that Chapter 20 and 22 in Eclipse are both amazing (I like 20 better though myself). Eclipse was my favorite book overall, though, so I think that the entire book is great!

    I really liked Mind Over Matter in Twilight, but the other chapter that I REALLY enjoyed was The Angel (when Edward and his family come to save her from James). I thought that short chapter was very well written.

    From New Moon, I liked The Truth. That was, of course, the hardest book to get through so there isn’t much competition there.

    And of course in Breaking Dawn the last two pages are my absolute favorite – I think my favorite out of all the books. You’ll see why πŸ™‚

  28. Twilight 13 new moon 23 eclipse 20 or 22
    over all hmmmm 20 or 22 from eclipse probably

  29. I don’t think there’s anyone that DIDN’T pick either chapter 20 or 22! Compromise and Fire and Ice are definitely my favorite parts of the whole series because Eclipse is my favorite book!

  30. Favourite chapters. This will be hard.

    Twilight – Chapter 13 and 14 the Meadow scene and Mind Over Matter. I think they are the best!
    New Moon – Chapter 3 when Edward leaves, it’s sad but really good and Chapter 23 The Truth. It’s very honest and real and it has the best quotes.
    Eclipse – Chapter 20 Compromise.

  31. In twilight i (obviously) love chapter 13 (confessions) but i also love chapter 8/9. In newmoon i like chapter 2 and 3 and 23. In eclipse i love chapters 20 and 22…but ithink 13 (newborn) is my favourate…i wish they would make Jasper’s story into a book

  32. This was most definately my favorite chapter. Rosalie was always and still is my favorite character. Reading this chapter made me so sad…It made me realize that she had such a horrible life and she would give anything to go back and change it. What some people realize about her is that she does care about other people….her family. It might not seem that way because of how Meyer wrote it. Not only is she jealous of Bella but Bella is also putting the family in danger and in Rosalie’s eyes that is not right. I totally agree with her! Rosalie’s #1 Fan Foreva! Emmett too:)

  33. Twilight- the chapter when Rosalie is introduced

    New Moon- when Edward leaves
    Eclipse- Chapter 7!!!!!!!!!

    Mrs. Emmett Cullen<3

  34. I really like chapter 20. Compromise. I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I read it.

    ~anonyomous Twilight reader~

  35. i luv it durin the fight when jacob freaks out cuz bella and edward r gettin married. i HATE jacob and LOVE edward so i think its funny

  36. oh gosh, there are so many to pick from!!!
    ~Twilight- the Meadow Scene of course (Chap. 13, who doesnt have that on their list?), definitely the first night that Bella knows Edward is in her room (Chap. 14?), I really liked The Angel (Chap. 23?), too.
    ~New Moon- I'd probably say, Chapter 23, The Truth. Beautiful chapter. Or when she first reunites with Edward.
    ~Eclipse- This one is probably the hardest for me to decide. I'd have to say pretty much the entire book. If I HAD to choose specifically, I would say: the second half of Chapter 8, Edward and Bella's conversation in the beginning of Chapter 12, Chapter 15 was pretty funny, of course Chapter 20 Compromise, of course also Chapter 22 Fire and Ice, I would also say Chapters 23 (Monster), 26 (Ethics) and 27 (Needs).

  37. i think this twilight guy, should get a life. Read the book, and forget the blog. This site is dumb.

  38. well my fav chapter of new moon is the one where jacob got turned into a werewolf and she cant talk to him any more in that state i felt just liek bella wouldbe trade cause she hates sam uley to death between fire and ice itz hard to configure who u love and who u wnat to be with for eturnity…

  39. Twilight- The Meadows and the first kiss. New Moon-The Volturi scenes where Bella saved Edward and the morning after, to their run in the forests for the VOTE..and lastly Eclipse, when Edward arrived from the hunt and he thought that he was in trouble with Bella because he had her kinapped by Alice and clearly he wants to infuriate her more if that is how he is going to be welcomed by Bella. The Midnight Sun is where Edward cant believe that it was him that she was saying YES to eventhough she thinks that he is trying to annoy her to death. All that was written in Edward's version is a clear understanding for me why I really like everything about Twilight.

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