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Vlog 5/2/09: My Addiction Has Taken Over MY LIFE

May 2nd, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

FEED MY ADDICTION: Twitter.com/KalebNation.

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34 Responses

  1. jemanjii

    lol loved the vid, it was awesome, and yes it is very easy to become a twitter-aholic

  2. NuttyNetty

    oh my. that was hilarious XD thanks for the laughs again kaleb πŸ˜€

    and this isn't something i normally tell addicts but i hope you never find a cure! MUAHAHAHAHA

  3. Becky

    lol, twitteraholic. as if you aren't busy enough?

    but no, I am not addicted to it. I don't even have a twitter :
    but I do check a few, just to see what they're doing… but not in an addicted way. yet.

  4. Catherine

    yes, i am a twitter-aholic. But i have noticed that your tweets always say via web…not tweetdeck… πŸ˜›

  5. Talkerwolf

    I'm not, luckily. But thinking about getting one…

  6. Monica

    You are the reason I joined Twitter, Kaleb Nation! I blame YOU for my problems!!!
    …but seriously, I mostly use it to enter contests and post links to my blog posts. And to follow people, most of whom I've never met and never will.

  7. Samie

    Im so a twit-aholic! lmao! and Kaleb u are the 2nd reason why i joined twitter too! the 1st reason was cuz i wanted to know what the big deal was about it.. now i know… tho my friends dont care about twitter, they are to caught up on facebook..
    lmao… oh well aslong as i got ppl to follow and whatever.. im good πŸ™‚ lmao…

  8. Meghan O

    I think my addiction has started getting worse. It's very funny that you posted this video because I came to the realization just last night. It went something like this: OMG what am i doing with my life. I should be studying for tests and writing essays with my last week of classes coming up and finals around the corner. I need help, or I need to shut my computer off… We need TA- Twitter Anonymous

    Hi my name is Meghan and I'm a twitterholic…

  9. ErynJE

    Ha! Me too! Kaleb was definitely my tipping point when I finally realized – okay FINE! I'll join! And now, of course, I LOVE it.

  10. Bonnie

    Sad, sad, sad. To see someone so dependent. I think I'll tweet about this.

  11. Mia C.

    Kaleb, you look totally zombified! Like you're simultaneously saddened and frightened by your addiction. Your expression is literally O.O

    I'm not addicted to Twitter, mainly because I don't have any friends that have one (the only reason I've got one is for Bran Hambric contests). But I'm definitely addicted to updating my Facebook. I only recently discovered Facebook Mobile *twitch*

    I think the only cure would be depriving oneself of technology. Maybe there's some kind of camp or rehab center where they forcibly take your phones and computers and make you learn to kayak or play board games or just stare at each other instead of update your status. But the only problem is that when they let you go, you would run to your computer to let everyone know how horrible rehab is…

  12. Caitlyn N

    LOL. I feel your pain. Your video was absolutely hillarious!

  13. Icy Topaz

    Exactly why I avoid sites like that. Totally life consuming. Been there, done that. Gave it up. I'm clean!! πŸ˜‰

  14. LadyViolet

    hehehe dude methinks you have a slight problem lol.
    not that i can be disapproving of addictions to technology just try and take my laptop off me πŸ˜›
    gah i should probably stay away from twitter if it's *that* addictive or i'll be hooked instantly.
    anyways hilarious vid you do always manage to make me giggle Kaleb πŸ˜€

  15. Tessa

    I'm thinking I should get a Twitter account..

    You look so hypnotized in this, Kaleb! Like you are going to be rocking back in forth in the fetal position any second.

  16. Cassia

    I just joined this week, the main reason being so I can enter contests. So far I think I have only updated three times. I think that I followed you first though, so I can help feed your addiction.

  17. Daniela

    I am kind of twitter aholic. I always check yours and my friends', and I keep writing stuff, but then I erase them, because I don't want to let people know I'm obsessed with it. The first step is admitting you have a problem πŸ™‚

  18. Samie

    TA!!!! Love it!

    Hi *waves* My name is Samantha, and im a Twitterholic…*shifty eyes*

  19. Jacqueline

    Yeah I am pretty addicted to twitter. I went out of town to go to a concert with my sister and had no laptop with me. I was having a hard time dealing with that. I was like no twitter, facebook or myspace. I am a social networking addict. So I when I came home I checked my email and I saw an email that read Britney Spears is now following you on twitter. I squealed like a teenaged girl when she sees Robert Pattinson. I was so delighted and excited to be followed by Britney Spears. It's like someone I been a fan of since she came out will see my tweets. Everytime I say I gotta go to the bathroom Britney will read it. (That was a joke you know. I don't actually tweet I gotta go to the bathroom). I also find that I am uber nosy. I'll reply to a reply a friend sent to someone else's tweet and realize did I just butt in via twitter. I do an internet radio show and I have to check my twitter on air as my co-host rambles about something random. Then I tell people I tweeted about being on the air.

  20. Snow Wight

    Oo! Oo! Me! That's me! lol. You just made me laugh so hard.

  21. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    hahahhahahaha. Kaleb, you need help. and maybe i should join twitter, if its that awesome…

  22. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    and then i checked you twitter, and this is what it says: 2 hours ago, 2 hours ago, 3 hours ago, 4 hours ago. then it skips to 17, but keeps going as 18, 21, 22, and so on. you ARE obsessed, Kaleb!!

  23. Jessica K.

    You are too funny. I am like that with facebook.

  24. sarclark

    i too am a twitter-aholic. i twitter… alot. more than i should actually. and what i twitter… i never really do. like right now i twittered i was going to read twilight (again) outside because its a sunny day… but i am here.

    your hilarious!

  25. Jenny

    Ha Ha. I feel sorry 4 u Kaleb! Hope you get better, soon!

  26. Judy Bradley

    I have never twittered – if that is a word, but I am addicted to Twilight. I have to read some everyday and/or watch the dvd.

  27. Sarah

    You hare so funny Kaleb! I like you very subtle endorsement…


  28. Emma

    LOL I'm a twitterholic too! I have not found help yet, should I? http://www.twitter.com/emjuarez

  29. Mia

    This video made me rofl! πŸ˜€

    Maybe you should join a group of AT (anonymous Twitterholic) ?

    I have been sober from Twitterholic along time now, and I'm proud of myself πŸ™‚ Hehe… :]

  30. Jackie

    No I am not a Twitter addict! I dont even have an account. Please dont kill me!! I dont think I could be though. I'm even having trouble typing under 500 characters on another site. I dont think I could handle 140 characters and less.


  31. LupitaCullen

    I am…itΒ΄s your fault….

  32. inzaratha

    Between twitter and multiply I do feel exactly like you in this video. Since I am also writing a book and reading twilight, I truly also have no life. nolife. LOL

  33. Aud Fairy

    Alright Kaleb, so I twitter here and there… not too much… but what is really bothering me is that I don't know what ZOMG means… I mean, I know that OMG means Oh My God, or Oh My Gosh… however you want to phrase it… but what the Hell is the “Z?”

  34. Aud Fairy

    Alright Kaleb, so I twitter here and there… not too much… but what is really bothering me is that I don't know what ZOMG means… I mean, I know that OMG means Oh My God, or Oh My Gosh… however you want to phrase it… but what the Hell is the “Z?”

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