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Go Buy The Host

This is the week, people! We have to get Stephenie up to number 1 by everyone getting the book this week! Go out and get The Host!

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

If you have The Host already, report in on the comment box! I want to know what you think if it (and if you already finished it!). Also, anyone camp out for it? Who got there the earliest? And tell me the First and Last word (just for fun 😉 )

Also, so you know, Stephenie’s interview on The Glenn Beck Show has been moved to Thursday, May 8.

I will be reading another chapter of Twilight very soon! I just have to drag my flu-ridden self out of bed for a few minutes… 😀 . I’ll post up the next chapter early tomorrow!


Stephenie at the Mall Of America. This Youtube Channel has a bunch of videos from the huge event.



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  1. The Host is AWESOME. Its better written than the twilight series but perhaps less obsession worthy. Its not from a crazy love obsessed teenage girl so you’re not really in that possition. But its REALLY good! I’m only halfway through though :]

    Not a whole lot of plot to speak of so far, but Stephenie Meyer has always been more character oriented. ‘s good :]

  2. I’m in Australia and its been out for about a week now – but I need to go to Borders in the city because they have chapters of MIDNIGHT SUN IN THE BACK! how awesome is that??

    My friend finished it in a couple of days and she says its pretty awesome so woot go stephanie!

  3. I bought it last saturday (not the one just gone, the one before), as I live in Australia. I finished it in about a day. So I reread it. It’s awesome. Not like Twilight, but that’s a good thing for a different genre. her characterisation is amazing, and the story is wonderful. It’s well worth the read, and it’s currently being devoured by my friends and family. READ IT.

  4. The Host has been out in Australia for awhile now
    but i’ve only gotten the change
    to get my hands on a copy 2 days ago. I’ve got afew chapters left to go !
    The first 13 chapters were boring and confusing but after that it got better.
    It’s pretty good, but honestly
    it will never be as good as the twilight series.

  5. I started it!! Its reallllly good so far!! 😀 lol I didn’t have to wait for it thank god….i just walked into my smalltown bookstore and grabbed a copy XD the first word and the last word is:


  6. I just bought “The Host”! I can’t wait to begin to read it but I’m currently reading “New Moon” again 😉

  7. Me and my sister got the book yesterday, though we haven’t gotten the chance to start it yet… We dragged our mom out to the bookstore right after school. XD

  8. I live in Australia and we got The Host at the end of April :]

    But I’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t been able to finish it!

    I’m about half way through and LOVING it 😀

  9. AWESOME video! Thanks for posting it, I’m soooooo Jealous!!!! I really wanted to got to one of her stops on the tour, but she wasn’t even coming near the east coast ):


    How I actually got a copy of the host is interesting. Yesterday between begging mom for $17, and begging my other half(were broke and my car is down)to drive me 30min to the store, 1 1/2 before work, I finally got there and got it. I Immediately read the entire thing ’till about 4am. I must say Stephenie has done it once more. I couldn’t see it being a trilogy though, It pretty summed up at the end. I loved it though….really not your average Sci-fi <3 Stephenie really should interrupt every channel on TV one day and just take a bow. =)

  11. I’ve got The Host already, and finished it on the day I bought it. And I definitely got it first out of my friends, & before you US guys -considering it came out on the 1st of May in the UK!
    It’s definitely worth a read, so if you haven’t bought it yet THEN GO AND DO SO!

  12. I got the Host this weekend (in england) and proceeded to read it for five hours straight. I really didn’t think i would like it- i mean, after twilight, what can come CLOSE? But after the first couple of chapters you get really into it, and get very torn between supporting the humans or the aliens! 🙂 I’m not too keen on the idea of sequels, like Stephenie Meyer said, it would involve killing people off which is never fun, and i think it was all wrapped up quite nicely. And of course, the free first chapter of Midnight Sun they were giving out with it didn’t go amiss, even though i’d read it on the website before. But definitely a great read. Hope you get well soon, having the flu sucks!

  13. And if this helps, i’ve been back at school for a grand total of one day since i got it, and the waiting list already has 8 people. 🙂

  14. I got The Host yesterday! No lines to wait in. I can’t wait to start reading it!

  15. I bought “The Host” a couple hours ago, but I think in Germany there won’t be that much people reading it. Maybe the translation (if they will translate it^^).
    I will start reading it, after I’ve finished this comment^^ But I liked Chapter 1!

