A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 17 (What Do I Look Like? The Wizard Of Oz? You Need A Brain? You Need A Heart? Go Ahead. Take Mine. Take Everything I Have)

The song for this chapter is Shape Of My Heart by Sting



I am slowly becoming convinced that the above illustration is an accurate representation of how these chapters got to be named. I’m actually quite enjoying these long chapter titles, despite the fact that they span multiple lines across my screen and thus utterly ruin my site design. Since this long chapter title thing seems to be a quirk that isn’t disappearing anytime soon (at least until Jacob Black learns to control the length of his thoughts) I examined some other books, trying to find their longest chapter titles. The longest chapter title in THE GRAVEYARD BOOK by Neil Gaiman is the first, “How Nobody Came To The Graveyard”; in THE GOLDEN COMPASS by Philip Pullman, it is the last chapter “The Bridge To The Stars” (for those wondering, the longest chapter title I’ve written was “Sewey Wilomas Versus The Oncoming Train”). If there was a Longest Chapter Contest, Stephenie would surely have us all beat.

Edward has a wonderful variety of cars to choose from, and even though he’s probably mostly known by his Shiny Silver Volvo, the Aston Martin Vanquish is the one I’m most interested in. For those of you who don’t research much about the cars in this book, the Aston Martin Vanquish was the official car of the James Bond film Die Another Day, discontinued in 2007, and generally costs about $129,000. “BUT WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT THIS FRIVOLOUS INFORMATION,” I see many of you shouting. “EDWARD CULLEN DRIVES IT SO THAT MAKES IT TEH HAWTNESS.”

Aston Martin Vanquish: Making Normal Men 100x More Attractive In Seconds
Aston Martin Vanquish: Making Normal Men 100x More Attractive In Seconds

Jacob had better not carry out the second part of his plan and crash this car, or he’s going to be in a bit of trouble trying to pay that off (you know, the whole, you break it, you buy it rule?). I’m sure it would also be a very interesting situation if Charlie happened to be patrolling that day, and caught Jacob going 200 MPH in Edward Cullen’s Aston Martin Vanquish.

CHARLIE, strolling up to window: Hello sir, you were going 200 in a 60 mile p–JACOB BLACK, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!

JACOB: Sorry Charlie. I can explain everything. Edward Cullen, mortal enemy of my werewolf people, gave me the keys to his $129,000 car so I could get away from the drama surrounding your daughter, who I still love despite her marrying a bloodsucker, and the painful birth of her vampire-slash-human baby, who is currently eating her from the inside out and forcing her to drink little cups of blood.

CHARLIE: Um. Can we back up to the the $129,000 car part?

I think that going on a soulmate-search is perhaps one of the best ideas that Jacob Black has had in a long time. If I was a werewolf, and I knew that there was some way to KNOW for sure who my true soulmate was, I would not be able to rest until I had crawled the world for this person. It is just insanity for him to stick around Bella, knowing that he will never imprint on her, and somewhere out there is someone for him — so much, that this ‘imprintee’ might even make him forget about Bella immediately. It’s like magic. As soon as he find her, all this pain will be gone.

However, as if to challenge what I just wrote, Jacob then says:

Magic wasn’t going to save me. I was just going to have to take the torture like a man. Suck it up.

Or perhaps Jacob, you just enjoy wallowing in your sorrows instead of sucking it up and going somewhere other than where Bella is. Whoops. I think a werewolf just ripped my head off.


I find it interesting how Edward was able to somehow find a way to keep his treaty with the werewolves and at the same time, find a way to save Bella’s life. Jacob is the true Alpha of the pack, so Edward doesn’t really have to ask Sam or the others about this. And when it comes to Bella’s life being at stake, it might end up being the only way for her to stay alive (as alive as she can be considered as a vampire, that is). But will Sam and the others really accept this? They don’t accept Jacob’s leadership, so even though he has the right, I have strong doubts that the other wolves will just give in and let him have it his way.

And oh, what a wonderful image to leave me with as I finish this chapter. A fountain of blood you say? Good thing I stopped eating snacks while reading Breaking Dawn.

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: Regardless of what ACTUALLY happens in the rest of the book, if Jacob imprinted on another girl (for example, one of the mall girls) do you think he would really be able to leave Bella, or is his love for her too powerful even for imprinting?


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  1. Ahhh, FFS Kaleb, stop asking impossible questions!

