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New Moon Leaked Poster


I will not be posting the leaked New Moon poster today. If you are looking for it, try one of the Twilight websites that doesn’t respect copyright law.

The official release is tomorrow (May 19) at 7 AM EST. It will be here then. IS UP NOW!

As for why I’m not posting it: for anyone who runs a Twilight fansite, since there are many of you who read my blog, why not respect Summit’s wishes and post items when they say you can? Out of the top ten Twilight sites, only one posted the illegal image (unfortunately, it didn’t surprise me when they did). Summit is known to treat the fansites that respect them far better than those who do not. So even though you can easily find the image posted illegally on sites known for posting leaked images, those sites committed to Summit and Stephenie’s work are waiting.



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  1. That is so admirable! i won't look at it either, i did for the MS chapters because i didn't know they were illegal, she posted them didn't she?

  2. Wow, such a serious announcement from you Kaleb lol jk.. I agree…

    I don't even want to know what website, but I'm a guy and somehow we have the patience to wait ^^.

    But however, the FANGIRLS are a WHOLE different story.

    I am expecting 781247983247 girls saying this:


    And that will aggrivate the heck out of me and you lol.

  3. When I started reading this I was about to go search for the poster, but by the end of it I felt so guilty that I'll wait too…Thanks for keeping me in check!

  4. No, it was leaked by someone else, then once it was leaked, she let it allow on her websites because she didn't want her fans to feel like they missed out on a whole lot.

  5. I truly admire your conviction for what's the right thing to do… hands clapping here!

  6. Oh really? The site that posted the illegal, leaked image? How can I disrespect them when they have no respect at all for this fandom, or the people who make up the fandom itself?

  7. I just couldn't make myself wait! I didn't save it, though. I peaked, and I'd never post it!

  8. wow! There was a leak? hmm. Are there really people that can`t wait one day? I mean, I`m excited but really. I'm not going to brake the law to see a poster. Good for you.

  9. I wasn't even planning to look for it. It was on a website that had nothing to do with Twilight.

    Now I feel horrible. But it is gorgeous… -dies of guilt-

  10. It's people like that are the reason Stephanie Meyer is postponing Midnight Sun. NO LEAKING. . .WAIT!

  11. Hey Kaleb, great point! I was actually about to post it on my site when I saw your post and I deleted my post, talk about a role model ;P

  12. Unfortunately I came across the image before I found out it was leaked. I didn't find out until, well now that it was a leak. Though I agree with your point. The Internet is really bad when it comes to copyright infringement. We should respect their work, and treat their decisions with respect. Kudos to you for reminding me and other fans of that.

  13. Well, I visit many Twilight sites often and if it's the first picture I see as the page loads, I can't really avoid seeing it. That's all I have to say.

  14. Oh, sorry. I didn't mean that as a response to you. I just want the people who did see it not to feel guilty, especially if it was an accident.

  15. Don't mean to play Devil's Advocate, but if you put a sentence like 'it didn't surprise me when they did' in your post, I'd want a tiny explanation. Not that you need to feel inclined to give anyone one.

    Anyway, that's what I think j was referring to.

  16. I think we all knew what site it was almost instantly LOL

    It's a great site, very informative (even with stupid shit that doesn't matter, aka Taylena) but as a major NM fan site that is one of the most visited that I know of, they should have more respect for what they devote so much time to. All of the Twilighters I know, including myself, check it every few hours for updates. It's sad that they couldn't wait. That's how I saw it, actually, lol. I was like 'NICE!!' then I saw 'leaked' and I was like :-

  17. Well, it was kinda unavoidable for me because I go to alot of fansites and it was just there in all it's full glory, AND I was really happy. BUT then I scrolled down and the previous post was the announcement that it was supposed to be released tomorrow, they should've just posted a link or something, but oh well, can't make myself forget it now.

  18. and by 'posting a link' I don't mean to say that it's okay they posted it, just that they would've done it anyways, but they didn't have to ruin it for some of us. I didn't even know there would be a poster. it was just..BAM. ok I'm getting pissed now.. @*#)!

  19. I'm glad you're respecting Summit : ) even though I'm DYING to see the new poster, I can wait one more day. it won't hurt anything.

    p.s. I am also super excited for your book to be released. It gives me something to look forward to at the end of the summer!

