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twilightguy.com: 1 Year Later

My first year in the Twilight fandom has been one of the best years of my life. It is impossible to thank each of you enough, especially Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight Lexicon for everything they have done to welcome me into this enormous family of fans, ever since the very first post. To show my appreciation to the readers who have kept me going, I’m giving away a copy of New Moon, signed by Stephenie Meyer herself. You can comment on this post or on the video itself: I’ll pick a winner early next week by random number choice. NOTE: if the new comment system deletes your comment, don’t panic! It’s learning what is spam and what isn’t: I can still see your entry anyway.

As I’m sure many of you have realized, my days as an active part of the Twilight fandom are numbered. I’m on Breaking Dawn now. Starting this Fall, I’ll have my own fandom and readers to take care of. But you can be sure I’ll never forget how much the Twilight fandom welcomed me — and at the rate I’m reading, we still have some time ahead!

And now, for those of you who have fun at my BlogTV shows (and anyone who might enjoy some special extra surprises for today!)…



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  1. Congratulations on the 1year anniversary! i think its awsome that your reading twilight and that u can admit it because a lot of men can't. I guess its their pride that makes them not want to read it but who knows? All i know is that other people of luck on theshould follow your example and read the twilight series. All women should applaude your bravery to admit to reading the twilight books online were anyone can see. I read all the books and they were amazing!! Also best of luck on the Bran Hambric book!

  2. congrats! i love your site, you've been amazing. and i would love the copy of new moon, it's would look super pretty on my book shelf, my old copy of new moon is a little worse for wear.

  3. Hi Kaleb! Thanks for running this (and all of the other ones) contest!! By the way, I LOVE the cover art for the Farfield Curse. I can't wait to read it! Ooooh I was in Forks TODAY πŸ˜€

  4. I enjoy it when I see that you're giving away something to a fan.
    It's always a delight.
    I'd love to win this time, we'll see.

    twilight/twilightguy fan

  5. 1 year? I can't remember how I found out about this site, I think I was just searching for random Twilight sites.. Then I remember following ever since the end of Twilight, chapter 23/24 I think, and I was like: Oh, this blog's pretty good.
    And then I started seeing your earlier posts.. haha…

  6. Wow. It's been a year for me too since I started reading Twilight. YAY! celebrations all around. (Also, I can't wait to read The Farfield Curse. I've been following it for ages and I'm praying and hoping that I will be able to get it one day down in Australia!

  7. Happy anniversary Kaleb, We love you! I really enjoy this site- I think you are hilarious. I'm sure we would all love for you to keep this site going after you've read Breaking Dawn, but that may be a lot to ask as I'm positive you have plenty to do already (considering your new book which i am sure to buy!). Anyways, thanks for all your posts, your contests have been awesome, and we wish you all the best!

  8. Hey, Twilight Guy I loved your video and am amazed I just came acrossed it recently. i am an avid fan of Stephenie Meyer's books. i have read all of them twice, including Host. i read you are just starting on Breaking Dawn, and i think for 96%of it you will certainly not be disappointed. I am inquiring on the signed copy of New Moon you are giving away. I know you are picking the winner at random,but I would like to express how much it would mean to me to win it. My copy of New Moon is falling apart by the binding, and it would be totally awesome to own my very own signed copy. I am a total geek when it comes to anything about Stephenie Meyer because she got me back into reading again. I am so obsessed that I look on all the Twilight websites for updates on the upcoming flick. I even entered the be a part of New Moon contest even though I knew I didn't have a chance of winning. I know you have a tough decision to make deciding who will receive this amazing book. Please consider me. Love, Peace, Twilight

  9. It's weird to see how much can happen to someone in just one year. Good luck for the future πŸ™‚

  10. Hello Kaleb from England!

    We think its fantastic that you took this experiment and turned it into something which a lot of people have a passion for can relate to. Its also great to show everyone how cool it is to read! Your determination put you in a place where most of us want to be and you showed us that its possible! We would say good luck for the future but we don't think you need it! xx

    P.S We loved the first few vids you did reading twilight, when you say “Edward” and then fall off the chair, it was hilarious!

  11. Congrats Kaleb on making it a whole year! i love your website so much!!!!!! i'll be sad when u finish the books but im still happy for you!

  12. Happy first birthday, so to speak.
    I was going to leave you a birthday wish on the day, but I… forgot. πŸ™‚
    I saw the Bran Hambric cover and I simply cannot wait! Is it on Amazon yet? You know, for pre-order? I doubt that it will come out in England on the same date so I'd love a garuntee of getting it!
    Anyway, catch you later. I'm off to re-read the Bran Hambric preview. For the twentieth time…

  13. hello….how are yew????=p(idk… just starting the comment thingy)
    woooht nice one year..cant wait till ur book comes out i love the muci thingy
    your book sounds very interested and haha u strted it on 3/3/3 and then will come out on 9/9/9
    thats kawel
    well yeah it would be awesome to win the book signed by stefanie

    and i hope this website doesnt come to an end or clousre or howeva u say it
    cuz its pretty kewl..and look what all u've done in the past year well yeah u made a video on youtube bout it =p
    well i'm supporting you here and on youtube

    if you call comented here and rated your videos as support well yea IM SUPPORTING YEW!!!!!!!
    hope i win keeping m fingers crossed(is that what you're suppose to do if u want good luck or sumthing)

    oh and i cant wait til'' ur book comes out i know iknow i already said that b4 but….like i also kindof like to write ina way….
    usually poetry..but also like stories about magic…like one i made up for a class project harry hotter
    okay now im writing tooo much

    hopez i winz


  14. I love this site, Kaleb! It makes me smile!
    Happy one year anniversary Twilight guy!

  15. I just wanted to comment to say how much I enjoy your insightful commentary on every chapter. Your site is one of the few sites I check daily to feed my twilight thirst!(no pun intended i swear!!)looking forward to reading more about your new novel.

