A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

TwilightGuy Reports: Twilight Gave Him The Answers (PART II)

A real, live Twilight Guy success story! We first heard from Greg a few days ago— here are the results of him reading Twilight!


” I e-mailed you earlier, Kaleb, about a girl in my math class who saved me from Twilight-ignorance. She gave me advice on how to cope with Twilight-obsessed friends. Most of all, she sent me to this site.
Well, she came to my soccer game (like the good girl she is 😉 and was sitting out in the bleachers, in the rain, with only one friend. It was an away game, so nobody was there. Also, we … suck. Moving on.

After the game, I ran up to her. She was surprised because I moved so quickly, and dropped her umbrella. Without thinking, I reached down and snatched it off the ground, handing it back to her. She giggled, thanked me…and I think she blushed.
Only later did I realize that I had followed in Edward’s footsteps – he picked up her keys (but with faster reflexes.)

She told me about her experience during the game, which was a lot more interesting, I have to say, than mine. It was really funny, the way she told it – the soccer ball almost hit her in the head, and then a ball from the baseball diamond adjacent to the soccer field. I laughed, until she showed me the scrape on her hand from the sudden movement away from the baseball’s impact. This concerned me; it was clear she had been bleeding. I was about to go get a band-aid or something, but she put a hand on my arm. “No, Greg,” she laughed. “I’m fine.” I teased her about her klutziness, and we went our separate ways.

Only later did I realize – until just recently, I wouldn’t have picked up the umbrella. I wouldn’t have been concerned about her injury (or, what she didn’t know, want to go beat up the guy for almost hitting her.) I’m just not that kind of guy. I’m not protective, or a good listener, or polite, or jealous… At least, I wasn’t.

The weird thing, though, is that I learned this from a fictional vampire. And suddenly…our relationship (pardon my cheesy word choice here) has blossomed. I’ve found it easier to talk to her, when I listen. I’ve found the finite details about her all the more important.

And, I got her to ask me to the Sadie Hawkin’s dance. She claims it was for my ‘chivalrous actions’. So thank you, Edward Cullen and Kaleb. You’ve just won me a night at a dance with a beautiful girl. Hopefully, I can win myself a relationship with a girl I care about.”

Submitted by Greg



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  1. That is really sweet. There really should be an Edward Handbook for guys. Maybe The twilight guy should write one. That would be amazing.

  2. AWWWWWWW! (I know for like the millionth time right?) This is SO Sweet! See I wish I knew more guys lik you. I mean even if you learned it from Twilight at least you applied it and everything. Some guys just read the book and continue with their same old jerkish ways!
    Good luck!!!
    Oh by the way spread the word to more guys that Twilight does wonders! HA HA!

  3. That is so sweet! That’s the most moving Twilight guy-story I’ve read yet. 🙂 I can’t express in words how awesome this is! Good luck to you and her. 🙂

  4. ah, le sigh.

    fantastic story. it should be mandatory for boys to read at least the first book in the Twilight saga before their first date, kiss, female encounter, etc.

    …and somewhere down the line, war would end, we’d achieve world peace, and Stephenie Meyer will have earned the Nobel Peace Prize.

    It’s really only a matter of time.

    We just need to get more and more boys to read Twilight and it’s coming along nicely, one boy at a time. It all started with YOU Kaleb (kinda). :]

  5. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard of(in real life!)!!!!! I wish that guys at MY school were like you! Good Luck! Someone wrote there should be a “How to Be Edward Cullen” handbook. And guess who should write it? Greg!! Go Greg! We’re rooting for you!
    Team Edward
    Team Jacob(urgh!)
    Team Greg (Yayyy!)

  6. hey, I 4got to say…
    Keep us posted on the girl, New Moon, and Eclipse!! Luv you!!! lol

  7. If I can’t have an Edward give me a Greg.Boys need to pay attention to this over a hundered year old vampire.You could get very good tips from this guy!

  8. Aw, good for you. I support your actions (just so long as you don’t pull a new moon) and yes if all guys were like you I wouldn’t have to try and like convince myself that I could make my boyfriend in to edward (or worry about tripping . . . I’m nearly as klutzy as Bella although I have yet to almost get hit with a van)

    And last but not least how is that relationship going? My Brother (the audio-book bandit) has informed me that i am to inform you that “his bella” says congradulations and if you want to step up your relationship a notch statements like my brothers ‘you are my Bella’ ought to do it or at least get you a very postmeadow type kiss!

  9. AWWWW!!! i hav never said that except with sarcasim but thats just so happy (plus its 2 in the morning) yay i feel all girly now, oh well

  10. kool story hope it works out with you two. twilight may be great for most guys but when girls find out ive read twilight they think i only act the way i do because i read it. not all guys need to read twilight to be like edward, some of us are just *like* him. so girls.. sont assume a guy only acts the way he does because of twilight!

  11. If only my guy friend could pick up a few hints. Do they pick it up even after I shove it in their faces… NOPE… *sigh*

  12. I wish the guys I knew would understand this! If we’re all obsessed with Edward Cullen, then TAKE THE HINT! Guys can be a bit slow sometimes. (But not you, Kaleb!:-)

  13. Hey, everybody. Nice, Greg, wish I could be more of a you/Edward, but I usually find myself being more of an Eric. Lame, I know…


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