    I think, if what happens and is happening, never happened, yes, imprinting would wipe it clean.
    Buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.. it's all a tangled web, and once it makes sense, you'll realize suggesting otherwise completely cancels out the point in this question lol.

    This chapter title is my favorite, though.

  2. Good luck reading the next chapter in the book Kaleb. If your afraid of blood like I am ( it's not funny don't laugh ), you might have a hard time reading. To not give it away I'll just mention that there is some more description on Bella vomiting. ew

  3. he would love the new girl unconitionally, but i think his heart might split a little bit like bellas did. the girl would take over his thoughts and i think he woulld eventually be able to face bella as a friend. why not? they have forever when bella becomes a vampire

  4. I just have to say that I simply loved Jacobs viewpoint and the long chapter titles are actually a big part why I simply loved it. When it was over and we got Bella back I really mist him very much. But at the beginning when his point of view just started I actually entertained the thought of skipping it entirely.

    And yeah, I totally understand about not wanting to eat anything. At this point I was just shaking like a leaf at the dinner table not able to put something in my mouth. Oh, the horror! But that actually is not the best part of horrors in my opinion.

    I totally agree with xtonks.
    But if I would want to answer the question… I just don’t get how one person could leave their best friend practically laying on a death bed. Imprinting and imretee or not. What if he really found his true love right there? So, you ask for a number and then go watch your friend die and tell Edward that he will just have to go to Voltury again. Don’t forget to say hi to Markus!

  5. I think Jacob would have an easier time “leaving” Bella for his imprintee but he wouldn't quit loving her so to speak. I think he would come to realize that he was just overly infatuated with her, but he'd love her like a best friend all the same

  6. Oooh, it's just so complicated to answer without giving things away.

    The answer IS everything. It's Jacob's entire role in the Saga. It is the love triangle, and it's just an impossible question to answer.

    Jacob would, and will always be her friend. Imprint or not. It's what he's meant to be. What he was ALWAYS meant to be. Just given the situation and what I know happens, there is no right way to answer it; because if he imprinted on some random girl out there (which I wish he had) the..

    See, just can't do it without spoiling, lol. This kills me. Kaleb needs to hurry up and keep reading so it can all just be out in the open and make sense, haha.

    Jake was desperate though when he ran off, and being typical, selfish Jacob. In the same sense, though, doesn't he deserve a turn? Bella held him there, even though it was killing him. She was very selfish for such a selfless character, and Jake at least makes it plain who and what he is. We know he's a selfish, manipulative, hot-headed, conflicted jerk that deep down has a big heart but sometimes is just far too immature and self-centered to do the right thing at the right time. Some of us love and adore him for it, others hate him for it, that's all a matter of opinion, but that's just who he is, and at least it's not sugar coated. He needed to forget her for his own sanity, because he still can't quite grasp what it is that keeps him coming back to her. If he had by chance just found his imprint, I think he would have gone back and been there for her like a true friend. (Saying this last part as if I don't know the ending. Sorry if this comment is jibberish, 4:30am, just up because my daughter threw up 3 times and now I can't sleep lol)

  7. Ah, I say ugly things about him constantly, but I adore him to no end. It's sad and nerdy, but I truly love Jacob Black as a character, flaws and all. I point out his bad traits as well as the good because I feel like if you're going to support something, you need to support all of it, and he is a very complex character, with so many positives and negatives. I wouldn't be surprised if anyone thought I was anti-Jake, though, from the way I talk about him sometimes. He was the Saga for me, though. Without him, I would have stopped reading half-way through New Moon. I don't get how some people say they hate him and skipped his POV in Breaking Dawn! -.-'

  8. If Jacob wanted to he could've easily forgotten about Bella. It seems to me like Jake's justnot used to rejection and that's why he keeps going for Bella. Jacob just needed to find something else to do with his time. I think Bella was his “thing to do” when you have nothing to think about, talk about. I don't believe that Jacob could truly be inlove with Bella to the point where she causes him too much pain because he's only ever known her as his friend. Jake's just confused by all the love going on around him and I think he just wants to feel apart of it. He's at that age where he's trying to find his place in the world.

  9. OMG its sooooo impossible to answer ur question bcos i kno wats gonna happen ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cannot w8 4 u 2 read it i fink its the next chapter. . . . .