  16. I got mine yesterday around 4:30 p.m., finished it around 2:47 a.m. (I know the exact time because I texted my sister to let her know how it went)It was amazing. A true attack to your emotional boundaries. There is no reason to compare it to Twilight in any form, they are apples and oranges, except character depth. Stephenie did it again creating characters that you want to explore every facet of who they are and why they are who they are. I found myself on page 187 early in the evening & for some reason that page was my turning point – the point of having to finish it last night. It made me think again about family & compassion & what being human really means. I loved it. I cannot wait for the forums to open up so that I can hear other people’s opinions about certain segments… anyway, it was great I know I will re-read it 🙂

  17. I’m starting it today. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I think it’s great that she’s branching out and stretching her wings a bit with the adult audience.

  18. i got the book yesterday and am going to read it while on a bus for like 14 hours to new york. cannot wait. stephenie is the best and is by far my favorite author, so it will without a doubt be good.

  19. I’m chewing my nails off waiting for my copy to arrive by mail!!! Grr, so frustrating.
    But anyhoo, i hope you feel better soon Kaleb! You must be going through hell if you havent been able to update your blog today yet 🙁 I would make you chicken noodle soup, but i don’t know where you live haha

  20. Bought it.. haven’t read it yet. I will be buying a few copies for some family and friends before the week is up.
    Yay for books! and other stuff!

  21. I got ‘The Host’ almost two weeks ago (I’m from the UK), and read it. It’s amazing. I couldn’t put it down!

    So yeah.. everyone go buy it!

  22. I wanted to finish re-reading Eclipse last night before Is started it so I was only able to make it to chapeter four before sleep claimed me. However, it MUST be good because every dream I had last night, involved The Host (and of course Edward Cullen) 🙂

  23. I was the first person to purchase the book from where I bought it. The sellsperson was kind enough to open the box for me and let me pick the one I wanted. I’m only a quarter of the way through it as of now. So far I’ve enjoyed it!!

  24. I bought The Host yesterday while I was out prom dress shopping…

    After hours of trying on dresses and failing to find something I liked I spotted a bookstore and was uplifted when I caught sight of The Host sitting on the shelves. Shopping went more smoothly from there. I found my dress 🙂 but I still need shoes.

    I haven’t started reading yet (I’m finishing Eclipse again before I start).

  25. I preordered it at my local Barnes and Nobles. I picked it up yesterday and the woman who worked there was like “Wow, everyone is buying this book today!” I was so excited that she said that! They also had a whole table dedicated to the Host so I am thinking it will be on the list. I am on about page 120 and I am loving it so far. Stephenie rocks!

  26. I got the Host yesterday. My friends and I got in line at 3AM and then had to go to school. Aah! I read 346 pages the first day! I would have read more today, but my friend took it away and locked it in her locker becuase I was “reading it too fast”. Whatever!
    And she had better know that taking a Stephenie Meyer book away before it has been finished is a federal crime. (or it should be!) So I had to sit through all my classes watching her read her copy (she’s on page 90) while my book was neglected and alone in some cold, dark locker.

    But I got a teacher to unlock her locker for me at the end of the day, so it’s all good. 😉

  27. Hey Kaleb!

    LOVED THE HOST. I just finished it this morning and I’m going to start re-reading it once I finish up on the computer 😛

    You should definately read it! I LOVED IT! (Not as much as Twilight, of course… but honestly I think this is officially my 2nd favorite book ever)

    Hope you’re enjoying Twilight and will continue on with New Moon and Eclipse!

    (Oh, and by the way, the first word is “The” and the last word is “Agreed”)

  28. For some reason Australia got it early too.. my friend and I have long since finished it. Really enjoyed it! It was excellent.

  29. I bought the host on Tuesday, May 6th and the only reason I came out of my bedroom at ALL was for school and food. And even then, I snuck stuff up to my room after dinner so that I could munch while I read. (Being SUPER careful not to get anything on the book!) I LOVED this book. It was Twilight-level material (which is hard to come by!) Sigh. I was so sad that it was over when I finished it, because it means I’ll have to wait until May 30th to read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, but then I’ll have to wait until AUGUST to actually read the whole book. THEN who knows how long it will take she releases a new one… 🙁
    <3 Stephenie <3

  30. I was walking through wal-mart last friday, (May 2nd), and I saw The Host on the shelf in the book aisle. I didn’t know it wasn’t already out yet so I picked it up and bought it. I’m usually a fast reader, but I’m only on page 20. I just can’t get into it. Please, someone reassure me that it will get better!

  31. I just finished The Host. It is absolutely AMAZING. There is so much description I was a little annoyed because I just wanted to find out what happened, but it was definitely needed. So much depth to the main character, the whole thing you are torn as a person, because if you put yourself in that experience what would you do?? I absolutely loved it, I would be very happy if she came out with a sequal to it. There is SO much that can be explored the way she ended it!!