  20. In my initial excitement on seeing the poster I decided to report on the leak at a major newspaper, as did many other websites.

    Soon after, I reconsidered and removed it.

    Thinly veiled insults to a fellow Twilight fansites are not becoming to Twilight fandom, either. To say I have “no respect at all for this fandom, or the people who make up the fandom” seems quite a stretch, considering how much of my heart I put in my blog.

  21. I saw the leaked version, and I am really hoping that is a fake poster. It looks totally fan made to me (This is coming from a graphic design student. Not to sound stuck up, it's just that I think the Twilight posters were much more professional). So, I'm still crossing my fingers that this is a prank that got out of control and that there will be a new poster tomorrow.

    Either way, I think that it is wonderful that you are respecting Summit and aren't posting images illegally. It's silly that people couldn't wait one stinking day.

  22. I was one of the Twilight bloggers who initially defended your site when I first heard of you. And if this was an isolated incident, I would completely understand. I was one of those who fell for the leaked trailer before Twilight was out, so I know exactly how excitement causes quick posts.

    However, this is not the first time this has happened (ex. Catherine Hardwicke book scans, among others). When I see something wrong, I point it out, because a lot of other Twilight blogs take news from my site and base whether they will post about the leak on what I write here.

    And in my defense, I was very careful not to name your website, until you posted here, so I could have referred to any Twilight site.

  23. Thanks Kaleb for doing the right thing.
    I went on the site that had the leaked photo just to see the Twilight news and the poster was there. i was so upset since i saw it a day early and it wasnt even my fault! >:(
    youd think that after the whole midnight sun incident fansites wouldn't leak this kind of stuff but alas…

  24. That dummy Perez Hilton still has it up on his page. I went to his page for other stuff and he totally spoiled it for me — I WAS going to wait to see it here, but never mind! Idiot..

  25. Oh well, it won't hurt anything if you saw it 🙂
    It's more of the fault of the Twilight fansites that posted it, knowing it was a leak.


  26. I was tempted to google the image, but then I made my daily trip to your site and I remembered your stance on copyright laws and professional behavior. I want to be an author as well and I remember what you said about people respecting your work, so I decided to wait. I've held out this long, so what's another couple of hours? ^_^

  27. Kaleb – thanks for following the rules and sticking with it (even though some may try to put you down or sway your opinion), especially in today's society where people don't always think that they need to obey rules/laws. It's nice to know that some people still at least try to do what's right

  28. mmm i understand what r u saying kaleb….but as soon as you know it was a leak and u took it off from the site, isn't the right thing to do as well,?!?!?!
    ya, it was a mistake… but still…u can always fix things..

    ps: hope u get what im saying..lol…its 3am, and im kind of tired 😀

  29. Kaleb, I would like to say thank you! =)
    You are very respectable to follow Summit ENT's wishes like this; I applaud you.
    I have a daily online routine to check HGE (hisgoldeneyes) and NM (newmoonmovie) when I get online in the mornings, and I have just recently begun following your site, as well as your Twitter.

    I just happened to check Twitter FIRST tonight, and happened to click on the link you posted. If I had not I would have most likely went to both those sights and got and unwanted leaked shot of what the poster is.

    I honestly have NO CLUE what it looks like, nor do I want to until it is official. But I have seen so many fan-made manips that were BEAUTIFUL and had wonderful ideas, so I'm sure the “New Moon” graphics team did a phenomenal job.

    – – – –
    To be fair, I do feel that your choice words, your opinion I suppose, about NMM might have been overexaggerated by some of the fans. Copyright infringment is a horrible, unnecessary thing to do, and any website should loose its creditation for putting it up;
    …but you said “unfortunately, it didn't suprise me when they did” — there you are not ragging on the other site, you are not forcing your opinions on fans; you did not ask people to go all “Go Kaleb, sock it to them!”

    – – – –

    I agree with you, and I will be sure to check summit-ent.com before going on any fansite tomorrow morning, to make sure it has OFFICIALY been released before I set my eyes upon it.
    Thanks, love :))

  30. “One mistake isn't worth a lifetime of guilt.”♥ and actually the group its very good!

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