  10. ha ha! As much as I can't stand Jacob, getting into his mind is certainly…. interesting. I'm not really sure if Jacob would ever be able to fully get over Bella. I think he's pretty much accepted the fact she's with Edward and will never love Jacob that way. Honestly, I don't think it's really healthy for Bella OR Jacob for them to remain friends. Too much pain on both parts. But Bella still wants him around for some reason.

  11. Oh, yes, he would be just a best friend to her, nothing else, if he imprinted to a normal, or NOT normal (sounds weird) girl.

  12. My absolute favorite chapter name!! I remember buying BD [almost a year ago] and looking at the table of contents, wondering why it stopped at 7. When I made it there and started reading Jacob's chapter titles, I'm like Oh THAT'S why! They sort of helped me keep reading, as I was a bit miffed that JACOB had to narrate. [i would day something like stupid mutt, but the picture of Taylor Lautner on the side of the page is staring at me]

    In my writing, the longest one I've used is… *checks for cpu file* “You Know There's Something up When Your Conjoined Twin Brothers Have More Friends than Your Boyfriend, Who, Amazingly, Hasn't Been Beaten Up By Your Big Brother OR A Week in the Life of Kelly Woodson, Professional Suck-up” wow LOLOLOLOL

  13. I can see why Jacob might want to get over bella, i mean she is married to the man he hates and is giving birth to that mans child wich happens to be killing her. Plus, Edward did hate the child as much as Jacob, but now loves it, wich would feal kind of like betrayal to Jacob. I dont know why he didnt get out of there sooner. Is it because he cant stand not knowing if she dies or not? Or does he simply want to kill the baby with his own hands, so he waits? Or is it something more? What ever the reson, going to find his soulmate was a great idea, though he just went to the park. Couldnt he have gone some where more populated? Like the airport? There is tons of people there and they all come from places hes never been, so more luck finding his soulmate there.

  14. LOL! That chapter title discussion between Jo and Stephenie is soooooo funny! Fyi, Edward's Vanquish is black. I know, I have Twilight OCD! And you forgot the longest chapter title in Harry Potter, it's a tie between “The Journey From Platform Nine and Three Quarters” and “The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black”

  15. Is this your answer as if you don't know what happened or did you really miss one of the biggest points in the book?

    I'm not asking that to be an #@#$%, I'm asking seriously because I've found that A LOT of people missed it. Mostly people who don't like him, I guess because if you don't like someone you don't care as much about the details of them. (Which is reasonable, but in this case, a crucial thing to miss.)

  16. Nothin' sad and nerdy about it because Jacob Black ROCKS!!
    He has all of the flaws of being a 17 year old boy, but has sooo many redeeming and lovable qualities to make up for them!
    If I was sixteen still, he would be the perfect guy for me! (sigh…)

  17. I loved the long chapter titles, they wre hilarious! And I think they are meant to give us more insight into Jacob's personality and the way he thinks. Anyway, no matter who Jacob imprints on he will definitely lose this obsession/love for Bella once it happens. It is a very strong magic. Stephenie has already given us a powerful example with the Sam/Leah/Emily triangle, it overrides previous feelings. AND thank goodness, because in this case instead of creating a 'love triangle' it could finally end one!

  18. I think he loves Bella as a friend, no matter what. He won't want to leave her just because he fell in love. He would stay by her side as a friend, I think, because he's a dog. dog's are loyal. (SORRY Jake fans, I just HAD to put that in there. he IS a loyal person though….) He wouldn't just be like, 'hey! now that I'm in love I'll totally forget that my best-friend-soon-to-be-mortal-enemy is in pain and dying! i can just go live a happy life with someone new and go back to hating vampires and mixing the werewolf groups back together so we all have to listen to SAM! And go KILL BELLA CUZ HE SAYS SO!' or something like that. Jacob's in love with her, but he also loves her. They're best friends. He wouldn't let her get killed or totally forget her like that.

  19. I think imprinting overrides all previous attractions – even if there are still feelings. Case in point – Sam and Leah. He still loves her and feels bad, but him imprint is his life. It's one of those freaky werewolf things.

    So, Kaleb, put your seatbelt on…here it goes!! I'm really interested to see what you'll think after the next chapter!!

  20. Kaleb. These questions are going to kill me. All will be made clear by the end of the book. I hope my non-descriptive reply isn't too much of a spoiler.