  32. I just finished reading The Host last night, in the early hours of course haha, and it was awesome! I went straight out and bought it the day it came out, and have been reading it since. It’s a great story, and reading it I realize a lot about what interests Stephenie. There are TONS of parallels to Twilight, I was finding them the whole way along lol. And my gosh Stephenie knows how to write incredible romances!

  33. Oh and Heather, don’t worry. It does get better. It was a pretty slow start I’d say but when you get around halfway through the action and major plot really kick into gear and it’s impossible to put down from then on. 😉

  34. My husband got me the book the day it was released and I just finished it. It was really good but I have to admit that it took me longer to get into it than the Twilight books. Probably because I had just barely read them and they were so fresh in my mind. It’s a good read though, I recommend it. 🙂

  35. I took my break at work and went to Books a Million and was the first person in the door at 9am to get The Host.

    I finished it this morning. (Hey, I have a 2 hour commute to work each way, and can’t read and drive!)

    I love it. I would be totally fine with it if it never had a sequel. It took me roughly about 50 pages to get deeply into it, but it was the same way with Twilight the first time I read it.

    While it does bring the love aspect in, it isn’t always about the romantic love. It focuses on relationships…

    I will re-read it again…maybe as soon as I get done reading your website. Who knows?

  36. Me and my friend molly were at barns-n-nobles at 4:30 am in line to get the host. Mainly because the first 1,000 people in line got a ticket to her booksigning. 😛 [which was amazing!]

    As a novel the host is good, as a novel by stephenie meyer it’s extrely frusrating to read.
    ahhhh when i first started reading it, i’m not going to lie, i hated it. It was confusing and the main male character was the anti-edward. Every other line seemed to come strait from twilight and it only made me hungrier for breaking dawn. Then i got to the good stuff. The further into the book, the more fustrating it gets but the more i loved it. New characters were introduced and the whole theme began to unfold and make sense. By the end i was floored. I wasn’t expecting what happened to happen, but suddenly the amazing ending made trudging through the no-so-good beginning worth it. The host by no means is as good as twilight, but it surpassed my expectations. The host really is a good novel, and i didn’t think it was possible, but stepheie meyer found an even more complicated and impossible love story.

  37. I got it in the mail on Friday, and am about halfway through~ It’s really good, and I’m excited to finish!!

  38. I got the book on Sat.,and so far i love it! I’m almost half-way through. It’s not as good as Twilight but it’s great!

  39. I totally loved it! OMG. The beginning was a bit ‘meh’ but it was sooo good once she went on her little journey. There are a lot of similarities to Twilight.
    first, the location being Arizona (although Bella doesn’t stay there for long) Stephene lives there so that may be the reason. Seattle and all its murky wonder is mentioned.
    second,Two men fighting over one girl.
    third, the personalities resemble Rosalie, Alice, and Emmett.
    fourth, the idea of modesty. PLus many more.
    I fell in love with Ian. and I hope so bad that there is a sequal. Now I only have Eclipse SE to look forward too!

  40. My friend and I camped out for our books and tickets to one of her signings. We got there at 11:30pm (when we got off work)and we were probably in the low 100’s in line. The store opened at 8:00 the next moring. It was fun!

    The Host was great. Stephenie Meyer did it again with this book, creating another fantastic set of characters who capture your attention and eventually your heart.

    I am finished reading the book, and now I want more. I am having the same dilemma I had after I finished the Twilight Saga; there is nothing else I want to read but more of The Host. Strange how that happens, huh?

    First word: The
    Last word: Agreed

  41. I just finished. 😀 It was amazing. I could really relate to Wanderer, thats the charm of how Stephanie writes. There were parts i actually cried. This book is right under Twilight for my favorite books in this known universe. A must read! 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up! 😀

  42. Hello. I’ve read the host a few weeks back, and it was awesome! I really liked seeing the world through a soul and i thought that Wanda was really sweet. (:
    About the book, i found the beginning slightly boring, but it picked up after that and i gotta say, Ian is hot!

  43. I started the host about a week ago, and it’s been slow reading, since I mostly read before bed. Still, it’s been a bit hard to get into it. Last night was the first time I actually felt I was enjoying it. And I’m only at page 168.
    Hope it continues better 😀

  44. Hey! The book is great!
    I didn’t connect to it as much as Twilight but i still love it!
    It took me like 3 days to read it just because I was on vacation and I am one of those slow readers….:'( ugh I hate that, it’s frustrating. You’ve gotta hurry up and read it though! <3

  45. I just started reading the Host and so far it’s pretty good. It may be a little to “deep” for my un-complex brain. Once i get into more…hopefully i’ll understand it.

  46. I can’t wait to get this book I loved all the twilight books and I kinda looked and saw that it was one of my x-mas gifts. My family going to think I’m missing because I will be locked in my room reading until I finish 🙂

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