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Death Cab For Cutie’s “Meet Me On The Equinox” Music Video

Finally: the music video is here! Watch the video for the new song “Meet Me On The Equinox” from the NEW MOON soundtrack above.



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  1. Anyone else agree that the clip at the beginning with Bella and Edward in a meadow is the dream sequence with Gran? That's what I think. I have a few good reasons why, too. One, in the New Moon Companion Book, there is a picture where Bella has her hand to one similar to hers, although more older but still has the same ring on, and you could tell the background wasn't indoors. And it looked liked the shirt Bella was wearing was green, like this one. Another reason, they wanted to show Edward sparkle better, right? Well, he sparkled in the dream sequence…and it's sunny! (Why people think it's indoors, I have no clue. I'm pretty sure Bella mentioned that she was at her meadow.)

    I've read comments from everywhere, and I'm sticking with my theory. And that is why…oh, and I read the script, so I know what's gonna happen. 😀

  2. I read the script too and yes that is most likely the scene
    Also I agree that it is a good song and all but Decode was just amazing!

  3. i must be one of the few people who actually like this song better than Decode…. and i do like Decode, is just that… i don't know… there's something about this song that just.. makes me think so much of New Moon!!

  4. hey wasnt the fountain suppose to be bigger? and also wasn't Edward suppose to come out of an ally too?

  5. Hmmm….i really like the song. Decode was amazing to but this one just fits its story better than decode ever did. anyone else get chills watching the previews and stuff?

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