    I disagree with Jennifer, though. Jacob doesn't have to stop loving Bella. He just will know they aren't meant to be together like he thought before. Well, maybe he'll think (Jacob's relationship – random girl) + (Bella's relationship – Edward) = Jacob and Bella forever, but he will know there's just someone who is literally better for him in several ways.

    Sam will always love Leah. He'll just know they aren't meant to be together anymore, and because he is still in love with her, will always feel so horrible about it.

  21. Btw, Princess Potter, If you count the letters, “The Journey From Platform Nine and Three Quarters” beats “The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black”, 42 letters to only 34! Sorry, I suffer from Potter OCD.

  22. I love your post here Kaleb – brilliant.

    Kaleb – Check out the super long chapter titles in Steven Brust's Phoenix Guards or in Alexander Dumas books ( such as in the Three Musketeers etc ) they are great, some of my very favorites actually. When I read the Phoenix Guards with long chapters titles like that about 15 years ago I decided to read Dumas who he said was one of his inspirations and loved those too.



  23. Did you ever see the movie “Crazy People” when the crazy dude decides to put truth in advertising and say why guys really want Porshes etc ( to get girls ).
    This is SO much like my brother, he is always buying the most expensive cars. In fact I have ridden in a bunch of the cars and ones like them in the book because my older brother bought them so he could get young tall skinny hawt chicks. It makes me laugh.

  24. You're underestimating the Imprinting. I really can't say much more than that without probably giving something away though.
    But basically, if Jake were to Imprint that would overrule his love for Bella. He'd still be friends with her, but he wouldn't be interesting in her romantically at all because he'd have his imprintee. Its sort of like comparing Edward and Tanya's relationship to Edward and Bella. Except not really cause Tanya wanted Edward and not the other way around. But kind of. Actually, nevermind lol.

  25. Jacob will never forget about Bella. First loves are hard to forget. But he will be able to leave her. Sam loved Leah and I do believe he loved her just as much as Jacob loves Bella. However Sam imprinted on Emily and therefore he was destined to love her more. She was his chosen soulmate and in return he left Leah heartbroken. So Sam probably feels a lot of guilt. The difference is Bella rejected Jacob as the soulmate and wanted him to be her best friend. Bella chose Edward. So if Jacob were to imprint on let's say Jessica Stanley (haha! that'd be interesting) he'd love her and then leave Mike heartbroken instead of Bella. hmmm…So I just now pictured that example and in my daydreams of Jessica being an imprintee I saw Mike wearing a Team Edward shirt. all bizarre humor aside. The rejection from Bella probably would help him more if he were to imprint. The bad feelings won't increase because Bella and him were a couple and he won't end up alone.

  26. okay that last sentence was kind of weird. I mean the wouldn't feel guilty because Bella and him weren't a couple. Gotta love when you write something weird.

  27. Jacob would DEFINITELY get over Bella in the event of imprinting on someone else Imprinting completely erases previous romances, as shown in Sam's and Leah's case. Jacob would still have feelings for bella because of what he felt for her before, but they would be feelings of friendly affection, not romantic love. Bella would no longer remain a romantic option in his mind.

  28. It wouldn't be imprinting if he didn't leave Bella for the other girl. Look at what happened to Sam. He LOVED Leah, but that darn mythical stuff got in the way and he broke Leah's heart and messed up Emily's face. That's not to say Jake wouldn't still love Bella, he just wouldn't be as drawn to her as he is now…

    Most fans knew about Edward's Aston Martin Vanquish from the prom outtake on SM's website, that she posted before even New Moon was out. And we all knew it was a James Bond car, so, this isn't exactly news…

  29. Hahahahaha!!
    I can't wait for your reaction to the next chapter!
    HUGE surprise coming won't say more…

  30. I don't think I missed anything at all. Just because it's Jacob who's feeling all that he's feeling, that doesn't imply that he actually knows the exact trigger. True, I don't like Jacob, but that doesn't make me biased while reading from his point-of-view, if anything I was more attentive because I was indeed curious as to the inner workings of his mind.

    ps. No offence taken. =)

  31. Of cours it would seprate Jacob from Bella. He wouldn't have to worry about Bella because the other girl would be his main focus. He really wouldn't have to or want to see Bella again because he wouldn't have the urge to take care of her.

