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New Vlog: 4/25/09

April 25th, 2009 at 11:05 pm by Kaleb Nation

Every since I got Tweetdeck, my life has basically been consumed by Twitter 😀 . Follow me to be entered in this and future Twitter contests (including a future one I’m doing for a Twilight cast autograph, to be announced soon). Since I don’t always have access to my blog, I post to Twitter almost immediately when I have important news!

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39 Responses

  1. Lauren

    First comment? Wow… So I think it's awesome that you are giving away a copy of your CD and I can't wait for it to actually be on sale. I wish I could pre-order the book but I don't have enough money right now.

  2. bloodnoir

    Yay for the twitter contest! A one of a kind copy of your CD? Sounds good to me.
    As to your question: Shorter, more frequent videos.

  3. Elaina

    No offence Kaleb but you post blogs/ videos at weird hours! Do you stay up until 11 at night to post a video just for fun? Anyway i think its cool that you are giving away the CD , cover to one luck twitter follower! And btw i prefer your longer, at least once a week videos

  4. Sarah

    shorter/more often.

  5. Samie

    lol! yeah kaleb i have tweetdeck to! and it so takeing over my life too lmao. its awesome. im excited for ur twittter contest. it is soo kool! well good luck to all those who are entered. Oh and i like the over often V-posts =) yay… anywhoo ttyl kaleb..

  6. Kdunc04

    I like the shorter videos. By the way nice pringles in the background.

  7. Krista

    LOL. I've heard TweetDeck is pretty bad that way. I got a Twitter application for my iPod, and now I'm on there every day.

  8. Megan C

    longer less often videos simply because there is more of you to enjoy lol 🙂

  9. Katoproductions

    shorter/more often. ;D

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  11. Mia

    longer more often ;D

  12. D.E.L.

    shorter more often is what i prefer!

  13. Jenny

    longer, less often.

  14. beckysue

    longer, less often. >.<

  15. NuttyNetty

    i would go with longer more often 😉 MUAHAHAHAHA

  16. Emma

    shorter and more often! will you announce the winner on Twitter too? can't wait!

  17. jessica

    I like the more frequent shorter videos!!

  18. Snow Wight

    Which one, which one?…I like whichever you have time to give us!

  19. Syd

    I like the long videos, ; ) hope to win!

  20. Jessica

    Booyah, happy days, my parents let me get a Twitter! YAY! I like both kinds of videos but I do like getting updates often so more often.
    I like your music and I'm WAY excited to hear more of it!

  21. ShannanG.

    How about shorter but more often video's with a few longer videos thrown in there once a week, or just a couple of times a month. P.S. I also have just discovered Twitter and am loving it!

  22. JG

    Whole 'nother comment here: I'm missing the “Twilight Guys Reports” Bring more of those on, please. They're funny! As for the videos, they're ok and all, but I just don't care all that much. If I try to look at your site while at work (lunch break, of course), the videos are blocked, so they don't do me much good anyhow.

  23. Jacqui9988

    I think I would prefer shorter and more frequent videos because that way, we would feel more updated with what's happening.

  24. Poppy

    Longer Less Often, But I Dont Really Mind, I Just Prefer The Longer Ones 😀 Lol.

  25. Mel

    Shorter and more often…definitely.

  26. Natali McKee

    “Every since I got Tweetdeck”

  27. manda

    Hey i luuuv your videos u should do shorter more often ones but a few longer ones every once in a while try putting out some newsletters too for the emails i havent gotten one in 3 months!

  28. Alexia

    shorter/more often.

  29. Brianna J.

    shorter/more often videos, personally

  30. Fred033

    Are you by any chance on of the 7 Twilight sites invited to Vancouver?

  31. Daylet

    shorter more frequent videos =)

  32. Link

    I like the shorter more frequent vids.

  33. Catie S

    I like the shorter ones best.
    I don't have the attention span to watch long ones most of the time.

  34. Gaby

    I would love to win your CD. Your music is so amazingly beautiful Kaleb!

    I like the longer videos because they are always more entertaining and informative than the short ones, but all of your videos are good. 😀

  35. jaspers_girl

    short and more frequent vids!!

  36. Rebecca

    Wow! I think I'm already following you… But I'm double checking right now!
    This would make an awesome prize. Whoever wins is a lucky lady/man/ person!
    Have a good evening!

  37. Zoë Thrasher

    I might follow you, but i haven't really gotten into Twitter yet. However, I like a mix of both short/ often and long/ once a week videos. so for me, both are fine. sorry if that makes a decision harder.

  38. Zoë Thrasher

    I might follow you, but i haven't really gotten into Twitter yet. However, I like a mix of both short/ often and long/ once a week videos. so for me, both are fine. sorry if that makes a decision harder.

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    Thats why so many science fiction stories use Greek and Roman names, stories and history.

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