    P.S I would seriously love to win the signed copy of new moon. I know I'm going against the majority opinion,but it was actually my favourite book of the saga. I've also never won a thing in my life!!!

  16. hey!
    thats an awsome contest idea!
    congrats on the year of twi-fandom!
    Hope i win it if not thats okay

  17. Happy 1 year birthday in the Twilight Fandom! I've enjoyed reading all your posts and look forward to checking out Bran Hambric. Hope its not too late to be considered for the prize made of awesome-ness!

  18. I can't believe your time with us is coming to close! My husband made fun of me reading the books until he saw the movie. He has read them through 4 times. Really enjoys the writing style. I also am intrigued by your book! The trailer you designed was very mysterious… Thank you for joining our Twi-tribe this past year. May you be blessed on 09-09-09 and always.

    A fan,


  19. Whoo! Anither book give away. Thank you Kaleb I love reading your site. It makes me look at twilight in a totally different light than when i used to. I'm deffinately team edward but you make me look at Jacob's perspective. Now i'm not saying that i like Jacob any more than i used to, but i can see why he does what he does.

  20. don't meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!

  21. good job with the one year! you're almost done with the series! you are such a great guy and i cant WAIT for bran hambric it sounds so interesting. ANYWAYS. πŸ™‚ I hope you end off breaking dawn good πŸ˜€ byeeee

  22. Man i wish i could meet the cast but i live in New Zealand and they don't have any conventions or partys that have anything to do with Twilight. i wish we did.

  23. Hello Kaleb! Congrats on your book coming out! It must be a thrilling experience. Im so happy to have followed you on youtube and twilightguy, its refreshing to see a fan that is over the age of 18 ha! Good luck with you other projects and dont let the haters get you down, youve got a great following and loads of respect from web lurkers like myself!

  24. Way to go on your new book! That accomplishment is so awesome. I've got you on my calendar. Good luck to you. Wish me luck on the contest.

  25. I also swear to you by all that's vampirish, that I would like to win the book for my personal library and at no time will it ever show up on Ebay like you know some people are wanting it for. Again, good luck with your book. I look forward to reading it.

  26. I'm a new reader and absolutely adore your blogs. You're halarious! Conragtulations on all your success and best of luck to you in the future! πŸ™‚

  27. Wow! A whole year has gone by…It's hard to believe we went from Bella's “firetruck” to her getting married. Truly amazing.
    I guess as we're coming to a close, I bid you farewell and wish you luck. Thank you for providing a years' worth of reading and entertainment. I know it's not over, but it's like we've come full circle, you know? Anyway …I'm really, really excited for your book! haha.

  28. As a Twilight Saga fan, I try to get as many of my friends, and even my family to read Twilight so they can share with me the pleasure of reading the books. So it's wonderful to hear that you have enjoyed reading the Twilight books, and sharing with us as you read what you thought about each chapter. It's great to see you checking out what everyone is talking about, and even though you are a guy, you have given the Twilight Saga a chance. I tried to get my dad to read the books, but i had to pressure him every hour to read just one page. But it is good to know that this website is going to go on for a while longer, and I'm sure everyone is extremely greatful for your efforts of discovering deeper meanings for each chapter of the books. Everyone can't wait to read about what you think of Breaking dawn. I watched your live BlogTV, it was funny and entertaining. It would be great to win the book, because I'm only 13, so I can't get a job, and it's taken me a while to save up money just to get twilight, and I still don't have enough money yet to get Twilight! So I would be very greatful if I could win New Moon. Happy 1 year twiversary!

  29. i used to want you to read the books faster so i can know what you think of them…but now i think you should take your time there is no harm in finishing breaking dawn in the next few years…DONT LEAVE US
    But if you do then leave me with a parting gift…say a signed copy of New Moon πŸ˜›

  30. I loved your video. I've watched it a couple of times. I'm thrilled by your success and must be living vicariously through this site. lol Good Luck, Judy

  31. Congrats on the one year mark.

    Im also a guy who reads twilight. I read it in secret cause I'd have gotten chirped at my school. Nice to know other guys DO read it.

  32. Wow Kaleb! Congrats on the anniversary! And I know this is waaay after… But better late than never right? So nice of you to give away that copy!

  33. thats soooo nice of kaleb to give a copy away. i'd like keep mine forever and like it lock it up. haha. but if u see this kaleb, would you be able to work on “The Host” too? this is because i would love to see your point of view and you're always so funny.

  34. I'm away a week in Barcelona and it feels like I missed so much. Glad to be home again and able to use a computer… πŸ™‚

  35. Congrats! what kind of card would be correct for this occasion? Like….um, happyfirstyearstartinganawesometwilightwebsite? ill send you one as soon as i find one.

  36. Hey congrats again Twilight Guy!! This is a great site you have and looking forward to reading your book. When is this contest over? I'm looking forward to my prize. Just wondered when I would be able to get my congratulatory email that will set my heart all aflutter. Then I'll run to the mailbox evvvvvvvvvvvvvvery day until it arrives and then I'll read it again for the umpteenth time because I know that having Stephenie's autograph will add magic to this edition and I will become so much more insightful when it comes to all matters New Moon. lol Then I can go to my local Hallmark store and buy you the nicest card possible.

  37. I think I'll comment! It is pretty cool. & your soo funny! Happy 1 yearerer as a Twilight Reader!

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