  32. Hm, well, I'm just confused by what you said then, because..

    He essentially you-know-what-ed on her, because of you-know-who. It was the reason for everything o.o since day 1. He for sure has no idea what exactly it is that keeps him there, and it's one of the many things I pity him for, but once he knows, it explains everything. It wasn't just immature rambling and hard headedness. There was nothing he could do to stop how he felt, and it was genuinely impossible for him to stay away from her or give up. I seriously only asked because I've explained the point to so many people who just missed (or simply didn't process) the 3-4 lines that were such a simple answer to all the madness with him. One of which was along the lines of him saying to Bella (this isn't perfect, too lazy to whip my book out for this) 'Don't you see? We can be like family now, just like you wanted. It's the way we were always meant to be, since the very beginning.' I also try to make sure people know I'm not being offensive because I'm never meaning to be, but am accused of it a lot, lol. I missed that when I read it at first, and then my mind got working and I was like 'OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' haha (I need to stop coming on here at ungodly hours, too, I get the feeling that I don't make much sense when I do.)

    (I really hope Kaleb doesn't read this comment because if so I'm sure he could figure this out if he wanted to. If so, sorry Kaleb :()

  33. HAHAHAHA…. Maybe they did… The long chapter tittles are not gonna last long though. Charlie stopping Jacob and him spilling the truth about the mythical place of Forks, WA? OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO…. (eah that's all I'm going to say about that….)

    About Jacob searching for his 'imprintee' I'm guessing that he didn't do that before because imprinting was considered to be rare in the pack so he didn't think it was possible for him to be able to imprint (until most of the pack started imprinting XD ). If he imprinted on one of the girls at the mall, I'd say he'd be able to leave Bella. We've seen that with the Sam, Emily, Leah love triangle. I have a feeling that he'd finally accept Edward as Bella's husband and he'll be (grudgingly) happy for her.

    Yeah, Jacob is the real Alpha though most of the pack is loyal to Sam, so if he gives his blessing it is not really breaking the treaty. Besides, even Sam was considering letting Bella be turned at the start of the book, before all this crazy stuff with the baby started. The real problem here that Sam's pack is considering as a threat is the baby rather than Bella turning into a vampire (if my memory and logic serves me right XD )

    Ah the gore fest that started the split in the fandom… Have fun…. ROFL…. More rollercoaster of emotions and events coming your way….

  34. Just for the record: great analysis, great post, as usual!!
    I think this is the saddest moment in all the saga! Can we really conceive how devastated Jake must be right now? And how difficult it must be for Edward to share this immense sorrow plus endure his own?
    This is definitely the chapter I like the most!!!!!!! (despite all the sugar-coated moments in Brazil and all the vampiric endless sex)
    Why? Well, let's just say I can totally relate to Jacob's search + I also know what it is like to be the wizard of oz.
    And I totally agree with you: if I knew there was a way to know for sure who my soulmate is I would never stop until I had swept every single inch of this planet. Especially because malls and parks haven't been effective so far.

  35. Ugh. I loved Breaking Dawn. Really. It was my second favorite in the series. But I always got really frustrated. Bella, Jacob, and Edward all have very defined personalities. There is nothing we can do about it. So when they show an emotion, we can't really do anything about it, even if there were a thousand better ways to react. So no matter what, we are stuck with them.
    And as for your question… no, his love for Bella wouldn't last. That's all I can say, because otherwise I'll ruin the ending and then everyone will hate me. So, Kaleb, you seriously need to start reading faster. Seriously. Because I'm going to lose my mind!!!
    Good luck, and enjoy the next chapter.
    What happened to all of the TwilightGuy Reports and stuff? Those were awesome and we haven't had one in forever!

  36. So… I have to admit that I gagged twice in BD. Once with the vomiting a fountain of blood and once more during the next chapter. Yay! You have something to look forward to, Kaleb.

  37. personally i think that 'imprinting' is what bella and edward did – just not in an obvious way. bella knows that being with edward will change her life completely and she'd be better off with jake, but she just can't do it!!!

    i like the chapter titles – it differentiates bella's more focussed mind from Jake's scatterbrained approach to the whole situation that occurs in BD. it's a very smart move from Stephanie – big literary ups!!

    i think 'mall girl' would take jake away from bella (as pointed out by everyone else – imprinting took Sam away from Leah) and i think he'd be relived to have a distraction (of sorts) from his crazy mixed up thoughts. As long as 'mall girl' wasnt a total bee-arch then I think Bella might even like her (although she'd probably be jealous) as she would make Jake happy.

    Keep reading Kaleb and dont let anyone spoil the ending for you (if they haven't already)

  38. Fate works in mysterious ways. There is a reason why Jacob can't just leave Bella alone.

    I don't want to spoil it but you're gonna find out really soon anyway so……..yeah.

    Jake imprints BECAUSE OF BELLA.

    Sorry. -_-'

  39. I know how hard it is not to spill the beans it just makes everything make so much SENSE!!

  40. Yes….without revealing any spoilers….no matter who Jacob imprints on his feelings for Bella would only be platonic afterward because it is that strong. Remember how he explained it…..its like gravity moves and its only that person holding you there. Sam and Leah were madly in love until he met Emily and imprinted on her which made his feelings for Leah go away. It is that powerful….beyond true love.

  41. I believe I am with the majority of the comments. I think that if he had imprinted on Mall Girl, he would still have a very close bond with Bella, but that it would have switched to a bond of pure friendship. Mall Girl would also be satisfied, because he would be so completely devoted to her that I doubt it would even occur to her that she should be jealous (gasp) of Bella. Edward could finally be at peace, because inside Jake's mind he would see that Jake is truly in love with Mall Girl and is no longer a threat to him. Bella would also be happy because I truly believe she means what she says in wishing that Jake can find all the love and happiness she shares with Edward.
    I do not agree with the comments that she would dissolve into a huge, jealous rage. I think the reason she is so stuck on Jacob is because he won't let her go of her. She hates to see him suffering, and she struggles with that now because she knows she is the cause of all the suffering. Even though Jacob has let her off the hook, stopped “ripping her in half,” it seems that she cannot manage to do the same.
    I also agree with a few comments I read about what a huge moment it was that Edward shared in that horrible pain Jacob was feeling and offered him the chance to get away. You know how Stephenie says that she doesn't explore options until there is a need for them? I think that Edward giving Jacob the keys to the Aston Martin was the only choice, because he would have wrecked the Volvo. I have always been confused by the girl who seemed certain that he had stolen the car. I mean, he's matured a lot over the last year, in all departments. Why is that he looks like some kind of criminal in this expensive car? Is there some reason that (teenage looking) Edward should not elicit the same response? I've always made more out of Lizzie than probably should have been.
    Kaleb, I'm surprised after your previous observation that Leah and Jacob would become at the very least, close friends, you didn't mention that she had went to all the trouble to throw herself into the vampire's den to fight with Bella over the way that she has been treating Jacob. I think that moment is when I began to question their relationship and what level it may reach.
    Also, I have no idea how you managed the restraint to stop reading at the end of this chapter. I think I turned the page so fast I got a paper cut. (Then Jasper tried to attack me, but luckily, Edward was there to save the day. Haha.)

  42. I know, even though I felt bad for Jacob (and was exceedingly more happy that Edward and Bella were getting back on lovey dovey terms again) I was like…YOU BETTER NOT CRASH THAT VANQUISH!

    “Or perhaps Jacob, you just enjoy wallowing in your sorrows instead of sucking it up and going somewhere other than where Bella is.” *nodnod*

    It's a good thing you stopped eating snacks. Breaking Dawn is not the book to have munchies with. Don't worry, the next chapter is worse.

    I don't know if he would exactly leave Bella, but I think he could look on the situation with a more indifferent light. I doubt he would frolic through the daisies with his new soul mate and never have a thought towards Bella again. After all, Sam still feels insanely guilty about Leah.

  43. Hahaha at this post. I love the Meyer/Rowling comic. My 2 fave authors and IMO the best in the world!! 🙂 And also, this post was probably the funniest one I've read since finding this site while you were in the middle of New Moon.

    As for your question, we've all seen the strength of imprinting. It's majorly strong–just look at Sam and Emily. He used to love Leah, and when Emily showed up, that disappeared. Sad, but it's true. And Quil is so dedicated to Claire, any love he might have had (and we don't know if there ever was any) is totally gone now, replaced by his love for her. It doesn't change just for Jake. He'd love anyone he imprinted on more than Bella–it's just that strong.

    UGH, this is so HARD!!! I can barely contain myself from telling you the rest of the book, because your questions-for-the-comments hit so close to it all, and it's so HARD talking about it when you don't know……but of course, I won't tell you. I just can't wait for you to get to the part we all are waiting for!! And I know my mysteriousness on the subject may intrigue you, but don't go searching for the answer!! Believe me, you'll be glad you waited for it when you get there!! 🙂

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